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Lullaby For The Neurotic
Martha's Still Pissed Off (but its ok) mix
"Aluminum tastes like fear"
"Anger Management Mix"
"either you can carry a basket full of gold or your best friend"-janosch
"I can love whoever I want."
"I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy." kafka
"I played connect the dots with your beauty marks, And ended up with picture perfect sheet music.."
"I'll Write You a Song, And It Won't Be Hard to Sing.."
"It's dawn, our perfect constellations are fading..."
"nothing spoils the taste of peanut butter like unrequited love."
"O God, he can't be dead!" " Well, just count the holes in the motherfucker's head"
"sad songs say so much"
"We haven't seen the sun for weeks" mix
"We Seem To Be Made To Suffer. It's Our Lot In Life"
(out for a walk.)
(sing like you think no one's listening.)
...And In Grief You Shall Grow Wise
...and it crept within my soul
...and some loss to even things out
...Because There Isn't Anyone Else
...i'm not coming down.
..all my dreams have fallen down.. [disc 1 of 2]
.:GRIEF 3: Depression with Cityscape:.
.:GRIEF 4 : Aileen:.
:: GRIEF ::
:::Looking 4 heR :::Back Bay, Boston,MA Style
[making the most of a bad time]
+And I Can Hear The Soft Morning Rustling (As If Snow Were Sliding Down The Mountains)+
< >
Prozac Nation: Elizabeth Wurtzel
Electronic Surgical Words
145. Silence Means Disease

>3 Muke
101. Ghostwriting
102. two ways, one drift....
11. Everyone will suffer
12/10/2001:depression mix#1
120 minutes of Synthetic Torment: Starring Ian Curtis, Martin Gore, & Morrissey
123. 1...2...3...And It's All Over...
131. We'll Lean That Way Forever.
133. We Go from Tears to Shouts.
138. A Dead Sleeping Forest
151. Follow the Map
152. Tokyo 4:12 a.m.
153. Something Has Changed
19 Years & No Good News: Part 1
19 Years & No Good News: Part 2
19 Years & No Good News: Part 3
19 Years & No Good News: Part 4
19 Years & No Good News: Part 5
1930's Music from the 1978 BBC TV Serial Pennies from Heaven - Distilled (was originally 3 CDs)
20. weeping childs
21 unhappy endings
27 angels from the great beyond
27. al aire libre; CHeeR OF JoY DiViSiON
29. Ecstasy of gold
2nZ The Remembrance
36. Emphas!z!ng Enpharmon!c Part!als
38. a Little FiFty
45. Moonlight in Glory
49. Lost Love
51. Goodbye and die.
62. fs
71. s0ft
75. p0int
80. Our Happiest Days Slowly Began To Turn Into Dust
80s Goth Rock and 80s Metal
80s Micromix
87. dTpression f
94. dreaming
96. 0
A Broken Flower Never Bleeds
A Constant Drizzle
A Cosssssssby sweater!
A Daunting Task
A Day For The Duvet
a doubtful mind...and a disconnected telephone
A Dry Day After Rain
A False Memory
A Girl on a Bridge
A Glass of Wisdom Juice
A Glimpse of Lost Time
A Kiss Before Dawn
a late tribute to elliott smith
a lesson in human nature.
A Life Slipping Down
A Little Medicine To Kill The Pain
a lowercase album 7
A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy
a Melancholy Wind
A Mix For Suicidal Tendencies
a passage in time
A Passing Mood? (great lyrics inside)
a place you can figure out, if you think about it really, really hard
a portrait of the artist as a young man
A Pox Upon Ourselves
A Product of Society
A Public Service Announcement
A Requiem for the perfect life I never had.
A sickroom for the soul
a somber saturday
a soundtrack for the dark days
A Story Of The Zoo
a tribute to my depression
a tuesday in august
A Valentine Of Sorts
A Whipped Dog Whimpers in the Snow
A Winter In Review: 2010/2011
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer vol. 14
Absolute Downers
Abused Fate: Just the Days Best
Acoustic Sadness
Addicted- Feb '02
Addicted to Morphine
Adfos, ciao, goodbye
After you'd gone
Alcoholism (Watching My Father Die)
all apologies
all flowers in time
all i can hope to be
all together drop
Allen Carr's EASYWAY To Stop Smoking
Almost Mix
Alone In A Crowded Room
alone in my car, staring at the stormy sea
Alternate mood
Am I Goth(.com)?
Am I the Only One?
America Coming Together Vol. 1
America Coming Together Vol. 2
America Coming Together Vol. 3
America Coming Together Vol. 4
Amy's Mix
an empty bed in ecotopia
an order just to march in my place
Ana broke my bones.
and all that I hoped for and were not
and i take ten for everything everything everything.
and I will cry when you go away
And If, Or Rather When, It All Goes Wrong
and now my bitter hands cradle broken glass
And the heroes you met were just fiction
And The Skies Wept Pearls
And The World Spins Madly On..
