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"As I remember, your eyes were bluer than robin's eggs."
"this ain't your daddy's blues..."
:::Lets Have Morning Sex Together:::
Blue-Eyed Blues
STRANGELY EMPTY XXV: Blues Mix So Good It Will Almost Make You Slap Your Mama
2012 Feb Music
6 stringin blues
A Fifth of Blues
A Man and His Guitar
A Sunday Kind of Love
ALL BLUES, Volume One
All Who Love Are Blind
Ass Kick-N-Blues ll
Baby Blue
Baby's Got 'Em
Bad Boy Tunes
Bad Juju
Una rola pa' los minusv├člidos

Bastards of Bantuu
Bit by the Blues Bug
BJ Scott---So Good [Early ones]
Black & Blues (Part 1)
Black & Blues (Part 2)
Black & Blues (Part 3)
Black & Blues (Part 4)
Blind Blues. Rollin' & Tumblin' Volume Four
Bloomfield Blues Part 1
Blow Your Originals Out: Roots Of The J. Geils Band
Blues Hotel
Blues is the roots
Blues Mamas and Bastard Sons
Blues Women 022612
Bluestastic - I'm gonna sell my soul to the devils of blues
Blushing Blues
Boo Hoo-I've Got The Blues
Boogie Woogie Uptempo Stomp Vol.1
Boogie Woogie Uptempo Stomp Vol.2
Boos From The Blues (Halloween Mix)
Born Under A Bad Sign
Born With the Blues Vol.1
Bring It On Home 2: Acoustic Blues And Other Songs of Love, Loss and Lament
Bring It On Home 3: More Acoustic Blues and Other Songs of Love, Loss and Lament
Bring It On Home 4: Red Hot Mamas
Bring It On Home 5: More Red Hot Mamas
Bring It On Home: The Best of the Chicago Blues
Buddy Guy - Legend
Buddy Guy's Night Out, part 1
Buddy Guy's Night Out, part 2
candle lit
Chicago Blues Favorites Version 1
Child, I'm bound ta die... before I ever see you again
Count Me Among the Converted / But...Not Until One Last Dance with the Devil
Country Blues
Country Blues .4
Dark, Quiet, and Smoking Allowed
Davey Jones's Locker
Dead Blues Never Hurt Me Before (A Prelude to the as yet unfinished "autopsy blues")
Dem Blues
Dem Blues
Dig These Blues
Dig These Blues Vol 2
Disco Volante Vol. 9
Do Not Disturb!
Down At Josephine's
Down Home Blues:Thinking Of Jon, Remembering Charlie
Down In The Basement Blues
Draggin My Tail
Dust My Blues
Dwight Yoakam and his country cousins
Easy Rider Blues
Enjoy the Ride (the fix you need)
Even My Dog Done Gone & Left Me
Feelin Alright
First Time I Met The Blues
Frank Stokes Dream
Free Blues. Rollin'& Tumblin' Volume Three
Free Run My Horses
Free Run My Horses
Fresh Picked Blues
Friday Night
Friday's Blues
Gambler's Roll
Generic Blues
GL Mix
Goodmorning Blues. Rollin' & Tumblin' Volume 1
Got The Blues? ... a tribute to the Blues Foundation
grey cortina, outasite
Grits Ain't Groceries
Gutbucket Brothers 1
Gutbucket Delight - 2 CDs

