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".. one afternoon long ago."
"...Tha Cheesesteak!"
"After drinking at the bar all morning..."
"Are you a teacher of the heart?", Soft she answered "No"
"cover me" for jaybird fred
"everything don't need to feel the same"
"Have you an' Boss Hogg caught dem Duke boys yet?"
"I'm sorry your mom blew up, Ricky ..."
"No Man's Land"
"Road to Nowhere"
"the charm of the highway strip"
"The theme of 'On the Road' is being on the road."
"This is all a dream we dreamed.."
"We Carved the Days from the Hours" - Music on the Way to NYC
"We Carved the Days from the Hours" - Music on the Way to NYC
"when in this charming car..."
"Where Were You In '82?"
"Why don't you shut up and sing the song okay pal"
#1 with a mullet
#57 Montreal :Toronto
#60 Toronto : Montreal
(Almost) Almost Famous
... & even liberace's smile ...
... daddy wrestles alligators ...
...And Ease The Seat Back
...and the Sky was like Diamonds on dark Velvet - O, Rich Night So Full Of Stars!
...what this book presupposes is, maybe he didn't?
.faith can keep you warm but i'll teach you how to shake.
.my glance turns to a stare.
.she was in it for it only.
.they say every soul needs searching.
[counting the headlights on the highway.]
[no use for a name.]
~@_@~Mix 2)
Tu Mechri
100% Pure Power
106 Miles
106 miles to Chicago
1100 Miles Is Too Far Inside A Car
12 hour bus rides are bitchin!
12 hours
13 hours to San Antonio
1680 Riverside, it's time to say goodbye
19th July - a best of Relly
1st hour
2+ Hours of Happy
200 More Miles
24 Hour Party People
25 Tracks. 25 Candles.
30 Essential songs for a 20 + hour road trip
30 Tracks
5 Hours for Less Than a Day
5695 seconds
580 Freeway in "45"
6 in the Morning
60's Mix
7/04/04 Road Trip, Pt 2: Eufaula to Dothan
7/04/04 Weekend Road Trip, Pt 3: Dothan to Destin
80's Inspired Driving
82 m.p.h.
82 mph Vol. II
82 MPH Volume III
82 MPH Volume IV
82 MPH Volume V
82 MPH Volume VI
850 miles from the world's largest adult bookstore: music to help you get home
a 365 day anthropological experiment set to music vol.1
a 365 day anthropological experiment set to music vol.2
a 365 day anthropological experiment set to music vol.3
a 365 day anthropological experiment set to music vol.4
A Beignet Of New Orleans
a destination a little up the road
a disused railway line
A Driving Mix (for Amy)
A Fugitive Art
A Game of Horseshoes!
A Groove In the Road: I-35 November 2000
A Late Night Disco Road Trip Mix for Danielle
A Little Travellin' Music 1
A Little Travellin' Music 2
A Long Distance Traveling Companion
A Mad Pursuit of Every Next Day
A Night Away From Star Lake
A reason to take the Jersey Turnpike
a requiem for this afternoon
A Road Trip Mix
A Royale With Cheese
A soundtrack for Jackie's life: What happens in new york...
A star up in the sky
A Summer Wasting
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again [May 2000]
A Tape Called 'Quik'
A Total Moclips of the Sun
A Trip Through The 50 States Part 1
A Trip Through The 50 States Part 2
A Trip to the Bach
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Adventures in The Nation's Wang!
After All What Would The Son of a Brain Surgeon have to hide?
After The Glow, The Scene, The Stage, The Set
Agnes Moorehead
Aimee's Going Away Mix Vol.1
Aimee's Going Away Mix Vol.2
aimless driving // volume one
aimless driving // volume two
Alabama to Kentucky
Albany Mix
albuquerque bound
all about driving
all american family outing: alterna shit volume two
All covered with sleep
All Day Long
All Filler No Killer
All Mod Cons
all my favorite bands are from canada
All That Roadgoing
All The Clocks Wound Down, And The Doors Wide Open
All the kids they hold a grudge
All the Way Rider (Virginia to Florida Vol. 2)
all the while, we're singing off key
All the Windows are Glowing with Summer's Slight Return
All Wound Up
alligator geometry
almost springish 01
along that run
Alrewas > Keele
Alt-Country for the Bald Prairie
Alt-Country for the Bald Prairie
Always a bridesmaid, and I really don't mind
always road trips always north bound
Amherst Wayside
Amish Shoe pt. 1
Amish Shoe pt. 2
An Ashley Car Mix
An unaccompanied lunar voyage
and always remember...something
And Good Coffee Every Thursday
and here i thought you were a man
and here i thought you were a man
and the livin' is easy. (summer mix pt 1)
and we all sang along
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile.
And You're All Dressed Up Like the Cure
Angela's Florida Mix
Angelique driving to camp alone, july 13th 2002
Anniversary Weekend
Another Damn Mix Tape
Another dot on the map
another long weekend at the cabin
another one
Anybody Listening?
applause for applesauce
are we there yet ??
Are We There Yet? If So Will You Turn That Music Off
Arizona 2
Arlington or Bust: Brackets and Bosses
Artists Beginning With B
as long as im in class at 8am
as you might have sensed we won't make it home
At It Again... Road Trip Mix, vol. 7
athens to savannah in just under 4 hours...
Atlanta Mix Vol. 1
Atlanta: The Search For Abdullah The Butcher's House of Ribs & Chinese Food
attack of the 40 ft. pothole
Auburn: On A Mission For A Philly Connection Sandwhich
Audio Grab Bag Vol. 3
Aural Caffeine
Austin to Big Bend
Autumn Fall '06 Roadtrip Part 2
Autumn is upon us...Fall '06 Road Trip
away with the current
Away: Near and Far
Baby Boomer Buffet
Back In Jersey
Back To Charlotte
Back To The Ville Disc 1
backroad bullshit
Baltimore Mix
Banana Nut Crunch Cereal Rocks!
Banging on the Kitchen Table with Salad Tongs
Battle Hymns of a Neo Road Warrior
Battle of the Music Styles
B'bye! (part 2)
be quiet + drive
Beach House 2002
beach mix #1
beach mix #2
Beach Tunes
Beach: Disc 1
Beach: Disc 2
Beach: Disc 3
Beach: Disc 4
Beach: Disc 5
Beach: Disc 6
beastie boy-free zone
bedford hills
beef jerky, bikinis, and spare batteries
Beetle Goes To Benson
before you learn how to rock you learn to rollerskate
Behind the Wheel
Ben and Alanna's European Vacation
Best Led Zeppelin
Best of 1998: First Half Hi
Betsy: The Saga Continues
Better Cover Up Your Ears Now
better late than never
Better than Botox
better than nothing: pop songs to drive by
Better The Devil You Know
Bienvenido a Miami
Big Cities Via Dusty Roads
Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'
bike rides at night
Bill's Driving Mix #1: Flowers & Roadkill
bitter tobacco, orange waves (SPLIZASH)
Bizarre Ride thru Tennessee
Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots
Blacktop Jubilation
Blast This
Blink, Green Day, Offspring, Smashing Pumpkins and Tenacious D
blister in the sun
Blood & Iron
blowin' bubbles
bluesfest 2003
blushing a tad, we know
Bonnaroo 1
Bonnaroo 2
boozin' buddies and pill poppin' drug fiends
Boredom Is Counter-Revolutionary
Born To Run
Boston Mix A-M
Boston Mix M-Z
Botcon e To
Brad Pitt Has Cool Hair
Brain Freeze
Brain Melt
Brand Hwy Music
bridges and boundaries
bright sun (1-30 of 46)
bright sun (31-46 of 46)
Bring Me My Flagon, We'll Drink To The Dragon
Bring Your Tent, Grab Your Bong, a Buncha Beer, Some Tye Dyes, and Get Down!!!
Brode's "On The Road" Tape
Brother Jon Moves To Boston
bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles: alterna shit volume one
Buckle Up
buckle up and come home safe
building an altar on a summer night.
