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girl rock!
"A homo and a molester" (US version, Ozzie Guillen edit)
"C" Is For Cookie, Thats Good Enough For Me
"hey, turn that down you stupid punk!"
"I don't listen to ska. I've always been into emo."
"Inconceivable !!"
"It's a Good Year for a Murder"
"It's No Real Pleasure in Life."
"it's what we call 'running a batch off by hand'"
"Moderate Rock"
"My secret? Why, hickory nuts, of course!"
"Now, don't be frightened, loves" Mrs. Whatsit said.
"On The Route Of The 19 Bus"
"Only fucking posers, die, man."
"Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll"
"You Used to be Such a Nice Boy"
#1 [3-13-02]
#2 [3-22-02]
& yr. blues is a dead language.
(This is Just a) punk rock mix
...So Fucked Up
[The New] Champion Mix
¯ecession ¯ock
1.Girls Only
10 Songs On How To Fuck Yourself Up
100 Punks rule - Punk mix volume 1
1-2, 1-2 fuck you!
14 amazing Wipers songs
17% 18 to 25
1978-83: Mix for Mink
1st time
2004: Punk
2005: Punk
2009: Pop Punk Retrospective (Lookout! Records/Ramonescore style)
21 gun salute
21 Lessons On How to Begin Your Album
21 Tracks of Pure Pop-Punky Goodness
22 bands most people have probably not heard of
24 Songs From 1980 (or: Happy Birthday Joey!)
24 Sub Pop Singles
33 Cheezy-ass Attempts At Getting Laid
4 U. 4 X-Mas.
4 Years of Love, Pop-Punk, Pretzels, etc.
630 miles
77-79 British Punk
78 revolutions a minnit
80's Punk
90's Punk
a 4.0 in damage
A Beautiful Mix, For A Beautiful Girl
A Beginners Guide To Punk Rock
A Bitchin Mix of Songs
A Christmas Mix Void of Christmas Music
A Collection of BrickPop
A Completely Incomplete History of Punk Rock, Chapter 1: The 1960s & 1970s
A Completely Incomplete History of Punk Rock, Volume 2: The 1980s
A complex mix from a complex world
A Crappy Punk Song a Day Keeps The Doctor Away.
A Document of Nothing
A Friend Confirmed with Me it's Still Okay to Like the Bouncing Souls
A Good CD For A Hyper Day
A Heavy Dose of Pop-Punk.
a lesson in punk/hc
a listen back
A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That!
A Lost Letter
A Love Story
A Mix For My Monkey
A Mix Of Punk Bands That The Music You Like Try To Imitate.
A Pair of Ska-less Boots and '81 7-inches
A Punk Mix for [my english teacher]
a tape for nora
A Taste Of My Taste
A Very Special Mix for the Lovers
A wave came along
abrasive, baby!: a sonic assault in the garage.
Add To Cart
Admit You're Shit
AFI rules b1ch3s
Aging punk guy keeps up with the kids, film at eleven
ain't got time to make no apology
Alkaline Trio vs. Millencolin vs. Strung Out
all aboard for funtime.
all alone and on the run.
all dressed up & nowhere to go
All Go, No Slow! (A Hardcore Punk Compilation)
All Punk Rockers Come Out Of Vaginas
ALL PUNKS SPENDING LOUD NIGHT!!! (80's Japanese Punk Rock)
All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted & OMFUG
all the rage on nothing incorporated
All the World Is a Stage (Dive)
All Time Top 50 Punk Songs
ALL vs Lagwagon
Alternative Lobster
Alternative Mix
american music for the homesick
American Punk Revolution Mix
Amy's Super Happy Punk'n'Ska Mix O' Fun
An Education In Rebellion Vol. II: L.A. Punk 1979 - 1993
An Education In Rebellion: NYC Punk 1966 - 1980
An Evolution of Punk
an idea for a movie
An Illustrated History Of Punk Rock
Anarchy For Sale
and i thought only women could have hisorectomies....
And On . . .
and they tell you it's not natural. . .
Anger and acceptance
Anger Is Energy
Angry Chicks Mix
Angry Little Kitty
Angry Nerd Rock
angry punk is good for the soul
another day, another time
Another Ramones Tape for M.S.
Another Tape for A.P.
Another Tape For N.L.
Another Tape For S.H.
Anthems for a New Tomarrow
Anti-American songs
Anything Goes
APE Hits 1
APE Hits 2
APE Hits 3
are we racin' or what
are you a punk, or are you a faker?
are you in or are you out?
are you on heroin?
are you ready to rock? (that's not a question, baby.)
Argh! Fuck! Kill!
Art School Dropouts (the post punk years)
As Cars Go By
As Summer Closes...
Asparagus Makes
Aural ammonium carbonate
Aux Armes, Citoyens! A Compilation of French Punk
Awesome Tape #3
Awesome Tape #5
Baby With a Faux-Hawk
back in the days ...
Back to the Old School
Back to the Old School
Back to the Old School
Bad Religion vs. Rancid
Bah Dah Bah
Bah Dah Bah
Bands From My T-Shirts
battle cries
be a good girl, and do what is right - fuck shit up and stay out all night.
