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MP3 Playlist | Single Artist
A couple weeks ago, I download Gabe's great TPT masterpiece and the lyrics to Choctaw Bingo hit just a little too close to home. "Gabe, I am white trash," I was forced to admit online later.In any case …
CD | Theme - Depression
I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another one of these for a while, but Steve has been back in the hospital twice in the past two weeks, once for a double-infection and now for a bad reaction to his …
Cassette | Jazz
I don't know why it took so long for the two of us to figure out we needed to do a mix together. We have both been on AOTM since 2005, I joined in May and he in September of that year. In any case, we …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
As is my wont, this is all to make a short story long about why my email address and myspace have doowad jones, rather than simply doowad, since the aforementioned DJ beat me to the punch. I picked jon …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
I have recounted the story of where my nickname originates before and so it surprised and disappointed me to find out that I was not the only doowad on the planet, since there is only one Wad (and cons …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
Recycled of the Recycling Mix? It had been since July that I made my last Monkey mix, but I was inspired to make this driving home tonight noticing that my radio flipping kept landing back on my daught …
MP3 Playlist | Country
For my first venture in muxtape, I thought it appropriate to go with the closest I had in my library to music from 78s, at least the rusty ancient masters these were made from certainly sound like the  …
Cassette | Theme
The genesis of this mix was the Lila track on Lado A. The basic concept was music to shake your booty to while (theoretically) raising your consciousness at the same time. And though the bookends here  …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Do you perform miracles for the dead? Do they stand up and praise you? Do they know of your miracles or your saving power in the dark world below, where all is forgotten? Why do you reject me? Why do y …
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