Burning Rubber on the Asphalt
Buttered Steering Wheel
Buzz Run
buzzbomb from llanfrechfa
CA - Road Trip - NM
california here we come
California, here we come
Camels Never Get Bed Head
Can anybody fly this thing?
can i bum a cigarette?
Can't Get There From Here
can't wait to get on the road again
Car CD #3
Car Mix (October 2004)
car music
Car Music
Car Songs
Car Tape - Just Add 4WD
Car Tape - Rock Mix
Car Toons
Casette for the car
Cassette Archives Vol. 2: 1996 Whitewater Rafting Trip Mix
Cattitude is everything
CD 2 of 3 - Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet
CD 3 of 3 - Strap Your Hands 'Cross My Engines
CD for a crazy friend
Chanomix 2002
charmed by the highway strip
chasing sea foam dreams around another dirty old town
Chasing the Horizon -- DRIVING instrumentals
Chicago 4.0
Chicago 5.0
chicago 6.0
Chicago By Rail
Chicago Mix
chicago mix one : professor plum songs
chicago mix two : paul & tom songs
chicago trip 1.0
Chilled Drive Through The Mountains
Chinaman's Trip
Chi-Town Mix
choose life
choose life
christmas in july
Cinci Mix
Classic 90's (or thereabouts) mix
Classic Heavy-Metal
Classic Rock Road Mix
Classic Rock Road Trip
Classic Rock Road Trip
Classic Rock Road Trip aka Songs I've Always Liked Cuz I've Heard Them So Damn Often Growing Up
Classic Rock Summer Driving Mix
Cloud Petting Vol. 1 - Warm Mellow Grooves for Friendly Nighttime Roadtrip Adventures
club hoopty
Coffee Beans & Nikoteens
Coffee Brandy Mix 1(60's-80's rock)/Underground Rap Mix 1
Coffee Brandy Mix 2 (60's-70's Rock)/Rap Mix 2
coffee... dreams... texas.
come and break the door down
Come Back Home (VA to FL Vol. 5)
Come On Baby, Take A Ride With Me
Come On, Come On, Come On, Let's Go
come pick me up
Comin' Home
coming together
Command Performance/Down I-5 With A Quickness (CMB VII)
Completely Random
Compromise Mix Volume 5
Comp-u-DJ Travels America (Travel Vol. 1)
Concert Mix
Convention Trip April 14-16th 1994
Cool Breeze + Palm Trees
cool breeze on a sunny morning
Cottage Time
Count to Zero
counting road kill
Counting Slow Cars
country roads
Country Roads Vol. 1
Coventry, The City That Outlawed Beauty
Crab At The Booty
Crank it in the Car
Crazy Monkey Mix
Criss-Crossin' The U.S.A.
crossroads...road trips aren't just for guys anymore....
Cruisin CD
Cruisin' in My Aerio
Cruisin' Kansas
Cruisin' The A
Cruising on Fumes
crunk lowriders style
Crystal Canyons
damn i wish i was your lover
dance party on the el train
Dance Party on Wheels
dance you fucker dance you fucker
Danger (Wisconsin!)
dASHboard: a night of broken hearts and broken faces
dawn's roadkill
Day Cruisin' Tunes
Day Trip to France
daylight savings time
DC Road Trip 1
DC Road Trip 2
DC Trippin'
dc, baby!
Deep Fried '04
Delightful Ditties
Destin: White, Sandy Bitches
destination (beijing) anywhere summer 1999
destination anywhere
Destination Bangor, Maine Vol 1
Destination Bangor, Maine Vol 2
Destination FLA
Destination Mix
Destination Up Ahead
Destination: Kingston, Ontario from Ottawa, Ont.
Destination: Richmond, VA (TSA Nationals)
destination: un ' in * hib ' it * ed
Devil in Jersey City
DF Pumpkin Patch Trip
Diamond on a Blade of Grass
Dig Our Treats
Disc 1 of 3 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
discount at the elephant car wash
Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Roadtrip Mix!
Do you ever finally reach a point of knowing, or do you just wake up one day and say, I'm going?
do you really want to get out of this crowd...or do you just want to make it to the next town?
do you want to do anything today?
Doctors & Churches
don't be a dumbass
don't be a dumbass
Don't Ever Take Your Foot Off The Gas
don't forget your toothbrush (Mix 1)
DON'T LET ME DIE IN TEXAS (SXSW road trip mix)
don't need nobody to tell me now that we're in tennessee
Don't Stop Driving 'Til You're Dead
down town girl
Dreaming of Driving, Asleep at the Wheel
Drive It Home
Drive Live Love
Drive Mix
Drive mix 1
drive on, toadie!
drive really far vol. 2
drive really far volume one
drive 'round shindig (Disc 1)
drive 'round shindig (Disc 2)
Drive to Grandma's
drive, damn you
Drive, damn you.
Drive-By Shooting
Drive-Thru Liquor Store
Drivin' 405 Past Midnight
Drivin' All Night
Drivin Away The Blues
drivin mix
Drivin' songs for a road trip
Drivin' to Carbondale
drivind mix
Driving After Dark
Driving at Night
Driving Barefoot
Driving Down Canal Road With Maddie
driving down the 101
driving for some sanity pt. 1
Driving Home At Night
driving in my grandmothers car
Driving in September
Driving Instrumentals
Driving into Ditches
Driving Me Crazy
Driving Mix
Driving Mix
Driving Mix
Driving Mix
driving mix : as corny as it gets
Driving Mix 10
Driving Mix 100
Driving Mix 11
Driving Mix 12
Driving Mix 13
Driving Mix 14
Driving Mix 15
Driving Mix 16
Driving Mix 17
Driving Mix 18
Driving Mix 19
Driving Mix 20
Driving Mix 21
Driving Mix 22
Driving Mix 23
Driving Mix 24
Driving MIx 25
Driving Mix 26
Driving Mix 27
Driving MIx 28
Driving Mix 29
Driving Mix 30
Driving Mix 31
Driving Mix 32
Driving Mix 33
Driving Mix 34
Driving Mix 35
Driving Mix 36
Driving Mix 37
Driving Mix 38
Driving Mix 39
Driving Mix 40
Driving Mix 41
Driving Mix 43
Driving Mix 44
Driving Mix 45
Driving Mix 46
Driving Mix 47
Driving Mix 48
Driving Mix 49
Driving Mix 50
Driving Mix 51
Driving Mix 52
Driving Mix 53
Driving Mix 54
Driving Mix 55
Driving Mix 56
Driving Mix 57
Driving Mix 59
Driving Mix 61
Driving Mix 62
Driving Mix 63
Driving Mix 64
Driving Mix 65
Driving Mix 66
Driving Mix 67
Driving Mix 68
Driving Mix 69
Driving Mix 7
Driving MIx 70
Driving Mix 71
Driving Mix 73
Driving Mix 74
Driving Mix 75
Driving Mix 76
Driving Mix 77
Driving Mix 78
Driving Mix 8
Driving Mix 80
Driving Mix 82
Driving Mix 83
Driving Mix 85
Driving Mix 88
Driving Mix 9
Driving Mix 90
Driving Mix 91
Driving Mix 92
Driving Mix 93
Driving Mix 94
Driving Mix 95
Driving Mix 96
Driving Mix 97
Driving Mix 98
Driving Mix 99
Driving Mix for Dad
Driving Mix I
Driving Mix II
Driving Mix III
Driving Music
driving music!
Driving Really Fast Mix
Driving Sober To A Drunkard's Wedding
driving songs
Driving Tape
Driving Tape #1
Driving Tape #2
Driving Tape #3
Driving Tape #4
Driving Tape 1
Driving The Mainstream
Driving Through Illinois Sucks
Driving To Amarillo 12-16-00
Driving to Amarillo 9-19-01
Driving to Carolina
Driving to Dallas Music 09-07-01
Driving To Memphis
driving to roanoke
Driving to the edge of the island #1
Driving Towards The (Summer) Sunset
Drivng Mix 57
Drunken Road Trip Anthems
Dude....What's a Man Shower?
