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"A Minor Incident."
"every day is valentine's day..."
"From Me to Bobby McGee." Volume 1 and Only.
"I Go To Sleep And Think That You're Next To Me"
"I hope that someday, we can both look back at this and laugh..."
"It's been seven hours and fifteen days"
"O" (Turn out the light)
"of course we'll still be friends.. after my friends and i kill you for breaking my heart"
"the night we kissed and i really meant it..."
(Nancy Gave The Best Head In Hollywood, So) Thatcher Is Next
(not sure yet)
(We Are Ugly But) We Have The Music
...a score i've set to you...
...and after 38 years
...And I'm Never Coming Down
...And So Forth
...She Loves Me Not
..and i really don't care if i never wake up again.
..i will shed a tear while i disappear from your sight..
.Watercolors Bleeding From My Broken Heart.

2 sides to every story
2: early winter.
3 o'Clock break
3rd Planet
4 days by the sea, 4 days by the taiga
8-24 mix
8-24 mix
A Collection of Poorly-Arranged Break-Up Songs
a dishonest farewell.
A Ganymede Elegy
a joyful guide to the fine art of crying....
a little less love, a little more common decency
A Lot Of Good Songs For One Lousy Feeling
A Love Story Gone Horribly Wrong
a make out mix for my ex
a marionette is slain
A Messy Kind of Feeling
a million heart brakes and a fistfull of lies.
A mix for a friend
A Parting Gift
a place i used to hold in my hands
A Romance Has Fallen
A Slice Off a Cut Loaf is Never Missed
a snapshot of time is just a memory of mine.
a thousand hours
a troubled cure for a troubled mind
A Twelve-String Orchestra for Casey
Aaah... Do The Monkey! Now!
Abort? Retry? Fail?
Actually, this isn't about you
after the flood
alcohol and cigarettes
All Busted Up With Nowhere To Go But Down
All Good Things...
All I Have Is Dreams
all that can never ever be
all that's ever true.
All The Things You Said
all this time lingers, undefined. someone choose who's left and who's leaving.
all we have are our love and our guts, baby
All You Left Was Another Empty Feeling.
Alone Again Or
alone with you
Alternatives to Having a Healthy Relationship that Makes You Want to Be a Better Person
always the last to know & the first to cry
Am I Just Flesh To You?: The Story of Us
amazing how easily this music can replace you
An attempt to take away that numb feeling.
An Excellent Catastrophy
An Excellent Catastrophy
An ocean formed between us; where are you?
An Open Letter to a Narcissistic Bastard
And the Dreams Be Torn Asunder
And then they can burn it down (ii)
And then they can burn it down.
And This Is Their Story
And This Lil Masochist...
and we'll all float on, okay?
Angry Chick Mix
Angry Chick Mix (revised)
angry girl music
anicca, dukkha, anatta
Annoying songs
another breakup mix
Another Shitty Christmas
Another Whisky Please..
Anti-D.O.P.E. - The Musical Antidote to a Dickhead of Proportions Extroadinaire
Anti-D.O.P.E. - The Musical Antidote to a Dickhead of Proportions Extroadinaire
Anti-love Songs, Volume 1
anything to just feel better
AOTM 2008
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?
Army of Me
as i lie in pieces
as the stitches come undone.
As We Defenestrate It
As We Go Our Seperate Ways: A Mixtape for Erinn 6-26-06
as what i am
Ashes 2 Ashes
Auld Lang Syne (2004)
Baby, I'm bad news.
Baby, I'm bad news.
Backing off is the same as breaking up
Bad Religious Art
Bafflin' Smoke Signals At The Vatican - Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
bambi paint
bang bang bang, baby
Beat Seekers--The Breakups Vol, I
because you didn't want to hurt me...
Because, Sweetheart, The Beatles Did Do Drugs (And This Came As A Revelation To You)
Beet Seekers The Breakups--Vol. II - Over It
Bending the Elbow
beware of twitter messages from boys
Bitter Girl
bitter melodies Turning your orbit around
Bitter, Angry, And Alone
bittersweet symphony
Blind Devotion
Blood in Your Saddle (Here's Wishing You Well)
Boo Hoo Hoo...my (boy)friend left me and I'm so sad
Boss Hits: "I Misunderstood"
both of us tried for each other.
Boys suck
Boys Suck, So Get Over It!!