Before There Was Punk, There Was Attitude
Before There Were Riot Grrrls
Bermuda Mix
Bermuda Mix
Beware of Darkness
Big Mix Vol. 1
Big Pimpin
Big Pimpin
Billy Mix For The Road
Billy was a Porno Star
Blank Mix
BLAST OFF! July 20th
Blink 182
blink 182 kix AS$
blink mix
blink mix
bloody bloody bloody
Bobby is a Dirty Little Punk
Bombshell Rox
Boo On You 2003 vol.1
Boo On You 2003 vol.2
Bootboy Blues
boredom is counter-revolutionary
boredom, apathy, suburbia, and cigarettes
boredom, apathy, suburbia, and cigarettes
Boy Sets Fire vs. Thursday
boy/girl revolutionaries
Brian and Dan Go to School
Bring me da Fuckin' riot ..man
british music for the british-bound
broken <3's can never mend & true love will never fade...
Broken Remote Control
Bruised Lips, Missing Teeth and Hair in the Face
Bucket O'Crap
Building the Battlements- Some Founders of Punk
Buncha Pissed Micks
but what about punk rock??
Buy One Get One Free, Vol. 1
By the Time I Get to Leave
bye bye kirsten!
Ca$hdogg's Mix #6- 'Way Away, Away From Here I'll Be...'
Ca$hdogg's Mix #8 "Stick around nostalgia won't let you down..."
Californian Summer
Call me Habitual
Can You Open My Drawer? I Fucked Up.
carson doesn't know what pop punk is.
Catch a wave...
cd for greg #1
cell out
Cesspools in Eden
Chad's Punk History Lesson: Disc 1
Chad's Punk History Lesson: Disc 2
Cheer the F up
Cheer the F Up III
cheer up, emo kid
Cherry Kool-Aid Dye Job: A Punk Intro for Danielle
Chilblain demo
Children of the Revolution
choking on these words that seem undone.
Circle A # 2
Circle A #1
Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience
Civilization's Dying
classic punk
Classic punk-ska-emo concoction
Cleaning Out The Closet, Volume 1-Dramatic History of a Boring Town: A Selection of Underground Music Circa 1997(?)
close your nose for the diarrhea
Cold Cold Rythms
college sucks, but you don't, well...you kind of do
Composition Transitor
Cookies and Milk: The Total Package
Cookies and Milk: The Total Package
Cool Music For Cool People
Coppertone On My Brain
Cover Me!!! (Did I Say Please?)
Cover The Evidence...
Crash Course
crash on this
cross yr fingers//touch wood//spit.
curving towards sedation
Daddy, Where Did Green Day Come From?
Damn This March Weather
Dansu Imouto
dark entries ... 2of3
dave's punk life
Dead Girls Drenched in Blood
Degenerated Lunchtime
designed to kill - 2 hr cassette
Disco Explosion (Disc 2)
Disco Explosion (Disc One)
Discombobulated Amnesiac Uvula
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
do you remember rock'n'roll radio?
Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio?
Do You Remember Summer?
Do You Remember?
Do You Remember? Husker Du-1979-1988
Don't Bother Me
Don't Go Swimming (It's Cold Out)
don't look at me im irrelevant
Don't settle for satisfaction...
Don't Touch My Breast
dont' worry be happy!!
Don't You Like The Song "Action Woman"?
double barreled blast off
Drive Thru Mix
Drive to Sonoma
driving around in my car
Driving Mix: Asleep at the Wheel
Drunk Punk Party
Ear Candy
early punk rock
emo for annie
emo mix volume eight - the last heartbreak.
emo mix volume five - heart's last effort.
emo mix volume four - the last hurrah?
emo mix volume one - stars burn bright.
emo mix volume seven - never looking back.
emo mix volume six - alive & well without you.
emo mix volume three - burn bright stars.
emo mix volume two - bright stars burn.
Emo... or is it???
End Is Forever: Volume 1
End Is Forever: Volume 2 (Quality Punk)
End Is Forever: Volume 3, The Musical Maturity of A Sell-Out
End of School Mix
Enemy of God
England Belongs To Me
EP-LP, etc.
Essential Alkaline Trio
Essential Anarcho/Crust Punk.
Ether Party
Even if We're Just Dancing in the Dark
Even More Plain and Simple Punk
Even The Clouds... Are Getting In My Way
Everclear mix
everyone hears every little sound
everything is new, what else is crazy?
Everything Is Twice as Bad
experience the mr t.
Expressway to yr Skull: Black Flag & Sonic Youth
Eye for an Eye for an Eye for an Eye
Fall In Love On Route 40
Fall Playlist 2: Fuck My Emotional Bullshit
Fall Playlist 3: We've Got Deadlines To Meet
famous mouth
Fashion Punk Invasion
Favorite Punx Mix 1
Favorite Punx Mix 2
Favorite Punx Mix 3
Favorite Punx Mix 4
February: A New Hope
Fell Down On My Knees
Fight, Dance, Scream and Cry
Fighting Out Of The Box
Filth, Maggots, and Riots
Final Cut Punk
Finger on the Pulse of America
Firehalls & Holes In The Wall
First Dancing, Then Bleeding Eardrums, Finally Catharsis
First Impressions
first mix of the year, and first ever for this site
Flippin Awesome Dont you Think??