DUM DUM DUMDUM (for Melissa)
dumb little bands
dumb little bands
Dusty Roads
e l e m e n t s : roadtrip...
easily amused
Easy Listening
Easy Riders
Eaters of Rafters: Ventimiglia to Riomaggiore
Echo Base
Education of Now
Eine Kleine Krautrock
Eine Kliene Automusik
Eine Kliene Mehr Automusik - B Sides & Covers
El Paso or bust!
El Paso or bust!
El Paso or bust!
El Paso or bust!
electric pink flamingo
electric pink flamingo
Electronica To Fly By
EMD: A Musical Journey
Emma Bubbles
Emo Kitties
En route to St Louis
End Of The Year Random Extravaganza
engaging road trip
Engine Oil
Enjoy your new car.
Enjoy your new car. Volume 2
Enough To Make Me Want To Get Seasick All Over Myself 100 Times Over
Eridanus Summer In-The-Car Mix 2000
Escape Is At Hand For The Travelling Man
European Vacation
everybody knows this is nowhere
everyday i write the book
Everywhere I Drive I See Movies
Evil Shenanigans
Examinations of the American Road...
Extended Vacation
Eyes on the Road, Pedal to the Metal, Brain in the Clouds
Facing Your Fears Means You Have To Breathe
familiar road
Familiar Tunes
fanciful escapade
faraway voices boarding faraway trains: proto/post/present punk 1975-1986
farwell for now
Fast Driving Dance Music for the 200 Miles to London
Fast Driving Music Mix (#15)
fear of trains
F'ed up Sh*t!
fight count
File Gumbo
First Flight
First of all...
first playlist
first tell me which road you will take.
Fist In the Air In the Land of Hypocrisy
Flax-Wench Pickle-Pooper
flirting like a carny
Flying to the edge of the island
follow in my footsteps
follow the yellow striped road
For A Moment Our Headlights Met And We Weren't Alone In The World
For all the Road Scholars
For better luck wait till spring
For God's Sake, DON'T Shake That Booty!
For Jenna
For Jenny
For little stars
For Me Mam and Pap
For My Trip To Chapel Hill
For Smatt: To Arlington
for the automobile
for the automobile (sable style)
For The Best Friend Of The Best Man And His Signif
For the nostalgic traveller
for the parentals
for this rainy day.
for us in the sky
for when we fall asleep on the road.
for. yes. my mother.
Forward To Toronto, Vol. I
Forward To Toronto, Vol. II
Forward To Toronto, Vol. III
Forward To Toronto, Vol. IV
Forward To Toronto, Vol. IX: Which Way To The Strathcona Hotel?
Forward To Toronto, Vol. V: Ridin' With Frank
Forward To Toronto, Vol. VI: Are We There Yet?
Forward To Toronto, Vol. VII: 'No, Mr. Customs Man, I Am Not A Terrorist'
Forward To Toronto, Vol. VIII: 'In Case Of Traffic Jam, Break Glass'
Forward To Toronto: 5th Anniversary Edition, Vol. 1
Forward To Toronto: 5th Anniversary Edition, Vol. 2
Forward To Toronto: 5th Anniversary Edition, Vol. 3
Four Corners
Four-Month Heatwave
freaking cool songs
Free Wheelin'
Freedom Park
Freight via Colbinabbin
French Turkey
Fried Vagina Meat
From Here to There
from the archives: very sodsy
From the Mountains to the Lake and Back
From Toronto To Arden > What I Need To Survive
From Up state new york to Panama City .... Part 1
From Upstate new york To Panama City Part 4
From upstate new york To panama city... Part 10
From Upstate new york to Panama City... Part 2
From Upstate new york to Panama City... Part 3
From Upstate New York To Panama City... Part 5
From Upstate New York To Panama city... part 6
From upstate new york to panama city... Part 8
From upstate new york to Panama city... Part 9
From Upstate new york to panama city... The last stop
From Upstate new york to Panama City.... Part 7
Fruit Soup (trip to Melbourne 1999/2000)
Fuck you! sang Coyote, and ran away!
Funktastic !!
gangster z
Gas, brake, honk. Gas, brake, honk. Honk, honk, punch. Gas, gas gas!
Gas, Food, Lodging
gasoline fumes and chicken nuggets
Gatlinburg 2002
Gatlinburg 2003
Gee But Its Good To Be Back Home
geniuses and saints
Geoff's Wordly Mix
Georgia Peaches
Gertude Stein Says That's Enough
Get Busy
Get On With It!!
Get Out Fast
get outta my head, i'm not dead
get outta my way bitch!
GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY: songs for road rage
getting there is half the fun ... getting back is the challenge
Gimme Shelter (Dublin Vol. 2)
girl rides metro alone
Give Me Motion
go ahead you can think all you want, but don't steal my theology ...
Go for a ride!
Go North Young Man
Go West, Young Man
God bless your crooked little heart; St. Louis got the best of me.
Goin' on a Nighttime Airplane Ride
goin to georgia
goin to see weezer without any weezer songs
Goin' to South Padre, gonna have myself a time
Goin' to the Dance on Saturday Night
going no where fast
Going Somewhere?
Going To California (Mix for Khyber), vol. 1
Going To California (Mix for Khyber), vol. 2
Going To California (Mix for Khyber), vol. 3
Going To California (Mix for Khyber), vol. 4
Going To California (Mix for Khyber), vol. 5
Going to Santa Fe Mix
going to see weezer with only one weezer song
Going to the Galeria
Going to the Sun Road
Going to Visit Grandma
Going Up the Country
Gonna Walk Around This Town With a Can of Whiskey
Good Morning to the Night
Good News Is...
good ol' rock n' roll
Good Songs That Got Me Through Bad Vacations
Good Songs Vol. 1 (Lost and In Love)
Good Times, Noodle Salad
Goodbye Elliott
Goodbye Jenny
Goodbye Julie, See You In Six Months
Gorilla Radio
Go-to-other-states music: MELLOW
Go-to-other-states music: OLDIES
Gotta Find a Gas Station
Grab That Stick!
Grammatical Disaster
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto Vol. 2
Grandview, USA
gravity rides everything
gravity rides everything
Gravity Rides Everything
Great Smoky Mountains Mix
Greg's Picks Vol.1
Grow Up and Buy A Car
Guess What This Is.........Another Mix! (Did you Guess?)
Guided By The Beauty of Our Weapons
guys gone wild
Guys In A Car 2004 (Charlotte to ???)
Happiness more or Less
happy birthday, clements.
Happy Mix
Happy Tunez
hard dark pavement volume one
hard dark pavement volume one
hard dark pavement volume one
Hard Stuff Mix
Hardcore Road Trippin' Mix #1
Have You Hugged Your Llama Today?
Head trip; sing-along songs.
Head West
Heatherly's Super Driving Mix
Hector sees America
Help Me Out of My Mind...help yourself
Henley Road Trip Sing Along
Her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls
her spelling's atrocious
Here We Come...
Hey Jane!
HFStival 1998
High Resolution Scans Of Currency
High School Funk
High Tailin.
highway one revisited
hip heavy road trip
Hit the Open Road I
Hit the road, Jack.
Holiday Mix
holiday world mix 2004
Home I'll never be
Homeward Bound vol. 1: Goodbye D.C., Let's Go!
Homeward Bound vol. 2: On The Road
Homeward Bound vol. 3: Highway Cruisin'
Homeward Bound vol. 4: Indiana and The Heartland
Honda of Light // Honda of Darkness
Honk if You're Lonely (part 1)
Honk if You're Lonely (part 2)
Honky Tonk
Honky Tonk Highway
Hooray For Everything
Horsechicks of the Apocalypse
Hot Like Your Mother - Songs for the Road
Hot Summer in the Pocono Mnts.
hotel california
Hour 4 of a 6 hour drive
How good a day at work was THAT?
how many miles to the horizon?