Break It To Me Gently
break stuff
break up
Break Up Break Down Mix
Break Up Mix 1
Break Up Mix 2
Break Up Mix 3
Break Up Mix 4
BREAK up/down/through
Breakdown & Absolution
Breakin' Up: Part 1
Breakin' Up: Part 2
Breaking Down The Break-Up
Breaking up and getting over it: the quinticential punk/rock mix
breaking up is easy to do
Breaking up is easy to do
breaking up is hard to do
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Breaking Up/Brooding
Break-Up With Bright Eyes
Break-Up With Elliott Smith
Break-Up With The Beatles
Break-Up With The Smiths
Breakups Suck
Break-Ups to Make-Ups
Bridget's Mix #6: I Promise This Won't Be the Last
Bring the Rock: Something to Hide (And Expose) Your True Feelings
Broken And Exposed
Broken Hearted When it Started
Broken Hearts with Broken Necks
Broken Hearts with Broken Necks
Broken Love Songs
bumming smokes from the punk kids now...
By Way Of Explanation...
cabin fever in rindge, nh
Call 911, I'm Already Dead
Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not
Call the Code
Can I Knock You Off That Throne of Yours?
candlelit smile that we both share
Can't Find My Way Back
Can't Hold
Can't Seem To Let You Go
Can't You Find A Better Man?
CD for the Dumped
Celastrina Argiolus / Actias Luna
Celebrating John Peel - A Not Entirely Festive 50
cerebral interludes
Charlotte Hurt Me But I Still Love Her
Chasing Amy
Cheer Up, Former Lover, I've Found All Our Favorite Songs
Chocolate Covered Heartache (a mix for britt)
Christmas mix
cigarettes will kill you: a break-up mix for the smoker boy
clear love
Cleo's Tunes Disc 4
Cleo's Tunes Disc 5
Cleo's Tunes, Disc 1
Cleo's Tunes, Disc 2
Cleo's Tunes, Disc 3
Closer to Goodbye
cnnaleigh's grrdisk [May 2002]
Coffee Cup Heartbreak
Cold and Lonely
Cold and Lonely
Cold and Lonely
Cold and Lonely
Cold as a Starfish
Coming to an End
commie come ons.
Confidence and Paranoia
Congratulations, you squeezed every last ounce of love out of my heart.
Contemplating the inevitable
Coriander of Catharsis
cowardice test
CPR For Cupid
Cracked Sleeve Spines and You: A Guide to Misusing Vinyl
Crazy What You Could've Had
Cry Baby
cry yourself to sleep
Cupid Couldn't Ask For a Better Playlist -- Part Two
cut here.
cuz the last thing that I need is somebody like you
Dance around the world with me.
Dance Me to the End of Love
days of summer gone
Dear boy, this is your tape
Death Is On Our Heals
Death of the Cherry Blossoms
Decorate the streets with broken glass
Dedicated to the one I Loved
Denial / Anger
Depress Yourself (muy triste)
Depression Weighs Me Down
descending from limerence (completed)
desire walks on...
Dishordered reminders of his smile
Do It Once I'm a Philosopher, Do It Twice I'm A Pervert
do the spaceball
Do You Realize? It's Hard to Make the Good Things Last...
Does he kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head?
Done with me
dont be sad!!
don't get sentimental/love's not enough
Don't Hold On To What You've Just Let Go
Don't just stare like you never cared, I know you did...
don't let it end
don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out...
Dont Play with me
Dont Play with me
Don't Try To Understand Me
Don't worry your pictures are already burned
drawing the story of how hard we tried
Drunk and Still Drinking
Dumpsville, Population: Me
Eat Shit and Die
Echoes Fading Away
Eight Years Gone
either way i lose
elephant shoe...olive juice...i love you
Emotions for Ransom Mix
Emotions Like Are Like Oatmeal (Some Are Plain and Cold, Some Are Warm and Hint of Cinnamon)
Emptiness In A Cozy Plastic Case
Enjoy The Silence
Enjoy your worries
eve eden ecstasy bones
Every Seconds an eternity
Every time I pin down what I think I want it slips away.
everything about you is bringing me misery
Everything But You
Everything Fades
everything was going so well, I thought that something bad might happen
evolution of a break up (we're still having sex)
Exit Music
f*** Mike
F*ck and Run
fache, colere, et tous les autres
falling to breaking
Fare Thee Well My Bright Star (11/18/1995)
february curse
Feel-good Heartache
feeling minnesota
Female Trip-Hop Experience
fey crossing
fifty ways to leave yer lova.