Flippin Awesome Dont you Think??
foever the sickest mixtape
Folk Punk Summers.
For Amber Again
for elsie
For Every Know-It-All Like You...
For Kunal
for melanie r. - part one
for melanie r. - part two
for our own arrogance
for your inner "hipster"
Forever and Ever Vol. 1
frank's oistreetpunkskaskinheadreggaerockabilly tape
fresh-squeezed oi!
Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Alone
Friends is spelled P-U-N-K
Friends 'Till The End
From "Them" To "Us" (1993-2002)
from each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need.
From the Garages of PA
fuck armageddon. . .this is hell.
Fuck as Punk (A Brief Introduction)
fuck that touchy-queery stuff
Fuck The 70's, Here's Some 60's Garage Punk!
Fuck You and Your Faux-Black "Emo" Hair
Fuck You, Kingston High School Class of 2000
Full Circle
Fuzzbox Lullaby
G.G. Allin - Rest In Pee
Garagepunk Apocalypse
Gathering Of The Punks
General Rockabilly : Punk Compilation
Get Bent - Warped Tour Acquisitions
Get Me Out of Your Starry Eyes
Get The "Punk" out- Spring 2003
Get The Hell Off My Lawn
GET UP & GO: D.C. punk rock!
Ghosts of Music, People and Punks Past
gimme gimme danger
Gimme some glass to break, Hamhock
Gimme,Gimme Punk Treatment
give guns to the queers
Give our blood for oil, sell our souls.
giving goose her ruler back
Go Tell Your Friends I'm Still a Feminist
Going Places
Golden Hour of UK Independents 1978-82
Good 1
good 77 songs
good charlotte
good morning mr penniman, how would you like your eggs?
good morning...cup of joe?
Good Stuff For Summer Mix
Good Times and False Hopes
Gotta Make These Records for the Next Generation (Or Fucking Die Trying)
goyankstwinssuck testmix
grade eleven music
Grown Up All Wrong, Volume 14
Gum Is Delicious!
H2O vs No Use For A Name
Hangover Is Coming-- Are You Ready?
Happiness Is A Warm Kitten
hardcore punk
Haunted Town
Headbanger's bash
Headbanger's bash
Healthy Body, Mix Tape
Heart Break mix 2003
Heart of the City (let me out of here)
hecks of punk rock.
Hello Concrete, Hello Pain
Here Comes Summer... Again.
here comes the summer
Here's My Fist! Where's the Fight?
Here's some (ska)punk 4 u
He's The Guy Passing Out and Crashing On Your Couch
hey michelle, punk doesnt stop at fat wreck
Hey Now!
hey student
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 7
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 8
HEY, BASTARD!!! Girls Invented Punk Rock
HEY, BASTARD!!! Girls Invented Punk Rock...(version 2)
Hey, Bilge, Will you be my Girlfriend?
Hey, gang! Let's Have a Revolution!!!
Hey, Mom...
His Indie World
Historia de la PUNK
History of Punk.
HOLIDAY ADVISORY Explicit Content ~2002
Holy Fucking Shit, a mix tape!
Honey, That Ain't No Romance
hope i die before i get old, pt. 1
hope i die before i get old, pt. 2
Hopelessly Not Over You
Horns Et Al
Horses taste like chicken, and other disturbing facts.
hot topic is the way that we rhyme
Hot Water Music vs. Cooter vs. The Descendents
how long have i been on the street, anyways?
how to destroy your preconceptions in 21 easy steps (an introduction to rebellion)
Huggy Bear / Pavement: The Sound of My School Burning Down
I Always Knew You Were A No Good Punk!!(And Emo Sucks!)
I am 138
I Believe in Cars
I Believe in Rock and Roll
I Bent My Wookie!
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business (take II)
I Can't Stop Myself
i don't care if they eat me alive. i've got better things to do than survive.
I dont give a damn bout my reputation1
I Don't Want to Die in Your War (aka George Bush's Head, Set Aflame and Nailed to the Fucking Wall)
I glued my head to my shoulder
i got my education in the ivory halls. found the pulse of the nation in truck-stop toilet stalls.
I have these dreams, in them I learn to play guitar
I just joined a gym and need music to motivate me to lose these tits
i know that girl, there's a tattoo on her heart.
I Like Punk Rock Mix
I Like Short Songs
I live on the Bowery, I can't remember my name.
i love music and i love patti
I love PUNK!
I Love The 90's (Post-Hardcore Scene)
I love you and it's not just the Prozac talking.
I 'm a (punk rock) Cliche
i made this mix a long time ago and i still like to listen to it.......
i may freak you out with my raw look
I Might as Well Be Dead
I Need to Shave
I Need Your Skulls
I Needed An Excuse To Make Another CD
i once was a happy child, i rode my bike in the wild
i punked your mother...
i realize, that i hate the sound of guitars
I Remember the First Time
i smoke cos i'm hoping for an early death/and i need to cling to something.
I Still Know the Way to Make Your Makeup Run: a punk/emo mix
I Survived Puberty And All I Got Was This Shitty CD!!!!
I take off my wig when I'm drunk.
I try so hard to be good, I just wish I could.
I Use To Be A Punk Rocker.
