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!00% Proof Soul
"Ain't no stoppin' us now..."
"Get on Down With the Stepfather of Soul!" (#19)
"if you all really like to rock the funky beats, say 'hell yeah'!"
"informative error message"
"Up" Songs
(C)All Girls Love Me
Afternoon Soul Solution Block Party
Next Phase (An Old School Mix)
Something of Value Without Search... SERENDIPITY
12 Volt's Soul Shack
1444 W. Chicago Ave.
18th Street Serenade
1955 R&B Ch_arters (When I Was Born)
1967-68 M*T*WN (Be-ginning of the E-nd)
1st day of summer...
404 not found
60's & 70's Soul Sisters 1
'70s Soul Power!
70's soul spectacular
70's Soul Trip
70s Soul Trippin'
80s DanceFunk
80's R&B hits
80s soul
A - "if you know you're history/ then you will know where you're coming from..." Mix
a groovy sensation
A landslide brought it down
A Lesson In Love
a little soul never hurt anyone
A Motown Sampler (1962-1971) featuring Diana Ross, Four Tops, The Contours, The Temptations, The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, & Marvin Gaye
A Northern Soul Mix for My Landlord
Adventures in American Music vol. 2: Funk/Soul/R&B
After The Dance
Ain't Nothin' Wrong with That!
All This Bullshit Goin' Down: A Funk Mix for Adam C
American Pie: A Tape for Matt
An Error on Every Page
Analog Oatmeal: Old and New Soul
Anthony's Groove Mix
Anticipating The Game
AotM: We Got More Soul
art of mix
Baby When I'm Wrapped Up... some 2007 soul
Back to Basics II
Back to Basics IX
Before Huxtable There Was Kincaid
Best love songs
Better Than Ice Cream
Big Ten-Inch Record
Bite The Beat
Black & Blue Disk 1
Black & Blue Disk 2
Blading in Venice V3 (Slow Jams)
Blues with a feeling!
Blues, Tears and Sorrows
Boom Chaka Laka Laka (70s funk)
brand new swinging soul medallion
Broken Hearted
Bubble Core
Buildings Shake
bustin' loose in the meantime
Can Axl Help You?
can't get enough ... of that funky stuff
can't stop movin'
Casa de la Soul Vol. 2
Casa de la Soul Vol. 3
Casa de la Soul Vol. 4
Casa de la Soul, Vol. I
cedi's mix
Chasing The Dream
Cheese 'N' Crackers
Children Don't Get Weary: A Soul Mix
chilled r&b
Colored in the Key of A, Part 1
Colored in the Key of A, Part 2
Colored in the Key of B
Colored in the Key of D, part 1
Colored in the Key of D, part 2
Colored in the Key of D, part 3
Colored in the Key of E, Part 1
Colored in the Key of E, Part 2
Colored in the Key of G
Completely Souled Out & Royally Funked Up!
Could We Have a Word From Ringo?
Country Soul Special!
Damn, That Girl Can Sang!
Deep Dusty Grooves
Deep Fried Funk and Hot Buttered Soul Volume One
Deep in the City, Deep in the Night
Deep soul 5
Deep Soul Classics
Deep Sweet Soul Music
Diggin' In The Crates #6
Diggin' In The Crates #8
Diggin' Rootz
Dirty, Gritty Funk
DJ 220 - On the Whip
DJ 220 & DJ 5Head - Afro-Licious!
dj doulay 's mix
DJ Holland Presents - Bustin' Loose Vol 1&2 (2 CD)
DJ Kopeman (So Contagious ENT) - Contagious Classics Volume 4 : Hidden Gems Edition
Donna's Superfantastic Soul Fest
Down At The Groove Station.
Down for the Right Thing
down on the corner(rama lama)
Dressed Up To Get Messed Up
DRIVE-TIME #3:U Rock My World
Early 90s Dance Party
Eight Year Stretch
Eighty So-Full Souful Minutes
Elephant Soul
Embracing the inner Soulboy
Fall In Love and Stay There
feel the freaky love y'all
Feeling + Style = FUNK
Finger Poppin' Time
FiveHead presents...Groovy Girlies
Flip It, Flop It, Davy Crockett
Foundations of Funk - A history of the ONE
Four Wooden Steps
Fourteen Flavors of Funk (Funk 101)
Freakbeats, garages, and mods, oh my!: a garage rock/freakbeat compilation Vol.1
Freakbeats, garages, and mods, oh my!: a garage rock/freakbeat compilation Vol.3
Freakbeats, garages, and mods, oh my: a garage rock/freakbeat compilation Vol. 2
From: My 2 Yours
funk don die
Funk Gettin' Ready To Roll
Funk Is The Word Vol.1
Funk Is The Word Vol.2
Funk Is The Word Vol.3
funk music for christian(s)
Funk so good you'll wanna smack your mama!
