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"pretentious title"
"Reality Is The Only God There Is..."
100% Canadian Content
2007: GNomadic Excursions
2010 jan.
2012 SACNAS_Friday Lunch
2013 Sunday JuneTT
802.11 .my planet.
90Æs Music
African Stew
Afrikaner Surfer Boy
Afro Funk A Dunk
American Tribal Style Bellydance Songs for drilling - ATS Level 1
Amys Family Jam spring13
Analog Oatmeal Goes to India
Arabian Nights
Around the World in 80 Minutes
Around the World in 80 Minutes
Around The World In 90 Minutes
Art Of The Mix 2003
Asian Spice Sample
Assoholics and American Women
Barbados Carnival (Party)
Beddha Bar I
Beddha Bar II
Best of 70's Bollywood Disc 1
Best Of 70's Bollywood Disc 2
Best of Soundclick:Best of Beef Part.1
Between the Nile and the Ganges
beyond shanghai
bien mezclada
Black cloud
Bollywood 4 Mary
Bollywood Acoustic 2011/early 2012
Bones from the Pond
Boom! Vol 4
Brutal Isolation + Liquid Resolve
Cafe International
Cajun Fais Do-Do
Caliente y Picante! Music for a Summer Afternoon
Camels & Zebras
Celtic Pride: Beyond Riverdance
Chai Me Up, Mar. 6, 13
Chai Me Up, May 8, 13
Chittagong Chill
Coffee Shop Blend 5
Commuting by foot #1
Commuting by foot #2
Conversation Piece
Costa Freaka
culture clash #1
Dance Bollywood 2010/2011/early 2012
Dance Tunes
Dangdut Ditties
Dans Nos Jardin Deranges...Longtemps Nos Corps Melenges
De Epoca 80's Y 90's Volume 1
Dew, Roads, Gypsies, Soldiers and Drunken Irishman
Digital Underclass Blues
Dinner Lounge
Dir En Grey 01
Double La-La-La
Dr.Livingston I presume?
Dream of the Hungry Ghost
Drum Boogies And Trappist Holidays
Early Calypso
east or bust
eat the meek
Edie and the turtle
El Rhythmo Novelty - The Ngoma Story: Congolese Popular Music 1948-1962
El Ritmo Latino
English As A Second Language
English Is Not The Default Setting Here
Evening Glow
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.4
Explorations--A World Music Sampler Vol. 6
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 10
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 11
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 12
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 13
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 14
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 8
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol. 9
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.1
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.2
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.3
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.5
Explorations--A World Music Sampler, Vol.7
Expresso 1972: Tropicßlia + Beyond, Vol. 2
Fainting goats are INTER-NA-TION-AL
Fally Ipupa
Feeling the Sunshine!
For Boston 4/15 tragedy, poweryoga7
For my friends the belly-dancers
Foreign Muck
Formosan Favorites: Nostalgia, the New Wave and Taiwanese Oldies
Four Days In Minneapolis
Frogs in Disneyland - 2 CDs
From Northern Climes
from the end of the world to your town
Fun with Filmi
Funky Rickshaws
Gackt : Second Landing
george mix
george mix
get it
Global Voyage
Global Voyage 2
Global Voyage 3
Global Voyage 4
Go Bhangra Two
Go BHANGRA! Part One
grime pays
Happy Chinese New Year 2007
Happy Hour With the Drunken Irishman
hardess hit
Hawaii 2002
Hawaiian & Reagae
Here's to the Night
Hummus Rules, Tahini Rocks
I DIL Bollywood!
I Don't Speak English
I Will Arise :Gospel Music from the Mountains
í YT-YT !
í YT-YT ! parte TrOs!
í YT-yT Best !
íHey! Usted tiene que ofr esto
I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyoma
iMix Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 2013
íMTtase Al Baile!
In a Scented Garden
In The Beginning .... There Was Sound
Indestructible African Beats
IndiPop 2001
International Artists
Its A Good Life! ~from NaLeah
It's a secret (aka mix 30)
It's a secret, pt. 2 (aka mix 31)
It's Indian Tobacco, My Friend
Its Planetary, Man... (Volume 1)
Japanese Pop!
Japanesque New Age Piano Gems
Jen's Meditation Mix
Jesus Chosen Ones
kava songs
la france exotique
La Verdad
Las 25 mßs escuchadas
last chance to dance trance mister fancy pants
Latin Bandwagon
les faits divers (french music)
les vieilles photos
let's blow this fascist popsicle stand
liste sans titre
LittleStepsAsia.com Jams - Summer Globetrotting
L'Ttape 1: A CoupT un trou dans une boete.
Madrid A Los 6 Meses
Mambo Bamba
many nations, many songs
many people think that pop music is the most popular music in the world, but it's world music.
many people think that pop music is the most popular music in the world, but it's world music.