How to Woo a Lady.
Hyperactive Stupid Mix
I am a one way motorway
I Am Always Meeting Those People.
i breathe in and it feels like something vital is missing.
I Brought You This Stuff
I Certain Know How to Gay Up a Mix...
I chat to the cat
I Could'a Been A Kennedy
I Crashed My Motor To Meet Hell's Quota
i didn't see the car.
I Don't Care If This Wins Mix Of The Week Or Not Because I Am Secure In My Mixing Abilities
i don't know where i'm going.
I Don't Like This Air
I Fell In Love With The Beautiful Highway
I forgot
i funk therefore i am
i hate fast cars!
I have a secret place inside my mind
I have nothing to return
I have the pedal, where's the metal?
i hope this song will guide you home.
i know i'm just an amateur, but i've gotta try.
i know that i go way too fast for my own good
i know we can't all stay here forever, so i want to write my words on the face of today.
I Left My Heart On Napoleon Street
I Like To Rock
I Love Rock N' Roll
I Love The Unknown
i must be fine 'cause my heart's still beating.
I need this to breathe
I ran away and joined the circus
I saw a silly sign the other day...I think it said,"Speed Limit"
I Saw Reflections
i should be going
I suppose it's no surprise - we drive, time flies
I tell you Park Avenue leads to SKID ROW!
I Think That Druid Has Been On The Fluid
i tried your cat's name. i tried your favourite band. (summer mix part 1)
I was a mod before you were a mod
I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool
i will live these days, no i won't hide
I wish I was a Georgia Peach
I. A Place To Wake Up To
I-75 is boring now that Jesus burned down
Ian's tape pt 2
i'd like to keep my nipples, thank you
if found please return to the glove compartment
If I Could, You Know I Would
If I Made You My Boyfriend...You Should Give Me This
If I Was A Circus Man, Then I'd Be a Circus Man
If I'm In This Car One More Hour I Think I'll Eat My Own Hand
if this mix had wheels, we'd be there by now
If We're Not Back By Monday, Send Bail Money
if you need directions then i'll be your guide
If You Steal This Car, Please Don't Take This Mix
If You Want A Funnel Cake, Go And Get Yourself A Funnel Cake
If You Want To Look Good and Not Be Bummy
if you're really going, then leave the tv on.
II. A Cold Place
III. The Place Farthest From Sleep
i'll be gone for 3 days
i'll never know the name of my favorite song.
I'll run away with you
I'll turn this car around
I'm a bad girl with a hope for better days.
I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me
I'm Coming Home (But Where is That?)
i'm from new jersey, it's not like texas
I'm goin' out west where they appreciate me.
I'm Going Back To Michigan...Nah, I Don't Think So
I'm Gonna Get a Metal Esophagus Implant to Fit in With the Local Cyborgs.
I'm gonna quit my ramblin' ways one of these days.
I'm Invented Too
I'm leaving for college!!!
I'm Not Gonna Hold My Breath, But I Am Gonna Cross My Fingers
I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Bored
I'm the Leonard Cohen of My Generation
I'm Travellin' On That Line
I'm Trying To Pass That Bastard In A Silver Porsche (Double CD)
Imperial Beach, California 2003
in particular-
in seventeen years, mississippi made me a hopeless romantic.
in the back row at the movies
In The Hidden Places
in the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you.
In The Wee Hours....
In This Life
Indie Rock Sampler #1
Indio or Bust
Instructions: 1. Lift Roof
Intake - Combustion and Exhaust
international calling card number
Interstate Love Songs
Interstate Love Songs
Interstate, Southbound, Death Trap, Slow Lane
Into the great wide open
Into the Heartland
Into The Outback
Into the West - Escape from Essex
intoxicated with the madness, i'm in love with my sadness
is anybody goin to san antone?
Isn't That Where The Donner Party Got Stranded?
It Doesn't FEEL Like a Mini-Van
It Happened One Night
it just takes some time (or songs to sing)
It Rocks
It Smells Like Nerd All Up In Here
Italia! Italia! Italia!
It's 333 miles to Chicago...
It's A Road Trip, It's Mexico, And It's Free
it's a teenage wasteland
It's almost dawn and the cops are gone - let's all get dixie fried.
It's Gonna Be Good
It's like a road trip.
it's not very far
It's Really Very Simple, Just Kiss My Cheek & Say Goodbye
it's so fuckin' new wave
it's summer, i love you
it's summertime
It's Time To Travel Again
I've Been Everywhere, Man
I've Got Gas
I've Got More Stories Than J.D.'s Got Salinger
I've Got Those Lonesome Lowdown Doowad Redneck Gutbucket Blues
Jack Kerouac - On The Road - The Road Trip Of A Lifetime
jack kerouac has nothing on me
James x-8
January 08
Jason's Neglected 90's Mix
Jesus rides beside me (but he never buys any smokes)
Johnathan this is becoming irrational
johnny be bad
Johnny West
John's still warm (you bounders)
Journey to the Pig roast
Joy to Telegraph to Ford to Evergreen to Hubard to Greenfield
Juanita Sunrise
Juanita Sunrise
judy is a punk
june bug vs. hurricane
Just a Bum
Just a Crazy Little Mix
Just a Little Somthing to Take With You...
Just A Mirror For The Sun
Just Close Your Eyes
Just Drive
Just Filled the Tank, and the Trip's About to Start....
Just Like a Burning Tyre
just what i needed
Kansas City International
Kathleen Turner Overdrive
Keep Fishin'
Keep It Bouncing.
Keep On Rockin'
Keep on truckin' vol.1
kick up my dust
Kickin Up Dust Mix
Killer Fillers
Kings of the Highway
Klabans mix
Korean Barbeque
La Music Bang Bang!!
La Rue Christopher Nous ProtFgent
LA, she rides
Ladies, Start Your Jet Engines
laid back with spunk
Landing Gear
las vegas road trip #1
las vegas road trip #2
las vegas road trip #3
last trip to the ocean
Laying the Asphalt Behind
Laywers, Guns And Money
Le Freak - Road Trip with an old chevy
Le Mans 1997: To Le Mans! (et tous la monde)
Le Mans 1999: Sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
Le Mans 2001: Hillbilly Highway
Le Mans 2004: Kill Bill
Leah'z 2 Ko0l 4 Sk00L
Leave Behind the Books, My Baby
Leavin' On Your Mind
Leaving New England
Left Bank to Oblivion
Lemme speak to Red...
Let Me Eat Your Brain!
let the adrenaline kick (loud and hard)
Let the Music Move You...
Let's Get down to Business
let's go away for awhile, you and i
let's go get lost
Let's go get shot!
Lets go sleep in the woods.
Let's Go To Vermont!
Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow
let's turn it up real loud and drive through taylor
Letter from the Lower East Side
Letters Were Her Only Vice
life and life only: autumnal
life is for living, we all know, and i don't wanna live it alone.
Life's Soundtrack: Winnipeg to Abbotsford (Christmas 2K2)
life's spell is so exquisite, everything conspires to break it
light and day
like a dog shitting razorblades
Like A Limestone Cowboy (4/03)
like dogs howling out the car window.
Like Ecstacy In A Car
Listening to hear where you are
Live From Route 9 !
Livin' in and out of a big fat suitcase
Living Is Just Being Satisfied
Lonely Vistas: Songs For Travellers
long distance salvation
Long Strange Trip
Look Through the Backlog and Index of Thoughts
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Eight)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Five)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Four)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Nine)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Seven)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Six)
Looking Back : 1960s-1970s (Volume Ten)
Looking For A Ticket To Take Me Away From Here
looking good whilst fucking shit up
looks like rain
Lost in your hometown.
Lost Weekend Soundtrack
Ludington Mixed (Best Mix of 2005)
Lullabies and Bedtime Stories
Lunch At Ben's Chili Bowl
Lust and Murder Ballads
Lust For Life
Luterpalooza 2005: The Soundtrack
Maine Trip 2001
Management Training in Nebraska.
