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"..And They Only Come Out At Night......"
"45 Hardcore" Mix
"do you have to open graves to find girls to fall
"Idiocy has stricken your mind, A real-life hell you will find."
"Katie wants an all girl posse..."
"What's life but a river of tears, anyway?"
...of hope
13 Faces Of Evil ( The Covers Of Slayer )
1998 newest bought cd' mix tape
24 Reasons Why Emo Kids Suck
34 New Age Classics
40 Minute Bus Ride
666 is just 999 turned upsidedown
80's Thrash Metal Greatest
90 seconds of panic
90.7 % hardcore... FUCK all these "punk mixes" and fuck you too
A Brief Introduction to American Hardcore, 1980-'86
A mix that a friend made with an anti-religious name that I won't use, so I don't offend anyone.
A Tendency to Atrophy
A Tribute To A Scenester
Acid Rain Won't Raise The Dead..My Music Will. ( The Soul-icide Sessions)
Actually, This IS Hardcore
ahh!! my face has been rocked off
Alone In A Crowded Room
Angel Mix
Angel Mix
angels crash land onto earth
Anger Management
angry stuff because i run hard
anthems for a fifteen year-old boy
Anxiety Mix
Anxiety Mix
Ass Lieutenant
Audio Apocalypse
Aural Abrasion
Autopsy Of A Smashed Eardrum
Battle Hymns For A Reclusive Youth pt. 1
Behave Nefariously, Yes, I Implore Thee
beth test
big dumb mix
Black Box Recordings Vol 4: Black Blood In A Mosh Pit
Black Box Recordings Vol 6.66: Evil Is Where Evil Is Imagined
Black Box Recordings Vol 9: \m/...Will Live In Infamy Long After The Warriors Are Gone
Black Flag Sticker on a Cadillac
Blame it on the Teenagers
Blame it on the Teenagers
Blood Flows Like a River
Blood Sisters: Women in Brutal Metal, Past and Present
Blood Ugly Vol. 3
Bloody Dead Mix
breakfast crew
Bringer of Terror
Bronx Mix
Brooklyn Mix
bryan's metal mix [no time to cry : music to break stuff to]
Burn these words from our lips
Burn Up
Burst of Anger
car mix #1
Children's verses (for haydon)
Chords are Anger when the Words are from the Heart
Christian Metal & hXc
chronicles of corey taylor
Clean-up In Aisle 6--A Reply For X-Angel
compilation to listen to while being arrested by john ashcroft's thugs
Conflicting Ideas
confused and exhausted with a healthy fix.
countdown to armageddon
crash and burn alive
Cuidado: Piso Mujado
dance til your ears bleed
Darkest Of Nights
darkness always says hello.
Death Becomes Us
Deathchanting 2001-2002
did you know that i kept that for a year?
Diet Vanilla Coke
Disco Sucks, Fuck Everything
Don't forget the angry youth
don't point
Don't Worry I'll Be Married Someday...
double insertion
Drunken Angst
Drunken Angst
Drunken Angst
Drunken Angst
D-Vonn's Heavy @#&!
D-Vonn's Heavy @#&! [Volume 2]
Dying For It
esoterrorism warning level : orange
Evil Sentiments & Perverse Pleasures ..Act I.
experience for college
For a Pancake Girl
For the Dentist
Fresh Kill
Fresh Kill Volume 2
Fresh Kill Volume 3
Fuck Shit Up
fucking society
Fugazi Mix
get off the cross the wood is needed
Graveless Souls [black]
guaranteed to piss off anyone in hearing range
hack saw pride Australia wide
hallowe'en '05
Hard stuff
Hardcore Mix 1
Hardcore Mix 2
Hardcore Noise and Blood On The Dance Floor
Hardcore Rocks
Hardcore Rocks II
hardcore shee
Hardcore Summer: Volume 02
Hardcore United Mix
Hardcore...Nothing Less
Harder Than the Hardest
hardscore 4.0
he wants your blood, he wants your soul.