'And There Is Something Infinite About This World,' He Said.
and this lonliness won't leave me alone
andy's depressing cd
Angst isst Seele auf
another cheery song about killing yourself
Another Day Full of

Another Mix For Stabbing Yourself In The Heart
Another Sad October
Anthems of the Sad Boy
Anti-depression Mantras(song cycle)
Anti-Valentine's Day Support Group
apathetic overdrive
Apparently Nothing at All
Argh! Fuck! Kill!
Art Of Langour
As Emo as I'll Ever Get
Ashley's breakup
Assisted Living Dracula
aural smack for reed... because he is a jerkwad.
bad mood blues
Ballons All Filled With Rain
Beautiful Desolation
Because Love Still Hurts The Fourth Or Fifth Time Around
becoming something more
bee ess
Before My Time, Behind My Back
Behind The Sun
Being Sad Makes me Happy
beneath the dirt in my head
Benedetto sia 'lgiomo
Better Living through Chemistry
black and blue
blood hungry cannibalistic unfit family ties
Blue Blades of sorrow and Despair
blurry vision
Boo Hoo Hoo!
Bored as Fuck and Alone on New Years Day
Bottle of Whiskey and a Broken Heart
Brake up-sad songs(EMO)
Breakfast Cereal for Broken Hearts
Breakin' Up Vol. 1
Breaking Up/Being Down
Break-Up CD for Dan
Bright Eyes
broken heartbeats gathered and rebroadcast
broken hearts in a bloodstained sky
Brown Your Eyes, Gone Away
building the ruins
Bummer :(
Buried You Alive in a Fireworks Display
Bush Wins
by the light of the burning citroen
'Cause I Don't Need Nobody To Know Me...
C'est Domage
Champagne is the drunk part of crying.
Cheer Up, Asshole.
Cheer Up, Emo Boy (A Birthday Mix)
chiller than ever
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
christmas in eureka's castle
Climbing the Ladder
Cold Nights
Color Me Blue
Come away, oh human child...
Come on, 2003
Commedia del'BART
Confusion Killed the Cat
Consider Me Weak like The Week After Christmas
Conversations with an unknown author.
Could You Use A Knife that's Dull and Rust in Color?
Counting Troubles Instead of Counting Sheep
Crap on a Crap Cracker
Crappy Day
Creepy Cars
Cruelty & consequence
crush it up, take it down, smash it up, falling down
Cry Now
Cry yourself to Sleep.
Crying to a Full-Blast Stereo
Cycling Down
Da isser, der Herbst..
damp cotton clouds
Dark but Beautiful - A Mix for Lars
Dark days
Dark Matter
dark side of the horse
Darker Metal / Pop Mix for sad people.
days like this...
De Profundis Clamavi ad te, Domine
Dead Eyes, Are You Just Like Me?? (A Half After Lovers' Last Hour)
Dead Inside (i wish i was)
Death & Love + 5
Deep Sunday
Deer Stop
Depressing music
Depressing music
depression 101- Intro to depression.
Depression Fest
Depression Hymns (Looking Out The Window)
Depression I guess
Depression is a Death With Consciousness
Depression is a picnic (without these songs)
Depression Mix
Depression Session
Depressology 1 When Everyone's Lost, the Battle is Won (OR, Some Day We'll Be Together)
Depressology 2 How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found (OR, An Antidote Was Had)
Depressology 3 Rows of Houses are Bearing Down on Me (OR, A Grand Don't Come for Free)
Descent Into the Abyss
Desolation Yes, Hesitation No
Destroy Everything You Touch
devil in levi's
Did I leave a bad taste in your mouth?
Difficult not to feel just a little bit disappointed...
Dionysian Mix
Discs 1 & 2
Distance (X & Y)
Do you feel happy? Do you love yourself?
Do you know what it is to burn?
Dog Food Misery Goat System Overload - 90's Ambient Trip Hop Pop
Don't Ask If I'm Okay, Because You Already Know My Answer
don't bother ripping your heart out, i'll do it for you
don't cry for me, i'm already dead: the sad mix
don't die in me
Don't Die On Me Tonight
don't forget to let your life rot you inside out.
don't know why there's no sun up in the sky
don't leave me
Don't Let Go Lightly
don't talk to ghosts; don't open the windows for them.
Don't Wait Up For Me
don't worry - it'll all be over soon [disc 1 of 2]
don't you know i'm numb, man; i can't feel anything at all.
Down and Out (dark blue mix)
Down On The Floor
Down on Your Luck
down, out, and up
down, out, and up
Drawing Hearts In The Condensation While She Shoots Up In The Bathtub
Dredged From My Subconscious: Original Soundtrack
drink up with me now, and forget all about the pressure of days..
Drinking Champagne From A Paper Cup Because All The Glasses Are Shattered
Driving on a Saturday Afternoon
dry your eyes with cinnamon and pears
Dying Roses and Razor Blades...
e m o t i o n a l l y m e
Eat The Heart
Eclectic Hope
eight hundred miles away...