I wander loaded as a crowd
I Wanna Be A Mix Tape
i want you to fucking want me
I Was a Pre-Teen Slacker
I will smash your face into a ... into a jelly!
I Work in a Graveyard
I<3 Nascar And I'm a Rocker (I'm Sooooooo Cool!!...Not really)
I'd Rather Be Forgotten than Remembered For Giving In
If I Fall in Love with a Girl From Marin
If It Sounds Like A Winner, You're Probably an Idiot
If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything
If Only Stevie Wonder Could See Us Now
If there's nothing, take something.
if you like astro boy you'll like this mix
If You Steal This Car, Please Don't Steal This Tape
If you think this is great you should see my ass
I'm A Monkey With A Madding Affliction
I'm a pop punk girl
Im In Love
I'm in Love With the World, Through the Eyes of a Girl
I'm Into Shit That You Don't Even Know
I'm Not As Hardcore As You Think I Am
I'm So God Damned Young
i'm so hardcore
I'm So Punk...Oh Yea Well I'm Hardcore
i'm the best seventeen year old ever
In my opinion these are great punk bands!
in progress
incite a riot
Indie hits through the years vol 13
Insane Mary's Mix
Insecure and Emotional
Insecure and Emotional
Insert Title Here
Insert Title Here
inside the line
International Record Syndicate Rules!!!
Intro to "Punk Rock" for a girl who likes Avril and Linkin Park
Irish Coffee
Is she even listening?
It Feels So Fucking Incredible To Be Alive.
it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
It May Suck But At Least You're Not Listening to Simple Plan
It's a tape
Its all about Flowing, Time Changes, and being Overproduced
It's all About the Ladies
it's far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time.
It's Not A Sound It's An Attitude
It's Not Over
IT'S OK TO BE EMO if you listen to such great bands
It's Okay, As Long As You Had Subway For Lunch
Its only rock n roll
It's The New Paranoia
It's too hot and I need shorts!
I've Been Thinking You Don't Drink Enough
I've Had the Pox, and It Ain't Nice
jag var punk innan du var det
Jamie's Mix Tape (by Q)
jessica before god: a manifesto
jessica before god: part two of the manifesto
Jesus Christ: Punk Rock Star
Joe's Mixx 2005: April Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: August Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: December Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: February Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: January Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: July Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: June Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: March Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: May Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: November Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: October Edition
Joe's Mixx 2005: September Edition
Joe's Mixx 2006: January Edition
Johnny Took Draino and Listened to this Mix
journey to the end
jumpy happy clappy fun boy
just because i dress like this. . .
Just Dance Motherfucker!
Just Head
Just in Time for Summer
Just Like Frank
Just Look At Her
Just This One Day
Kaley's So Punk
keep it mad real kid: punk mix volume four
Keepin' It Real: An Art Form
Keeping You Interested
Kick The Dog: Other people's greatest hits!
Kick The Dog: Other people's greatest hits!
Kill A Punk For Rock 'N' Roll
Kiss Me, I Made a Mixtape
Lady Day
Last Years Punk
Late Model Sedan
laugh while you can, monkey boy!
laugh, cry and sing a long on empty streets
Laughing At You
learning the twist, ignoring the shouts
leather jackets, stupid boyfriends, poor report cards - life is such a ball. volume 1
leather jackets, stupid boyfriends, poor report cards, life is just a ball. volume 2
leave leave leave leave leave dance leave
Leave Me To My Punk! Volume 1
Less Talk, More Rock
Lesser Knowns
Let the Bed Bugs Fight
Let's Kill Everyone
let's live it like we fucking mean it.
Let's Shake
liberation frequency
Libido Anger
Life goes on
Life On A Rusty Safety Pin
Lifetime / Saves the Day
living in your car, it's important to have good tunes.
Lonely Hearts Club
Look at my cat. Why Can't I live like that? You don'y own a cat. Exactly
look how we killed the riot grrrls
Look What Happened...
Look, whatever.
Loser in a Trash-Can pt.1
Lost Innocence
Lost singles and more vol 7 punk edition
love is ours.
love meant to die
love songs for a punk rockerish
Love the Birdies Love the Beesies, Love the Kids With Dirty Kneesies
Love, Hate, Die Happy
Loving You Every Day
luckily your german is too bad to understand these lyrics
Machine Moving - Earwax & Parasites/Multicoloured Drippings
Mad Hardcore-O For Luke Bartolo
Make A Connection
Making waves
making you believe in punk again
Mama Didn't Raise No Punk
Manicure Matrix
mao on the long march
match box revolution
Matt's Super (Punk) Covers of Everything-but-the-80s
Matt's Super (Punk) Covers of the 80s
maybe partying will help
Me Like Punk Music!
Mean, Dirty, & Stoned
meanwhile, back in the jungle
Meet Us At The Diner
Mellow Mix #1
Melodic Punk/Ska Ddong
message for rob conroy: I'm really sorry. regards, ks
microwave mix
minds are like parachutes// they only function when open
Mission Debarov
Mix #1
mix for candi.
Mix For Julia
Mix of The Dead
Mix Tape
Mix Tape/CD Makers Are Pretentious Assholes
Mix Tapes Sound the Best When I'm Alone (Frankenstein Mix)
Mmmm.. Sacrilicious
modular car ride mix
Monopolized Reality for the Maintenance of Order
Monster Mosh!