Finally Through
fireworks in blue, vol. 2: the brutality of autumn
Five years later... (A Tribute to a broken heart)
Fooled Me Twice, Fuck You Anyway
Foolish Little Girl
for a girl (revenge of the hopeless romantic)
For All The 8th Callers Out There....
for caitlin (now that you're gone)
for Eponine
for every truth, there are half a million lies
For No One
For No One
For Richer and for Partly Severed Head
for tears, just add water
for the boy who says that we're just friends.
For the Dumped, but not angry
For The Ex
For Thoughts of Love and Loss
Forever Is 13 Months (and a day)
forever isn't as long as it used to be
Free To Do Anything
free with a history
French Films About Trains
From Depression to Anger
Fuck & Run
FUCK BELGIUM [[who wants to live in Brussels anyway?]]
Fuck It
Fuck Off and Fuck You
Fuck off and Fuck You, Too - Pt. 2
Fuck Off Just Dosn't Cut It
Fuck the day I thought Love was more than a Lie
Fuck You
fuck you and your head games
Fuck You Becky
Fuck You Robyn
Fuck You Robyn (final version)
Fuck You Too!!!
Fuck you!! (and your cat!) OR It's easier to say Fuck you then Get over you.
Game Over
generic break up mix
Generic Break-Up Disc
get me away from here i'm dying
get me away from here i'm dying
Get Out of My Head
Get over him AGAIN in 14 songs
Get Over Him In Twenty Songs
Getting Over 'Emily': An 18-Step Recovery Program
Getting Over Him
Getting Over It
Getting Over You
girl + boy
girl in a sad face
Girl on the Side
Girlfriend 2
Girls Suck, Prom Sucks
Go away
Go Where I Go
Goddamn you!
Gone Away
gone away from me
Gone for Good Vol. I
Gone for Good Vol. II
gonna swallow my tears
Good Bye
Good Bye D
good relations with wookies i have
Goodbye Becky
Good-Bye Is A Four Letter Word
Goodbye Is Too Good A Word
goodbye kisses
Goodbye To Poo
Goodbye, Little Brother. I'll See You In 9 Months to a Year (revised)
Goodbye, Little Brother. I'll See You In 9 Months To A Year.
Got Bitterness?
Guess I Lost Again
Guess I'll Forget You Now
Guilty Pleasure of Wallowing in Sorrow
Guitars Like Helicopters/Aw, How Does It Feel?
Gunning Down Romance
guy getting head in a terminix truck; borders, 8:30 pm, friday night. a.k.a. bad coffee mix
hands get red washing things and dishes
hanging from a single wire, waiting for the plaster to crack
Harry Goldfarb and Marion Silver
haunted attics
Haunted Thoughts
Have a Nice Life
have we come untied?
He Had it Coming
He left, just like I knew deep down he would
Heart is on the floor
Heart Without a Home
heartbreak doesn't need to sound like tears
Heartbreak Mix
Heartbroken (Mixed Emotions)
Heartshaped Handgrenades
Heavy Metal Heartache
hell with you (kiss my ass mix)
Help Me Down
Help with Ultimate Break Up CD
Here at the end of all things...
here comes the sun mix
Here Lies The Wreck That Was Me
Here's My Vow To You
Here's to getting over you, because we all know I'm too good for you anyway.
Hi There Love, I Am Going Now: A Subliminal Break-Up Mix
Hi, aren't you dead yet?
HI, i dont think i can be your girlfriend anymore.
High-Ten Windmill
Home from Seville 98 vol.1
how did i get to know ya? how could i not?
How You Remind Me
Hulka's Breakup Mix
Human Black Hole Mix
Hurricane Molly
I am a rock, I am an Island
i am drawing the story of how hard we tried
i am remembering you (you were sparkling)
I am so heartbroken and it colors all my memories
i betcha think this song is about you
i broke down crying on your return.
I Can Name 36 Reasons That I Hate You
I Can See Right Through Your Beautiful Lies
I cant pretend that Im the man you saw in me, but hang around and I'll try to learn this thing.
I Cry In My Corner After The Worst
I didn't want everything, I just wanted something.
I Don't Believe In Love, But...
i don't breathe another lover
i don't breathe another lover REVISED
i don't even notice she's gone...most of the time
I don't know how much more I can take
I dont know how to feel about the whole thing!
I don't know how to let you go
I Don't Like Winter
I don't seem obvious, do I?
I Don't Want To Get Over You
i dream a little bit about the chance of seeing you again
i find it hard to tell you, i find it hard to take
i forgive you for leading me on.
I Guess I came here a little too late. . .
I Guess You Should Be Happy
I guess you think these songs are about you...
I had a beautiful, beautiful time
i had a grenade with our names scratched in the side
i hate you, die. (one of us has to.)
