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' t - 1 '
' t - 1 ' -primal-
"More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise"
"More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise" - Part II
() o 0 () o () o
(Boredoms) R-E-S-P-E-C-T
...And Curiouser [part two]
.and Add Just a Pinch of Menace and Terror. And, Stir
\s/t\r/u\c/\t/u\r/a\l/ chaos 3.0
2007: Menace - Dedicated to the Argentinean Gnome
3-2-1 GO! (or more like, 30-20-10...)
A Beginners Guide To Mechta
A Change Of Season
a dead fish gains the power of observation
A Half It Runs Blood (pt. 1)
A Half It Runs Blood (pt. 2)
a lonely wednesday mix
a small collection of pandas
Abound: See the New World
Action vs. Vibe
Action vs. Vibe
adventures in core dump, vols. 1-4
ahhh, my ears!! my ears!! my ears!!!
All Of This Happened Before The Twenty-First
Amy Says Rawr
An Andalusian Dog
An Angel Named Lark McGee
another day
Audio Incineration
Avril DJowerz
Bang Clang-a Bang
Bauhaus Foundation Dessau May 1996
beautiful is letting her hair down c120
before i lost my steam...
Best Of Gravity Recs
blind room
Blowin' in the Wind (Disturbed Dylan interpretation mix)
boogalu at the gates of dawn
Bootleg Radio Opera (Episode 03) [Tribute to g.a.b. l@bs]
Bouncing Radio Waves Off the Clouds of Altair 4 (volume one)
Brain Spaghetti
bridge passage for three plastic teeth
bring in da noise, bring in defunct
brisbane gabber sluts - Harder than your mama
Burning With A Fervent Fire
b  E 3

cacaphony and crazy stuff
Cave Bears & The Terrible Boredoms
cd for greg #3
Chaotic '96
Charles Burn's 'Black Hole' - Music From The Forthcoming Motion Picture
Cheerleaders 2004-2005
Cheerleaders 2004-2005
Chicken Soup Of My Female
CL Megamix 23
clear air
Cliff Richard
Coachella 08
COLD... (cassette version)
Compartiendo las Mßquinas
Consider Me Gone
Cosmic Intestines
creepy basement noise
Curiouser [part one]
Dave Chappelle And His Hip Hop Friends
Dead People's Things
death to the dog kidnappers
declared insane
Defend, Offend, and Bring Them All Down With You!
Di Di Dinkins
Did I Step On Your Trumpet?
Disintegrating The Purtle
Dislocated Day
distortion always wins
Doin the Shuffle
Don't Look Into The Light! (RJ_2007 #2)
Don't Mind The Machines
Doot Doot - a mix for Alexor Robosaur
dRILL n bASS (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Dance Like A Malfunctining Robot!)
driving with godspeed!
Early Millenium
Easter 06 (A Flipside)
Elec-terna-hop 2: Electric Bugaloo
Elec-terna-hop 3: Mashups
essay #2 (my podcast)
essay #8 (my podcast)
Esta Noche
Every Day Is A Child With Teeth
everything you need to know
expensive shit
Experimental Mix
experimental remedy
f l u x
Fall Release
Fear Of Ghosts (disc one)
Fear Of Ghosts (disc two)
File Under . . .
Film Eye
Fixture No. 1 (Soundtrack)
flight of fancy
Found You At The Thrift Store #1
Frequencies Converge
fuck you! cause everyone's a hero.
Fucked for Devin
Fun With Tape Editing
Gentlemans Smoking Mixture
Germs, Burns, & Bookworms/Peel Back Tab
Get Us Some More of Those Funny Mushrooms, Boys. Your Grandad Likes 'em On His Pizza
Getting Her Kicks In A Moondust Wonderland
Good Grief No!
groundhog day
Groundhog Day
half-assed dalliances
Hallowe'en Delights
hardly nothing
Hello Operator (2003 mix for Scott)
Hey gang - let's have a party!
House Burning... Firemen Sleeping
I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you (Frankenstein Mixtape)
i don't know what to do with myself
I Hate the Shadow Ring
I Hung Around In Your Soundtrack
I Know It Must Sound Absurd...
I May Be a Lowly Bank Clerk, Alone and Unloved, But I Know Jujitsu, So Don't You Go Delving Into The Contents of My Backyard!
I Never Knew Yesterday Could Exist Today
I Think My Brains Are Bleeding Out From My Eyes - Volume 1: Music From the Death Factory
Iceblink ) Eyelash
if the sky had a soundtrack...
if the sky had a soundtrack...
ííííí!!!!!ííííí!!!!!ííííí/The Modern Sound
In Any Other Language...
in case of emergency, dial zero. [a mix for cody]
in college wasn't the only time i experimented
In Dedication: Musicgnome
In Love With Lo-Fi Scum
In the Walls
In the Walls
In the Walls
In the Walls
In the Walls
Incubus - The Best of 1997 - 2001
industrial music for industrial people
Is it Over Yet? (cement mix)
It's All Mashed Up Vol. 1
IT'S SNOWING: we're singing static & the bars are closed.
It's Time To Look For Somewhere New: The Curse Of The Prog Prince
It's Too Good!