Elegy for Audiogalaxy
Emo City, Population 1
Emotional Collection pt. I: "Vielleicht kennen wir ein Lied, was uns zusammen sehr bernhrt"
emotional landscapes
Enslaved by Beauty
Etched in Stone (Goth Mix Vol. 1)
Eternal Slumber
Ever (up & down through days)
Every English Lesson Gets Worse
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
Everybody Knows The Good Guys Lost
Everyone who pretended to like me is gone
Everyone's a Crowd (help me get over it)
everyone's crying themselves to sleep
Everyone's Waiting
Everything Means Nothing to Me: My Favourite Sad Songs
everything sucks right now
Everything You Wanted to Know About Depression... and then some
Everywhere sucks, when you're not here
Execution Style
Exterminating the Blues
face down from the carpet
fair weathered friend
Fall Fog IV
Fear and Self Loathing in Suburbia
February 2004
feel faint
feel my white boy pain [January 2002]
Feel Your Losses,You'll Know That It's October
Feelin' Sorry
Find Your Place
Finding Your Way Back
First Mix
Fish are Built in With Everyone
Floating Around In Skyless Space
fooled around and fell in love.
for cat
For Eric and Detty
For Happy Days
For heaven's sake, don't you be so sad!
for jeanette
For Jennifer.... Who Broke My Heart
For My Dearest Bailey, Pt. II: Untitled
For My Dream Girl...Wherever She Is...
For My Father, Who Has The Flu
for paul
For sideways would she lean, and sing
For the Damaged
For the Frustrated, Sensitive Male
For The Good Times
For the Moments I Feel Faint
For the Sad & Lonely
for those days you don't want to get out of bed (or are still in your boxers at 3pm)
for those mornings that feel like a movie
For Win After Loss~
Forgive me
Four years later...
Frankies' Low (and the first shall be last!)
Frankies Piano Misery
Freshman Year Of College
From Thanksgiving On . . .
fuck cradle of borgir
Funeral Musik
Funk (Not The Good Kind)
general depression mix
Get Me A Crocodile Sandwich & Make It Snapy! *gets his coat*
Get Well Soon
Get what on?
Getting Stood Up Really Sucks: a mix tape
Giants That Heal
Gimme Drone & Dreampop!!!
Girls of Summer are Wack 2002
Girls of Summer are Wack 2002
give me dopamine.
glum disease
go ahead, try to figure out what my future looks like.
go ask alice
God is Empty
Going Nowhere
Gone Away
Goodbye Goldibags
Goodbye meg
Got A New Computer but the Feelings are Still the Same
Gothic does not equal Mansonite
gothic music for hot topic groupies
Gothic/Industrial for the impaired
Guide Us
H.G. Pennypacker - Wealthy American Industrialist
half in love with leaving
Half Silences
hand me the scissors, please
Happiness Is a Burning Match
Happiness is All the Rage
Happiness Is Such Hard Work
Haunted by the Living
have a dream i'm falling down on my knees, scrape my face, scrape my hands 'till they bleed.
Have you ever wanted to die?
He Hung Himself With a Guitar String
heartbreak mix
Heavy Goes Down
Heavy with mood
Hello, Cruel World (Volume 1, Sad&Happy)
Hello, shadow.
Help Me Find My Way Back...
Her Rainbow Had A Beard
Here And Then Gone
Here I stand, head in hand.
Hesitation Cuts
Hey Thanks For Crapping On My Heart
Hey you look a bit down... try this and THEN you can scowl..
Holding Hands and Making Plans
Holidays are all the same.
Holy Fool
Holy Hand Grenade
Honk if You're Lonely
Hopeless In El Paso (Winter 1996)
how pathetic is this?
how to be sad in style
How To Cope With Decaying Slowly On the Inside
how to fight loneliness
How to Fight Loneliness
How'd I Get Myself So Wrapped Up In You?
hurt, part one: i already miss you all the time
hurt, part two: i know tomorrow you'll find better things
i d r e a m i n s t e r e o
I am alive: I am a mess
i am and am not afraid
I Am Jet Black. I Am Stone Cold.
I Am Sad
I am Sad, II
I am screaming backwards in the sand
I am shit.
I am so tired of sleeping alone
I Am Willing But Not Able
I awake to find no piece of mind
i believe in desperate acts. the kind that make me look stupid...
I Broke My Jaw Trying to Smile
I Can Keep My Head Still
I can love you...
I Can Still See The Floor
I can tell you stories of battles never won.
i can't get lost.
i can't get out of my box
I Can't Have You
i could sleep a year
I Don't Even Want To Breathe
I Don't Feel Like Myself
I Don't Have a Map of the State I'm In
i dont want to wake up on my own anymore
I feel dead inside...