Moonlit skies, clenched fists, and great adventures
More from me 2 you
More Hardcore Punk
More Nights of Hugging My Pillow
More of me tryting to impose my musical tastes upon everyone else
More Punk, Less Junk
More than Fashion.
more than noise
mother may i
Motion ahead
Mr. Frog And Mr. Toad Are Friends
Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World #26: Happy Halloween @ modrob.podomatic.com
Murder The Gov't And Then....Do it Again
murdrah murdrah
Music Education For The Masses
Music for a Rough Patch
Music for Courting Speeding Tickets
music for leaving notes on people's cars
Music for the Aimless Journey
music is my only friend
Music To Keep You Warm
Music to Skank to
Musical Guide to College vol 1: '90s Punk Decries Punks of Today
Mutiny on the Bay
Mutter Mutter
My basic nature's gonna kill me in 6 months.
my days in the gutter-My nights without slumber
my faves- old and new
My Favorite Punk Songs
My Favorite Punk Songs
My Generation is Not the Salvation: Who Will Save Rock 'n' Roll?
My Life Inside Your Heart
my mind's a fuckin' zoo
My Sweet Lovin
My Thoughts On Rob Conroy
nag nag nag
naked ladies all lit up
new noise: it's better than saves the day
New Punk For Old Ears
new radio
new radio
Nice Kitchens and Stinky Sweaters
Nicolle's Mix
Night of the Living Mix Tape
Nightmare in Room 308
Nirvana: An Overview
No Brian Eno (Yes New York)
No Feelings (love songs)
no harsh chords on the car radio
No Mix
No More The Warm Caress
No Point In Asking
No Time For Smoking In The Boy's Room, PunX Is Here
no WAVE! wave. (and other post-punk)
Nobody Fucks With the Jesus
NOFX vs Face To Face Part 1
NOFX vs. Face To Face part II
Noise in General Volume 1
Not Enough Natural Selection
not so close to me
not your typical romance
Nothing Lasts Forever, Except Infinity
nothing like punk
Now I'm Candy Apple Grey
Now More Than Ever
Obnox Bombastica!
Obscure East Texas punk bands, a bit of australian punk as well
Oh Man, That is Soooo Punk
Oh...OK I get it now, THIS is Rock N' Roll
Oi Boys Never Say Die
OI! Let's get pissed & break shite!
Old Punk For New Ears
old school "punk" rock
Old School Punk
Old School Punk
Old School Tape
On Second Thought, Maybe You Should Have Listened to Simple Plan
On the Road Again
On the Third Day of the Seventh Month
On, On, On, On, On, On
One Sleazy Summer
One Snowy Sunday Night
Only in America are Mondays this Bad.
Only In It For The Bucks: the ska mix
operate heavy machinery [while playing this tape at maximum volume]
Optimum Rock
oregon central
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 1 of 4)
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 1of 4) reworked
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 2 of 4) reworked
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 3 of 4)
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 3 of 4) reworked
Our Band Could Be Your Life (disc 4 of 4) reworked
our hearts pump dust & our hair's all gray
Our Lower East Side Addictions ( X-Angel's NYC Mix )
Our Lower East Side Addictions-Part 2 ( X-Angel's NYC Mix )
Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday: a Punk and Emo mix
Outside Looking In
Paint Pens and Burritos
Parental Advisory
particular songs for a particular girl
Peace and Love Through None of the Above
Penguins and Polarbears
Perfection Through Silence
Pick It Up!
Pints of Huber Make You Stronger
pirate radio
Planet of the Mixtapes
play in order or hit random...no matter
Play It Faster
PLEASE KILL ME soundtrack
Please, Come With Us
pleasure avalanche! ... 1of3
Plenty o' Punk
pnxsde a
Pocket Emo
Politics over a glass of Lemonade
Pop Punk
pop punk trampoline ice cream social (winter 2009).
Pop punkish
Poppy Punk For the Masses
Portable Radio
Posed Punque Chronicle
Post Punk 1977-83
Post Script : High School Sucked...
Post-Punk Apocalypse
Post-Punk Radio
Practico Sezzione Two
President Reagan Can Shove It!
pretty damn emo
pretty in punk setlist - march 7, 2000 (part one)
pretty in punk setlist - march 7, 2000 (part two)
Pretty N' Punk
Prince of the Rodeo
Protest The Republican National Convention
Punk 101
Punk '77 From Across the Pond
Punk As Fu*k!
punk as fuck
Punk as Fuck
Punk Bands Gone Nuts Vol. 1
Punk Bands Gone Nuts Vol. 2
Punk Bus 66 & 20
Punk Covers Vol. 1
Punk Covers Vol. 1
Punk Covers Vol. 2
Punk Drunk Love
Punk In Drublic
Punk in the 90s Sucks
Punk in The Present Tense: 90's Punk Rock
Punk Intro (Disc 1)
Punk Intro (Disc 2)
Punk is dead ... but who cares???
Punk Isn't Dead, It's Just Taking A Nap
Punk Love Songs
Punk me up baby!
