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safety of the final hours
Evan's Custom Modest Mouse greatest hits:the blindspots
i have never done anything for anyone that was not for me as well
sunny sunday afternoon - the guys and girls have learned to get along - just in time
Nail-Biting Time at AOTM: My Mix Got No Comments!
"10 years from teenage and that's a freaking lot"
"an ache i first felt long ago"/"i knew that you were miles away"
"emo mix" 12/2000 - 2/2001
"Gonna Have Some of Your Attention"
"Good Music" Swap on swap-bot.com
"How's your mood? How's that song?"
"I can't just stay the course; keep my hands on the wheel."
"I Doubt I Could Explain"
"I think I know my geography, pretty damn well
"im the one who keeps the dancefloor moving"
"Indie Stuff for Laura"
"It'll Get So Quiet When This Record Ends"
"mix cd of god" from 2001
"My name is John Kerry, and I approve this mixtape."
"No one can touch us - we're in a different place"
"No one can touch us - we're in a different place"
"No One Will Ever Love You As Much As You Love Yourself Sean!" Mix
"now I know how The Outfield felt."
"Summer's gonna come, its gonna cloud our eyes again"
"This Is Fact Not Fiction"
"we all hope to signal kin.."
"We Only Work When We Need The Money"
"You're still falling."
#4 for '04
& leave those things for someone else.
&let forever be delayed.
( 2006 )
( 2007 )
( 2008 )
(Mostly) Fresh Indie Jamz
(mostly) skinny pasty brits
(Not So) American Music
(not so) Shitty
(surprisingly) we're graduating
(the importance of) A Thoroughly Modern Kitchen
(with invitations)
***Hyper Typo Poetry***
**music to sleep to**
,,,i.m. ran dumb,,,
... and Automobiles
...>Instrumental Erection<...
...but never a grin without a cat!
...I'll be a lonely scribe.
...it's all about us...
...It's the first draft of a Worst Case Scenario...
...Like A Mixtape [Side A]
...Like A Mixtape [Side B]
...Not for a long time
...they named her the SUNSET RETURN
...true meaning.
..a fate worse than sinking
..you are a bunk bed and i forgot that i hate heights
.: No Kitty Music :.
.lazy sunday.
.something about us.
.the tourist.
.there's no way to the heart better than awkwardly.
[and foolishly i tried to put this feeling into words.][a mix for gus.]
[brooklyn is always more beautiful at night.]
[cd191] indie-licious
[insert clever title here] Vol.2
^Snarky Fad Addict^
_u1 0f 2_vMix
{...Aural Vex...}
{Audio Vulgaris}
+Stanky Recipe+
<>Ridiculous Slop<>
Summer of Love
Stray Slack
Words left UNSPOKEN
A Mix As Sweet As:An Iced Venti Upside Down Soy Caramel Macchiato

Satan Said Dance!

Take A Ride With The Wind

>Draggle Sangfroid<
01 The Mix #1
01 The Mix #2
1 2 3 this is rock history
1 Free Hotdog: The Best of 2006
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
12 Tracks of Acoustic Indie Goodness
13x2 - Unlucky even for a 13 song disc
13x2 - You are now 26
1st QT 08 Mix
1st QT 2013
2 Out Of 10 Times
2 weeks in heaven, 3 days in hell..
20 Good Songs
20 Songs for Jacob
20 songs PJ Harvey
20 Songs The White Stripes
2003 Vol V: More Treats
2004: Dream
2004: Instrumentals
2004: POP!
2004: The Year I Discovered Music (not really, but here's what I bought)
2005: Randoms
2005: The Lost Records (Vol.1)
2005: The Lost Records (Vol.2)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.1)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.10)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.11)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.12)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.13)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.2)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.3)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.4)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.5)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.6)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.7)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.8)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far (Vol.9)
2005: This Year's Best...So Far...A Late Addition (Vol.14)
2006: Lovely Mirabel
2006: 3042 California St.
2006: A Plethora o' Vets
2006: Dream
2006: Extras
2006: Leftovers Vol. 1
2006: POP!
2006: Reissues
2006: SF Indie-an Summer
2006: Sophs
2006: Springtime Will Kill You
2007 September Mix
2007: Gems
2008 Q1 Wrap-up
2010: Top Covers
2016 'Thon Mix
21 songs for jinny
2182 kHz
2182 kHz
23 Golden Greats
24th birthday party favor
25th birthday party favor
26th birthday party favor
27th birthday party favor
30th birthday mix
3-Legged Animals: Red Red Meat & Califone
3'x4' straw and braided
4 seasons for a 25th year
4-20 & In Lust
50 Million Year Trip- Summer 2004
53 smash indiepop hits on 1 shiny disc!
6 Months Later....
60mins of grateful (to jon)
7 Seconds of Heaven, Then I'm Gone
8 - 16
90s Favorites #1
90s Indie Rock Mix
A Barely Merry Indie X-Mix
a bubble in a sound wave, vol. 2
A Careful Leap
A Celluloid Daydream
a century of fakers
A Chip Off the Food Chain
a combination of intelligent pricing and intelligent spans.
A couple of assault courses and a maths quiz
a dark, confusing time
A Day at the Zoo
A December '07 Mix For Ursula
a disc with music on it
A Double On The Rocks
A Fairly Merry Indie X-Mix
A Good-Talking Candle
A Guide To Meta-Conceptualism
A Guide to Sacramen'o
A History of Emo
A Horrid Trendy Wretch
A Hyper Nation
A Kind of Welfare State of the Soul
A Late Night Summer's Dance Party (Part 2)
A Latenight Summer's Dance Party (Part One)
A Letter From Home
a littel peace & quiet
A Livin' Thing
A Lull in Traffic
a million miles ago.
a minute later we're older now, i can't stay awake
a mix for that boy.
a mix for a boy in california.
A mix for mid February (not Valentine's Day)
a mix for that boy in my math class.
A Mix For The First Ride In My New Car
A Mix for Zac
a mix i named after a boy.
a more educated view
A More Perfect Fall 9.20.05
A Mountain of ClichT
A movie script ending
A mUsical Photograph of Myself April 2005
a new season has to begin.
A Nod To Mortality
a palimpsest of geographies
A Perfect Day for Bananafish:
A poem on the back of your shoulder.
A Postcard From Scotland
a priest with a yeast infection
a quiet summer night
a rabbits view of the world
A Relationship in an hour
A Ripping Time To Be Had By All
A Rockin' CD for a Rockin' Girl
A Romantic (ish) V-Day
A Rough Trade Singles Anthology : Vol 1 The Early Years
A Rough Trade Singles Anthology : Vol 2 Latter Days
A Rush of Blood to your Face
a ship without a rudder's like: fall 2005
A Short Mix- I'm a rock star
A simple indy mix tape for the new fan
A Sinister Kiss and Coffee
A Small, Perfect Time
A soliloquy that alluded your culpability
A Song in My Heart
A Stranger's Underground
A Suicide Note in Black Ink, and A Violin.
a summer wasting
a sunny friday afternoon - about freakin' time, because the weekend promises to be quite nice
a sunny monday afternoon - guys in back, please
a sunny saturday afternoon - driving down roads unknown, oh look, a candy store!
a sunny thursday afternoon - the menfolk reclaim their rightful place at the front
a sunny tuesday afternoon - c'mon guys, go watch football or something and leave us alone
a sunny wednesday afternoon - girls on 7"
A tape for a Sunday when there is much homework to be done
a taste of canada
A Thoughtless Mix
A Thousand Stars Burst Open 2
A Tiny Hole in Your Head
A to Zed
A Tragedy In 22 Acts (...Or Was It A Comedy?...Whatever!)
A Transmission From The Old Country
a typical angelica mix
A Valentine's Mix for Myself (Only)
A Valentine's Mix for Myself (Only)
a very indie christmas
A Very Indie Christmas
A Weird Mix
A Work In Progress (it's really not finished)
a year in retrospective
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 11
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer vol. 9
A.Lay!: mixtape cd.
aaron, i'm going to corrupt you
Absence Versus Thin Air
Absolutely Cuckoo
Absorbed By The Sonic Shatters
Accidental Western Scene
Achitecture In Sound
Acoustic Indie
Adavan + Alcohol
Addiction in the Summer Heat
adhere to me for we are bound by symmetry
Adieu adieu Soleil cou coupT
After You, Dionysus
afternoons under an afghan
against the 70s
Aimee's Away Again
Air Travel
Airbrushing Fantasy Art
Alisha's Birthday Mix
alison on my mind
All About You
All By Electricity
All hail what will be revered
All I Ever Think About is Drowning, Drowning; 8th July 2005
All My Friends Are Bad Kids
All My Friends Feel Like Shit
All My Little Words
All of the Animals, They Tell You Happy Birthday
all shook down
All That the Rain Promises
All the Best Wishes
All the changes there'll be
all the latest toughs
all the more reason this conversation is pointless
all these years, my feet asleep... move them around, that they might breathe
all things go
all those greys and yellers
All Your Dreams Are Made of Strawberry Lemonade
all your life, i have seen you grow.