Just Like Honey
Keep On Eatin' (Featuring Louis Prima & Louis Jordan)
Kleine Dada SoirTe
lanterna 2004
Last Songs
Lets Look Back and Laugh
Let's Not Ruin What We Have By Talking
Let's Travel Light
Live From The Midnight Sun
Lonesome Bus
Lonesome Bus
Longer Leashes
loud & clear -1- sick as a rainbow
loud & clear -2- oratio obliqua
loud & clear -3- les bras du crucifiT
lunar bow surge
March Of The Afterbirth
married to the game test
mashed rooms
Mash-up Mix 5
Mating Behavior of Super-Intelligent Godlike Leviathans
Matt Dike @ Power Tools: L.A.'s Hip Hop Origins
meet me in the middle
mehr unbehagen
Melt Your Face Off
Menace - Part V: An Exploration Into Subterranean Metal
Menace - Part VIII: 2006
Mer21: Post-... err.... something.
Metal Babes
Mind-Melt Listening Station: Volume IX
Mix and Mash
MIX for N.G.B.
Mix for Rachael #2
mix tape #1
Mr. Bloody Sonic
Much Nicer When I'm being Mean
music to drown by
Musical Insanity
Musik Eternal
My First EP
My Life - The Soundtrack
My Name is Dementia
Nanomix 1
Nazi Marching & Goose Stepping
Negative Sound Institute Sampler
Neil Young, (Have Your Forgotten)
Never A Chore, Never A Frown
No Rest for the Obsessed
no rulez here
nobody's listening (b&q001)
Noise at it's finest
Noisette/The Art Of Neu!s
Nonlinear Acoustics / Spherical Waves
Not A Single Word
Not Everything is Pin-Up Sweet
not over me test
Not So Heavy Encounter Of The Sound Kind
Not So Heavy Encounter Of The Sound Kind
Nursing Home
Obscure Mix pt 1
Obscure Mix pt 2
Odd Duck Calls
Oh, That's Just Lazy!
one way ticket to hatesville
Only the beginning, maybe the end or Nothing else makes sense so why should this
Open your mind
Organized Randomness
Our First Shared Note (Before the Apocalypse)
out of this world
Out we go
Para Holly
Peace to the Long Decay
petrafied! vol I
pieces sounds
Pilgramidge to Hip Hop
playing croquet with flamingoes & hedgehogs
Playlist 1
poem in an ashtray
Pray Harder Bizarro President
Prey & Predator
Programmable Wreckage vol 1
Psychedelic Maaan!!
punk promised revolution, never delivered
purple haze
-radioactivedub one-
resonant frequency
Returning the Happiness
revision to the baked apple
roast pox
ruthie le ram
s p o r e
s t a s i s
satellites are here, so hold on
Searching For Lillian High
See You in the Cosmos
seven necks
short stack #3: bring the noise
Shot / Tease
Should Be On the Radio/Some Kind of Trip for Devin
Slow Decay
Some Accident Of Beauty (disc 1)
Some Accident Of Beauty (disc 2)
Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs
Something Else To Disregard
Songs About Autonomy and Free Will
sound songs for others
Soundscapes of the Planet
Speaking In Tongues Vl. 1&2
Sturqen - Foradius
Summer Leaves
Summer Leaves
sun / ton
Sunburned Again. Summer is Here.
surf music 80's jam
Swing Lo Medellín
SY Mix Swap # 10 - The Intolerant Sounds Of Misconception
SY Mix Tape #12 - Mentally Challenged vs. Goat Porn With A Side Of Fish Sticks
SY Mixtape # 13 - "I'm Going To Squeeze Your Guts Out, Tickle Monster"
Take Breaks
Taking Names
Tape Bomb 2013
tape wrrms
Taste A Sphere
Test 1/2
The Beautiful Death
The Beginner's Guide to Post-Rock
The Cake Album
The Cooked and the Raw -- Romantic Easy-Listening Music for Incarcerated Lovers
The Death of A Bible Salesman
The Dream Sequence With The Rabbitman Express
the drugs won't work
The ear chooses it's conditions
the flower cut-out is from chinatown
the freezing time
The Future is Present Hope
The greatest mix ever
The High Fidelity Inspiration Special
The Horses Pass
The Impulse to Impose Order
The In-A-Flash Mix
The Laziest Mix Tape Ever
The Lost Generation: the first wave of post-rock
The Mid-March March.
The Most Annoying Freakin' Mix in the World Volume II
The Natural Bridge
The Panic, The Vomit, Radiohead in 20 Songs
The Perfect Noize No.19
The Perfect Noize No.20
The Regulator M100
The Revolution is Over - The Bums Lost! (A Compendium of Psychedelia -Past, Present and Future)
The Roaring Fleur
The Strange Play Of The Mouth
The Sweet Unknown
The Terrible Thing Had Been Said
the trippy mix
There Are No More Masters
there are no words
There Are Worlds (I Havn't Told You Of)
there remiss
They're Eating the Passengers...
Things To Come
this strange worldly phenomenon
Thousand Butterflies
to cool for you mix 1
tonfedd sur a chalon o ddur / newid tonfedd nofio'r don [audio]
tonight's the night
Toying With Erotica (Featuring Prince & The Stones)
Trials in Mood
Tuonela, the land of the dead
Tuxedo Junction
Twisted Horns Sound the Ruined
Ugly Crying For The Rest Of My Life
UMAE4 =dVh set material mixdown
Utan titel
We are all men at the mercy of angels
We are still alive!
We Live In A Country...
'we tramped through the poison oak, heartbroke and inchoate'
wet sand
What Is There in Uselessness to Cause You Distress?
What the Fuck, Whatever the Fuck
When I Call A Name, It'll Be Your Name
When I Heard At The Close Of The Day
where is my mind
Who needs melody?
Why Wake Up?
Wisdom & Method (vibrations for mental transformation)
with love
words cannot describe
Worked Up and Sterilized
YO! I Killed Your God
your feedback is appreciated
Zero Hour