Punk Mix 1
Punk Mix 11
Punk Mix 12
Punk Mix 13
Punk Mix 14
Punk Mix 15
Punk Mix 17
Punk Mix 18
Punk Mix 19
Punk Mix 2
Punk Mix 20
Punk Mix 21
Punk Mix 22
Punk Mix 23
Punk Mix 24
Punk Mix 3
Punk Mix 4
Punk Mix 5
Punk Mix 9
punk mix for the bathroom stereo
Punk Mix Ten
Punk Mixx
Punk o rama
Punk Out!
Punk Politics
Punk Precursors, Classics, and Offshoots
punk rock
Punk Rock
Punk Rock 1967 - 2000
punk rock comment-fest!
Punk Rock Dance Party
punk rock dream come true.
Punk Rock Fashion Show
Punk Rock Invades
Punk Rock Love )complete)
punk rock love songs
Punk Rock Maladies
Punk Rock Riot
Punk Rock Songs
punk rock songs to fuck to... if you have anyone to fuck, that is (or you can drink to these songs)
Punk Rock Stuff!
Punk Rock Superstars
Punk Rock! (ish)
punk rock, my ass!
Punk Rocks
Punk Rocks
Punk Rocks
Punk Rocks
Punk Rocks
Punk Rocks
Punk Sampler
punk sucks
Punk the Skunks of Freedom
Punk Then & Now
Punk You Probably Haven't Heard (but should)
Punk, Dammit
Punk, emo and covers
Punk, Plain and Simple
punk/emo mix #1
Punk/Indie/Emo Mix
Punk/new wave, 1976-1977
Punk/new wave, 1978
Punk/new wave, 1979
Punk/new wave, 1980
Punk/new wave, 1981-1982
Punk/new wave, 1983-1984
Punk/Ska Mix 1
punkerton testing mix
Punkier and Prouder than Previous
Punkified II
punkin' donuts
Punks Extravaganza [March '98]
Punks Rule Again
Punky Reggae Party
Punx not dead
q 101 and fuckin' mtv
q: how many skapunx does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Radio's Last Breath
Rage Against The Machine Mix
rags & bones & battered shoes
Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa
Ramones Tape For M.S.
Ramones VS Misfits
Random Songs for Mooninites
random stuff
Reality is a Mixtape
Really Depressing Songs
REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: Another 90 Minutes of the Blank Generation
Recession Rock II
Recife for Hate
Reflections on a Youth Well Misspent
Remember Your Fathers Face (A Daughters Story)
Requiem for a Heart
Return to the Good Life(ByeBye Deathflu)
Richard Scarry's Nastiest Mix-Tape Ever
Right To Move
Riot Girl for Pati
Riot Grrl
Rising Above Ealier Setbacks
Road Trip With The 'rentals
Roads that Don't Go Anywhere
robofagpants sez "take back the re:vo-lution"
Rock Against Tano's Shit Music
Rock N' Roll Highschool Vol. I "Please Kill Me"
Rock N' Roll Highschool Vol. II "England's Dreaming"
Rock N' Roll II: Electric Bugaloo
Rock n Roll Shakedown
Rock, Punk and Roll
rocket science!
Rocket To Nowhere
Rockin Like Jesus
Roosevelt Boulevard
Roots and radicals
Rude Boy Train
Runk Pock
Running A Marathon
s.o.t.w.(11.28.05)"eggs benedict at 2:30 in the morning is special special, yummy yummy"
Safety Pins and Pragmatism
Safety Pins, Studded Bracelets and Assorted Other Stereotypes
salad days
Santa's Secret Service (sometimes referred to as Santa's SS)
Sassafrass Live
save the whale ... kill the seals
Say Fuck In Front Of Your Mom! / Then Go To School Naked!
Scamps Happen
Scenes From A Scientologist Birthing
School Is In Session, Punk
Screwed and Tattooed
searching for a high school you know doesn't exist...
Self-Indulgent Decadence
sell my old mixes, i'm off to heaven
'Sending This Smile Over To You'
set the night on fire
Sex Pistols and Black Flag
shadows in your smile
Shake Your Hips! Raise Your Fist!
She Cannot Miss a Vein
She Has a Mohawk
she's just a junkie groupie
She's Real: Riot Grrrl 202
Shit! He's Got a Bomb!!!!
ShitMix Vol. !
Shoot to Kill
Short and Sweet
short PUNK mix
should I wake up and explain myself to you?
Shout At The Devil!
Shut up and Smoke
Shut Up Scooby Doo and Other Punk(esque) Hits of the 20th Century
Sick of Sick
silent and defying
Silver And Cold
Silver And Cold
simple music, easy minded
Since I Became Deranged
Sing Along Bliss
singles only 5: T-E-K-technology
singles only: the bog is no place to see your face
Sir Reginald: Duke of Chutney
Six Months
Ska Compilation
Ska/Punk Mix
Ska/Punk Mix
Ska-Crazy Punks Go Wild 2003
Skapunkswing Anyone?
Skin Musik
Slurpees and sunsets
Smack & the Clap; the Origins of Punk Rock
small miracles invade my head
Smash Yr Head on the Punk Rock 1980-84 (give or take)
smile and show your teeth
sniffing glue is better than kissing.
SNOOPY has hemorids??
so hardcore it hurts.
So What? Punk Rock Has Been Good To Me (vol. 1)
So What? Punk Rock Has Been Good To Me (vol. 2)
So What? Punk Rock Has Been Good To Me (vol. 3)
So you wanna start a punk band...
some emo-ish song that i love!