I Hope This Is Goodbye
i just don't believe your reasons why
i just wanna die without you
i keep moving on but then i keep falling back
I Know You Don't Think You Did Me Wrong
I lost the cap to this pen, the stop to this heart
I Love You (but I'd Like To Kill You)
I Love You Dearly, But...
i love you more than you know (and that won't make things right).
I Love You, But I Don't Have The Right [for Vanessa]
i love you, i loved you, i still love you: the progression of a doomed relationship
I Loved You, But I'm Glad It's Over
I loved you, I cheated on you, and we never talked again
I Miss You Snotface
I Never Liked You Anyway
I never liked your writing. No, really, it sucks.
I Never Really Needed You
i never wanted but your heart, that gone, you have nothing left to give
I Never Wanted to Hold You Back, I Just Wanted to Hold On
I poured my heart out
I really wished you where the one but really you where the one who got away
I Remember Nej
i should have seen it coming
I stay home at night
I still think of you, sometimes.
i swear these songs are about me
I Think That We Should Be Friends . . .
I Told You Not To Believe In Me, But To Get As Far Away From Me.
I tried to pick the pieces up (but I can't think of starting over)
i used to be sad, now i'm just bored with you
I wanna see you dance again
I want to march to a beat/That never fades
I Want to Screw You. I Wish I Could Get Through to You. There's Nothing More That I Want Out of You.
I want to wallow in my misery a bit..
I Was Frozen Motion
I wash my hands of you
i will fly just a little too far
I Will Not Be Missed
I will not weep for those dying days
i wont forget you
i would still slay a dragon for you
I wouldn't want her any other way
Icarus: Descending from Limerance
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free
I'd Rather Have a Frontal Lobotomy than a Bottle in Front of Me
I'd rather spend my time with her. (the disc for a mutual breakup)
If Down I Must Go
If Given A Choice To Stay Or Walk Away, I'm Walkin'...
IF I loved you...
If I Only Had a Heart...
If I saw you would I be too afraid to say "I'm Sorry"?
If I was going out with you and broke up I'd listen to this
If it comes back to me, I'll let you know
If We Weren't Such Good Friends, I'd Wish You Were Dead
If Words Could Kill, I'd Spell Out Your Name...
if you're moving on I'm already gone
i'll be walking the streets tonight...
i'll follow you...when the stars go blue
Ill give anything up just to be with you
I'll Keep You My Dirty little Secret
I'll Miss You
I'll Never Need A Painting of Birds Bought at a Diner to Remember You
I'm A Cuckoo
I'm a Loner, Dottie...
I'm gonna put on my short skirt and make you sorry you ever dumped me
I'm gonna put on my short skirt and make you sorry you ever dumped me
I'm just another sucker.
i'm not answering the phone; let it ring.
I'm Not Bitter
I'm Not Living (I'm Just Killing Time)
i'm not your star.
I'm So Over You...That I Don't Even Remember Your Name...
I'm So Tall, Can't Get Over Me...
I'm Sorry If The Ride Has Been So Disappointing
i'm staring at my empty bed
I'm Taking My Kisses Back
i'm unconsoled, i'm lonely, i am so much better than i used to be.
I'm waiting to not miss you anymore
i'm. so. sorry.
In A Heartbeat
In Chorus' Sometimes I Find You
in exchange for a night on the town.
in love & lust / the ugly breakup - a valentine's red and blue set
In the end, Kong dies (Good guys always get killed in real life)
in the poker game of life, woman are the rake
in this search to delete my past
inevitably everything ends
Internalize this--because I have.
into a grey sky morning (goodbye)
Is It Over Yet?
Isla de encantada
it doesn't feel like summer so much anymore
It Feels Good When It Hurts
It makes sense...
It might as well be here.
It only hurts for a little while, then you go back to sleep.
It Was Nice What We Had
It Wasn't Supposed to be This Way
It's a Backwards Attraction
it's a brand new day
it's always/never over
its been so real. surreal
its easy to do...[songs to give to a unwanted Other]
It's funny how things make sense when you're lonely.
It's Not Me
It's Not Me, It's You
It's Not Too Late
it's not you - it's me
Its over
Its Over, Charlie Brown
It's Over. Where Do I Look Now?
it's rock paper scissors as to whether or not i will get over you at all
its such a waste
it's valentine's day, and i'm catatonic
I've Been Here Before But Only By Myself
I've got the biggest heart you've ever torn apart.
i've never drawn arrows through my heart with such determination before
Jackin' for beef ! ! !
