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"Frightening Lack of Girls Singing"
"Oh, Beautiful Release"
"The slow fade of love, its soft edge might cut you..."
"Tree Limbs For Arms:Volume One"
** Pig Ankle Strut! **
*But Why???*
.too many things that i do not care for but one thing that i adore is a girl like YOU.
| s | t | u | n | t |
w i n d b l o w n
10th Large load of YULEridGEMals,instruTINSEL, & MERRYment
2005: Folk
2006: Folk
2007: Sigh... For Barrydali
A Dozen A Week 23/13
A Folk Jamboree
a folk jamboree vol 2 (wishing for success)
a good car to drive after a war.
A handfull of rain
A Little Bit Country
A Little Bit of Summer can't be No Sin
a silver chariot soars
A Strange Roma Assaults My Senses
A Taste of Folk (circa 2000)
a walk in the woods
A Welcoming From Canada
a wish in a well
Acoustic 1: When she thought of summer rain calling for her mind again, she lost the pain and stayed for more
Acoustic Christmukkah
Acoustic Day Dreams ..
Acoustic Mellow
acoustic moods
Acoustic-ish Vol 1
Acoustic-ish Vol 2
Acoustic-ish Vol 3
Acoustic-ish Vol 4
Adam Ezra Group
ahh, the bitterness of it all....
Air Flow
AJ Production Company favorites
Alexander - Arrival/Entrance/Banquet Space
Alexas Playlist :)
All Sound Please
all that they promised
All the Rolling Minstrels
all these questions millin' around...(2 of a 2 disc set)
alma visits the county fair
American Cosmic Vol. III
Amy is as Folk as a Flower
An Americana Mix For Dad
An Arm's Just an Arm Till it's Wrapped Round a Shoulder
An Autumn Daydream
Analog Oatmeal: Folk pop showcase
And I Thank Jesus Everyday I Wont Grow Up Again
And they can let the calendar bern
Ani DiFranco
Ani Favourites
Ankles and Dresses Down on the Dance Floor
Another Spoonful: Taste of Folk II
Arresting Tunes
Art of the Mix
artists of Falcon Ridge 2004 mix
As Long as she's got Noise, She is Fine
As Single Sex As Rock 1st-1st's Bathroom (aka: a girly mix for lainey)
Ascetic Guitar
August Blush
Autumn III: October in the Railroad Earth
Autumn IV: A Season of Renewal
Autumn killers
Baby's First Murder Ballads
Back to Back to Basics - 2 CDs
Bandidos sin Ɵguilas
With apologies to mahdishain

Beautiful Day
before i went to woodstock
Belly Dance - Improv Dance Music
Best of 2011
Best of Ani DiFranco
Better Late... (2004-05)
Billy Bragg Presents: Brit Folking
Black Jack Davy
Blow Wind Blow (from Texas Hobart)
Blow Winds Blow
Boat Playlist 1
Bootcamp Radio Mix 01
boring but effective
boys with guitars..
Breakbeat Descendents
but anyway, the thing is, what I really mean
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Careless Love
Cast Your Bread Upon Waters
Catch the Wind
Catching Fire
CD for Meem, Fall 2012
Chai Me Up, Apr. 24, 13
Championship Vinyl
Chill Out
Chokin' the Folk
Chris Thile/ Sean Watkins
Christina Chillin at Home
city folk
City Streets Are Wet Again With Rain
Classic Folk Fix No 1
Closer to Fine
Clower Power
Coffee Shop Blend 3
Come As You Are
comfort and ease on evenings like these
country folk
Crudgey Old Folk
Dancing to the Radio of a Rusted Cadillac
Dar & Friends
Dat Gaat Nu Allemaal Vervagen
Demons of the Rural Soul
Demons of the Rural Soul 2: Lost Souls & Broken Hearts
Diamonds in the Rough
do something pretty while you can.
Don't Ask What Kind of Music I'm Gonna Play Tonight, Just Stay Awhile
Don't Let It Die a Virgin.
Dont Touch The Brown Mushrooms!!
Down by the riverside, up on a mountain top, deep in a Tennessee Valley
Drink Yer Corn Likker, Let the Cocaine Be
Driving Songs
Driving Songs / Episode 1 / SoundWave
Dylan Gets Dark
Easter 06 (New Twang)
Ebony my lovely
Epithalamions- Folk Music for Weddings
Fall is Coming Quick
feelings fade
find someone else to haunt
Flowers of the Field
Folk for children
Folk For The Modern Hippie
Folk Macabre
Folk Music For A Punk Rocker
Folk Music Magazine Volume 4
Folk Music Magazine Volume 4
Folk Music vol. 1
Folk On The Top
Folk that kicks ass
FOLK YOU (chick mix 3)
Folk you, too.