Funk Soul & RnB for the purposes of mind expansion
Funk You Very Much!
Funkee 80s
Funk-N NYC
Funky Bunnies
Funky From Now On (Groove Pt. 1)
Funky Good Time
Funky Lite
Funky On The Inside
funky shit
Funky Shit for Don
funky stuff 1
Funky stuff vol 2
funky stuff vol 3
garage on the rocks!
Gems from Rockin' Jim's Grinder's Grooveyard
Get Down
Get Down, Downers!
Get Funkdafied
Get Off Yo Ass and Jam
Get On Down With The Stepfather Of Soul! (#23)
Get on Down With The Stepfather Of Soul: Rhythm & Booze!
Get On The Bus; Volume One
Get On The Bus; Volume Two
Get Your Groove On
Gettin' The Band Back Together...
Gettin yo' groove on...
Ginger Tahini
Gittin' a Little Hipper
Glory be, the funks on me!
Go On Girls, Sing It!
God made me funky
Goin' Way Back II
Goin' Way Back III
Gospel #1
Got the Boogaloo in My Bones -- A Latin Soul Shakedown Party
gotta find me another lover
Grit & Groove
Groove Me (Groove Pt. 2)
Grooveyard Gems, Vol 5
Grooveyard Gems, Vol 6
Grooveyard Gems, Vol. 4
Grooveyard Gems, Vol. 7
Grooveyard Gems, Vol. 8
Gutbucket Brothers 7
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts - 2 CDs

Gutbucket Brothers 8
Gutbucket a trois: Gutbucket Butt - 2 CDs

Half A World Away
Harriet Tubman Skates Her Way to Freedom
Hello Stranger
Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your "Hey Soul Classics"?
History Of Funk, Pt. I
Hit It Hard On The One
Horn High Yo
Hot Buttered Soul
Hot Funk in the Summer Time
Hot Shit and Deep Grooves: Funk vol. 2
House Party (A 40 Year Old Mix)
How Bad Do You Want It?
How To Funk With a Stiff Lip
Hurricane Season
Hurts So Good - The Treehorn Soul Allnighter
I Couldn't Keep It to Myself - Gospel 2
I Hear Music in the Air - Gospel 1
I Hear Music in the Air - Gospel I
I Heard You The First Time: the Soul Years
i know you got soul!
I Know You Got Soul....For Sale
I Like It Like That
I play black
Icy Beer 'n Brisket
If this don't get your party going, you must be at the morgue
I'm A Bad Woman - Sexy Ladies & Their Nasty Ways
I'm a Big Girl Now
I'm Gonna Take My Shoes Off
In A Funk
In Mixing Stages...
In The Key of F (As in Funky), Vol. 1 (Slow Beat Mix)
In The Key of F (As in Funky), Vol. 2 (Medium Beat Mix)
In The Key of F (As in Funky), Vol. 3 (Fast Beat Mix)
In This House There's Nobody Crying
indian summer
Indiesoc's Deep Funk
Inner City Blues
innocent as the forties, fading like the eighties
Insomniacs Anonymous
into the groove vol 2
into the groove vol 3
it funked in the '80s
It's a Black Thang!
it's a bomb
it's a bomb 2
It's Soul Time!
It's Too Funky In Here!
I've Reached A Turning Point In My Life (Soul Mix II)
Jackson Family Showdown
Jam&Lewis: Dynamic Duo of Funk
James Brown - Master Of The Same Beat
Jammin' Oldeez 1
Jammin' Oldeez 2
Jive Talkin'
JJ Vol.IX: Cool of the Evening
Joints & Jams
Juicy Fruit
Juke Box Oldies Vol. 5
june 07
Junior's Old School House
Just A Sucker For Your Funky Soundtrack Vol. II
Just A Sucker For Your Funky Soundtrack Vol.I
just something groovy
KC Blues and Soul Classics
Keep On!
Kingpin (and some soul)
Kombucha Mother
kyd's dynamite mix
La Vie est Belle
Lady Soul
Last "Memoir's of the Square Hula-Hoop " Show
last of the white niggers 1
last of the white niggers 2
Lay It In the Cut
Leather Soul
Less Used R&B Grooves from 1963
Let Me Tell Ya Now
Let Your Soul Glow
Let Your Soul Glow!