Jared CD2
j'attendrai ici
Jealous Guardian Against Schism
Joe's Mix
Joy and Dancing
july 2007
Just Another Victim
just hear this and then i'll go...
just hear this, and then i'll go.
just leave
Just Say No! to Mr. Big
K is a Slut
Karen...and other assorted love songs
Kate's CD
Keep Fishin'
Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth
Kicking myself in the near future.
KIEF Radio Volume 4
kisses taste of tears (songs for lost lovers)
kissing the bottle wishing it was you
Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is Not What I Had Planned
LaLa's Broken Heart
Lately I've Had Enough
Later Mon Nemesis
Latter Day Saints and Modern Day Disasters
Laughers & Losers #1: Bent Pinkys, Uncounted Freckles and a Zonkey
Laughers & Losers #2: A Requiem for Kesington on Halloween, Pullout Couches and Catholic Kilts
Leave This Hole For Me To Fill
left me here
Left without A goodbye
Lessons in Love
Let him go.
Let it go (like a fish)
let me tell you a story
Let's be just friends
Letters and Pictures
Lies Will Lock You Up With Truth The Only Key
like a fallen kite
Lincoln-Douglas Break Up
Lines to speak a mind
Listen to this and PLEASEEEE give me another chance
listen to this music playing in my head
Live Through This and You Won't Look Back
loneliness is having no one to miss
Lonely Hearts are Breaking Tonight
Longing For Things Long Forgotten
Looking at Stars Reminds Me of You
Losing More Than I've Ever Had
Lost Memories
Love & Hate
love ain't easy
Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled
love and other catastrophes
Love Gone Wrong: Songs of Heartbreak, Obsession, Emotional Abuse, Murder and More
Love is a Four Letter Word
Love Is An Exploding Cigar Which We Willingly Smoke
Love Is Hell
love is only a feeling
Love Leaves Me F*cked Up
love lost
Love No
Love of the Damned
love ridden
Love Sick
Love songs for the disenchanted #37
Love Sucks Mix
love you/hate you. (don't even know you.)
Love, Depression, What's the Difference?
lovers come and go but good friends get mixes.
lovers fit for the tarot card
Lovers need lawyers
Loving Tasha.
Lyrics speak louder than words
Make Ya Wanna Cry...then go out and get REVENGE!!
Manic Depressive Fantasia
Mare Serenitatis / Mare Tranquilitatis
mary ist dufte
Masochistic - "I'm a self-destructive fool."
Maybe I'm Reappraised
Maybe Someday
me +/- you (still = me)
men are building sand
merry christmas asshole. -- yours truly.
Merry Melodies of the Manic Depressive
Minus Heart
Mixed Drinks and Mixed Signals: A Mix For Will
Mixed Feelings Central
mon petit volcan
More Alone...
More Depression / Acceptance?
More then you know
Most Boys are Liars
Move On, Charlie Brown
Movin' Out
Mullet Cuttins'
music for the left behind
Music for when you've reached the end.
Music Mends Broken Hearts Volume I
Music to be Angry and Bitter To
Music to Protect the minds of the Innocent Vol. 12
My 1st (and only, so far) Punk Rock Breakup Mix
My Coping Tape
My Final Letter To You
My heart will be fine, just stop wasting my time
My heart will be fine, just stop wasting my time
My heart will be fine, just stop wasting my time
My Heart's Got Wings: songs for newfound freedom
My Morning
My pain makes me the most important person in the room
My Soul Hurts
Mystery Girl (May you strive, to find you!)
names and faces
never an easy way
Never date an ass with green hair
never underestimate the power of denial
newfangled neufchatel numerology
Nice Day for a Sulk
Nice try
no more drama...
no more words to describe...
No one said relationships were easy ...
no one will ever know
No Woman, No Cry
No Woman, No Cry II
No, fuck YOU!
Not My Mix, vol. 4
not my tragedy
not over you yet.
Nothing heals like a Country Song....
nothing is impossible with a brave heart
now i'm here, burning down your house.
Now It's Gone
Now that its over......
now that our two paths have definitely been burned
Now you're gonna have to shut your mouth and bite me.
O No! The Bottle's Almost Gone!
Obscured by Clowns
Ocean in My Eyes Mix
October Part 1- Please Don't Go
October Part 2- Break up and Break Something
October Part 3- Ouch, that hurt.. Time To Move On
of course you're right...of course i'm right
oh, breaking up sucks..
Oh...god what have I done....
Oh...god what have I done....
oh-so clean and so easy?
Okay, Fine, Sure, Whatever
Omnipotence can be quite convenient.