Alpine Ski Resort
Alright, Already
Al's Prime Cuts
Also-Rans For December 2004
Also-Rans For January 2005
Alternative rock, 1985-1986
Alternative rock, 1987
Alternative rock, 1988
Alternative rock, 1989-1990
Always Incomplete
Amanda's Mix
American Idol
Amos tiene treinta!
An Amateur's Guide to the Often Treacherous World of the Indie Rock
an ambitious effort
An Ample Sample #1
An Ample Sample #2
An Audio Postcard For Dafne
An Early Assortment (of the best songs of the year)
An empty man being careful not to trip and bang his empty head.
An Endless Fall
An Indie Girl Workout/Rock Out Mix
An Indie Pop Starter Kit for Danielle
An Introduction(I couldn't think of a more appropriate title at the moment).
an update
an upward progression
Analog Oatmeal: Summer pop!
And Don't Regret A Fucking Minute
and in the night the only light was the glow of the surface
and love and war are either / either or or / or.
and now i feel like i'm floating (haldern 2009)
And the Power's Out in the Heart of Man
and the sun was pouring down rain . . .
and then he smiled.
And You Thought It Was Over
Angel Gone
Angels everywhere are in my midst
Angst Mix
Animal Machine
Animals in the City
Anna Nicole Hole Mix
Anne's Wedding Mix
Anomalous Physics
Anorak City: An Indie Pop Mix
Another Mix By A. J. (Your Clever Title Here)
another mix for the boy in california.
Another mix of songs that personally remind me of 2008
another mix tape for THE boy, you think he'd get a clue by now
anyone can play guitar
aphorisms and idioms
appetite for deconstruction I
Appetite For Jangle
Apple Cider, A Fire, And You!: thanksgivingmix '04
Approaching Nantucket Island With Two Buckets of Lion Fish In My Hands
Apr. '07: Dreams Away
April 2004 - I Sleep In These Dirty Sheets
April 2008: Heart It Races
April 2010
April 2010: Clean and Bright
April 2011: A Gentle Reminder
April Come She Will
April Fools
architects & actresses
Are You Laughing At Me? Mix
Are Your New Shoes Fit For The New Dance?
Arise Chicken
Art Show DJ: Mix CD Version
A's b-day mix
As Good As Gold
As Long As It Is Talking To You, Talk Of The Weather Will Do
As Of Late
as the world dies, the eyes of god grow bigger
As You Were
ashtray floors & dirty clothes
Asleep at the Wake
Assorted Mellow Tunes
Astral Tides
At Least I Spelled Your Name Right
At Least Jesus Still Loves You
At the Beat of a City Drum
at the end of the mechanical age.
Ativin won't kill
atom bombs and blunt razors
attack of the killer fluffernutters
Audio Masturbation
Audum's Mix
Aug. '07: The Girls of Summer
Aug. 2009: What's the Fuzz?
August 2004 - The City's Been Dead Since You've Been Gone
August 2008: California Breezes
august 25, 2007
August, Finally!
Austin - Stars
Austin - Underground
Autumn 2004
Autumn 2009 (untitled)
Autumn Chills Your Soul
Autumn Leaves (Part One)
Autumn Leaves (Part Two)
autumn mix
Autumn Mix
autumn sweetness
autumnal I
Awesome Paffing And Unrepentant Kisses: Songs Of 2009
Awful Bliss
B Is for Behrmann
Baby's First Mix
Back & Forth
Back Pain Sucks...
Bad Motivator
Baking Day Party Mix
bambi takes a lover
Bandage it Up with Rock and Roll
Bank Girl Blues
baseballjones test
Basket Case
baskets, blankets and banquets: sarah's mix
Battleheart Radio
Be Like The Squirrel, Girl
Be Thou My Vision.....
Beach Life, Summer In The Warzone
Beards on Ladies/Beards on Men
Beauty's Just Another Word I'm Never Certain How To Spell
because he thinks I'm a scenester
Because People Are the Greatest Thing to Happen
Because You're My Only Home: A Mix for Korinna
Because you're too cute not to
Beginning To End
Belated Best of 2006: Disc 1
Belated Best of 2006: Disc 2
Ben Folds' Greatest Hits (1990-2005)
Ben Folds' Greatest Hits (1990-2005)
Best Buy Inn: ban Best Buy mix
Best Friends Forever. We Both Go Down Together*
Best of 2003 ... ein musikalischer Jahresrnckblick
Best of 2004 Damn it!
Best of 2005 Disc 1
Best of 2005 Disc 2
Best of 2005 Disc 3
best of mid 2005
Best of my fall 2005
Best of The Best
Better than flowers, huh?
between past and present tense
between the evening and the day...
Beware the Permanent Typo
Big Gay Heart
Big Yellow Star
Bigger than life when I'm gone
biking mix
bingo players duet on the table
birds like insects.
Birthday Mix
Birthdays are Fun
Birthright Burger
Bison Room Dance Party (Part One)
Bison Room Dance Party (Part Three)
Bison Room Dance Party (Part Two)
Bitches Dig Whimsy
bitter jitters
bitter pills (2)
black and white
Black Black Heart
Black Hole Blister
Blame It on the Moonlight / Blame It on Plate Tectonics
Blogged Music
Blood On The Marquee
bloody lovely!
Blue Butterfly(revolution)
Bngelhits extended
bologna season #1
Books, words and looks
boom tchak banjo flash
Born In Cardiff, Raised By Wolves, And Died On His Fucking Arse.
born on a train
Born on the Cusp
born to gaze into night skies (introduction to summer)
Boys Are Smelly
Boys Don't Matter
Boys Vs. Girls: Disc One
Boys Vs. Girls: Disc Two
breakfast for the queen
breathing in reverse
bridesmaids fighting for a man
Bridges + Balloons
Britt Daniel Presents: Kate's Domestica
Broken Ankles
broken antenna: new mix
Broken Maps
Brother, you are going down
Buggaboo Mix
build your own giant robot
Buildings So Tall
Burn It 2
Busted Stardust
But don't look so sad cause it isn't sad.
but the saltiest sea knows it's own way to me.
but you can't predict the weather (kelli's birthday mix)
Butch is pink and butch is blue
By the Waning Light of the Sun - A Mix for Summer's End
by the way, the bridge is out - June 2004 indiepop list CD swap
C is for Carman
Caligula and Constantine
Call It What You Wish
call-response overturns conviction every time
can you hear the grass grow?
Canadian Indie
candy land.
Can't Squeeze Nothin' Past
Can't You Hear Me? Well I'm Calling Out Your Name
Can't You Hear What The Girl Goes Through?
Carbon I
cardigan weather gives me such pleasure volume 2
Carebear Cloud Music
Careful of My Hands
carelessly growing up and growing old.
Carry Me Ohio
Casey's CD for me, Disc 1: To You
Casey's CD for me, Disc 2: From Me
Cast Adrift
Casus Belli 6
Casus Belli Brigade
catch your dreams before they slip away.
Catching an Echo
Catfish Hunter's Blues
Caught In The Mess
'Cause I Have To
'Cause It's Life, and It's Happening. It's Really, Really Happening... Right Now
Cayce Police Will Have Its Revenge
C-brand (My soundsystem, is better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours.)
CD-Chain 12/2004
chansons de lapin deux
Chaos and the Girl
Chase this light with me.
cheer myself mix
cheer up, buttercup
Cheer up, it's summertime now!
Chewy Chewy
Chewy Chewy
Child is the Father of Man: Insert Witty Title Here, September 2004 (volume 2)
chill back
Chill Music for the Bi-polar
Christmas Present #1
Christmas, Revised and Expanded!
Christmas, Revised and Expanded! Disc Two
Chuck Norris
Chuck U Farley!
Cigarettes and Bonfires
city lights>>tree lines
Clap Your Hands Say Indie!
Clap Your Hands!