Some of the Greatest Punk Bands Ever, Mostly Chronologically
Some Other Time
Some People Miscontrue Failure To Suceed As Failure To Try
Someday, We'll Look Back and Laugh
Something Light, Something Emo
Songs A Guy Should Sing To Me (Rawk High School Version)
Songs About Girls
songs for the ghetto sled vol. 1
Songs in the Key of YOU
Songs That Matt Likes Vol 1: The Acoustic Years
Songs To Geek Out To
Songs to listen to when you want to fuck shit up
Songs To Wake You Up
Sorry About Wisconsin
Sound of the Streets
Sounds Like Punk Rock
soundtrack for friday night
Soundtrack To Andreea's Punk Hair Day
Speak with Reason
split end
Spring Roll - A Mix for Cleaning
Starbucks And Cigarettes
Staring at the Sun
Starry Eyed
stars turned blue
starshy three - don't dictate
starter set
Stay down, we've got you covered!
Step Up Ghetto Blaster
Stick It To The Man Volume I
Straight To Cambodia
Streets Gave This to Me
Strung Out vs Saves The Day
Stuck In Traffic
Stuff Jen Doesn't Like
Stuff Jen Doesn't Like
Summer At The Warped Tour (Disc 1)
Summer At The Warped Tour (Disc 2)
Summer At The Warped Tour (Disc 3)
Summer In Review: Part 1 of 2
Summer In Review: Part 2 Of 2
Summer Lovin' Down Ocean Avenue
summer songs
Summer Time and the Livin's Easy
Summer's Gone
Suspect Device (Disc 1)
Suspect Device (Disc 2)
Take a Pen and Underline the Word Wow
Take that, establishment!
Take Up Our Arms like Sitcom Soldiers
Tape A(my)
Tape For A.P.
Tape For C.M.
Tape For D
Tape For E.G.
Tape For K.C.
Tape For K.M.
Tape for L.B.
Tape For M.J.
Tape For R.T.
Tape For S.H.
Tape for Steve-o Destruct-o #1
Tape For Twinkie
Taunts from the Battlements 2
Taunts from the battlements- Old Punk, New Wave and related stuff
Tears Of A Clone Mix
Tears Of A Clone Mix
teenage kicks
Teenage Kicks Right Through The Night
Teenage Time Killer
Teenager in a Box
tell all your friends
testing mix
Texas Certainly IS The Reason!
Thank God the Songs are Short
that jax chick (feel)
that was then -1998-99
That's a Really Good Way to Lose That Thing
That's my punk
That's My Punk vol. II
that's when it all gets blown away
The "I Don't Know Crap About Ska, But Here's Some Good Punk-Type Music To Listen To." Mix
The 72 Minute Loser Anthem
The Antidote for August
The Ataris Love Songs
The Awesomeness of the opening riff of Kiss The Bottle and the opening riff of Where I Stand
The best 29 songs ever
The Best CD in the Whole Fucking World: Will's 21st Birthday Mix
the best punk mix tape in the world ever
The Best There Is
the black and red tape
The Bouncing Souls
The Brain that Refused to Die
The Car Tapes - Vol. 1: The Clash/The Strike
The Crazy World Of Rev. Dan
The Current Pet Virus Setlist
The Curse of the Crying Woman
The Curtis-Pogo Massacre
The Cutest Gravedigger I've Ever Seen
The Day I Began
The Devil Poured Me This Drink
The Diner Pt. 2: Pita's Revenge
The Diner Pt. 3: The Waitress Riots
The Driving Cd.....To Drive To
the first plaidcore compilation album ever
The Frumpies
The Fungus In My Milk
the get fresh flow, vol. 5
The Good Ones Are Hard To Find
The Governator's Girly Man Punk Mix
The Happy Meal Diet
The Hello! Project
the january 2010 garage rock playlist.
The kid who knocked himself out and came back for more.
The Last Temptation of Punk
The List is Thousands Long, Volume One
The List is Thousands Long, Volume Two
The Masters of Pop Disaster
The Middle Finger Of Fate
The Midnight NAMBLA's Last Words: "You're Just a..."
The Modern Age Vol.1
The Moon Is The Only Light We'll See.
The Must-Haves Of Green Day
the neurochemicals that create punknicity
The Never Ending Tapey
The Offspring: California Punk Rock
The One in Blue is Always the Last to Leave
The Only Good President (Is A Very Dead One)
the only music that's a pulse is music that's a threat
The Only Reason I Come Here
the porcupine and the witch
the process of blending in
the punk posers will start the decline
the punk posers will start the decline
The Punk Stuff...My New Outake On Life
The Rapid Loss of Simpsons Quotes From My Brain
the rest of hey you kids get off my lawn
the scene is dead
the scratch in yr mouth that would heal if you'd only stop tongueing it
The Screamers
The Serenade Is Dead
The Shelfreading Riot Mix
The Skinhead Boy who I Used to Love
The soundtrack to my life; boys, rock n roll, and parties
The soundtrack to my life; boys, rock n roll, and parties
The Story So Far
The Ultimate Descendents Mix CD
The Ultimate Punk Rock Mix
The Ultimate Punk Rock Mix Vol. 2
The Ultimate Strung Out CD
The Unheard Music Vol. 1
The Vault of Horror
the v-day compilations part iii [for emily/sandra dee]
The Very Best of Leatherface
the wackiest covered wagon in the west
The Way It Is
the world is going to hell tonight
The Worlds Forgotten Boys
The World's Forgotten Boys (and Girls) Volume 1
The World's Forgotten Boys (and Girls) Volume 2
The World's Forgotten Boys (and Girls) Volume 3
The World's Forgotten Boys (and Girls) Volume 4
The Wrecking Pit
Them Won (The Worst and Best of Punk Planet) ['07 EP 07 and '07 LP 08]
Theologian Sampler/Punk Mix
They Actually DO Suck Live!!