On Your Sleeve
one day he'll cry
one day maybe we will dance again
One Last Kiss, pt. 1
One Last Kiss, pt. 2
One Last Lament
One more drink and I'll move on
One Night Stand
One Of My Love Stories
One Wing
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
only you
open for interpretation
Open Your Eyes
Our Love Lies Broken
Out Mix #1
Out Mix #3
Out Mix #4
Out Mix #5
Out Mix #6
Out of Sight, Going Out of My Head (Part 2 of 3)
over again
overpracticed in the art of counterproduction
PAIN - Part 2
Pale Pages
Pale Yellow And Cool July
part of your ear (a mixed tape)
part two
Parting Gift
Parting Gift
Pass the journal and liner notes please.
Passive-Aggressively Missing You
Perfume Heaven (In A Sulphur Sky)
Phase 2
Picking up the pieces of my broken heart
Pissed Off Love Songs
pity party mix!
Plastic Ivory
Please ______. Thanks.
Please don't be mean to me, Christine
Plugged In And Ready To Fall
Pop stars have break-ups too
pour une very stylish fille
Practically Pathetic
Probably A Very Ineffective Gesture
progression of recovery
Psycho Bitch
purple words on a grey background
Quit pulling on me I'm not a rope
quit stealing my superpowers
Rainy Day Mix
Real Cool Shelter: Songs James Hell Dances To
Red Wine
Regret Meets Relief In a Steel Cage Death Match
Reliving the Break Up through Mario Kart
rem mix II
Remedy for a Psycho Ex
Repeat 'til Fade
Results Not Typical
Return to Emo
Revolution In Reverse
Rex Grossman Waxes His Eyebrows
Robin's gone
Room 130
Room to Breathe
Sad & Depressing
Sad Bastard Music
Sad Bastard Music #2
Safe When I'm Lonely
Say it Ain't So...
scars that won't heal
Screw you, i'm going home, even if it means moving out.
Screwed Blued & Tatooed
Secretly Connected
See That Lover Standing, Staring At The Ground...
Separate Together
shades of meaning
Shaking the Disease
shared hopes and broken promises
She left for a year to the other side of the world
She Loves Me (part 1)
She loves me (part 2)
She Loves Me Not (part 1)
She Loves Me Not (part 2)
She Loves Me Not (part 2)
She Makes Me Live In My Head
She Said 'You've Been Lived In By So Many People The City Should Call You A Landmark'
She took my favourite T-shirt with her.
She's a Tramp
She's Gone
She's Gone . . .
She's Leaving Home
Ship in a Bottle Set Sail
sick but funny
Simple Mind, Simple Desire
sing me to sleep
Slow and Painful that how i like my love
slowly breaking through the daylight
so fast, so numb, so long
So Frickin Over It...
So fucking over it
so hard done by
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
so sad to watch a sweet thing die
so she's leaving on a jetplane...
soak in the sadness
Sob Story
some mix to remember, some to forget.
Somebody's Crying
Someone To Bruise and Leave Behind
something in these tears...
Somethings Gotta Go Wrong
Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead
songs about leaving
songs for a pissed off ex-girlfriend
Songs For Bad Endings
Songs for Clovertia
Songs for Reluctantly Leaving
songs for the dakota thanx for that year
Songs for the Dumped
Songs For The Dumped (3/04)
Songs for the Dumped: Part 1-The Aching
Songs for the Dumped--Part 2: Hurt, Pissed and Moving On.
Songs for the Dumpee
songs for the verge of tears and smoky evenings
Songs for when someone you love leaves forever.
Songs In the Key of Sweaty D
Songs That You Have Ruined For Me Forever
Songs to Cry to
Sour Times
Sparks That Bled
Speed Racer Is Dead
Stages of a Breakup
Standing on the Edge of Summer
Star on Stage Five
steph's breakup music vol. 1
still not over him.. but still haven't kicked his ass
still pretending that i'm fine
Still Your Fag
Stone Cold Feeling Inside
stop sending letters
Stuck Up
Summer Slump 05
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow
Sunset mix...a cd for chad (revised)
Sweetness & Light / Darkness & Shadow
swept away like prussia
swirling & pining
Sylvi, Take A Bow
take my stars and hide the scars
Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset
tangling desires with wailful sonnets
Tape for a broken/pissed off heart
Tasha 2...Damn Im stupid
Tearing Out the Sutures
Tell God To Tell Me
tell him to just get out
thank goodness for the good souls that make life better
Thanks For The Ride
That Girl With the Everything Eyes
That Guy From "Cheaters" Inspires Me
that's incentive!