Classic Lovejoy 0.1
Classic Lovejoy 0.2
Clear Skies: Spring '05
Clearly as a result of my incredible taste in music
clever graffiti
Closed Eyes (mix for Clay)
clove & black lace
Clover girl takes flight in the cheer bubble
Coachella 2006
Coast to Coast/The heart it translates
Coded Hymnal
coherence isn't always bliss
Cold Hands
Colin Meloy Bootleg
collecting wood at sundown 14 : the pariah's apparition
Come on Undone
Come on, Alex/You can do it!
come on, move! there is no time!
Come, look inside my mixture of music.
comforting sounds
Coming Off This Manic High [slashing and thrashing my blues away]
Commute Bitch! Commute!
Concerning Your Whereabouts
Coney Island Maybe
confessions of a bootlegger vol 1 ( fruits of a misspent youth)
Confessions of a Closeted Optimist
Confessions of a Twixter-Hipster
Confuse Stupid people with euphemisms
Constantly Breaking Up With People
Continuous Hit Music
corinthians 17:4
Corn Only Makes Us Stronger- Best of the Midwest
Count the Days
Cover Your Ears
Crazed in the Mind
crazy dancing!
Crocodile Hunter remix
Cross Atlantic Living
Cry Cry
Cry Me A River Angela
cry me a river*
Cubicle the Musical
curbside cadence.
cure for pain
Current Absorbtion
Currently Amazing
Cut & Paste & Twist
Cut Down The Trees & Burn All Your Bridges
cut off
Cut the Chord Vol. 1: Indie Rock Needs Your Love (Earlier Draft)
Cut the Chord Vol.1: Indie Rock Needs Your Love
cute and sweet
cwas 18: red sky, black sun
Da Da Da Da
dade county
dade county
Dance by Yourself and Think of Me When You Do
Dance Dance Dance Until You Die
Dance Like We're In Love
Dance Mix for Henry Rollins
dance party at the dust bowl a.k.a kick up some fucking dust
Dance Yrself Free
Dance, Dance, Dance
Dance, Indie Child (1)
dancing about scaffolding: nerdnoise comp spring 2005
dancing in the penny arcade.
dancing with pretty people
Dark side of the Universe
Dark Skies
Dave's Mix Tape #31
Dave's Mix Tape #32
Dave's Mix Tape #35
Dave's Mix Tape #35
Dead Eyed Starlet Calm
Dear Cult Hero...
Dear Infatuation: You Do Not See Me.*
dear lover
Dear Mom, You wonder why I'm the way I am...
Deathporn Immortality Blues
December 2009
December needs to remember you before you begin to ignore it completely.
decemberizing. december, rising.
Deep Search, OR: She Didn't Really Love Me
Deeper Than You Dare
Define: "__________"
Defining Things Is Silly
Delicious Mush-Puff
deliciously mellow
detuned radio
Different Names For The Same Things
Digest It A While: An Introduction to Indie, For Stan
Digging Holes
Digital Toast in a Digital Toaster
Dinner Music
dinosaurs mix
Dirty Hearts
Disconnect the Dots
Discover Worlds Of Wonder
divided we stand
Do the Blues Mix
do the oligarchy test take2
Do They Know It's Halloween?
do you accept whitney houston as your personal lord and savior?
do you wanna know a secret?
Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? (Disk 2)
Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want the Truth? (Disk 1)
Do You Want to Make More Money? Sure, We All Do!
Doctor's Appointment on Mon., Apr. 26 - 2 PM
Does it get any better than Indie Rock? That's right, no it doesn't
Does This Mix Stop at Broadway?
Don't Be A Coconut
Don't Be Afraid To Crack A Smile
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Everyone Nose)
Don't Deconstruct
Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything. If You Do, You Start Missing Everybody.
dont follow me home......
Don't forget to breathe
Don't Get In My Way
Don't Get Me Started
Don't Say A Word
don't wake me i plan on sleeping in
don't you know i'll be your badger?
Don't You Look Like Siouxsie Sue
Do-Si-Do to the Head of the Class
Down at the Simon Reynolds PR Firm
down by the river oh we inhaled the rain reminisced air
down tempo for downed pilots
down the interstate we drive for like an hour
Dr. BLT's Korn-bred Mix
Dr. Q's Down and Dirty Dance Mix
drdrdr test
Dreamers with empty hands may sigh for exotic lands.
Dreams Are Free...
Dreams Buried Underground
Dreams Burn Down: shoegazers and dream pop
Driftwood Scripture
Drill a Tiny Hole Into Your Head
Dripping Gutters & Smiling Girls
Drive your car
Driving Mix
driving mix.
Drone Your Sorrows
drowning butterflies
Drunken Butterfly
Du musst es laut anh÷ren!
Dusk and Shiver
Dusty Palms is the only drawback to Living in a Chalk Circle
Dwarf Planets and Commercialised Dolphins
D'ya Ken John Peel?
Dying in the sun
Each Time a Faucet Opens Words are Spoken
eagerly awaiting!
Early Summer Days
Easter 06
Eat the document!
Eat, Drink, Piss & Vomit
edit the sad parts
ein abend in der indie-diskothek
el oro en orejas, el oro en su espalda
Electric Bill Mixtape Blues
Electric Version - Best of 2003
electric white boy blues
electro indie - punk - indie rock
elephant shoe.
elevator love letter.
elizabeth's mix cd
Emily's Birfday Mix
Emo/Indie Rock Mix
emo/math rock/whatever you want to call it...
Empty As Sin
Endeavorous Yellowings
Ending Scenes
Enjoy Living Your Pious Life in Sin
Enjoy the snow, it wont last long
Enthusiasm Can Be a Weakness
Epitonic Faves
es schien zwar immer viel zu sein.
escape from here
Esperanto is the Western Hemisphere's blah blah blah...
Estrellas de pop
et le silence me pTnFtre
Eternally Open
Evan's Custom Modest Mouse greatest hits:Adrenaline
even hipsters need to run
Evening Special
Everybody Knows
Everybody Loves You Now
Everybody's Got a Screwed Up Story
Everyone's A Little Queer...
everything abouth the coastline was true
Everything Is A Lie
Everything Is Illuminated
everything is soft and sweet
everything looks perfect from far away
Everything You Touch Turns To Shit
Everything's a lie, even what you thought was right beside you.
Everytime I see the sun in the morning I realise it's going to be a great summer
Everytime you close your eyes... Lies! Lies!
Exit Music
experiments in cross fading
Exquisite Drivel
Eye To The Telescope
Eyepatches for Babies
F Coons Mix
fact or fiction (scripted with precision).
Fading Like an Echo
Fading Moments And Aspirations
Failing Out of School
Fall 2008
Fall Ease Mix
fall fever
Fall Playlist 1: Let's Go To School
Fall, Oh Me Down
Falling Back in Love with you
Falling Into You: Songs for a Wonderful Woman
Farewell Mix
fast cheap & out of control
Feb '07: Gettin' Busy in the Lovers' Lounge
Feb 2009: It Was All So Promising, Then
Feb. '11 Vol 2: Egyptian Sunrise
Feb. 2010: President of What?
February 2004 -- Your Kind's My Kind
February 2008: Taking Shape
February 2011: An Early Spring
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Feeling of Gaze
Feeling Very Strange
feels like summer/ blue jean scene
Fell Down the Stairs
Female Desires
Femme Rock
F-Holes and Vertebrae
Fictions of Tied Friends
Fill Me with Your Dirty Blood
Filling All The Empty Rooms
Finally Free: The First Mix of Spring
fire eye'd boy
fire fire and more fire test
First Breath After Coma: A Post-Rock Primer pt. II
First in Seven
first mix: 11/2007
First Time Flying
first try...
five acts: bruise, bleed, break, scar & tooth
Five For Steph
Five Minutes With
flavor of the month
flowers make good dreams
fluffernutters or death
Fluffy White Rabbit
Flung at Random
flushed my zoloft...
Fluttering Biorhythm
flying without landing gear
flying without wings
Folk You.
follow your bliss
For #1.
for a birthday present
For a Friend
for a friend
for a pretty girl who makes you believe god exists
For an Indie girl
For Ashley part 2
for best friend on valentines day
for D I
for D II
For David
For E. & H.
For Ellie
for eric on his birthday
For Ferbie
For Jamie: Songs For Short Days and Long Nights prt 2
For Laura
For Mel on her 18th
for melanie j.
for michael: mix 2.
For My Beautiful Wife
for my little man abroad
For My Long Distance Valentine
For My Steggy
for nikki
for read.
for red
for ryan (version one)
for sammy b.