FolkyArtists #1
Footloose and Fancy Free
For All I Am, For All I'm Not
For Folks sake
For my sister who needs to calm the heck down
For Simon II
for west
frank turner12
Freaky Folking Indie Collection Vol1
Full Many a Flower is Born to Blush Unseen
Ghosts That Broke My Heart
Go Folk Yourself: An Acoustic Collection
Good Stuff
Grandee Playlist
Greg Brown
Gun Racks & Steel Guitars
Gutbucket Brothers 4
Diet Gutbucket Surprise - 2 CDs

HallowQueen Mix
Hands Across The Sea
Happy Birthday David!
Happy New Year!
Hard Travelin'
Heartbreaking Folk
hesistation's getting me down
High and Dry
High Lonesome Sound
Hillbilly Blue (2 CDs)
Hokey Pokey...How I love Folkies Vol 1 British / Scottish / Irish
Hold On Both Hands Don't Let Go
holding moments in the depth of care
Hole in my shoe
Hot Summer Breeze
Hot Tunes for a Cold Winter
How Could I See You and Stay Too Long
how far from yesterday?
How to Take Flight
i could kiss you
I Don't Want to Be in Your Dreams Anymore
I Had to Throw Down my Accordion to Get Away from the Police
I have seen the north star shining in the freight yards.
I Hope That Buffalo's Not Gray
i keep on disappointing the people i love
I see the wasp on the length of my arm
I Won't Be Coming Home
If You Were a Bluebird
I'm hungry and thirsty
I'm Not a Romantic
I'm Not a Romantic II
I'm not above drinking alone, but no good ever comes of it. Unless you count me talking to you now.
i'm out of my cage again
Im so Tired
In Memory (The Tender Years)
[An "Acoustic" Sandy Denny & Nick Drake Mix]

In the Autumn Came Deliverance
Indie Newbies ..
Introducing Ben and Ani...
It's Good Enough for Me
it's not her nature to kiss,it's not her nature to even think about a song like this.
It's Okay to Get Folked Up Now
Jim Wade's Folk/ Rock Mix 2
John Henry (2 CDs)
John Ss Car Playlist 4
John Train Slept Here Tonite
Johns Summer Sound
Journey to the Fiery Heart of the Wooden Mind
July 2013
June '07: Ballads for a Birthday
Just Saying
Katy Greene Daviss Rockin Best 2013
King Of The Undergound
la musica!
Lacking Only Wine: A collection of Woman & Song
last days of august
Lawn Wranglers
Like A Tree Full Of Bees
Like My Father Before Me I'm A Working man
Little Night Owl To The Rescue: Yonder There's A Wolf (And A Whippoorwill)
Londonderry 1
Lonesome Road
Lost in the Rain
Low Disk Space
lucky cloud [05.30.10]
Lula Wall
Lynette #5
Mad To Live Vol. 1
Mad to Live Vol. 2
Mad to Live Vol. 4
Maybe You Should Dance
Measuring the Sweetness that I Pour
Merry Christmas to my father
Mikes Mix One
mix no christmas
more murder ballads for baby
morning dreams
Mostly Folk Music June 1998
Motherless Child
Moving and Other Melancholia
mr. narrator, this is bob dylan to me
Munger Moss Motel Mix
murder ballads for baby & friends
Music for my dad
Music to Not Shower to
Music to Not Shower to
Music to Not Shower to
music to sleep by (unless it gets caught in your head and keeps you up)
My Tribute To Bob Dylan
Naked mix
NaLeahs Alt Country Mix
naptime for lauren (a clean mix)
Neil & CSNY Covers ..
new mix
New Year
No Bad News
No More Pain
No Pockets in a Shroud
Number 1 Songs Through Time
Ode to A Drum Major
Oh Me-O-My-O (1 of a 2 disc set)
oh shit, i folked up.
Oh, My Soul
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Five)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Four)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume One)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Seven)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Six)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Three)
Old Friends and Other Strangers (Volume Two)
On the Stamp was a Picture of Elvis
One Foot in Ice, One in Fire
One of the Boys
One Step Ahead of the Rain
Our houses dream so hard
Our Town
Outside The Box Music
Panicked Line of White Noise
Pianos > Guitars
Playlist for Mom!