Gutbucket Brothers 12
Red Hot Gutbucket Duck - 2 CDs

Hard Times Come Again No More
Heavy with mood (1997)
High Tide
HM ... MM HM
Hodys Blues
Hoodoo Blues, vol. 7
How Blue Can You Get
I got dem ol' (defiantly non-) kozmic blues again, Mama!
I got the blues so bad, I can hardly catch my breath.
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
I Looked Down the Line, And I Wondered
I refuse to go completely EMO/INDY just for this site...p.s. Socialism is not coming back
If A Man Gets Hairy He Needs A Shave (And If He Gets Musty He Needs A Bathe)
I'm Gonna Sink Deep in the River O' Jordan Tonight
I'm high and I'm happy and I'm free, I got my whole heart Laid out right in front of me
I'm Shakin'
In My Girlish Days
Introspective Road Trip by Orchid Music Design
It's The f'n Blues, Baby!
It's Tight like that
Jeffrey Lee Pierce country blues top 20
Jimi Hendrix
joe bonamassa
jon bonnansama
June 2013
Junior's Juke Joint
just good
keep me blue
Killer Hold Music 2.0
Koko Taylor
Lakefront City Blues
land of a thousand missteps
Lawd, I know my time ain't long
Left Me a Mule to Ride
Let Me Play The Blues For You
Let The Midnight Special
Like I Want To Be
Liquor Store Blues
Living with the Blues
London's Calling
long and lost
Low Down Dirt Road Country Biscuit Blues
Lunar Blues
maybe the last time
Me And The Devils Blues
Might Be the Devil, Might Be the Lord
Mike Gets Drunk
Milk Cows and Black Snakes
miss neisha
Moanin in the moonlight
More Country Blues
Muddy Waters - The King of The Blues and his Peers (The Holy Grail of Blues)
My Favorite Bobby Bland
My Guitar Plays The Blues
My Head Is Feeling Kinda Funny
My Walter Trout
My Whole Life
Natural Blues
Nearer My God to Thee (2CDs)
Never Get Out of the Blues Alive
New Shoes, Walkin Blues
no fit blues
Nothing but the Truth
Nothing too heavy
Old Fashioned Love
Paul is Dead
Piedmont Blues vol.1
Poor Boy Blues
primarily donetest mix
Random Blues (for those who don't know anything)
Recently Added
Recently Added
Rent Party
rock and/or roll
Roses From My Friends
Rough and Dirty Delta Blues
Same Old Blues (100 Minutes of Blues History)
Set 1
Shake Your Soul 3.29.13
She was laying on the cooling board
Sleeplessness awaits
So Many Times I Told You. I Wasn't Gonna Get Drunk
Somebody Done Changed the Lock
Son Seals - Chicago Gentleman
st lawrence blues
Standing At The Crossroads
Statesboro Blues
Still Got The Blues
Still Livin' On
Stomp That Thing
Stones In My Passway
STOP Half-Loving These Women
Stormy Weather Blues
Stormy Weather.....(A Cure For The Blues)
Sugarland Slim Session Mix
Sundown All Around
Sunrise Blues
Take A Blues Ride
Take Care (R.I.P.)
Take It Easy, Greasy!
Talk About The Blues
Tell Me One More Time How Blue You Are
Teresa James has Trouble with Love
The Blues Never Felt So Good
The Bumhood of Hobodom
The Delta
The Eclecti-Schisms of Me, You and the Blues
The Jill Tapes--Volume IV
The Lady Sings
The Over-Caffeinated Blues
The Professor
The Train Kept A-Rollin'
They Call It The Blues
Tight Like That (Groove Pt. 4)
Today I Heard Someone Say "Indie-tentious"
Too Many Bad Habits
too sweet to die
Torch Songs- Blues & Ballads
Touch of the Blues
trading straight swigs of yukon jack and breaking the bottle
Trouble in Mind
Voodoo Blues, Vol. 13
Waddyawantfernuthin? Vol 2
waiting for the suicide help lines to open
Walking by Myself
Waves towards the sky
wedding shower
Whats That Sound? 3e Covach and Flory
Where Can I Change My Clothes
White Boy Blues
Whiteboy Blues (Part 1)
Whiteboy Blues (Part 2)
Whiteboy Blues (Part 3)
Whiteboy Blues (Part 4)
Whiteboy Blues (Part 5)-Sliders
Whiteboy Blues (Part 6)-LIVE
Whiteboy Blues (Part 7)-LIVE
Whiteboy Blues (Part 8)-LIVE
Whiteboy Blues (Part 9)-LIVE
Wild Women. Rollin' & Tumblin' Volume Two
Yer Blues
You Better Mind
You can call it your mamie if you wanna...
You Can Have Him
You Too Can Have The Blues
Your Wife's Cheatin' On Us Both! Dam those big legs and tight skirt!!