I found her
I got a 1450 on my SAT's for this?
i guess autumn gets you remembering
I Had Opinions That Didn't Matter
i hate dr. bergman too
i haven't enough tears for what you've done to me
I hope that you're my gift.
I Hope This Hurts Like Hell
I just can't get it right.
I Just Can't Win vol. 2
I just want something I can never have
i just won't have a future anymore.
I know how crazy this is going to sound, but...
I know I would die if I could come back new
I Love You All, But Hate Your Thoughts
I Love You, But I Am Starting to Give Up
I Love Your Personality
I made a mix for Katrina...
i miss the comfort in being sad
I miss you more than I knew
i miss you so good.
i see the world in gray
i should have left a long time ago
I still feel like crying when I think of what you said to me
i struggle so hard for each breath that i take.
I walked around my good intentions... And found that there were none.
I want a boyfriend to break my heart (Vol. II: The Beauty of Just Letting Go)
i want my serotonin back
I Want to Cry...
I Was Tired Of Democracy Anyways.
I went to the end of the world but came back unchanged
I Wish I'd Remembered to Keep a Piece of Forever
I woke up alone today, and the turntable had stopped turning.
I would love to take you and let you see what I see
I Wouldn't Mind the Rain
I Wouldn't Mind the Rain
I'd help you, but I can't even help myself (A Suicide Mix)
I'd Rather Be in Some Dark Hollow
if cars could run on teardrops
if ever
if i fall would you notice at all?
If It Doesn't Have Claws, It's Meant For Eatin'.
if you ever could have known
if you're going through hell... keep going.
If Youve Never Been In Pain Before
il cronos knaba 7 - Damn you (il cronos knaba's greatest misses musical selection journey)
i'll be your friend
i'll fake it through the day
I'll Go With The Worst Idea
i'll just lay here and pretend to run away
I'll just stay here...I'll just stay here
I'll Scream For Miles, My Dear
I'll Take Nothing
I'm a failure mix.
I'm Alone, And I'm Dancing With You Now
I'm Burning Like a Bridge for Your Body
I'm Empty, But You're So Full of It
I'm Fine (But You Can't See The Cracks)
i'm giving myself two days to feel better, or i swear i'm driving off a fucking cliff.
I'm Gonna Carry You In My Head, In My Heart, In My Soul
I'm having trouble sleeping...
I'm In Love With My Own Loneliness
I'm kind of sad right now but I'd get better if it weren't for Christmas and people looking at me
i'm listening to sad songs.
I'm not crying, it's just that my eyes are sweating
I'm not depressed. I'm just...listening.
I'm Not Fucking Kidding Man, It Hurts
I'm not living, I'm just killing time...
I'm not living...I'm just killing time.
I'm Not Playing Your Way Anymore
i'm sad for no reason, again.
i'm so tired (just as tired as you)
i'm sorry (emphatically NOT a breakup mix)
I'm tired of trying
I'm writing this to say, in a gentle way, "you piss me off"
immerse your soul in love
In Lieu Of A Note
In Love, There Are No Boundaries
In Memory of Felix
in pursuit of survival
in the bleak midwinter
in the deep woods he found a laptop
In This Hole
Incense and Incessant Staring
Indigo Melancholy
Infinity Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Insomnia & Depression (2AM)
instructions for falling into one sided love
Introspective Mix
Is it me that feels so weak?
Isolate my mind, desolate my body
it feels like a sunday
it girl. rag doll.
It Just Is
It rains and pours in twos
It was a pink day, on a pink beach, in my pink mind...
It Was The Worst Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times: January 2011
It's a cruel fucking world, and I'm not.
it's all hopeless, but it's not serious
Its Alright
It's Always Lonely Being Free
It's Dark As A Dungeon Way Down In The Mind
It's Just That I've Been Losing So Long
It's Late in the Day
It's Monday, I think I'm gonna call in sick
it's nighttime all day and it's usually raining too
It's Ok to be Sad . . .
It's Only the End of the World
It's The Last Week Of The Year, I'm Feeling Blue, And I Still Want You...
i've been drowning forever
i've been drowning forever
i've been dumped...by his mom
I've Seen This Happen In Other People's Lives, And Now It's Happening In Mine...
jacob mix
January 11
Jeg Savner Deg
johnny can't play, rosemary's sitting in a shallow grave
jump off a bridge
Junior Prom
Just Another Girl In Love With You...
just another sad bastard mix.
just chill
Just let me be sad for a few..
Just One More "I Love You"
Just...a little depressed
Keep your dreams, don't sell your soul
kill me already
Kingdom for a Kiss
Knee Deep in Sadness Soot
Lagrimas o lluvia
Last Act for a Broken Romeo
last night a C60 saved my life
Late Nights, Hard Times
Laugh It Off: Songs about cars, cows, Christ, sex, and sailing away (with way too much Tenacious D)
Laziness Cuts Me Like Fine Cutlery
leave me
leave me be! i'm eating my baked potatoe...
left with autumn in your soul
Let me die in your arms
Let me die in your arms
Let's all wallow and commit suicide
let's get one thing straight: there are no answers
Letters to Heaven: In Memory of Lynn Ward
lie in the darkness, i'm slowly drowned to sleep with nothing left to lose.
