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#142 - Well Now, I've Got Some Advice For You, Little Buddy...!
#235 - Better Pony Up And Bring Both Your Barrels Full (Not One)
#236 - If You Want A Boxer, I Will Step Into The Ring For You
#237 - It's A Wicked Life, But What The Hell...
#238 - We Should Have Jumped Out Of That Airplane After All
#239 - You Think That You Can Front When Revelation Comes?
#240 - Here's To The Few Who Forgive What You Do, And The Fewer Who Don't Even Care
#241 - If You're Gonna Throw The Torch At Us, Don't Expect To Not Get Burned
#242 - There's No Love Song Finer, But How Strange The Change From Major To Minor
#243 - ...And You Don't Feel The Steel Till It's Hanging Out Your Back!
#244 - 'Cause You Don't Give Blood, Then Take It Back Again
#245 - Go To Work, It's Such A Drag, Face The Boss, He's Such A Nag
#246 - The Lines Around My Eyes Are Protected By Copyright Law
#247 - Flow, Morpheus, Flow, Let The Sun And Light Come Streaming Into My Life
#248 - I Went Outside To Get A Life, But Everything Was Closed Up Tight
#249 - Don't Piss Heaven Off, We Got Hell To Pay!
#250 - Don't Need Reason, Don't Need Rhyme, Ain't Nothing I Would Rather Do
#251 - The Way You Rip My Head Off, You're My Main Incinerator
#252 - You Build A Wall, Inside A Wall, And There's No Door
#253 - A Crack On The Head Is What You Get For (Not) Asking
#254 - Making Love And Breaking Hearts, It Is A Game For Youth
#255 - Sometimes I Turn, There's Someone There, Other Times It's Only Me
#256 - Gotta Find The Sin Within, And Let The Game Begin!
#257 - If The Band Slows Down We'll Yell For More!
#258 - But I Am Held In Some Invisible Vise, And I Can't Get Away
#259 - You Play The Vamp, I Play The Killer
#260 - I Don't Have Much To Give, But I Can Open Any Door
#261 - Golly Jeepers, Where'd You Get Those Peepers?
#262 - It Doesn't Matter Where You've Been, As Long As It Was Deep
#265 - At Each End Of My Life Is An Open Door
#266 - We'll Know For The First Time If We're Evil Or Divine
#298 - Breaking Up Is Hard, But Keeping Dark Is Hateful
#299 - See My Only Mind Explode, Blow Up In My Face
#300 - Can Everyone Agree That No One Should Be Left Alone?
#301 - No Bell, Book Or Candle Can Get You Out Of This
#302 - I Won't Look Back, Let The Altars Shine
#303 - I Can't Tell You How I Feel, My Heart Is Like A Wheel
#304 - We Are Given Angry Heart, But Anger's Not Enough
#305 - With Only One Promise, Only One Way To Fall
#306 - I'd Rather Be A Comma Than A Full Stop
#307 - I'll Cover Your Head Till The Bad Stuff Breaks
#308 - Love, Peace And Harmony? Oh, Very Nice...But Maybe In The Next World
#309 - I Believed You By The Palace Gates, Now The Savage Days Are Here
#310 - Won't You Lay Me Down In The Tall Grass And Let Me Do My Stuff
#311 - It's Not The Side Effects Of The Cocaine, I'm Thinking That It Must Be Love
#312 - How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down, Before He Admits He's Lost?
#313 - It's Time The Tale Were Told Of How You Took A Child And You Made Him Old
#314 - If You Can't Stand Me, You'll Hate My Replacement!
#315 - The Freaks On The Phone Won't Leave Me Alone (A Throwback From Someone's LP)
#316 - No One Respects The Flame Quite Like The Fool Who's Badly Burned
#317 - As Anthony Said To Cleopatra, As He Opened A Crate Of Ale...
#318 - A Man He Doesn't Live By Rock 'N' Roll And Brew Alone
#319 - If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat, Then Just Don't Let Go
#320 - Hear My Voice In Your Head And Think Of Me Kindly
#321 - On And On, Yes I Will Follow, With Your Buttons And Bows
#322 - Well I've Been Up All Night Again, Party-Time Wasting Is Too Much Fun
#323 - What Did I See, Fool That I Was? Oh, A Goddess With Wings On Her Heels
#324 - A Stone's Throw From Jerusalem, I Walked A Lonely Mile In The Moonlight
#325 - Shame You Won't Be There To See Me, Shaking Hands With Charles De Gaulle
#326 - Nothing Stops Desire For The Human Beat
#327 - And Love Is All Around Her On The Road To The Sun
#328 - If They Should Find You Now, The Man Will Shoot You Down
#329 - We're Married To The Same Bride, She Eats Away From Inside
#330 - You Can Say That He Laughed, And He Walked Like St. Francis, With Love
#331 - These Fleeting Moments Between Ashes And Dust
#332 - They Know God Exists For The Devil Told Them So
#333 - So Softly You'll Run From The Sound Of Your Brother's Gun
#334 - Inside Me Sleeps A Violence Waiting To Be Freed
#335 - Burning Bridges As You're Crossing Is Not Very Wise
#336 - I Drive A Rolls Royce 'Cos It's Good For My Voice
#337 - Like The Quick And The Sand, Beautiful And Damned
#338 - Every Day I Grow More Immune To Social Sedatives
#339 - I Don't Know If I'll Cry, I Don't Know If I'll Die Laughing
#340 - For All You Unbelievers, The Titanic Fits Inside!
#341 - And Him That Tells A Bigger Tale Would Have To Tell A Lie
#342 - Two Kinds Of Trouble In This World: Living, Dying
#343 - And I Know What A Louse Like Me In His House Could Do For You
#344 - I Bit Into The Root Of Forbidden Fruit, With The Juice Running Down My Leg
#345 - Ride It On Out Like You Were A Bird
#346 - Somebody Else Would Have Broken Both Of Her Arms
#347 - Wait For The Weekend To Go Off The Deep End
#348 - Maybe He Just Needs A Good Talker To Give Him A Good Talking To
#349 - Hell Is Empty 'Cause All My Demons Are Here
#350 - I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger
#351 - And How We Got The Golden Fleece From Tokin' On That Pipe Of Peace
#352 - Some Night On The Thriller's Street Will Come The Silent Gun
#353 - A Light Burns, But Just A Smouldering Flame
#354 - Your Cadillac Has Got A Wheel In The Ditch, And A Wheel On The Track
#355 - You Don't See What's Really Happening Here, You Just Confuse Respect With Fear
#356 - I'm Really Not So Sure Which Side Of The Bed I Should Lay
#357 - See What's Right, And See What's There, And Breathe Fresh Air Ever After
#358 - That What You Fear The Most Could Meet You Halfway
#359 - Love Catch These Fragments Swirling Through The Winds Of Night
#360 - Not Gonna Save You, Perform Euthanasia
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