Let's Do It
Let's Do it Again
Let's Ride Mix
Let's Slow it Down
Let's Take Seventy (Just For Fun)
Life's too short for mild salsa
Listen to me baby
Loaded to the Gills: Summer Soul '07
Love and Happiness
Love Hard, Dance Hard
Love is a nagging irritation
love uprising
M*T*WN before it's Peak (1962-63)
Mackin' Out - Songs to Get It On With
Make Me Wanna Holler: a soul/funk mix 4 Shelby
Man From B.R.O.T.H.E.R.
March 2005 (For The Soul)
Marvin's Gaye
Masters Of Motown
Memphis Soul Stew
Memphis Soul Stew
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Live Soul)
Minneappolis funk
mirror soul
Mixin' It Up With...
Modern soul or just great stuff
Mojo Presents Soul Riot!
Mojo Queen! Super Strong Soul Sister Singers
Mom Mix
Mona Lisa Was A Man: From The Soul, To The Soul
More 80s Funk
More Gems from Rockin' Jim's Groove Yard
Mostly Motown
Mostly Motown - 1
Mostly Motown - 2
Mostly Motown - 3
Mostly Motown - 4
Mostly Motown - 5
Motown Magic!
Motown Sampler (1962-71) Stereo Version (mostly)
Motown Singles Issued in 1966
The Early Years

Move It Shift It
Movin' & Groovin' at The Grinder's Grooveyard
My rap mix number 2
My Soul
Needle drop pt.1
Needle drop pt.1
Neo Soul 702
new r&b vol 1
New York Funksters - 1952 World Series Champions
New York Funksters - 1953 World Series Champions
northern soul 1
Northern Soul 1
northern soul 2
Northern Soul For The Soul
Northern Soul II
Northern Soul II
Now That's What I Call The Ten Best Rock'N'Roll Songs In The Whole World Ever. Today.
Oakland R&B Favorites During 1951-1952
Of Love and Of Pain
Off the Hook by 5Head & DJ Furlong
Oh, What A Night
Ol' Skewl Kewl - Wut'cha Know 'Bout Dat? Huh?
Old & Stanky
old cheese never tasted so good
Old School
Old School Joint
omg r&b lol
One for the Crate Diggers
Operation Supergroovalisticprofunkstication Storm II - Boogie Nite
Out of Sight
out of the way r&b
Pandora's Groove Box
Party Music: Soul Power
Peter Sellers adopts Ringo Starr
Philly Soul (1972-1978)
Pick It Up and Lay It In The Cut
pimp-slappin' dat funky ass twenny-fo'-seven up in this muffucka!
Power of Soul II
Producer Series Mix #2: Rich Harrison
put your soul sneakers on, it's friday night
R & Beatles
R&B Mecca
r&b mix
R&B Revenge
R&B Revenge
Rainbow Bandit
Raised Fist for the Soul
Rhyme Nor Reason
Rhythm & Blues from 1947-1949, Part 2
Rhythm & Blues in 1947-1949, Part 1
Rhythm & Bullshit
rhythm of the stroke
Rhythm Sisters
RnB To Fall In Love To
RnB To Get Funky To
RnB vol two
Rock That Boogie!
Rush Hour Dance Party: California Soul Edition
Salaberry-De-Valleyfield Soul
sampled to death
Sand In My Shoes
saving yr philly soul
Say What Say What
sexual healing, too rough?
Sexy Songs
Shaft & Superfly's Super 70's Soul Revue
Shake and Fingerpop
She Don't Know Nothin' Bout This Here
Shilayla mix pt 1.
Show Time
Shut Yo Mouth!: An Early 70's Cinematic Funk Mix (Volume 3)
SkoolBoy Krush Vol. 3
SkoolBoy Krush Vol.1
SkoolBoy Krush Vol.2
SkoolBoy Krush Vol.4
Slim Jams pt.3
slow grooves for the midnight hour
Slow Jams
Slow Jams -Vol. I-
Slow jamz
Slow Jamz
Slow Mix
Slow Mix
Slow Mix
Slow Mix
Smooth Grooves
Smooth Soul Groove
So So Fresh
Some Norman Whitfield
Some Old Stuff For Suzie
Some Old Stuff For Suzie
Some Rhythm & Soul
Son of Stax' Soul Manifesto
Sorry Ms. Jackson - you weren't taped
Soul & Fire
Soul Classics
soul love: hot n' greasy
Soul Men
SOUL PAPA Volume 3
SOUL PAPA Volume 4
Soul Power!!! (Forgotten Georgia Soul of the 60's)
Soul Power: Rare Bits, Dusty Grooves and Crowd Pleasers, Vol. 1
Soul Senders: Excuse Me While I Do the Boogaloo
Soul Sisters
Soul Starter Set
Soul, Baby
Souled Out
Souled Out 2
Souled Out 3
Souled Out 4
Soulful Snacks
Soulful Snacks (second helping)
soulful songs for rainy days
Soulful Strut for Beginners
Soulful Sunday Serenade
soulfull spring mix
Soulsville U.S.A.