Life is a Bust
life is easy, when you're a boy
Lights Out
Like A Gumball In A Sea Of Fizz (a.k.a. the sad mix)
Like a memory it falls
Like a slow parade.
Like I care...it's only a muddy field.
Like My Pancreas Fell Out
like two sides of a tape
Listen the Door is Closing..
live for today, hope for tomorrow
Logging the Hours
Lonely & Bitter
lonely day
lonely drive home
Lonely_Nights & a bottle of wine
Look what you've done.
Looking Back, Everything was for the Best
Looking For A Purpose From A Neon Sign
Looking up at the Grass
Losing The Power Of Speech
Losing The Power Of Speech
Lost and Stolen
Lost on the Boulevard
Lost Time Revisited
Lost to Dreams
Lost, Adrift In A Sea of Thoughts
lou barlow and chan marshall
Love Becomes a Silhouette, Featureless and Dark
Love Doesn't Bore Me, It Just Tends to Disappoint Me..
Love Hurts
Love Hurts: Songs of Desire and Longing
love leaves its abusers
love turns sour every hour
love's just like that
Lovey Dovey Maniac Feeling
Lullabies to Suicides
Madame L'oneliness and Monsieur d'Spair
make [mixtapes]/break [hearts]
make a change, any kind will do
Make the world go away
May Angels Lead You In.
May as Well Try and Catch the Wind
Melancholia I
Melancholy and all his mean drunken cousins
Melancholy ensues after heartbreak
Melancholy Mix
Melancholy Part Deux
Mellow Damn Tape
Mellow II
Mellow Mix
Mellow out and blaze into depression
Mellow Schmellow my little Fellow
Mellow Tape for Mellow Times
Memory Lane
memory of a girl
Memory's Dagger
Micha's Mellow Mix
Midnight Cigarette
Misery In The UK
Miss Misery
Missing Emily
Missing Her.
Mix 16: Music To Feel Miserable To
Mix for Anne
mix for feeling vaguely melancholy
Mix to Cry to Alone in a Dark Room
Mommy, the last track took my money and made me cry...
mopey 1.0
Mopey mix for a miserable day
Mr. Moonlight Is Now Dead.
Music (as) Therapy
Music for a 5 hour bus ride
Music for days when it's not quite working out and you really should have just stayed in bed...
Music for Moping and Cutting 4th Period To.
music genetically engineered to taste like you
Music To Die To
Music to drown to
Music To Kill Yourself By
Music to Sigh To - For Becca
music to slit your wrists to
Must Be a Different View to Be a Me with a You
My Art is in a Deep Slumber
My Boyfriend Goes to Another School in Another Town. You Wouldn't Know Him...
My Diary VOL 4
My Dreams Are Ashes
My Ever After-Hours
my excellent breed of gametes disease
my finger's on the trigger, my eyes are on the prize
my good will
My Old Friend The Blues
My Shoulders Are Cold & Wet From The Rain. If Only You Were Here To Help Me Dry Off.....
My Soul on a CD
nailed to the nightlife
never really happy
night only makes it worse
No February Fourteenth
no one makes the parts that i need
No One Noticed The Tears
no shelter
No Sign of Weakness
no title is deserving
No, you are not who you used to be.
Nobody Notices You When You're All Alone
nobody's iris
Non-Blues Blues
Nostalgia on a Quiet Day
not a pretty girl
Not baby anymore....
Not everybody wants to be saved...not everybody should be saved.
Nothing is Ever Easy
Novocaine For The Soul
now is the winter of our discontent.
now that you're dead, what are you going to do with your life?
-NOW- Thats what I call ~Gothic~ music
Nursing the Slow Bleed
Obligatory Obliteration
of all the gin joints...
Of Course It's Gonna Get Better...
Often Unhappy
oh god, what have i done?
oh happy day...
old faithful
on a roll
On the Blackened Wings of Azrael, Part I
On the Blackened Wings of Azrael, Part II
On the Blackened Wings of Azrael, Part III
On the Downhill Side
on to the things we trust
One Day I'll Wake to a Knife in Me
One of the Devil's Daughters
Onions and Sunburns:Music to Drown Your Sorrows By
Only The Young Die Young
Open Up Shut Down
Orchids crushed on your bed (A mix 4 Moonsister)
order coffee and drink it really slow
orgasmically delicious
Ouch, My Feelings
Our Tomorrow Never Came
Pa' llorar a gusto
Pains and Fusses
Pale as a shadow of a doubt
Pandora's box
part two: this job makes me want to cut my neck...
Piano Ballads #2
picking at the scabs
Please Put Down Your Hands
pleasureable sadness
Poetic Tragedy (The Sad Mix)
po-mo crisis...