they call it a scene, i call it a disaster
they kill eachother once!!!
They may be Weirdos Robin, but they're also Human Beings
They Smelt Of Pubs and Wormwood Scrubs
they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast.
They tie me to a chair, their needles everywhere, and I'd better prepare for a nightmare.
They were the future Part 1
They were the future Part 2
thin shitty doug
Thinking of Those Old Times
this are punk
This CD Has No Theme, What Was I Thinking?
this country's going to hell in a handbasket
This Game Is Rigged
this is a long drive for someone who hates school
This Is American Punk!
This Is Not A Punk Mix!
this is not an autopsy.
this is what my life sounds like
This Music isn't Really Punk.
This Pew Was Made Up In Cognito
this riot grrrl's a cynic
This Thing Called Progress
Those Days You Felt Alive
threes a charm
Thrilled By Dearth
tick, tick, BOOM!!!
Tickel Me Elmo Pink
Tickel Me Elmo Pink
Tiger Army/NOFX Split
Time Flies By
To Preserve Disorder - Chicago Punk & New Wave: 1978 - 1984
tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that i can't say
Too Much Too Soon
Totally Rejected
Totally Warped
Tough Grrl Anthems
Tragically Mixed
twenty-four hour party people
UK Punk 1977
UK vs. US: A Punk War!
ULTIMATE PUNK BOXED SET disc1 (In The Beginning....)
ULTIMATE PUNK BOXED SET disc2 (An Explosion in the UK)
ULTIMATE PUNK BOXED SET disc3 (Post Punk Nation)
Underground 80s
Unfold Your Wings
Unleash The Sonic Assualt
Unneeded Intensity
Vad Tycker du om Sverige?
Vicious Mix
viv'z birthday mix
vol. 1
Wake the Punk Up
Wake Up!
War Punks
Warped Tour Artists
Wasted: A Drunk Punk Mix
Wasting Away in Scampaittaville
we all need an escape
We Are the Dangerous
We are the sons of no one.
we dont need this fascist groove thang
We Got the Neutron Bomb
we only want yr rebel soul.
We Wrote It In Our Skin
Wear Sunglasses in Phoenix
Webster was a punk rocker
Webster was a punk rocker
Welcome to D.C.
Welcome to My Record
we'll be so fucked up that we won't even make it to bed
We're fucking corndogs
we're not looking forward and we are not looking back
we're so far apart, and the trouble is, that i can't take BART out to where you live.
we're still here. we still care. YOUR WORLD WILL BURN!
What Are You Eating?
what i learned on thursday
What I'm Thinking and What I'm Feeling
What Is This Thing Called Ska?
What Once Was Is No Longer
what the hell is punk?
what was punk rock.
what would brody do?
what? i can't hear you!
what's hardcore if not emotional?
When All Else Fails, I'll Still Be Yours
When Hell Becomes Bloody
when i got the music, i got a place to go
When I Made This Mix Is Was Showing Off
Where The Flacks Fall Heavy Along The Party Lines
where the old skool at?
Whips and Furs
White Punks On Dope
who killed bruce springsteen and made you the boss?
who loves the distillers and sleater-kinney? i do!
Why Do You Insist On Seeing Through Me?
wild hearts
Wild Wild Wild Youth
Will drop pants for food- another punk mix
With a Golden Heart, Comes a Rebel Fist
with my punk rock girlfriend kissing me b/w the last gang in town
Working Class Rip Off
Working for Oblivion
Yea.. so what if I like these songs
yeah, but is it punk?
yellow green cluster of potted plants
yesterdays punk for tomorrows physicist
you and i are like when fire and the ocean floor collide
You Can't Handle the Truth
You Can't Keep an Old Punk Down
You Did Everything Shy of Call Me Stupid
You Don't Know Shit
You drive me crazy (and not in a good way)
You fucking left me here
You fucking left me here
You ripped out my f-ing heart..
You Think Your Shit Just Drops Right Out Of The Sky
you you you
You'd Never Chase Another Dream Again
Young Loud And Snotty
Your Clothes Are Plastic
Your Dream Girl
Your Kiss So Sweet/Your Sweat So Sour
Your Mouth Is A Vast Wasteland
you're not punk and i'm telling everyone
you're so gay you smoke more pipes than the greatful dead
You're so lame and then some
You're so lame and then some
You're so lame and then some
Yr. Roots Are Showing
Yummy-Dum Dum
Zubaz Nation and Rebel Mission on WLVR 2002