Manc Scallie Ace
Manc Scallie Ace
Manifest Destined
Man-Shower: An Ingenious Way To Have Two Bachelor Parties
Maple Leaves
margie's super-def summer solstice jams
Maritimes Trip May 24 - June 7, 2003
Mark McGlaughlin Rides Again
Marky-Mark Film Festival
Mayhaps I Could Purchase Whiskers
Me First!!
meet me in st. louis ... vol. 1
meet me in st. louis ... vol. 2
Mellow Mix
Mellow Mix
Memorial Day Road Trip
Memories of Maine
memphis motherfuckers
mention this to me and watch the weather change
Meres' Cruisin Music
Metal For Dummies
midnight drive to the eastern shore
midnight on grand...
Mike to Florida Mix
mildboy's west coast trip
miles between here and nowhere
Millenium Musclecar: Bong Hits From The Backseat
Milo and Ricky Martin's Mix Tape of the Dead
Mind that bends spoons
Mini Mix #6: Border Radio
Minneapolis Road Trip Party Mix 2001
Minnejojo Vol. 3
Misery Hits The Road, Maybe Literally...
miss alex and the starcrossed lover
Mix #53,548
MIX A: ...And That Day Is Tonight
Mix Across America
Mix American Style (Part 1)
Mix American Style (Part 2)
Mix American Style (Part 3)
Mix American Style (Part 4)
MIX B: Boy, Do I Feel Sorry For You
mix for Kristen
Mix for Taleen
mix tape for D.C.
Mix Tape For Kerri!
Moclips, Mo Problems
Modeling Sucks
Mojave Desert Striptease Madness
Molly and Kaylas Car Mix
Molly's Mix 2
Mommy and Me's Road Trip Tunes
Mona Lisa Musta Had the Highway Blues
monday night RAWWWWW, yeah! a.k.a swim, adult...swim!!
Montreal Mix
Monument Valley at Dusk
More Fun Than a Room Full of Japanese Kids About to Kill Each Other Ala Lord of the Flies
more mileage-let's go crazy
Motorcycle Drive-By
Motorway Hypnosis : Volume Two
Motorway Hypnosis At Midnight
Movin' On
Movin' Out
Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free...
Moving my baby home to Michigan.
Moving To New York vol. 1
Music for Mr. Towelie
Music For The Backseat
music for the L.I.E.
Music for the Road
Music for the Scenic Route
Music for your Mother v1.1
Music from Car Commercials
Music that makes you think you should be in a car commercial
music thats fun to blast
Music to Dream to Flying
Musicals Mix
Must Have Drive Music: TURN IT UP
My Bags Are Packed
My Best
My Blind Life
My Breath is Nearly Freezing My Eyes Closed
My Car is Much Bigger Than Yours
My commute to Hell
My Dad Doesn't Like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
My death lays awake there, whistling Dixie.
My Dream Road Trip is Longer than 80 Minutes
My Favorite Mistake
My First Driving Mix :)
my japanese is better
my karma ran over my dogma
my life on the away team
My Random Mix
My Son's Autistic And It's All Your Fault
My Spooon is too Big!
My Way IS The Highway
mysterious and ominous as ever before
Naked On The Autobahn
'nati or bust
neil young cocktail
Nellie McKay -Alanis & Barenaked Ladies roadtrip!
Nemesis Ridiculii
Nerds On the Road
nerds still on the road... heck, it's a long drive
neutral > first
Nevada City
Never Drive Faster Than You Can See
New Car Smell
New Mexico
New York
New York
New York - I'm Coming to get you!!!
New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
Newbury Comics with Zach and Jeff
Next Rest Area 50 Miles (Virginia to Florida Vol. 4)
Next Stop Phoenix
nico's driving lessons
Night Cruisin' Tunes
Night Drive
Night Driving
Night Driving
Night Driving
night moves
Night Road Mixes for a Bus Trip: Vol. 1 - Leaving the Bright Lights
Night Road Mixes for a Bus Trip: Vol. 2 - Dark Fields
Night Road Mixes for a Bus Trip: Vol. 3 - Sweet Dreams
Nihilism on I-80
Nine Hours is Nothing
Nipple Rub
no gift for the gab.
No Matter What
No More Mommy Baby Drama
no reason to stay is a good reason to go
No Sleep at the Wheel
No Sleep Til Oakland (Disc 1)
No Sleep til Oakland Disc 2
no sleep til virgina
No sleep, smokes, and he's nauseous.
Nobody Wants To Fight Me Like You Do
nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Noises That Make Driving Tolerable
non-existent road tripping
North Dakota Core
Northward to Nothing
not even home can be with you forever
Nov. 9, 2001-Pilgrimage to Memphis
now i'm not saying we should kill ben... but we should kill ben.
now you're gone, and i'm afraid that you're never coming back this way again.
Now, Bring Me That Horizon
O Canada
Obey all Speed Limits
Objects In The Eighties Are Closer Than They Appear
october break 1995
ode to soap
Ode to the Road: Maryland to Montana August 2001
Odyssey Abroad
Of Course I'm Not Elitist, You Ignorant Commoner!
Off Off Sixth Street
Oh Good My Dog Found the Chainsaw
oh I just can't wait (to be king)
oh Lord please don't lose me on I-40
Oh my fuckin' god, a CD.
Oh Yeah? Like You Could Ever Pull It Off
Oh you know. Its the Easiest Way.
oldies supreme!
On a Hippie Trail, Head Full of Zombie
on dreams and train smoke..
on her birthday
On My Way
On My Way To GA
On My Way To GA vol. 2
on the road
On the Road
On The Road
On the Road (pt 1)
On the Road Again
On the Road Again--February 2001
On The Road isn't just for Kerouac
On the Road Mix
On The Road To Find Out
On the Road to Kurt's 50th B-Day
On the Road to Ol' Virginnie
On the road to Stoke-On-Trent
On the Run: An anachronistic post-Ascension Alex Krycek tape
On The Streets of Paris, On The Streets of Rome
On the way to the 89x Christmas Concert
On to D.C.
One Bizarre Road Trip
One Day We'll Run Away
one for the road
One For the Road
One for the roads
One of these songs first
One Two Free
only in my '88 Cutlass Ciera
Open Road
Open Road Mix
Open Road Mix
otto motif 12-04
Our Car is Powered by Sountracks, Hair Metal, and Pure Sex: Girls Weekend Out
Our Devouring Light
Our Love Is the Open Road
Out Here On The Road
Out In The Cold
Out My Window
Out Of Control
Out with the truckers and the kickers and the cowboy angels
Over The Mountain
over the train tracks and through the tunnels to courtney's i go
Owens Valley
Pacific Coast Highway
pack it up
Packed Like Lemmings Into Shiny Metal Boxes: a driving disc
Pac-Man & Peppermint Schnapps
pain au chocolat
party in my heart
Party in the USA
Passion, Madness, Death, and Small Animals
PDX Road Trip
Peaboy and the Jackal Ride Again
Pearblossom Highway to I-15 N...
Pedal in Circles
Penticton to Calgary
Perfect Moments Wait... (road to the CURE)
Perfect Moments Wait... (road to THE CURE)
Perhaps I'm Headed in the Wrong direction
Peril-Sensitive Reading Glasses, or: Watch Out, Bot Jumps!
pH Balanced
Phishin' Thru Alabama
Pigeon-Hole This!!
Pimp Mobile
Pink Emerson Radio
Pinko Commie Ether: Zakopane to Prague
Plane Ride!
Please Dave Just Drive (Virginia to Florida Vol. 1)
please try to walk
Plethora of Music
Plethora of Music #2
Plot Points
Poconos Mix
Pop Culture and the Roadside Attraction
pop in and go: driving off into the sunset
Pop That Shimmers and Then Pop That Shakes!