That's Silly !!!!
That's what I get. F.A.&F.I.L.
The "Ex" Files
The "Sorry, no thanks" more angst-Mix
The 5 Stages of Grief (sans acceptance)
The 81 mix
The Beatles: Thirteen
the beautiful essence of sexy sad
The Beginning After The End
the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else
The Big One
The Bitch Is Back
The Bittersweet Symphony
the blot on peter pan
the break up (a true story)
The Breakup Mix - Oct. 2005
The Breakup Tape
The Brokenhearted Many
The Bruise
the colors mix together to grey
the cops will get me, but girl if you would let me...
the cops will get me, but girl if you would let me...
The Day My Smile Left Me
The Days Burn Out or I Will Not Let You Down
The Desert South of Magdalena
The Dumping of K. Marie (girl one)
the dying mantis sings sentiment and spite to his callous mate weeping [December '01]
The Emptiest Of Feelings
The end is near.
the End of my broken Heart
The End of Something?
the end.
The End...
The Ex-Boyfriend Hypothesis, Pt.2
the feeling of being in motion
the fickle gaze of fate
the fine art of falling apart
The Fuck-you Justin Mix
The Fuck-you, I want to sleep with you again Mix
the fully air-conditioned sound of speed
the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked
(book of jeremiah 17:9)

The Ice Melts Eventually
The Ineligible Bachelor Volume I: Alcohol, Insomnia, and the Matrimonial Bed
The Kikki Collection
The Kikki Collection: Infinity
The Kikki Collection: Loved, Lost, Missed
The Kikki Collection: Missed, Afraid, Loved
The Kiss-Off Mix, or The No-Fran Zone
The Last Minute Mix
The Last Mix I Will Ever Make You
the last mix i'll ever make her
the last one
The Last Piece of a Tattered Heart
The last step is walking out the door.
The Lies I Couldn't Help but Believe
The Lies I Couldn't Help but Believe
The Lost Art Of Jumping From Buildings
The Many Stages of Breaking Up [Regret, Denial, Anger, Moving On]
the medication's wearin off
The MND Tape - Mostly Non Depressing
The Music of Pain
The Newest Poo
The Obligatory Break-Up Mix
the one to break your heart.
the only thing you're killing is time
the painful realization that has all gone wrong and nobody cares at all
The Perks of Being a Break Up Mix-CD
The Pressure of Days
the price of a memory
the promise and the shell of great beginnings seldom finished.
The Real Goodbye Mix
The Remedy
The Saddest Wookiee Does America
The Show Must Go On
the skateboarding punk and the ballerina break up
The Sleep for Months mix
The Song I Can't Finish
The Stars Won't Shine for Us
The Story of Love Found and Love Lost Due To Fucked Up Circumstances
the story of my broken heart: xo...a break up and break apart
The Struggle Within
The Summer She Left For California Was The Summer I Became An Alcoholic In Florida
The Super Terrific Happy Funtime Hour
the sweet taste of immaturely sadomasochistic suffering on the man i love
The thoughts of you in love with me....
The truth comes out at last
The Ultimate Breakup Mix, Part 1 of 3 (Anger)
The Ultimate Breakup Mix, Part 2 of 3 (Sadness)
The Ultimate Breakup Mix, Part 3 of 3 (Acceptance?)
The Unbearable Lightness of Love
the utter garbage collection part 1
the wildflowers bloomed
The Woman In Green
the wonderful tonight mix
Then She Appeared (January 2006)
There Is Something Inside This Weary Head That Wants Us To Love Just Instead
There's A Picture That I Carry...
Theres better ways to self-destruct
there's certain dignity to it: the break up mix
there's no love made with mermaids
There's no love on these streets. I have given mine away to a world that didn't want it anyway.
there's nothing to say.
There's something in the air....and I don't like it.
They Always Leave
They say breakin up is hard to do
thick Slap to the face.
Things Fall Apart, the Center Cannot Hold
Things I Couldn't Say.
Things I Wish I Could Tell You
thinking about you
Third Time Is a Charm
this had to happen.
This is for all those nights
this is getting over you
This Is Getting Over You, CD 1 & 2
this is not a love song
This is the Damage that Two Can Do
This Is What My Heart Sounds Like
This road to closure has way too many detours.
This Thing Nowhere
this time, it's for real.