For Sassy Young Ladies Living On Their Own
for the boy with a constellation on his face
for the first time all over again
for the girl with a heart on her back
For the maestro
For Vicky...
for you
For Your New Car and All the Adventures We Are About to Have in it
Forget Corey Haim, whatever happened to Corey Feldman??
Forlorn of all hope
frankenstein wastes a minute of our time
Frankenstine would want your head
Frankly, Goddamn.
Freak Out Brewing
Free Kicks
Freezing Over Morning
Fried My Pretty Little Drugs
From All The Books I've Read
From Berlin To Varna,We Are All The Same
From dusk til dawn
from my living room to yours
from now through st. patrick's day
From Summer Straight Through Fall
From The Subterranean (Best Of 2004)
from upper arlington
from upper arlington part1
Frozen Assets
fuck me i'm twee
Fuck The Calm Dirty High
fuck, I really need money
fuck, I'm good
Fun and calm
fun songs to be grounded by
Fundraising For Kicks
further adventures in cross fading
Futile Devices
future enemies
Future Tense
gabe's girl&boys mix
Garage Collage!
Garage Mix
Gazing My Heart, Gazing My Soul
Geek Rock Terror
Generic Indie Mix # 501
German Discusrock
Get more sleep
Get Myself Arrested
get well christy
Getting the Done Job
ghost of an unkissed kiss & other such moments
ghost wiring
Ghostly Arrows Seem To Come And Go
gideon yago mix
gideon yago mix vol. II
GIFTS spring 2004 "Greater Omaha"
Gimme Indie Rock
Gimme Indie Rock
gimme indie rock vol.1
gimmie something to hug about
Girl on the Train Blues
Girl on the Train Blues pt. 2
Girl, you have no faith in music
girl, you're so groovy, i want you to know.
girls and guitars
girls rule, boys drool!
Girls, Dance, Furniture!
Give Me A Little Bit More
giving the lie
glad i didn't die before i met you
Glittering Prizes for Me
Globetrotting: 17 May - 10 June
Go Back to Those Gold Sounds
go back to those gold soundz... / just another diamond day...
Go Directly To Jail
go on go on just walk away, go on go on your choice is made
God is a comedian and the audience is too afraid to laugh
Going Back to the Water, Been Landlocked too Long
Going Home On A Rainy Sunday After One Of Our Friends Has Left The Country
Gonna Be a Grown Man
Gonna Give You a Try
Good Day Sunshine
Good Indie Mix
good things never wanna stay
got name?
Grattatio pallorum (gennaio 2006)
Gravel Road

great ghosts of mine
greener grasses fade
Greetings, from the wettest place on earth!
grey city
Grey Into Blue
Group Hug
Grown Up All Wrong, Volume 15
Guess The Theme Of This Mix
Guevara Mix '03!
Guilty Lovers and Stray Dogs
Gutbuckets' Hipsta Sista
Half a Beer Left and Half of it Gone
Half Asleep
Half Empty/Half Full
Half Frog/Half Fish/All Birthday
Hand In Glove: The Queer Songs of Morrissey
Hands and Fate
Hang Me Up To Dry
hanging out & hanging on (spring break I)
Happily waiting for my chicken to thaw...
Happiness is Temporary
happiness is the longing for repetition
Happy (un)Birthday to Me
Happy 22nd!.
Happy 4th Mix Cd
Happy birthday Drew, I have a crush on you but you've got a crush on your best friend.
happy birthday erin
Happy Birthday Kitten
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday, Theresa
Happy Birthday, Tim!
Happy Fall Days
Happy Happy Joy Joy
happy music (twee, indielectronica, mostly female vocalists)
Happy Music/Music To Trip By
Happy Songs For Happy People (SOTT 18, May 2004)
happy virus
hardly art
Harvest Mix
Have I Failed To Impress You?
Have You Seen Monica? : Making a Mix for Monica!
Hazy Days
he never returns.
He took me away
heart in a box
Heart Over Fist
hearts wrapped in blankets (laying low)
heavens to betsy
he'd like to lift us up, but we're a very heavy load
Helen's House
Hellbound Nights and Hungover Mornings
Hello, Charlie, Hello
Help Me Shatter My Heart
Her Mother Is a Geek
Here Are Some Musics
here comes a sunrise
Here Comes Jacket Weather - A Summer Retrospective
Here Comes the Ice Cream Man
Here Comes the Summer
Here Comes The Summer
Here Comes the Sun Again
Here is a cd Full of Heart Break for us Emo Kids to Enjoy
Here's My Bananna
Here's to 100 Highways
He's a spoonful Of Sugar
Hey! That song is not as a terrible as I thought!
Hidden Machines
hiding behind the moon
Hipster Tunes Vol. I
Hipsterism was made for Jewish guys and Asian girls.
History of College Rock
Hit & Miss
Hoarding It For Home
Hoedown At the Campbells'
hold on to me
Holden is my homie.
Holiday for Hangin'
holidays are hell (disc one)
holidays are hell (disc two)
Holly Cow!
Hollywood Ending
Homage To The Part Of Me That Wants The Rest Of Me To Know That Things Can Always Get Worse
Hometime CD
Honky ChGteau Dauphin
Honky Tonk Pandas
Horribly Happy
Horribly Happy
Hot summer's mix - Sigal's birthday
Hott Rock!!
How About Another 2008 Mix?
How Can You Embrace A Full Moon?
How come I end up where I started...
How I Currently Feel About Things
how I found out I wasn't quite so invulnerable (the morning commute v2n3)
how long will i ramble?
How Long Will You Wait?
How the Stars Got Crossed
How to be hip and down with the kids in 2005
How to Get Completely Lost
How To Hot-Wire a Car
How to Speak Hip
how to successfully fall apart
Howl Together
huh, whaddya know
Hunting Season
Hymn to the Lord Bird
Hypothetical Mix (1 of 2)
i always have my best ideas when the light shines through angus's ears
i am a creep.
I Am A Raw Youth Vol. 1
i am eternally grateful to my past influences.
i am going home. my mp3s are not.
I am racer.
I Believe This is the First Mix CD I Have Given You, No?
I bought brown mascara by mistake.
I can feel you smiling, but you're too far to see
I Can See the Sun (in Your Eyes)
I can stop anytime- May04
I can tell that we are gonna be friends: Jessica Birthday Mix
i can't wait until i see you again
i could almost touch your beautiful face
I Didn't Have to Work until Tuesday so I Made You: Mixtape #2 (II/two)
i do believe i swim
I do believe in synchronicity...
I Do Drugs In The Backyard And Smell Flowers In The Front But Flowers Don't Grow In The Winter
I Don't Have To Be Cute Right Through
I Dont Mind the Weather
I Don't Think I should See you Again.
I Feel Like I'm Jumping On A Trampoline! (Trampoline Trampoline Trampoline)
I feel no pain!
i feel right all the time
I find out too late
i found you a sexy chick
I get world sick everytime I take a step
I Got Jokes and Jokes: Kate's Mix #1
I Guess It Flows
I guess its a ghost that haunts my dreams
i had major oral surgery 2 days ago...
i had them trace your face for me in pollen
I Heart California Above Everything Else
i heart science
i heart the internet
I Hope I Get Over It
i just met a girl named maria
I Just Need a Minute to Sit and Think
i just need to dance!
i just started college, am i rite?
I Just Wanna Sing A Song With You ((( 2004 )))
I Keep Waiting For Something To Happen
I Killed My Dinner With Karate
I kind of wish I knew you better.
I Know It's Over, Still I Cling
i know, you might roll your eyes at this...but i'm so glad that you exist.
I Laugh...and laugh and laugh and laugh.
I like Cake!
I Like Dancing Alone in My Room
I Like Sad Songs
I like to work. I like to fuck.
I Like You?
I Listen Backwards for Meanings
I Lost the Theme after Track 3
I love Brittany, Volume One.
i love it when you sing to me
I love Twinkies and the reason I am saying that is because we all have to think of a reason to live.
I love you enough to share
I Love You From the Top of Every Mountain to the Tip of Every Toe
I made this foot out of toast
i met her at the indie-pop dance party
I Met You Once, So Here's A CD.
i miss scotland
I Miss You More Than I Need Sleep
I Must Soon Quit The Scene
i need someone to ease my mind, but sometimes a someone is hard to find.
I needed new music
i never sent you this cd
I Only Want The Worst Hurricanes Through The Backyards
I picture you in the sun, wondering what went wrong...
i read the news today, oh boy
I Said Indie And He Came Up With This...