Heavy Metal Death
Heavy Metal Death
hopeless & alone.
houston, we have lift-off but no sound
Hypo-allergenic and Won't Clog Pores
I couldn't think of a name for this
I Hate My Boss
I Hate This Music!!!
I Hate Your Breed
i will point a gun for my country, but i won't guarantee you which way.
I Will Rip Your Fucking Eyes Out As You Sleep
if i were chinese i would be named won long cok
If You Don't Like This Mix, Then You Don't Like Me: Fuck You Edition
If your voting could really change things, it would be illegal.
i'm angry i'm tired leave me the fuck alone
I'm Feeling Fat And Sassy
I'm Not As Emo As You Think I Am
im to scene for my own good
In Battle There is No Law
Is It Still A Lie When There Is No One Left To Hear It?
It Pummels!
It's OK
it's a passionate youth thing // angsty.
It's too hot and I need shorts!
James Mix
Julie Makes Me Want to Throw A Chair
just like Karl Marx (or: "the art of having undue influence on everything you touch.")
kept in a cage of amber
killers are quiet
last chance for a slow dance
Leather-Wearing Zamboni Driver Looking For Love
left out: a mix of unreleased korn music
Les mots. Les sentiments.
Life as Usual
'like a kick in the eye'
Lonesome Highways and Blue Byways
Look Into Your Orb For The Warning
Mace In Yer Motha Fuckin Face BITCH!
Mace In Yer Motha Fuckin Face BITCH!
Maggots And Riots
mangled in truth
Marty's Metal Meltdown
Mass Murders Of The Mind
Maximum Mulletude Volume 1
Maximum Mulletude Volume 2: Return of the Kentucky Waterfall
Maximum Mulletude Volume 3: Metal Mullitia
Maximum Mulletude Volume 4: Ape Drape Eats A Grape
Maximum Mulletude Volume 5: Reinventing The Mullet
Maximum Mulletude Volume 6: Wearing A Tennessee Top Hat
Maximum Mulletude Volume 7: Seventh Mullet of a Seventh Mullet
Messeges Left On Satan's Answering Machine
Metal 101
Metal 101
Metal 202
Metal 404: The Search for Metal 303
Metal 505: Epic Songs of Hatred, Faithlessness and Rugby
Metal in Gut
Metal Out Your Skull
Metallic Devastation
Metallimagic the Next Wave
Mischeif, Mayhem and Metal
mixed ape
Mixtape Matt's Mixtapes and Tapes 1
monday, four am
Moon Over (Your town here)
Moon Over Soflo. The Extended Version. For XNikX 100% Victory Free
Moon Over Soflo. The Extended Version. For XNikX 100% Victory Free
mourning for a shoe lost in the pit
mp3 wet dream
Music to Speed By
Music to stand to [CD 1]
Music to stand to [CD 3]
Music to stand to [CD 4]
My cores so hard, it hurts.
My Kind of Music
names we'll never know
Never Been in a Mosh Pit Volume 1
Never Been in a Mosh Pit Volume 2
New World Order
Nihlism in Denial- A Treatise in Not Being... Here
No More Happy Endings
No Rest For The Wicked
No Title Necassary Vol. 1
now that's what i call emo, vol 2
Of Your Ex-Wife's Offerings
off the man, motherfucker (actually an mp3 playlist, for all you traders who ask for it)
Olaf, Metal!
Old School Mix
Old School Mix
on to greener pastures, the core has gotten soft
One Less thing To Worry About
Only For The Strong: Heavy Metal Anthems
oops, there goes my autistic crediblity!
Play Dead
please cease (before i go crazy).
Police Are Bad Volume I
positive hardcore positive youth
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light
Rape This Day, Make It Go Away
Real Fucking Angry Music
real hardcore.(NO METALCORE)
Red Bull
Requiem for Hullabaloo
Return to the Grave - Nostalgia I [Death]
sappy valentine's day
Satan Shed His Wings: Uncut Black Metal
Save Your Metal Soul - Metal Possesion
Scream Your Fucking Heart Out - A Guide To Screamo Music, And The Beauty That It Is.