Please Stop Hurting My Feelings
POP Holiday
poster of an old rodeo
Puns and Pong
Put These Wings to the Test
Rapid Cycle (8)
real folk songs are always seven minutes long [78 min]
Reason To Believe
Rebecca's Loverly CD
Recently Added
Recently Added
Recently Played
rot in the root
Ryan Adams Starter CD
Salaam Aleekum! (Peace Be with You)
Sasquatch Party
Savoring Tunes .. ..
saying, girl if we don't go soon we're gonna miss the show
See What You Got
shady skies and lullabies
shovels and rope
Shreds and Patches: a little blues, some southern rock, some wild fiddles
Sidewalk Artist
Sing This till the Morning Comes
six inch valley pt. 2
sleep before the devil wakes
Slowly Sinkin'
Smiled and said 'Yes, I think we've met before'
smiling all the way with her unstoppable grin
So We Can Bern, Dan Bern Everything That We Don't Like
Some Days My Music Sucks: Sucky Acoustic Mix
Some Things Just Stick In Your Head
Sometimes Life's a Waste
Song For A Winter's Night
Song to fit every state of mind
Songs For Lumberjacks.
Songs From South Bend Volume 18 (Take 2)
Songs inspired by Positively Fourth Street by David Hajdu
songs of home
Speak To Me
Spin Those Towngirls Dizzy
Spring Mixtape 2012
Spring Swing EP
Stacys shit
Stagger Lee and Other Gothic Americana
Summer 2012 iMix
Sunday Morning Coming Down
sunday morning, a hangover blessed...
Superfolk Mix
Sweet Songs Never Last Too Long On Broken Radios
Swing Low
Talk of Loneliness in Quiet Voices
Talkin' Blues
Taste of Folk LIVE
teadust cassette recollections
The Angels....
The Anthology (Condensed)
The day of my wedding.
The Dirty Hippie Mix
The Edwardian
The Essential Tanned Man
the food of love<3
the food of love<3
The Fullest Green Summer
the good ol folk
The Granola Mix
the leaves are drifting out to sea
The Old Folks At Home
The Psychedelic Rock Tumbler: British Isle Folk - Volume I
The Psychedelic Rock Tumbler: British Isle Folk - Volume II
The Psychedelic Rock Tumbler: British Isle Folk - Volume III
The Psychedelic Rock Tumbler: British Isle Folk - Volume IIII
The Psychedelic Rock Tumbler: British Isle Folk - Volume V
the secrets of iced tea and ghost-slow country.
The Steam Rocker, Aug. 25, 12
The Story's Often Told
the trouble with poets is they see poetry everywhere
The Voice Make Me Warm(Featured Album)
The Year In Folk... So Far
There But For Fortune
these fallen angels: voices of suffering and redemption
They Are Just Some Friends of Mine
They asked me for some collateral and I pulled down my pants.
This Heart of Mine
This is Greg Brown
this is why i listen to music
This peninsula is cold and full of stars.
This Train Ain't None of Mine
Three White Horses
'Til Something Shines
To Withstand the World
Too Much Beer and Whiskey to ever be Employed
Top 25 Most Played
Traditional and New - Swiss Folk Music
Travelin' Songs
Tree Rings
Troubadours of Folk
Tunes to light a lamp by
Turn Around
Tweedcoat Warmth
Two fingers
t'would make me sing
Unconditional Gratitude
unquestionable wonderful.
Until I Get to Where I'm Going
upload to ipad
v << c - A Slower Mix
Van Morrison and Andy M. Stewart shoot the Moon
Viking Metal Mix
Waddyawantfernuthin? Vol 3
Walker Songbook Part 2
Walker Songbook Part 2
Wayfaring Stranger
We Danced Til' We Took the Notion to Quit
WFUV sounds, making me smile
What A Beautiful Place
what is folk?
what the folk is this
When the Lingonberries Are Ripened
Where Can I Go?
where there are trees
Where's My Dancing Shoes?
Why Don't you Get your Day's Work All Done?
Winter Into Spring
Wisdom, Joy and Sorrow
Yard Work
YOGAfunC #1 (The Mummers Dance) 06/2011
You Decide
You Don't Have To Be Urbane To Be Witty
You Moved Away
You Were Playing On The Guitar Strings
Young Pilgrims
Zydeco: "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!"