I Said My Goodbye to the Sun, My Little One
I Saved Latin... What Did You Ever Do?
I Say 'Indie!' You Say 'Rock!'
I Should Be Sleeping...
I Should Be Sleeping...
i should have been asleep instead
i should have been your lover.
I so don't need those dreams
I spoil myself too much
i swear we were infinite.
i think about you more than i should.
I think we're already gone
I thought about it for many long years
i thought i was over that (right feelings, wrong days)
I walked by and saw you laughing
I Wanna Be Jackie Onassis
I Want to Live In a Small Town Where It Rains
I Want to Travel By Rickshaw
i want to watch the tread.
I Want Your Fingers On My Tongue*
I was an ambulance.
I was ashamed
i was bored in polisci today
I was going to put turning japanese on here but then I realized you were chinese
i was thinking of cutting out to florida
i will be the same, but older.
I Will Be Your Accident If You Will Be My Ambulance
I Will Be Your Ambulance
i will chain you to my boat, i will carry you back home.
i wish id saved up for rainy days
I Won't Forget You
I would like a place.
I'd hope that if I found the strength to walk out You'd stay the hell out of my way
Idler's Dream
Idylls and Interludes
If he doesn't say yes, I think I am going to cry
If I Can (But What If I Can't?)
if i could do it all over again, i'd do it all over you.
If I Ever Feel Better
If I ever pay you back...
If I Held Your Breath At Least We Would Touch*
if i throw sticks at you, will you leave?
If I Was a Sculptor
If I Was Sober, Would I Rip Hearts Apart Like Paper?
if isaac were a bunny rabbit
If Kurt Cobain had an Ipod
if my senses fail stay with me till they go cause i don't want to be alone. : for matt
If Songs Could Kill, This song's for you
If the sun sets you free, you'll be free indeed...
If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven't understood
if you can't fix it, you gotta stand it
If you like it so much...
if you want something, don't ask for nothing! if you want nothing, don't ask for something!
if you work it out tell me what you find
if you're operating heavy machinery, please exhume me (i'm a beautiful corpse)
If you've lost your faith in love and music, the end won't be long
I'll Be Home Soon
I'll Protect You Like You Are The Crown Jewels
i'll take the force of the blow
I'm A Rocker. I Rock Out. : Non-Screaming Favorites
i'm a sucker for that british pop shit.
I'm Bigger Than The Sound
I'm Coming Home to You With My Own Blood in My Mouth
I'm Fine...Bye Bye
i'm gonna take a stab at this, surely we'll be alright.
I'm Happy Just Because
i'm in love with illusion, so saw me in half
i'm in the sky when i'm on the floor/the world's a mess and yr my only cure
I'm not a college student, but I play one on tv
i'm not emo! volume three
I'm not in love with you. That's crazy.
i'm not someone who's seen this side of me
I'm Not That Basic, I Swear
I'm Not Very Smart
I'm Pissed Off...Now I'm Depressed...
i'm ready for the end.
i'm sick and i'm in love and i confuse the two and i don't care [79 min]
I'm So Fucking Happy it Hurts
i'm so full of ideas & here is a good one
I'm sorry i dreamed you were retarded
I'm Walken
i'm your crowbar - spring 2004
I'm Your New Friend Sam
i'ma Hit You From the Back
In 4x4 Beat
in a model room
In a Small Town, Waiting for the Summer to End
In Anticipation Of Summer
In August We Eat Watermelons
In Between the Start and End
In Keeping Memories of 2oo4
in ohio, california, or wherever.
In Russia Mix tape make you!
In Search Of . . . Chencho
In Slow Motion, the Blast is Beautiful
In Summerstreets
In the Afternoon You're Out on the Stone and Grass
In The City
In The Dark
in the face of all you know.
in time i'll know enough to know better
In Which Our Hero
Inches from Your Life
indie appeal
Indie Banker Bailout Madness
Indie Classics
Indie Crush
Indie Crush Mix vol. 3: Sad Songs Stay Till the End
Indie Crush Mix, vol. 4: Oh blue races! Crying you an international dancing queen
Indie Disco Select Volume I
Indie Horse presents: I'm a Rocker. I Rock Out.
Indie Mix 1
Indie Mix for Swap-Bot
INDIE MIX: September 2005
Indie Music For Frat Boys
Indie Pop Swap November
Indie Primer Plus (1 of 4)
Indie Primer Plus (2 of 4)
Indie Primer Plus (3 of 4)
Indie Punk House Party
Indie R_M_X_D
Indie Rock (90's Mix) Disc 1
Indie Rock (90's Mix) Disc 2
Indie Rock Essentials
Indie Rock for Jews
Indie Rock Mix
Indie Rockin New Year's Eve Mix
Indie Show. January, 2004.
Indie Street
Indie(pop) 101?
Indie-Ana Jones
Indie-pendent.... digging deep for good new sounds
indiepop swap june 2005
indiepop vol. 1: atta girl
indiepop vol. 2: the joy of living
Indie's Newest Hitmakers
Insectile Vampirism
Inspired by Duyster
Interstatic Sunbeams are the Angels only Storybook
Intimacy in Tennessee
Intonation Here We Come!
Intro to Indie Rock
Intro to my musical tastes
invaders for good music (wer nicht hoeren will, muss fuehlen)
ióÑm so glad that you exist
IPod, meet good music...
is it a crime to be bad?
Is It Easter Already? I Can't Feel It
Is it Monday or Tuesday, I always lose track
Is this the comfort of being afraid?
it always hurts the same
It Always Rains In Wuppertal
It Came From The Comp (Issue #1)
It Ends With a Fall
it feels good to know you're all mine.
it feels like i'm on fire
It is time.... to rock!
it is too late to drive you home
It Lives in Folds of Red and Steamy Air*
It Shows When You Smile
it was a good time the time you did that thing
it was a long, long cold year, but i think it's all becoming clear.
It Was Your Heart On The Line
It'll Make You Feel Good
It's a Cold and It's a Broken Hallelujah
It's a nice day for a medical emergency.
It's All Bernanke's Fault
It's All Coming Together
its all indie, except for frank, but he's cool too
It's Always Going to be Snakes and Roundabouts: Songs of 2015
It's Angular!
It's Been a Long Time Coming
It's Designer!
it's for my mum
it's getting light, but i'm not tired.
It's gonna be a long night
it's hard to leave old ways behind.
It's hard to say you love someone. It's hard to say you don't.*
It's just a little fog
it's not hte heat it's the humanity( a mix for athens)
its not my birthday, I was born today
It's Not Your Birthday But You Can Still Wear a Funny Hat
it's okay to be EMOtionally dEMOnstrative
it's okay to be EMOtionally dEMOnstrative
It's the Best That I Have Felt in a Long Time
It's worth the wait
Its Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware
I've Been Hit!
i've got a new song to sing.
I've Got A Question and You've Got the Answer
I've Got Friends in All the Right Places
i've killed myself with changes, trying to make it better.
I've seen a cat without a grin...
I've Seen It All Mix
i've seen you with your hair down at least five times...
Jan '07
Jan 2009: About Time
Jan 2010: Resolutions and Such
Jan 2011, Vol 2: Further Recognition
January 2004 - Here I Am Sitting At the Same Old Stop Light
January 2005
January 2008: Winter Fruit
January 2010
jawbreaker lyrics make great mix-tape titles.
je t'aime et je ne t'aime plus
jeff isn't here, but his mp3s are.
Jenn's back-to-Canada mix
jesus travolta dance party
Join Us In A Prayer..
Jolene Kissed Me (It Felt Like an Ego Trip to Venus)
Jolly Olly Oxen Free
Joop's Birthday Mix CD1
Joop's Birthday Mix CD2
Judge This CD by Its Covers!
judy and the dream of fluffernutters
julie christie; the rumors are true!
July '07: Games Are Fun!
July 2004 - We Touch We Touch
July 2008: Just Fred
July 2010
July 2011: Make it 206
July, It Never Seemed So Strange
June 10, 2004
June 2004 - Since I Left You
June 2008: "The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent . . ."
June 2010: Lost in Cape Town
June 2011: Turn the Season
June 6
Junemix [fin]
just a telephone call (it makes things better)
just across the border and into the city.
Just Because We Use Cheats Doesn't Mean We're Not Smart
Just Cause
Just Like Smoke
Just Smile All the Time.
Just the Smell of Summer Can Make Me Fall in Love
Kari Villwock Wabeno
katelyn's birthday
Kates Mix
Katie B.
keep it safe and free from harm.