Scream, my love...It will be the last time you will...
Screaming To Be Heard
Search & Destroy
Search & Destroy
Search & Destroy 2
Seriously Serious Songs. Of Seriousness.
Short Stories With Tragic Endings
Short, Fast, Loud
Shouty stuff to remember old times by
Shower Time
sing to me my muses
Slam Dancin' Wholesome Fun
Slaughter of the Lambs
sleeping in shifts
SO WTF IS Hardcore
Some Music You've Probably Never Heard (My Faves)
Songs that evoke a sense of bewilderment, pride, and a sense to ultimatly fuck something up
Songs To Mourn The Loss Of Your Girlfriend Who Dumped You For The Quarterback
songs to tear your eyes out by
sorry for taking so long {for muzag, part 1}
Soundtrack Of Possession..( Soul-icide Sessions 2 )
Soundtrack Of The Modern Angst-Ridden Teenage Whiner
Soundtrack To The End Of The World
Spit on God's Face
Spreading The Virus Through The Ears Of The Innocent
St. Anger Vs. Wiseblood
Stand Away From The Light
Stand Away From The Light
State's Evidence:Item#1-1.:Brain Matter On Black Earphones.
sucking on colorforms
Switch blade
System of a Down
take your wings outside, you can't fly in here
Taking " Death " For A Walk ( Reply Mix For *ash* )
Tape 4 A Stagediver
terror in the skies
Terrorists At Play
tha shit
Thank You, Assholes -Side Numero Uno
The Air Is Thick With The Smell Of Fear
The Amazing Monkey Man Does Some Tricks For You
The Ambient Stain
The Burning Of Angels
The Dead Rise to Feast on the Living
the diaries of a fallen angel
The Evolution of Death Metal
The Experiment's Last Gasp
The Formulas for Failure
The Hardcore Coalition (THC)
The Reagan Years (Adventures in Early Hardcore)
The Street's For People With Nothing To Do
then you killed me
There's more than one way to skin a fascist
there's no sound around here except the sound of suffering and regret
These Floods Of You Are Unforgiving
They'll Sting you Old School
This IS Hardcore, Motherfucker!
this is no dave mattews band
this is perfection
This project is a decoy!
thought crime is deadly
Thriller Killer
to see in your eyes is to stare in clear skies.
tom tom likes 'em heavy
too much caffeine
Tossing Molotov Cocktails At The Powers That Be And Other Bad Ideas
Trademark Reg
trimester exams suck!
turn these words and thoughts into actions!
U know this is gonna suck to u but ur gonna read it anyway
ULTIMATE PUNK BOXED SET disc5 (This Is Hardcore)
Unfinished Symphonies Vol. 2: untitled hardcore/punk mix
Vol 3: I Was Punched In The Mouth While Dancing
Weakness Will Not Be Accepted #2..(120% Hardcore )
Weakness Will Not Be Accepted #3..( 120% Hardcore )
Weakness Will Not Be Accepted..( 120% Hardcore Mix )
Weaky's Mix 2
What An Asshole...
What Blood was this, and what roses?
what came before us will come back
Whatever. (E's CD Vol. 17)
When The Night Falls
When Worlds Collide
Who the Fuck are Asian Dub Foundation?
Why Are People So Afraid of Me??? I'm a nice guy, really.
Why Is Life Torturing Me This Way?
why, i'm feeling kind of pissed off.
will there ever be a rainbow?
worldwide homicide
X birthdaycore X
xHardcore Rulesx
You Know When Old People Are Dying And Fires Are Burning...It's Either Hot Weather Or..HARDCORE!!!
Young and Aspiring: The New Voice of Hardcore; The New Voice of Metal
your life as you know it
You're the reason music is played