Those men will break your bones
Tiger Bait
Time To Break Up
Tired Eyes, pt. 1 (For Her)
To All The Girls I've Loved Before
To My Ex-Pat, The Flake
To the Top Knotch kid who broke my heart
tobacco and cookie dough: a remedy for the broken heart
tobacco and cookie dough: remedy for a broken heart
Too bad you don't like mixes
toronto test it
torture devices
tortured breakup mix (wallow in it)
towers of song: rusty knives and subtle daggers
train leaving grey
try try as you you may
trying to escape this desire, the yearning to be near you
Two Hearts Break As One
two objects at equal distance, acting as if they care
two weeks into
Typical Male
Unicron Vs. The Death Star
Unless You Give Me A Damn Good Reason
Unwanted Epiphany: March 28, 2001
Upbeat Breakdown -- Breakup Songs That Morrissey Fans Would Shun
upbeat misery
Upbeat-Happy Music for Getting Over a Girl
vacating the cabana.
Valentine the Destroyer
Waited in Vain
waitng in the wings
Walk away
Walking Alone... A Break-up Mix
Wallow 'n' Whine
Wallow 'n' Whine
wallowing in self pity
Warning Sign (A Rainy day Mix)
Warning: Contents May Be Too Cool For You
Waterloo to Albion
we broke up, i wanted to remain friends, you didn't want to remain friends, i hate you
we were so close to making it but all the feelings got in the way
We were to similar anyways.
Wearing your guitar, letting your soul cry...look into my eyes
weight in maybes [08.23.08]
Welcome To Dumpsville. Population: You
Well first of all i'd like to say fuck off
We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)
we'll say it's over, but won't feel relieved
We're A Disaster.
we're just friends
what am i still to you?
What does it mean to be so sad?
What Happened at the Playground (Don't Ask Me Questions I Can't Answer)
what i have to say to you
what i would say to you now
what if these songs were about you?
Whatever happened...I Love You
whatever test
When A Love Affair Is Over
When I See You, It Stings Like Hell
When It's Over
When It's Over - More Nails For Your Heart
When the Tide Breaks
When We Two Parted
why can't you be nicer to me
Why oh why
Will You Remember Me?
Will you still love me mana┬▒a?
willow weep for me
Willow Weep For Me
Wishful Thinking
wishin' and hopin'
Women - Nature's Rubik's Cube
Won't Somebody Write A Song For Me?
Working Through It All While Feeling Like Plastic
Wow, That Hurt More Than It Should Have
Wow, That Hurt More Than It Should Have
Wuthering Heights, Victoria, B.C.
xx vs xy
yellow rose mix...a cd for Chad
Yep. Breaking up Sucks.
Yes She Will
yes there is something you can send back to me
Yes, I'm Pissed...but Better Off without You
YOU ... asked ME ... to marry YOU ! ... AND NOW ... your leaving ME ?
You and Me
you are also a stiff drink, and i am on call
You Are Here
You Are No Good For Me
you aren't the perfect drug
You Broke my Heart (but I'm ashamed to admit it)
you broke my heart, now help me pick up the pieces
You Broke My Heart. (April 2005)
You Can Cry Out Your Contacts
you can dance in your basement
You Can Keep the Keys But Leave the Liquor with Me
You Can't Keep Me Down
You Can't Make Someone Love You With A Song
you can't tell me it'll be alright.
You Cut Me Down A Tree.
you deserve nothing - my short and painful breakup
You don't love music/I don't love you
You Dropped Out Of Artschool And Started A Band...way to go, dick.
You forgot to tell me that you are a prostitute.
you get yours
you gotta be a true romantic
You Have To Cry To Move On.
You indecisive bastard...kharma's gonna be a bitch
You Kissed Me, then Went Away to College... But I'm Pretty Much Okay About It (Or Am I?).
you kno your in love when the hardest thing is to say goodby
You Know You Kill
you left me standing here
You Left the Water Running
You Let Me Down For The Last Time
You Need "Me" Time. I Deserve Better
you never had a chance you know/incurable romantics never do
you never meant a word
You Only Call Me When You're Down
you said you'd wait, you're a shoe-in.
you say im your friend like it's a good thing
You Scare Me...
you should be hated here
you still have feelings for me, well what the fuck does that mean?
You Stole The Sun From My Heart
You Used To Call Me Baby
you were passable, very dispensable... (the piss off back to the tech mix)
you were passed as shallow word. it isn't passed; there's still a hurt.
You'll Always Miss My Big Old Body
Your charm won't work on me because I'm She-Ra, Princess of Power
your cheatin heart...you bastard! I'm aching
You're Just Fucking Up Situations
you're painting daffodils by the sea, without me
You've Got an Ugly and Stupid Butt