Kelley's High 2000 and 5 mix
Kelley's High 2000 and 5 mix
KELLI (disc 1) ...rocks the blue wig
KELLI (disc 2) ...rocks the dance party
KELLI (disc 3) ...rocks the all-night bingo
KELLI (disc 4) ...rocks the fuzzy dice
KELLI (disc 5) ...rocks National Child Abuse Awareness Day
KELLI (disc 6) ...rocks the mechanical sheep
kelly, the one who got away.
Kevin Vs. Laura
Kevin's Indie Mix : So good You'll Crap Music Vol 2
Kevin's Indie Mix : So Good You'll CrapMusic
Key Lime Pies and Double High Fives
kids can learn from pi
Kill Me Before I Will Break Your Heart
Kill Rock Stars! Ladies' Mix
Kill Ugly Radio - Issue 2
Kill Ugly Radio!!!
Kill! The! Lights!
killed God blood soiled unclean again
Kilt by Kindness
King of Losers: Royal Mix
Kinoki Love
Kiss The Devil
kissing without lips.
Kiwi Rock
Klepto's Christmas Mix
knee-deep into autumn means i secretly love you
knowing the difference between where & when.
KRS Records Mixer
Label: Elefant Records
Labor Day Mix
Labyrinth Of My Own Making
Laced with Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
ladybird from where have you flown
Laidback & Mellow
Laissez Faire
LAM vol1
La's/Ba's/Da's Express What Words Cannot
Last Call Gets So Lonely
last radio show hour 1
last radio show hour 2
last.fm mix trade #1
Late Night TV Rerun Episodes
Laura's Mix
lauren's tattoo touchup mix
Lay Down in the Tall Grass
Lazer Exploration
Lazy Hazy Shoegazy Summer Days
Le jeu de cache-cache
leave me on my own.
let me let go (angel, i've never seen you).
let the good times roll x 2
let this be the epitaph for my heart
Let's Assassinate Winter
Let's do something fun for once
Let's End the War (By Winning It): Pro-troop mix
Let's Get A-Sexual
Let's Get Casually Acquainted
Let's Give It Up For the New Year
let's kill music
Let's Meet and Have a Baby
Let's Play Cards
let's play the No-Name Game!
Let's Pretend it's a Work of Art
Let's Ride!!!
let's sweat it out
Letter to Alexis
Letters To No One, Vol. 1
Letters To No One, Vol. 2
Levi You're A Jerk
Liberate Music Mix
lids embracing beautiful brown eyes; guide me through the deepest corners of your body and soul.
Lies, Bloody Lies, and the Mess Left on the Floor Afterwards
Life By Numbers
Life is a Glorious Cycle of Song
life is good
life is like a bag of gummie bears
Life is Still Sweet
Lightning Running Through My Veins
Like a Dream
like a nitroglycerine love bomb going off in your cerebral cortex.
Like a Splinter Stuck in Your Foot
Like Humans Do
like radios on quiet.
like the spanish rose you are
Lindas Classroom Extravaganza
lines dissecting
lines of longitude and latitude. define and refine my altitude.
Lipstick to Lashes
listen to these songs and become sexy!! overnight!!! (your results may vary)
Listen to this with a candle burning and you will see your entire future
Listening For Things I Cannot See
Lithium-Induced Haze
little gold convertible.
little gunshots
Little Kids Screaming.
Little Truths For Her To Rest In
littlest and me
Live Through This and You Won't Look Back
living in a fantasy
Living on the Fringe
Living With Nature
Load Records
Lo-fi Lovin'
Lo-Fi: In Search of an Honest Aesthetic (Valisian Psycle: Part VIII)
log cabin rollaway
Loneliness. The Hidden Radiance Which Dwells In Every Existing Thing
Lonely eyes and Lonely face
long time no see, long time no say.
look to the floor
looking around town, thinking the same as you.
Looking to make smooth leaps
Looks Like a Midieval Warrior
Los Bastardos
Lose Our Clothes in Summertime
Losers, Boozers, and Heroes
Losing Touch With My Weakness
Lost & Found
Lost Lo-Fi Miracles
LOTR2011 Mix
love always, nora x
love is what makes you smile when yr tired/my heart just skipped a beat & thanks cus i needed that
love lazy/morning belle
Love Lost to Distance/ Love was too Far Away
love me like fireworks!
Lovejoy's Best of 2006
Lovesick Ass
Lovesongs for Underdogs
low key indie jams
Low Pop Volume 3
Lucky With Disease
Luke's Birthday Tape (ps it's not really indie)
Lust, Love, Death... Whatever
LUSTER: the unofficial/bootleg soundtrack
lying in state
made to be illegal
made with glue, and a glove, and some pliers
magic wand take 1
Magnificent & Saucy Possibilities: Songs of 2014
Make It Hott
make mine a double (a mixtape for hilary)
Make No Mistake
make this go on forever
Man Named Truth
many rich directions
Mar. '07: Sweetness & Light
Mar. '11, Vol. 2: Look Green, Go Violet
March 2004 - I Wish That I Could Love Like Them
March 2008: Sound of Spring
March 2009: Some of the Parts
March 2010
March 2010: The Hare That Bit You
March 2011: The Spring in Your Step
March Madness
March Madness Mix
March Madness, Vol. 2
marry me and i'll leave you alone
Matchsticks in My Pants
Matt's "Get Indie" List
matt's amazing christmas mix
Matt's Greatest Hits
Maverick Avenue
May '07
May '11, Vol. 2
May 2004 - Just Tell Me What Has It Ever Meant?
May 2010: Gossamer Daze
May 2011: Chapters Close
may i present you with these fish
May, I'm Waiting To Know You
Maybe It's Scotland You Love
Maybe our words can make a story?
Me - who?
Me vs You Mix
me vs. you: touche
Meadowland II
Meaningful Madness
Meet Me By The Water
Meeting my "mainstream" friend halfway mix.
Megas January 08 v2
meghan dawn
Mellow Mix
melt into spring
Melt Your Face
Memories in Eight Millimeters
Memories of me = Bad dreams
memories often fade
Memos Are For the Weak
meow mix
Merry Christmas Kel
Merry Indie Christmas!
Merry miX-Mas 2005
Messing with My Art
Metaphors like closet doors that won't open
Metaphysical Linguini
Methamphetamine Blues
Metonymic phrasing & conducive thought
Microwave Romance
Midnight Construction
Midnight Modern Conversation
Mild Infatuation
Mirai Ha Ongaku Bakuhatsu
mired in the second division
Misery Loves Kari
mission statement
Mix for a friend
Mix for a Friend
Mix for a Friend
Mix for C
Mix For Jess
Mix For Laurel - Not Given Lightly
Mix for Missy Lurve Sheri
Mix for my Sis
Mix for Sam "Of Punctured Bicycles On Hillsides"
Mix for Vince, Em & Will
mix number one
mix of fools
mix tape: the tracks
Mix that makes you wanna drive too fast and swear too loud
Mixelaneous Pop
Mixer without a cause
Mixes are for Queers
Mixing for Meaghan is back!
Mixtape for Happy Klingons
Mixtape for Matriculates
Mixtape in the Radiator Songs
Mixtapeclub: April (Moorehead in his lair)
ML King Jr. Mix
Mmm...: Janelle's Introduction
Modern Common Sense
Mona makes me want to rub out
Monday Morning (sleeping is giving in)
Monkey. Robot. Knife Fight: Vol 3
Monkey. Robot. Knife Fight: Vol 4
Monkey. Robot. Knife Fight: Vol 5
Monkey. Robot. Knife Fight: Vol 6
Monkey. Robot. Knife Fight: Vol 7
Montreal Might Eat Its Young, But Montreal Won't Break Us Down
Mopey Kids (mostly); 12th July 2005
More of the Same
More oil, good boy!
More Than Five
More Than I'd Ever Dug Anyone
Most Likely to Be a Big, Fat Freak
Mother Fucker
Move to Florida and This Could Be You!
Movers and Shakers
Moving Day
Much Too Much to Handle
Mudville Soundtrack: Vol. 2
multifarious melodies
Musen No Toukyou
Music For A Harsh Noise Meeting, When You Feel Like Running Away, But You Don't, And Everything...
Music for a Patient Girl- Volume #: SOmetimes I Am Embarassed By Your Love
Music for a Patient Girl- Volume 1: In Summer I Love You More and More
Music for a Patient Girl- Volume 3: Where Are We These Days?
music for girls like me
Music for Mike: Disc One
Music for slingin' the bean #1
Music For Sunshiny Mornings, When You Expect Something Wonderful To Happen, And When It Don't...