Martin Lubenov & Jazzta Prasta Band - Veselina
maui puuvai
May all your days be gold my child
may may west
Mega Party Mix 2003 Latino
Melodious Goddess
Michael's J-Pop Survival Capsule
milan ki raat
Mister You Brave to be Bringin' Your Girlfriend on Top Me Grave: Vintage Trinidadian Calypso
mistura internacional
Mohamed S. Mustafa
Monicas hawaiian playlist
Monkey 1
More Dangdut Ditties
mr. hibbert's portuguese soulfood
Mule vs. Ice
Music to think to
my chill-out mix
My Faviorates
My Guru ... Accepting Tranquility
Nawal Al Zoghbi Best Of
Neo Tao Untying the Knots
New friends - an excuse to make new mixes (pt. 1)
New friends - an excuse to make new mixes (pt. 2)
New website
Nordic Roots or Why The Hell He Keeps Droning On About This Music
Norsk rock
Not Just Irish Drinking Songs
Nouvelles Cordes Anciennes
Nueva York Le Llama: Cubop, Boogaloo, Salsa
Ogii Naija Mix
old & new jamz
On the Downbeat: Folk Music from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean
One For The Witches!
only a testing mixxx
Oui Non (Vol 1 of 2 CD set)
Pacific Islands and Caribbean Shores
Pan Afrique
Pasta Fajool
Peace in the cube farm
Pica Pica...Saoca
plan b 2
Planet *D *R *U *M
Planet Drum Machine 2
Pops Suki Yo!
Portospanglish 1: +What Accent?
portuguese soulfood ii: carnaval boogaloo
Pushing over Dr.Katz
Que pasa con mi musica? Es en Espanol Vol. 3: Estoy enamorado otra vez
Que pasa con mi musica? Es en Espanol Vol. 4: No existe un borrador magico
QUe pasa con mi musica? Es en Espanol Vol. 5: Spanish songs sing Andalucia
Que pasa con mi musica? Es en Espanol Vol. 7: Save me from myself
Que paso con mi musica? Es en Espanol Vol. 2: God let's us dream but won't set us free
Quirky WORLD 1
reasons to take up listening to persian pop music
Recently Added
Rock Argento
Rock El casbah
rocky mountain way to go
Saw Doctors - The Further Adventures
sayword mix
Shahrukh is my god
She gives to me, like sweet Charity
shimmy shimmy: songs by old taiwanese & chinese singers
Shimshai + More
Shiva Sent Me
Smokers Blend 1
Smokers Blend 2
So This Is 2008 Vol 1
Solo Exitos 2002 Volume 2
Songs from all the countries of Africa, Disc one
Songs from all the countries of Africa, Disc three
Songs from all the countries of Africa, Disc two
Spanish Dance Party!
Spinning - Program 13
Spring Yogi Cleanse
Summer Samba
Sun City
Take a Moment
Tape 020 ~ Can You Hear That Song That's Stuck in My Head?! ~
the air in here (is a stuffy girl)
The Angels Share
the beast with two butts
The Best of Gupsy Aujla with Jaswinder Daghamia
the best of most worlds (original)
The Blissful World of Denial
the Foggy Dew
The International Anthem of Taxistan
The Tango encyclopedia Vol. 1: JUAN D'ARIENZO
The Tango encyclopedia Vol. 2: RAUL BERON
The Tango encyclopedia Vol. 3: CHARLO
The Tango encyclopedia Vol. 4: CARLOS DANTE
The Whole Jungle Outside My Door
There's a Griot Going On
Thimo 25 - cosmic d-day
This Is The Modern World
This Is The Modern World: Indian Special
this testing mix kills fascists
Through the storm, through the night...
Timba favorites
Todos Quieren Ser Latinos
Totemo Kawaii Desu Ne
Tower of Song: An Architecture Compilation
trapped within language
travel around africa the discovery channel ain't been here
Tropical theme party
Tropicßlia + Beyond: Brazilian Rock + Psych 1968-1976
Tsugaru Shamisen
Tudo Bem: Brazil Beyond Bossa 1
Tudo Bon: Brazil Beyond Bossa, Vol. 2
tuff gong
Tuku Music
Tuneworks 317
Tuneworks 318
Tuneworks 319
Twist in my sobriety
Union Yoga Music 04.08.13
Unsafe Soca--This Ain't No Harry Belafonte!
untitled playlist
untitled playlist 4
untitled playlist 6
vagabond lover vol. 1
Vinyasa Flow Yoga- Something Happenin
viva la cubana!
Voce Precisa Saber De Mim
Walk On The Latin Side
We Know (Vol 2 of 2 CD set)
We Used To Play in the Streets For Hours
Week 1: May 3 {Beginning in Vaudeville Fusion Bellydance}
We'll Cast Some Light And You'll Be All Right For Now
What a Fiend We Have in Mother
What We've Wrought Here
who can? african!
why is santa so fake
Wonderful for Yoga and Meditation
World beat
World beat 2
World in My Head: Forest
World in My Head: Mbube
World in My Head: Mexico
World in My Head: Party
World in My Head: Spirits
World Pop
Worldbeat Collection, Vol. 1
Writer's Mix #1: Violence
X-Japan - An Hero
Year of the Snake
Yesterday and current days in Merengues
yo tengo hijos en los ocho continentes
Young, Gifted & Black
yugiohshi- dividing by zero
z P R O B E
Zouk Is The Only Medicine We Have