Pop-Noise Festival Primer
Portable Summer Jukebox
Positive Flow
post modern #1
Pour Poor Selena
Pragmatic Adjustable Head
Prairie Home Freakout
pretending a good mix tape can save me
Pretty Girls Make Graves, Chorus Kids Make Bus Mixes
Prius Pop
Probably the happiest mix ever
procrastination is an art form
PT. 1 - it's a long way to travel...
PT. 2 - will we survive this evening?
public pools and pit stops
Pull over! I need to puke!!
Pushing Over Normy
Pushing Past Dawn
Puttin' on the RITz
Putting the "I" back in "Weezer Concert"
Quality Mix
Que Sarah Sarah, The Car Tape
Queen of the Damned Part 1 : A book on tape mix
Queen of the Damned Part 3 : Book on Tape Mix
quick & dirty: boogaloo
quick & dirty: cruising
quick & dirty: to nyc
quick driving mix on one cd
quiet trip
R.E.M vs The Bluetones
R.I.P. Rachel's Tape Deck
rad ecclectic mix
Radar Love
Radio "We're coming to see Treat!" FM
RaeAnne and Alyse
Random 80's and current
Random Jack
rawk, paper, scissors
Ready or Not...
Real Fecking Morbid Mix
reality bends sweetly
Reasonably Light-Hearted Popular Music Driving Mix
rebecca's party mix
Reckless Driving
red light stop, green light go.
Red Neck Trailer Park BBQ vol.1
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Relaxing Music for High Strung People: Volume 1
Rent A Car Mix Vol.1
Reserved For Truckers
Return from Grandma's House
Return to the City
Rev It Up As You Break On Through
Rhode Island Road Trip Mix One
Rhode Island Road Trip Mix Two
Riding a Toaster with Wheels to the Depths of Hell
Riding Away
riding his motorbike ahead of the night
Right On Red
Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey
Rising Sun
Road Master
Road Mix 2000
Road Music vol. 1: A Vacation Odyssey
Road Music vol. 2: Audrey Hepburn's Neck
Road Music vol. 3: The Dark Side
Road North
Road Rage
Road Rules
Road Sister Soundtrack
Road Songs Volume 1: The High Road
Road Songs Volume 2: On The Road
Road Tapes Vol. II
Road To Omaha
Road to the mountains
road triiiiiiiiip
road triiiiiiiiip
Road Trip
Road Trip
Road Trip #1: Dead or Dying
Road Trip #2: For Beth (Cos It Already Is)
Road Trip #3:(Title of Mix)
Road Trip #4: North of Harrisburg, but nowhere near a Unimart
Road Trip #5: Upstate New York through blue shades
Road Trip (2.0, Disc 2): My New Favorite Music
Road Trip (2.0, Disc One): I Can't Do This All On My Own
Road Trip 2001
Road Trip Combat Tunes
Road Trip for the Musically Uninitiated
Road trip in Iraq...misfire on rockpile #4
road trip mix
Road Trip Mix
Road Trip Mix
Road Trip Mix #1
Road Trip Mix 1
Road Trip Mix 10
Road Trip Mix 11
Road Trip Mix 12
Road Trip Mix 13
Road Trip Mix 14
Road Trip Mix 2
Road Trip Mix 3
Road Trip Mix 4
Road Trip Mix 5
Road Trip Mix 6
Road Trip Mix 7
Road Trip Mix 8
Road Trip Mix 9
Road Trip Mix CD1
Road Trip Mix CD2
Road Trip Mix, Vol. 1
road trip part one: topdown.hot.bright.sunshine.rocking
Road Trip Route 66: A Stir Magazine Companion: Part 1
Road Trip Route 66: A Stir Magazine Companion: Part 2
Road Trip Route 66: A Stir Magazine Companion: Part 3
Road Trip Tape - Boone, NC (May 2000)
Road Trip to New York
Road Trip To Rochester
Road Trip Tunes
Road Trip Up North
Road Trip/House Cleaning tape
Road Trip: City Life
Road trip: over the White Mountains, straight through VT, and hello New York!
road trippin
Road Trippin'
Road Trippin'
Road Trippin'
Road Trippin' to the Carolina Cup
Road Tripping
Road Warrior
Roading to Garrison #1 amd #2
Roads? We're where going we don't need roads!
Roadtrip Mix # 5
Roadtrip Mix #1
Roadtrip Mix #2
Roadtrip Mix #3
Roadtrip Mix #4
roadtrip to sb
Roadtrippin' Like It's 1999
Roadtripping At The Gates Of Hell, vol. 1
Roam Around The World
Rob Gordon School of Vinyl: Part V - Research Paper
Robbing The Bank (With Your Best Friends)
Rock and Roll Racing
Rocket Fuel
Rococo Be Damned
'Roll down the windows and let your hand fly'
Rollin Downstate
Rollin' on a River
Rollin' With My Homies
Roma - Verona 21/03/06
rootsgroovehighwaycruisefeelingalrightnottoofartogo medley
Rough Mix
Route 128 to Boston
Route 15
Route 66: Breaking Glass
Route 66: Diamond Dogs
Route 66: Drive In Saturday
Route 66: Loving The Alien
Route 66: Moonage Daydream
Route 66: Oh! You Pretty Things
Route 66: Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
Route 66: Sons Of The Silent Age
Route 66: Station To Station
Route 66: The Hearts Filthy Lesson
Route 66: The London Boys
Route 66: The Prettiest Star
rowdy mix
Rt. 447 - Nixon to Frog Farm
Rubber on Asphalt
SA - JOY~! mix.
Sad Sack Rock
sailing backwards through the middle-west
Sam's Road Trip Mix - Chincoteague '95
San Antonio Mix
San Francisco (march 2000 mix)
sarahkins, you are making me crazy
Satan Won't Stop Teasing My Next Door Neighbor
Scotch Tape for a Cardboard Utopia
Screw the Hype - These Guys Are Good Without the Hoopla!
Secret Santa '05
sedona bound
See the USA
See ya in a few weeks, Mom?
Senior Skip Day
set the controls for the heart of that fart
Seven Thirty - on the way home from the airport
SFA Driving Mix
SFA Driving Mix
Sha la la la Baby
shangri la la la
She`ll be right here in my arms
She's A Sad Tomato
She's Leaving Home
Shinobi stuff
Shiver to the Gypsies: Bergamo to Val Vizzeno
Shut Up & Drive '99 (automatic)
Shut Up & Drive '99 (stick)
Side B thinks Side A sucks
Silver State Blues
Silverware Just Slows Us Down, I Wish I Were Homeward Bound
sincerely, never coming back.
Sing along
Sing Along Songs
Sing Along!
Sing Along!
Sing Me To Sea
Single Servings
Single Servings (Revised)
Sitting at the Edge of Forever
sitting in a car, you can't go very far without the keys.
Six Different Kinds Of Medication
Skinny dipping with the kids from a nearby town
Skylarking - the Original Soundtrack
sleep when you're dead
Slow Down, Asshole!
slow-ramp mix
Smells Like Booty......Alright, Who Used The Bus Bathroom?
So Hard it Hurts
So I Am Reminded Of Things I'd Forgotten
So Long Child [Smell ya later]
So, An Alto, A Soprano, And A Clarinet Player Get On A Bus...
So, This is Goodbye...really, It's Seeya Later
some dumb cop gave me 2 tickets allready
Some Rockin' Country And New Shit To Get Your Hangover Started Right
something for everyone
Sometimes I Get So I Scared
Somewhere A Place
Somewhere Near This Town
somewhere they can't find me
Somewhere You Feel Free
Songs About Driving
Songs for a Beach Trip
songs for a destroyed city
Songs for a Farm Ride
songs for a sunny afternoon drive
songs for someone who needs somewhere to long for.
Songs for the road
Songs For The Road
Songs From The Future West (SOTT 17, Oct 2003)
songs in the key of carolina
Songs Of The Open Road
songs of the open road.