Music for Twee Ears
Music is my favorite mistress
Music played by Males and Females on Various Topics with Hipster Leanings
Music To Accompany The Feeling That In Reality You Should Be A Cowboy, But You Realize That...
Music to Change Your Life
music to leap to
Music To Neutralize Poison And Cure Serious Wounds
Music to Verb Your Noun to
mutha funkenstein
mutha funkenstein
mutha funkenstein
mutha funkenstein
My "Best of 2004" Playlist
My 45s Holiday Vinyl___>Digital Mix
My best friend is a bucher
My best of 2004 could beat up your best of 2004.
My Best of 2005 Says Your Best of 2005 is a Drunken Loser
My Best Of Oasis
my boyfriend plays guitar
My Coco
My Favorite Bootlegs Mix
My first show fucking blew
My Girl Loves the New Slang
my heart is a barren wasteland
My Heart Is In Motion For The Song Inside Of You
My horoscope had my hopes up.
My House Ain't Got No Ceiling, And My Heart Won't Hold No Lies
my hurricanes have brought down this ocean rain
My Insecurities Are Your Amusement?
My iPod On Random
My Life as a Wrestler
My Love For You Was Never Second Best
My mind is like an orchard
my mind's not mine to be lost
My sister the Hipster
My Soul Hates My Job
My Summer 2007 mix
N_ Artists A Go-Go!
Nailed to my forehead
near is just as far away as far.
Needles in a Haystack
Needy in the New Year
Never Done Such Things Before
Never Speak in Absolutes #1
Never Speak in Absolutes #11
Never Speak in Absolutes #2
Never Speak in Absolutes #3
Never Speak in Absolutes #6
Never Speak in Absolutes #7
Never Speak in Absolutes #8
Never Speak in Absolutes #9
Never Was Better Than How It Was
new adventures into the unknown....
New Brookland
New Disco (CD 1)
New Disco (CD 2)
New Favourite
New House Mega Mix
NEW songs for the suckers,bleeders & over achievers!
New Songs Oh Nein
New Ways to Break My Heart (an MP3 mix)
News That I Haven't Heard
Next One Up Will Be The Next One Down
Nice n' Ripe
Night Snow Storm
Night Terrors
night without dreams, night without ghosts
Nighttime Drive
Nina's Seoul Serch Mix
nine ton sun
No Bull
No Cities Left
No Cynics for Coco
No Dice
No Fighting in the War Room
No Flaps Down
No Haircuts, Losey Jobs and Female interest: my story part III
No Key, No Plan
No Name Mix for a Boy
No one gives a fuck what they say.
No te Amuermes!!!!
No, It's Not Like Any Love, This One is Different Because It's Us
no. 85
No/All - Apologies & Surprises
nobody's hoping for better days.
noise, it gets around.
Nomi's Mix
None Of It Counts : A Post Punk Retrospective
NoNo's over-due mix
Norwegian Kings
Nose to the Grindstone
Not About Love
not every mix needs a title
Not Fade Away (the sdtrk of my life)
not for all the tea in china.
not good enough for your mainstreem radio, but good enough for your mainstreem tv!
not make believe
not sad, not happy
Not What You Asked For
Notes From Mother Summer Sampler
Nothing Ever Falls Apart
Nothing Grows Right
nothing in common.
Nothing is Important (Landon's mix for ASMSA vol 2)
nothing like lost in your eyes
Notorious P.A.T.
Nov. & Dec. '07: Hibernations
Nov. & Dec. 2008, Vol. 2
Nova Mix
Novacaine for the soul
November & December 2008: A Foggy Sunset
November 2004 - I've got as many eyes as I'm supposed to
November 2009
november of the year 2008
November Sun 2005
November, start stop and start
Now It's the Girls Turn, . . . Let's Speed It Up
Now or never?!
Now show me..
Now You're Really Living
NYC 88 - 95: F*CK That Weak SH%T!!
--O,IW Soundtrack--
Object Impermanence
Obligations Are So PassT
Obscure Mix pt. 3
Oct. '07: Autumnal Musings
October -
October 2004 - Science and Progress Don't Speak As Loud As My Heart
October 2008: Hazy Shades of Autumn
October 2009
October Mix
ode to pink coat
Ode to the Violin
Of Babylon and Hatching Vain Empires
Of Chivalry and Romance in a Dumpster
Of January.
Off Kilter
Off the beaten path
Off-Kilter and Askance: Songs of 2021
oh dear, i must have lost my head
oh dear, look what they've done to the blues
oh god i love you, i mean forever.
Oh God! Let it work.
Oh Great Goat, the Curse You Gave Us
oh kids its been a long day, but I think it's about time for us to go to sleep
Oh Look It Stopped Snowing
oh say say say - winter 2003/2004
Oh So Hip & Trendy
Oh so pretty indie
Oh What Am I Supposed To Do? It's Hard to Stay Cool.
Oh! Darlin' Ukulele
Oh, Geography Is Gonna Make A Mess of Me!
Oh, How Wonderful!!
Oh, the Songs You Would Sing if You had Wings
oh, you got blue eyes, oh you got green eyes, oh you got grey eyes.
Ohio University - Winter Quarter 1990
ok and um by the way, i've never been this happy before
Old Folks' Homes Smell So Much Like My Own
Old Salties Speaking Gibberish
Olivia's Mixer
On & On It Goes
On Being Seventeen Years Old: Happy Birthday, Sis
on love (questions & answers)
On the Brink of Something Beautiful
On the Government's Dime
on the radio.
on the streets with the beats and all the girls hanging out!
On This Stage
Once In A Lifetime
Once In My Life
once so kind, once so wise
one afternoon i knew i could love you.
One for the Road
One Slow Summer
One Year and Counting V2.0 - Camilla's Birthday Mix '03
Only Two Decades Old, and You've Already Seen Three.
Oowaa Archibald, Sing Me a Song from the Boulevard
open the cellar door and rhapsodize - august
Open Up The Best City Noise
Optimism can be a very helpful virtue
Other Countries Can't Win
otter pop in 2006
Our Band Could Be Your Life
Our break up has nothing to do with Call of Duty
Our dreams in Super 8
our spring will come
Out Like a Lamb
Over Exposure
palm trees fall into the sea
Palpitation Recluse Mix
Parade on My Rain: Disc 1
Parade on my Rain: Disc 2
park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me. [sounds of autumn.]
part 1
part 2
Pass the Beats - Volume I
Pass the Beats - Volume II
passive attraction/programmed reaction
Peace & Fu*king!
Peaseblossom and Cobweb
Peeling back the enormous shroud
Penelope Tree Sings Her Dreams
Pennies for sale
People Can Do the Most Amazing Things
People, Places and Things
Perfect Sphere
Perfectly Realistic Sunlight
Pet Politics
Photos of White People
Pickin' on Plastic Jesus Mix
Picnic Rock 2: The Better off Dead Project
picture cards of one-night stands and breakdowns
Pictures Of A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Pictures of Success
Pierced Ears
Piper, Pipe That Song Again
pitter patter
Pizza Hippie Smackdown
place my ashes in a vase beneath your workout bench
Places To Go
plain old chill
Planes, Trains....
Planet of Sound
plastic, fantastic superstar
Platypus Mix
play the strum card
playoboy test
Please (Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally)
Please Be Quiet While The Music Serves As My Anesthetic
Please wait...
Pleased to Meet You
Pocket of the Sun
Political Bullshit!
Polysyllabic Non Sequitur
Pony the Penis
pop for a girl or boy
Pop Goes 22!
pop like snot bubbles
Pop Pop
Pop Rocks in Yr. Head #14
Pop songs for birthday
Pop Songs Yr New Boyfriend is Too Stupid To Know About
Pop 'til you drop! (for Lauren)
Poppity Pop Pop
Por Vous: Morose Version
Portmanteau Words
Positive (Though It Hurts)
Post Pumpkin: Thanksgiving Mix '10
Post Rock Action
Postmen Serve a Quiet Anthrax
Post-rock and Slightly Seasoned
Pot. Kettle. Black.
pour david part deux.
Prepare for communion, you gettin' converted
Pre-School Mind Games for Fall
Presenting... Music for Caitlins
Press Play On My Heart
Preswimmeet Mix!
pretentious title (for a mix)
pretty birds get caught by cats too
pretty girly music.