Post Megan Junior Year
post-party ambiance
Pouring Salt on the Wound
Precious Pain
Prettiness Seeping Through
pretty rock try 1
Pretty Spooky
Psychotic Love
Pure Mope
Quiet & Black
Quiet Songs for the Sick
Quiver like a candle on fire
Rain Only
raining in manila
Rainy Complainy Mix
rainy night driving
Rainy Sunday Mix - created a long time ago on cassette
raise my glass cause either way I'm dead
razorblades and sleeping pills: volume I
RBL's "time to get over him" mix
reasoning & fading
Rebellion, Desperation and Intensity
red flags don't mean a thing
Rejected, Forgotten, Cying.
relationships and how i suck at them
Reminders of the Youth I Lost
Renouncing the Moon
Rhapsodic - Silent Intent of Worship and Deliberation of that Worship
Right the First Time
Road to the abyss
Round Here
S.A.D. Soldiers Against Depression
Sad and Beautiful
sad bastard mix for matt, who may or may not be awesome.
Sad Bastard Music
Sad Bastard Music
sad panda.
sad songs
Sad Songs
Sad Songs
Sad songs 2
Sad Songs and Waltzes
Sad Songs Before 1976
sad songs say so much (fall mix '99)
Sad Songs to Cry With
Sad Today-- Because we don't always want to "Cheer Up, Dammit"
Sad Today-- Because we don't always want to "Cheer Up, Dammit"
Sad Water for Drowned Boys
Sad, Sad Days
Sad, Sad Songs
Sailing Off The Edge Of The World
Sam's Birthday Mix
sandwich of tears
sans titre ni but
Satisfying the Unsatisfied
Save Everything
say goodbye forever
Saying the Alphabet Backwards
Scott's Depressed
scream your poor little heart out and stuff
self loathing & self pity & all the other angsty cliched things.
self pity is a dangerous thing
Self Portrait in Low Self-Esteem
Separation Anxiety 1 (Here)
Separation Anxiety 2 (There)
September never stays this cold
Serenades of the Sad Bastard
Set ray to K
set soma gun... ok!
Sewin' up holes in my parka 'cause the eskimos keep tryin' to steal the stuffin'.
Sexy Eye's One
Shaken like a Shaken Baby
shall we end this desperate dance?
she died a sweet suicide
She Loves You Not
she thought she was spinning it was only a dream (the tragedy collection)
Silently Weeping
Simmered Down
Simply too Disillusioning to Listen to In One Sitting
sing me to sleep
Skip Softly, My Moonbeams
sleepless and sorry.
slightly depressing music
Slipping Away Slowly
Slit Your Wrists To This Depressing Indie Sh..
slit your wrists...and sing along
Slow Sad Country
small steps
Smoke cigarettes, & drink stale black coffee.
Smoked the last one an hour ago...
so beautiful it hurts
so much for being happy
So Much Older
So Sad About Us
So sad you could kill...
So sad...
so so lonely
Sobbing On the bathroom floor
Socratic Influence
solitary being
Solo For Summer
Sombre Hombre
Some sad songs
Somehow those drunken kisses meant more to me.
Someone Turn the Lights Back On
something to hold me in
sometimes i eat tylenol to make me happy.
sometimes i get so fucking scared
Sometimes she talks to angels when she has her little fits
Sometimes, all you can do is sulk
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
son of Mellow Damn Tape
songs for a lonely day
Songs for a lonely night of wine and cigarettes (A Double Cassette Set)
Songs for a Rainy Day
Songs for a rainy day - A melancholy mix
Songs For A Room
Songs For a Successful Suicide, V. 1
Songs For a Successful Suicide, V. 2
songs for sad little people who are followed around by big black clouds
Songs for Tears II
Songs For The Sad & Lonely
songs for the stylishly depressed
Songs for the YZARC
Songs of Heartbreak and Despair
Songs of J. Alfred Prufrock
Songs Sung Blue
songs that makes you cry ..
Songs to kill yourself to
Songs to Listen to When You're Depressed and Don't Want to Get Out of It
Songs to Make Sunny Days Seem Rainy
Songs to Say "I'm Sorry"
Songs to Wreck Your Car To
sorrow floats
Sorry I crashed through your window on acid
sounds of silence
Soundtrack For An Imaginary Film
soundtrack for watching the neighbors' house burn
Soundtrack of Personal Journal of An - Part 1 : Rhythm and Blues
Soundtrack of Personal Journal of An - Part 2 : Alternative/Rock
Soy Un Perdedor
Space Between This Moment and the Next
Splashing Through The Puddles On My Street
Splatter Pattern
splintered memories
Stabbing Yourself in the Neck
Standard Depression Mix
staring at the wall
start crying your heart out
Stay Cold
Stood Up (Again) On The Eve Of Departure
Stop Breaking Down
Stop It, Youre Hurting Me
stormy night drive
Strange As Angels
strange moods, vol. 1
strange moods, vol. 2
Stressed Out Broke Raps
Stumbling Half-Dead Drunk In A Rose Garden
Suicide Hymns
Sullen Mix
Sultry but mostly Sulky Mix
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (Version 2)
Super Sad Songs
suppose i said you're my savng grace
Swallow choke and die.