Soulsville USA
Soulsville, USA
Sounds of Motown in 1964
Southern soul belles
southern soul belles 3
Southern soul belles vol 2
Squiggly Wiggly!
Stand Up & Be Counted
Standing on the Korner: In Memory of Alexis Corner
Starting All Over Again (Soul Mix)
Stax - O - Rama
Stax - O - Rama Vol. 2
STAX-VOLT (1959-1968) (Distilled Mix)
Stax-Volt Singles for 1972-1975
Stomping On My Heart
stoned soul picnic mix
Straight Up Soul
Summer Jam Factory
Summer Soul Mix Vol. 1
Summer Soul Mix Vol. 2
Summer Soul Mix Vol. 3
Summer Soul Revue
Sundown Comes
Super Bad Jams
Sweet Soul Music
Sweet Soul Music
Sweet Soul Music (The Best of RetroJoe's Picks) 1967-1971
Sweet Soul Music (The Best of RetroJoe's R&B Picks), Part 2
Swingin' Soul Sisters
Synchronized in Soul
Synthy Soul
Tail Gatin' Trunk Funk Vol. Two - '80s
Talcum X
Tape II
Thanks Momootz!
That Brotha Can Blow!
That's Me Right Now
That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch
The "Mr. Big Stuff" Set
The Ballad of Vernon Hardapple
The Big Chill Rip-Off
The Dog Face Boy
The Doors Best OF
The Feel-Good Dance Party Tape of the Season
The Greasy Chicken
The Great Equalizer - V.4
The Grunt, The Jam, The Fix - Funk for James, vol. 3
The Joint
The Mod Club
The Most Valuable Song in the World, and More Soul of the Sixties
The Pimpatorial Arts
The Power of Soul
The Real Nitty Gritty (Motown in 1969-70)
The Rooots of Rock and Hip-Hop
The Roots Of Soul - Part One: Gospel, Blues... and Gospel-Blues!
The Roots Of Soul - Part Two: Fifties Soul
The Smooth Funk Mix
The Soul Funky Train
The Soul Train(has left the station)
The Town I Live In
The Treebelt Syndicate OST
The Wardrobe Collection: Soul Funk & Disco
The Way Love Goes
The Wonder of Stevie
The words in my heart mean nothing to my tongue
TheCrateDigger 80's Hip Hop and R&B Mix Tape
Then [^Zola] 25: For Those Who LikeTo Groove
Then 17: Ultra Soul
Then 22: In A Mellow Mood
Then 26: Atmosphere Strut
Then 28: Groove On
Then 31: Crate Digging
Then 9
Then We'll Never Know
there's somethin' cookin'
Thinkin' Back
tlc mix
tonne of soul - vol. 1
tonne of soul - vol. 2
Too Funky
Too Good To Drink LP
Too High: A Tape for Neil
Top to Bottom
Tracks of My Tears
Treehorn On The Run OST
Treehorn Trouble OST
Tripped On A Cloud & Fell Eight Miles High
Tutu's Summer of Funk
Two Is A Couple,Three's A Crowd
Up North They Like To Dance
Urban Contemporary Mix
Walk That Mess
Walk That Mess!
We don't need no stinkin lyrics!
Well, such is life
We're Gonna Rock: R&B 1941-54 (disc one)
We're Gonna Rock: R&B 1941-54 (disc three)
We're Gonna Rock: R&B 1941-54 (disc two)
What'd I Say?
what'd i steal?
What's the name of that old new dance?
When Like Going to be Love? (for Yuki)
When Will You Need It?
Whip It On Me
White Boyz Can't Do A Lot Of Things!
Whoop It Up!
Why can't they play these on the radio???
Why Have I Lost You?
Why Have I Lost You?
Wimp Soul Classics: 1968-1975
you ain't got to be so blind
You Don't Win Friends With Salad
you got me rockin' when i oughta be rollin'
you got me rockin' when i oughta be rollin'
You Ought to See Grandma Rock
Your Daddy Don't Mind AND Your Mommy Don't Mind
Zat You Santa Claus?
zenas mix