Songs of the South
songs that would be fun to cover, vol. 2
Songs To Cruise To
Songs to drive around to
songs to make you feel better about...
Songs to Toke to...
Sonic Destruction
Soren's Road Trip Mix
soul 2 soul 1
soul 2 soul 2
Soul Food
Soundtrack for a Headless Roadtrip
Soundtrack for a Yet-to-Happen Road Trip Where Everything's Okay
Soundtrack For I-76
Soundtrack For I-76
Soundtrack for My Cool World (Part 2)
Soundtrack to a Speeding Ticket
Southbound 459
Southbound I-95 (Virginia to Florida Vol. 3)
Southland Songs: From Pedro to Indio
space mix
Spanish Onions
spare the child and spoil the rod- i haven't sold myself to god
sparkly new + ancient too
Spastic and Elastic
Spinning Tire Mix
spring break
Spring Break
Spring Break Music
Spring Break,baby!
Squiggy the Sea Cucumber
Stabbings Westward
Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth
Starshy Road Trip Collection - Volume One: For Those About To Drive (We Salute You)
Starshy Road Trip Collection - Volume Two: Born To Lose (Drive To Win)
Starshy Roadtrip Collection - Volume Three: I Lost You. But I Found Country Music
Start the Party
State of My Mind Apr05, 1998
State-Hopping: through the Carolinas
Stay in this lane... Bear right! Bear right!
stay out of trouble stay in touch
Steal a Car, Then Turn This Up (January 2011)
Steal The Crumbs
stereotypical road trip tape
Stick A Fork In Me. Then Maybe I'll Sit Still
Stick A Needle In My Eye
Stickshifts and Safetybelts -- Songs for the Open Road
Stoner/Driving Mix
Stu-Dog's Travel Mix
Styx 'n' Stones
Submit to Baltimore (Quietly)
Summer '01 Roadtrip Mix
Summer '06
Summer 2009 - Homecoming
Summer Camp Mix (Disc 1)
Summer Camp Mix (Disc 2)
Summer Camp Mix (Disc 3)
Summer Camp Mix (Disc 4)
summer driving losing my mind
Summer Driving Mix 2006
Summer Holiday!
Summer in Spring
summer in the southwest, '08.
Summer of '99
Summer Rock
Summer Songs (Winters Love)
Summer Songs 2008
Summer Vacation 2000
summerio: don't mix with cough syrup
Summertime Blues
Sun-Bleached Stripes on the Big Top of Banality
Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning Road Trip
Sunday under glass
Sunny Day
Sunny Day Drive
Sunny Day Indie Road Trip
Sunny Sundays, driving with windows down, rosy cheeked girl at your side with your hand on her denim-clad knee.
Sunsets and Landscape
Super Banzai Sing-A-Long Rock & Roll Party Mix. Volume 1
super happy fun road trip mix vol. 1
Super Summer 2007
Super Summer 2008
superhero fast.
superhero fast.
supreme 80's cut
Swansea, East Providence, West Roxbury, Somewhere in New Hampshire, and Plymouth on the way home.
Table Manners
Take (you/me) With (me/you)
Take a look at yourself and realize i've been good to you.
Take Back the Road
Take Me Away
Take Me from Durham to Milwaukee
take me with you
take the world apart and figure out how it works.
Take This Bus To Cuba!
Tales For the Cactus Motor Court
Talladega Odyssey
Tami Toonz II.II
Tape #0 (For lack of a better name)
Tape for the road
Tear The Rearview Mirror Off
Tell Cincinnati I Can See It In Your Face
Tell me everything.
Ten o'clock/Two o'clock
Texas Highway, 2:00 AM
T-giving 2001 - A Sort of Thanksgiving Homecoming (disc 1 of 4)
T-giving 2001 - A Sort of Thanksgiving Homecoming (disc 2 of 4)
T-giving 2001 - A Sort of Thanksgiving Homecoming (disc 3 of 4)
T-giving 2001 - A Sort of Thanksgiving Homecoming (disc 4 of 4)
T-giving 2002 - Chillin'
T-giving 2002 - Rockin'
that boy needs therapy
That Graduate Journey
That New Car Smell!!!
That One Kid, a semi autobiographical mix.
that shoegazing show
that ultimate energy
that ultimate energy
That's It! You People Have Stood in My Way Long Enough! I'm Going to Clown College!
That's when I first saw the bear
The 7/04/04 Weekend Road Trip, Pt 1: Atlanta to Eufaula
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
The Airport Songs
The Androids Are Allergic to Artichokes.
the arrest-me-red car
The Best Soundtrack Ever To The Coolest Movie Never Made
The Best Sports Car In The World Is A V12 Built By Communists
the big country
The Blank One
the Bro
The Charles Nelson Reilly Mix
The Classic Soundtrack
The Corner Of Lost And Found
the days are just dots
The Fading Margin
the french are glad to die for love
the fun one: song is sacred
The Geekiest Thing I'll Ever Do
the golden state.
The Great Escape
The great Iowa toad-frog massacree
The Groovemaster General's Mix
The Harlem Globe Trotters(Disc 1/2)
the highways soundtrack - 08/07/02
The Hoodlum In La La Land
The hope of mankind will appear as a stranger behind the wheel.
The Illinois-Indiana Run Mix
The Incomplete A to ZZTop of classic rock
The Indo Mix Tape
The January Music
The Journey Is The Destination
The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Broken Fan Belt and a Leaky Tire
The Keys are in Your Hand - A road (rage) mix for Chris
The Last Tape
The Laura Riding LP (Jenny's Mix)
The Lighter Side - Songs to Drive By
the long ride home: alterna shit volume three
the long road home
the Long Road to Chicago
The long, lonely drive home
The Lost Halloween in Hell-A - Volume Four
The Lost Halloween in Hell-A - Volume One
The Lost Halloween in Hell-A - Volume Three
The Lost Halloween in Hell-A - Volume Two
The Lynch Mix Old and Young
the majesty of rock, the kebab of roll
the map dictates we go south
The Mississippi Delta is shining like a national guitar.
The Most Random Car Tunes.ever.
The Musical Stylings of Davis Nestico
the my-karma-ran-over-my-dogma roadtrip mix
The New Sound
The New York Mix: People's Choice 5
The night we thought Death was gonna hit us, but he was just chaining up.
The Nineties, in sum
The NYC Series, "The Empire State Mix"
The NYC Series, "The Mike Piazza Mix"
The NYC Series, "The Spike Lee Mix"
The Ohio/Kentucky Border
The one That got Stuck
the only voice i want to hear is yours.
the people are living far away from the place
The Punk Rawk Tape
The real Judy is a Punk
The Rich Cranium Sessions: 1
The road from Phillip Island
The Road Less Traveled
The Road To Anywhere
The Road to Makkah
The Road To Moline
The Road To Ohio Is Paved With Good Intentions 1995
the road to patti smith again
the road to spencer, west virginia
The Road Trip: Alabama
The Road Trip: Arizona
The Road Trip: California
The Road Trip: Georgia
The Road Trip: Louisiana
The Road Trip: Mississippi
The Road Trip: New Mexico
The Road Trip: North Carolina
The Road Trip: South Carolina
The Road Trip: Texas
The Road Trip: Washington, DC
the rock show
The Scooter Scally Adventure
The Seattle Series, "The Ichiro Mix"
The Seattle Series, "The Seahawks Mix"
The Seattle Series, "The Space Needle Mix"
The Seattle Series, "The Starbucks Mix"
The shortest distance between 2 points is probably over Iceland
the slow one: my cause is noble and just
The Sound Of Looking Through A Windshield
The Sounds Of Summer
the soundtrack for our reckless use of oil
The Soundtrack To The Movie About Us
the space between where you smile and hide (a collection of time)
The Spring/Summer Collection
The Spring/Summer Collection
The State of Massachusetts
The Steps to Success: Make him or her a mix tape
The Summer Roadtrip Mix (Very Teenage!)