Swallow, choke, and die.
sweet nothing
Sweet, Slow, Sad, Seduction
Sweet, Slow, Sad, Seduction
sweeter suffering
Swinging Over The Bar
Sylvia Plath's Oven Baked Classics: Songs to Warm Your Heart
Take Me into Your Arms
take me over
take the plan, spin it sideways
Tales of the New Deal
tar xvfz ~/sadness-depression-frustration.tgz
Tear Drop City
Tear My Heart Out Carefully
tears i cannot hide
Tears In Hell
Tears of Solitude
tears on the sleeve of a man
Teenage Angst
Tell me tomorrow won't come, and maybe I'll smile
Terminal Cases
TGIF at Bryant College
That filthy monkey made the orange juice you're drinking.
That high lonely sky
That One Perfect Lilly
That's the way the cookie bounces
The Affect of Affection
The Autopsy Blues
The Black Keys
The Blood Woman
the blueness of me and the redemption of love
The Box/Cocoon (Warmth)
The Breeze that Embraces You (When No One Else Will)
the buggled and the botched
The CD That Never Should Have Been
The Chord (That Makes You Cry)
The Color of Truth is Black
The Dark Heights and Hearts
The Days when I can't find a breath they keep comming and comming...
The Days when I can't find a breath they keep comming and comming...
The Desperate Measures Mix
The Development of a Suicide
The Development of a Suicide
The Dreams in Which I'm Dying Are the Best I Ever Had
The Dying Thoughts Of A Neurotic Girl
The End
The End of the World
The End of the World
The Fine Art Of Falling Apart
The Fix Is In
the george costanza experience
the good it won't do
the happy disck
The High And The Whiny (And The High AND Whiny) - Songs For Calming Down And Getting Depressed
the images stuck in your head.
The Intense
The Jolly Green Giant Has Loads Of Friends, The Blue Dwarf Inside Him Has No1
the journey has come to an end...
The Lady In The Cage
The Last Waltz - I think I'll make it. I don't want to, but I think I will.
The Leaves Have All Died But I Couldn't Be Happier
The Lighter Side of Shadow
The Lighter Side of Shadow
the line of best fit
The Maestas Mix
the man with night sweats
the mists of autumn pasting to our faces
The mix that turned modern lovers into Romeo and Juliet
The Most Depressing Mix
The Most Depressing Mix In The History Of The Fuckin' World - Prove Me Wrong! (Please!)
The Most Fuckin' Depression Mix Ever. Version 2 (Improved With Ideas Collated From This Site).
The Mourning after the Flood
The Nazz Are Blue
the news says it's raining in new york.
The Nothing Mix
The Not-So-Acoustic: Acousic Tape
the odds are against us
The Only Bee In My Bonnet
the only mine experimental dreams of a momentaneous state of mind
the only shoulder i cried on belonged to the road.
The only thing I can do is quit
The only thing I know is everything you love will die
The Operation
The Pain, The Pain!
The Peace that Evades
The Penetrating Silence...
The Please God Just Slit My Wrists And Get It Over With Compilation
The Razor Edges of Winter
the real folk blues
The Real Me (Or Is It?)
The Sad Truth Behind My Life
The Saddest God-Damn Music in the World
The Saddest Wookiee
the same three chords.
The Shoreline Disappears
the sitting alone in a dim room with camel lights and spicy water cliche break up collection
The Solstice in Suppression
the song that makes you cry...
The Songs Will Write the Words
The Sorrows of February
the sound of loneliness makes me happier
The Sounds of Solitude.
The Sunrise Promises Nothing New
The Terminally Sad Bastard Mix Disk 1: Heart on My Sleeve
The Terminally Sad Bastard Mix Disk 2: Heart in My Mouth
The Truth
The Twisting Fingers Of Fear
The Vigil
The Winds Blowing Overhead Whisper Your Name
The world is heavy/and `he has forgotten how to fly away
Theme Mixes Vol.11: chick angst
There ain't no cure for 'em
There is always something that I wish you'd say
there is no hope
There's a place in hell for me and my friends
There's Another World Inside of Me (That You May Never See)
There's No Dancing
there's no time for us, there's no place for us
they say it's better to bury your sadness.
Things Are Meaning Less
Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours.
Things Passing
things they never work out right, you'll always be in pain
Things We Lost in the Fire
this broken heart, it needs a fix
This Doesn't Help.
this is the beginning of forever + ever
this is where the ducks go
this little life
this loss isn't good enough for sorrow or inspiration
this mess we're in
This November
This Ones For When You're Lonely
This Quiet Time
This shouldn't be.
Those Lonely Nights When You Feel So Lonely That You Start To Not Really Feel All That Lonely At All
Through me is the way to join the lost people
Tiffany No. 4
Time + Time Again (I Pine 4 U)
Time Will Work This Out
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 23 / 48
Tired of the Game
To Hell With It All
To Mike, with Shame
To Yesterday
Tomorrow I swear I won't act this way
Tony's May 2002 Compilation
Too Bored to Cry
Too Good To Be Old
too late to turn back now (for Conor)
Too much is not enough
top twenty sad songs?
tracks of my tears
Trapped By Two Janes
trip-hop fiend
Truly Beautiful Songs
Twenty horsescouldnot
two doses daily
Type O Negative
under stars
understand.....the dream is over
understand.....the dream is over
unfinished sympathy
Unrequited Love Sucks
Untightened Mellowness
untitled playlist
Use With Caution
Valentines Meal For One
vampires & nightmares disc1
Vampires and nightmares disc2
Ving's cd
Volume 39 of my many mixes
Wait For Everyone To Go Away
Waitin' Around to Die
waiting for lou fai 2.4
waiting for the things that never come
wake up and smell the monday sun!
Walkin' On The Sun
Walking Alone Mix
walking among the pointy bits of broken hearts
wallowing in it
wallowing in something...
Wanna make me cry?
watching all the ground beneath you drop
Watching The Days Go By
watching the snow fall from the sky
We Are Accidents Waiting to Happen
We are Helpless
we could put it back together
We Go, You Die, He Shot, We Got?, Anyway Same, It's Only a Action Game.
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
We Sat And Waited For The Sea To Stretch Out So That We Could Disappear
We sleep all day....
We Walk Into Our Houses and Burn
Weap, Pagliacci! Louder! Louder!
weeping songs
We'll be fine
We'll Just Have to Adjust
we're all gonna die anyway
Wes' Mix
What Do You Do When An Iced VoVo Doesn't Cheer You Up?
what i am to you is not real
what i am to you is not real
what i am to you is not real
what i am to you is not real
what i am to you is not real
what i am to you is not real
What to do when your a 20 year old dieing girl alone
What you think I don't get lonely too?
when everything means nothing*
when i look into your eyes, i see a yellow butterfly.
When I Talk To You On The Phone/ Well It's Just Like Being Alone
when night meets morning
when nothing feels good
When she woke up and found that her dream was gone...
when we two parted
When You Miss Someone
Where does my heart belong?
where the fuck were you?
where words fail, music speaks
While My Piano Gently Weeps
while others smile i stand apart, hiding the darkness in my heart
who am i supposed to be?
Who ever said crying is a bad thing?
Whoever said being depressed is bad... hasn't heard these songs
who's going to wash our hands when we're finished with this world
why does it always have to be about a girl?
Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
why does my heart feel so bad.....
Why Don't You Just Kill Me Already?
Why Fight This
Why is Life so Confusing and Fragile?
why love isn't happiness
why must you?
why only one or another or none at all
why're you so sad?
Will I Always Be Here?
Will I Find You?
will you love me though it's always the same?
Windows, Mirrors, and Clocks
Winter 2008
winter mix
Winter Nights
Wired Into Sadness
Wish You Were Here
With A Lock To Keep Him In (Disc 1)
withering where some snowman was
Without Warning
Without You
Without you - what does my life amount to
woke up way too late, feeling hungover & old.
Worse Than The Day Before, Tomorrow Looks Bad Too
Would it be too much trouble to give me my heart back?
wounds that [can't/won't/don't want to] heal
Wow, I Needed That
yes i am lonely and bitter... thanks for asking
You and I We Are Going to Hang Together
You Break My Heart Into A Thousand Pieces And You Say It's Because I Deserve Better?
you can almost feel the rain
You Can't Always Get What You Want
You Can't Explain
You Do It To Yourself
You feel, no one listens, before saying you're through...
you hold the key
you hold the key
You Make Me Ugly
You Said You Were Happier When I'm Gone... See You Next Time
You slide through my hands.
You Still Have Summers
You Think You Were My First Love, But You're Wrong.
You Thought You'd Be the Girl Rimbaud
you walk these streets alone...or so i'm told
you won't get better 'til you're worse
you would've broken my heart if someone hadn't beat you to it
you'll say i need appeasing when i start to cry but never is a promise and i'll never need a lie
Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off
your dad saying he will break my neck if he ever saw me with you again means goodbye i guess
your friends are here for you
your gothic starter kit!
your latest misery
Your Mother Loves You
your mouth is bigger than your feet
Your Music Depresses Me
You're a boomerang, you'll see...you will return to me
You're Out Of My Reach And I'm Out Of My Depth
You're The Only Song I Want To Hear
Yr So Pretty When Yr Unfaithful To Me
Zion Mix, sentimental
Zipper Blues