The Sunshine State that Never Sleeps (NYC to LA in an hour and a half)
The Travel Mix
The Trip We Were Supposed to Make
The Ultimate Road Trip Mix Volume I: Pretty in Pink
the ultimate roadtrip mix
The Up-North v.1
The Up-North v.2
The World Does Not Easily Reveal Its Secrets
the worst mix ever(mix 3)
The Would-Be Road Trip Mix
The Year in Music 2003
theories on the displacement of water
Theory Of Obscurity -example 4
There and back again (a dork's story) pt. 1
There and back again (a dork's story) pt. 2
There and back again (a dork's story) pt. 3
There and back again (a dork's story) pt. 4
There and back again (a dork's story) pt. 5
There's a girl in NYC calls herself the human trampoline
There's more of you when you're alone.
These days
They Will See Us Waving From Such Great Heights
Thigh Burn at Waltz Speed 4
Thigh Burn at Waltz Speed 4
Things Should Start To Get Interesting Right About Now
This Calls For a Particularly Subtle Blend of Psychology and Extreme Violence
This Car Smells Like Ass
This Highway's Mine
this is a long drive in a car
This Is Not Some Bible Like "On The Road"
This Is Supposed to Be a Happy Occasion. Let's Not Bicker and Argue About Who Killed Who
This may be a bad time to mention this, but your prosthetic snake arm is hungry.
This Mix Contains No Elliot Smith
This should get us to Sommerset (Ozzfest)
This song is for my enemy, and this song is for my priest.
this was made for paige k
Thou Fuckin' Shall (Have a Good Time Mix)
Three's Company
Through Northern Ontario
throw everything in a u-haul and get on the interstate
til we meet again / be brave
Time For Us To Drive
Tim's Texas Mix
To and Fro: From Flint to Trimble, to Tunica, and Places in Between
To Dixon, Paducah, and Back
To Florida, With My Sister (vol 1)
to love and be loved (wedding mix)
to melbourne and back
To Roudstone! Sally Forth!
To Sac & Back
To See Franz Ferdinand
to the future
to the zoo!!!
today we go.. west? yes.. west.
Tomas' Road Warrior Mix
Tomorrow we can drive around this town
too awkward to talk
Too Much Cheesecake Too Soon
Too Much Stuff
Took A Wrong Turn In My Fast Car And Got Lost In The Lyrics - Volume One
Top Down Mix
Tornado of Finger Nails and Teeth
Total Nonstop Action! (Road Trip Mix, Vol. 2)
traffic kills you
Traffic Mix (NO, not the band that did Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys! DUH!)
Train Mix
Train Music #1
Train Music #2
Travel Mix 2007
Travel Only With Thy Equals or Thy Betters; If There Are None, Travel Alone
Travel Tape 1 (aka I Hate Moving)
Travel Tape 2 (aka I Really Hate Moving)
Travel Tape 3 (aka boy howdee do i HATE moving)
Travel West From Denver
Traveling to Nashville Music
Travelling at a Medium Groove
Travels 1: Music for a roadtrip yet to come
Travels 2
Trip to Saint Petersburg.
trip v. 2
trip v. 3
trip v. 4
trip v. 5
Triphop for Fast Driving in London
Trippin' 131
Trisha and Beth mix
Try Not to Get in the Way of the Guns
Tunes for an I-95 Drive Under Full Moon's Light
Turn It Up and Hit the Gas
Turn It Up!
Turn Up The Flame, Step On the Gas
Twin cities mix
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right, But Three Right Turns Make A Left.. And Now We're Lost
Typical Road Trip Mix
U. of Richmond - summer 1999
U-Haul Lake Cruise
Ultimate Gravel
Ultimate Road Trip Tape 1
Ultimate Road Trip Tape 2
Ultimate Saxophone Jams
under the influence of cookie dough
Unfinished Syncronicity
Unraveling Eddie
untitled 200801
V. A Place Called California
Vegas Down
Vegas Road Trip
Vegas Road Trip 2003
Vegas: 2003! (Disc I)
Vegas: 2003! (Disc II)
Vegas: 2003! (Disc III)
Verona - Roma 21/03/06
VI. A Place Close To Dreams
VII. The Place We Call Home
Violently Happy
Viva Las Vegas 2002 Vol. 1 (Hold On, I'm Comin')
Viva Las Vegas 2002 Vol. 2 (Crazy Train)
Viva Las Vegas 2002 Vol. 3 (1 Step Closer)
Viva Las Vegas 2002: Las Vegas Rollin'
Vomit Green Valiant Mix
vomit may be induced
waiting around for something new
Waiting For Hot Wings
wake up and drive.
Walking Home From The Bar (and you live 10 miles away)
wandering roads
Wanna Get It Right This Time
Warped Sense of Style
Warped Tour 99
Warped Tour 99
Watch TV And Wait For Decent Re-runs
Water CUNT-try
we built this city
We can drink just as fast as the river is strong.
We Can Take The Long Way Home
we circled the parking lot for nearly two hours
We Did NOT Just Hit A Deer!!?!
we do more drugs than a touring funk band
we heading south, ferdinand
We like cookies... but we don't like grapes
We only have an hour and twenty minutes.
We rednecks are few. College paleface students are many. I counsel peace.
we will spread, we will cover the earth
we will spread, we will cover the earth (part 2)
Welcome stranger.
Welcome to Nevada
Welcome to the Burden In My Hand
Welcome To The Lake
we'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it
We're going to be in the car for how long?!?
We're Going to Eat Gas...?
we're gonna fucking go some day.
we're on our way somewhere
West in a Toyota
West of Everything
Westbound and Down
Westbound on Interstate-80
We've Just Gotta Burn It All to the Ground (Right Now!)
What Did You Call Me? The No Name Mix, That's What!!
What exit do we take...?
what? it's not 19+? FUCK! (a mix for my friends who are going to see sigur ros on oct 30)
Wheelin' Mellow
When Do I Stop Running
when i awoke, i was on the highway - driving mix march 2003
when in rome
when it was, where
When You Motor Away
whenever i'm down...
where in the world are you? china 1999
Where the heck are we going?
Where The Sidewalk Ends
where there's a will...
where we're going, we don't need roads
wherever you go, there you are
whit forms w h i t n e y
White Line Fever
Who Let The Monkey Drive?
who needs flyover states?
Who walked the curve of the world
who we were and who we still are.
Who's Gonna Save Us
Wicked Winter Weather Warning
Wicked-Ass Driving Tape 2000
wilderness ventures 02
Wilted Lettuce
wind in my hair and bugs in m'teeth mix
windows down
windows down
Windows Down (Classic Rock)
Windsor Car-Toons
Wine For My Men, We Ride At Dawn
Wishful Thinking Today
Witches on the Jaw: Amsterdam to Wiesbaden
With kilometers and the red lights...
with the rag top down so my hair can blow
With your brother's sloppy shirt
Wo Ist Zu Hause, Mama?
Wonderful drive in a Terrible Storm at Night
Wood Hippie Rock
Wookie's Summer Mix 2004
Would You Please Turn That Shit Down?
Wreckless Abandon
X-Country Road Trip
Yeah, Still Driving...
Yeah, Still Driving...
Yellow Meets Magic Wonder Lust
yer driving me crazy
Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus
Yet another Mix
You and Me in a Small Tent
you called her without knowing it, and now it's too late.
you can bring it to me in the a.m.
you can take the road that takes you to the stars now
You Could Trouble Me for A Warm Glass of "Shut The Hell Up"!
you know the words, so sing along, damn you!
You Listen To.......
you might run on for a long time: get me to the city, asap.
You Won't Be Doing Shit For The Next Ten Years
you'll still need a song
Young Professionals
your tincan revelry.
You're Going to Kentucky and Tennessee Again? June 17, 2004
You're In Good Hands
You're what makes New England Great
Zed's Dead Baby
Zen & The Art Of The Sing-A-Long Road Trip Mix. Volume 1
Zephyr 2.0
Zone Shift