Pretty Much the Story of my Life
pride is killing me-love to dishonor
Prize Mix
Prof E. McSquared's Calculus Primer
program this drum machine before supper, or we're sending you to the orphanage.
Psych for Sore Eyes
Pt One: What Do You Do With the Pieces of a Broken Heart?
Pt Two: A Calm Heart Will Break When Given A Shake
pub test
Punchdrunk Sex
Pur*fict (htt3)
Putting the "Die" Back into Indie
puzzle pieces
Pygmy Hippos
Q: Pop? A: SASS!
Quantum Sheep
quarter century kurt
Quel's Kickin Christmas Volume 2
Question and paste, cut and answers
Quiet Summer Of The 49th Parallel
Q-Wire Bootleg Mix
Radio ON!
Rage on, party!
Rain Mix
rainy days
Raise The Boat And Raise The Dead
Raised Eyebrows
Random Mix 1
Randomly Good Mix
Randomly Good Mix
raven considers moon
Ray's Birthday
Rebellion (Lies)
Records 'N' Rhymes That Don't Get Played
RED: AIDS in Africa Mix
Remember (Alternative)
Remembering the Bay of Figs
Reminds me of Kafka et al....
Rest of 2005
returning from the carnival of venice
Revolt (part 1)
rhapsodical mix trade for jax
Ricardo's Mix
Ride Along!
ride into the ghostly night
rip it up
Rising to the surface... come back down...
Robe N Hood (Best of 2010)
RoBot ExoSkeleton
Rock I Stole From Steve: Part 1
Rock I Stole From Steve: Part 2
Rock Squared vol. III
rock your nerd off
Rock Your Socks Mix 1
Rock Your Socks Mix 1
Rock, Roll and a #2 Pencil
Rock, Squared vol. IV
RockEd Vol.2
RockEd Vol.3
rocking mix for boring summer camp
Rocking on the Blue Screen
Roggen Roll
Romance Isn't Dead
Room Enough for Space
Rouse's House
Rozita Mamacita
Rule Britannia
Run Into Flowers / Spring 2004
Running for the last tube home
Rx: The Xanax/Valium Alternative
Sabretooth Dreams
sad cowboy mix (for dave)
Saddest Day Ever
Safe in the City
Saltwater Stew
salvation holdout
Same name, different song
Sanity Check
Sara 2
Sarah's Fabulous Birthday Mix - A Work in Progress
sariah 01.11.07
satchel of goods
Satisfaction is Eternal
Satisfaction Pony
save our second wind for sentimental warm weather
Save Paris! 23 Days in the Slammer, 23 Slammin' Tunes
Save The Last Breath
Save The Last Breath v.2
Save Us from this Reverie
Says Ideas
Scared That There's Nothing Underneath
School Days, School Days: Insert Witty Title Here, September 2004 (volume 1)
scoop out my brains
Scorture Mix
Scottish Girls Are Pretty When They Play Guitar
Scowling Skies and Angry Teardrops
Scream It, Yell It, Sing That Shit!
Scrumtrulescent Mix
Sea Creatures
Sea Scoundrels
Searching For An Angel
Seas & Oceans
Seas, Oceans and Rivers
Seattle Mix
Sebarlow: The Best Of Lou Barlow With Sebadoh
seconds from pyjamas.
Section A: Off to war my fellow americans, Section B: to ease the returning soldier, here is your ..
See Maggie Mix. Mix, Maggie, Mix!
See the World Through Multi-Coloured Glasses
See this now for tomorrow I will be dead
See through the Muck
See: Supernova
Selections From 'Hard Drive'
sensitive boys
Sep '09, Vol. 2
Sep 2009: Once We Were Kings
Sep. '07: School'd
September 2002: Crank Up Your Amps Man
September 2008: X-ing Off the Days
September is coming soon
September is dreamy
September Mix
Sequential Rock and Other Indie Pop
Sergio is 30, Or, Pump up the Jams, Bitches!
Seth Cohen is my TV Boyfriend: Issue 1
sever the stars from the sky and place them in your hands
several cupcakes galore
Sew Long/Knit Wit
sex, drugs, and on the dole III: on the dole
Sh*t - It's Love
Shake that Ass and Drop it Fast aka Bitches, Hoes, and Dubs the Remix.
Shake the streets
shake your butt and rhapsodize - august
Shall We Take a Trip? (indie house)
Shapeshifter Blues
She Called You a Cab and They Sent You a Hearse
She got a T.V. Eye on me
She Knows Where the Rain Goes
She loved it!
She Plays Pop Music of the Future
She Said She Loved Me Like Fireworks
She Spoke Words of Wisdom
She'll Laugh! And She'll Dance!
She's Got A Mouthful Of Irony
She's Got A Mouthful Of Irony
She's Just Like Me
She's Ready for Sex, But She's Waiting for Love
Shhhhh...Come Closer
Shit Fire and Apple Butter
Shoegazer Box: Disc 1 -- Founders
Shoegazer Box: Disc 2 -- Progeny
Shoegazer Box: Disc 3 -- Neo-Shoegazer
Shoegazer Box: Disc 4 -- Best
Shoegazer Retrospective
shopping spree! SHOPPING SPREE!
show off
Shut up.. I'm listening to the Smiths
Shut up.. I'm listening to the Smiths
Side Dish
Side I: January
Side II: Cosmic
Side Ones, Track Ones
Sign your bike out!
Silent Solstice
silly, indie rock doesn't come from india
simplicity is beautiful
sin and gravity drag me down to sleep
since your connection sucks/i wanted to make a love mix
Sing My Beat
sing the alphabet
sing, unwind.
Singing and Swinging Along
Sixteen on the Subway
Skinny Indie Boys & Pretty Songs: A Birthday Mix 2005
skywriting by the lucksmiths
Sleeping in Riverbeds
Sleeping Through the Movies
Sleeping's a Mistake
Sloshing Around
slow mix 2
slow summer nights and soft hot spots
small wonders
smash it up and eat the glass
Smash Yr Head on the Punk Rock!!
smile, we're going to the zoo
Smoked too much while making this for you. . .
Smoking Grass and Forgetting Names
smoky recording machines
Smug Summer Mix
Snail Mail
So Here I Stand Expressionless...
so i got a plan. it's the best that i can do.
so long to the holidays
So Sweet: a mellow rock mix
so tell me about your mom / and how she cuts her hair
So This Is Just A Test Pattern...
so tired.
So Tough
So We Will Become A Happy Ending
So you say you like deathcab for cutie ( for thom)
So, Are You Like, Dating Her?
So, How's College?
Soft Lips
Softer than your Mom's Boobies
Soil science; at the root
Solidarity In Solitude
Some day we'll be dignified and old
Some Days Get That Way
Some Distant Shore
Some Girls Are Bigger Then Others
some make you happy
Some People Don't Get the Blues
some songs
Some Times Just Hang On, Some Times Pull Away
Somebody gave me the finger today....In New York!!!!!
Somebody Love Me Before I Go Crazy.
somebody loves you and you're gonna make it through
Someone Else's Dream
Someone painted my eyes crimson
Something Poppy
Something So Special
something somebody can use
Something to Clean the House TO
sometimes i just feel too much and i don't wanna feel at all.
Sometimes I see me dead in it.
Sometimes Strangers
Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away
Somewhere Else
Somewhere only we know (March 2004)
Somewhere Sunny Summer's Marching To A Different Drummer
Songs About A Boy: Caring Is Creepy
Songs About Sex
Songs about Space
songs by girls: a vd mix of songs about love by jaded indiepop girls
songs by people who get it.
songs for a red rocket ride
Songs for Ann
Songs for Cyrus, Vol. 3
Songs for Driving 65 MPH
Songs for Grownups (Kinda)
Songs for Jessica
Songs For Mom
Songs for Saving The World
songs for shannon to love
Songs for Somnambulists
Songs For The Beer Garden!
songs for this little boy
Songs from a cold summer night: August 7, 2004
Songs from the Crystal Core
Songs I know and love
Songs Not About F#%king (mostly)
Songs of the Fulfilled Night
Songs of the summer
songs that make me feel infinite
Songs that make your eyes go all starry like
Songs To Chew Your Bubblegum To
Songs To Die To
songs to stare at the ceiling to
soon you'll find the answer
sorry, but its just a birthday mix
Sound The Trumpet!
Sounds Like Clouds: A Shoegaze Intro for Danielle
Sounds of America
Sounds of Summer 2005
Soundtrack for an Indie Movie
Soundtrack to Sleepless Athens Nights
Soup du Jour
South Africa Soundtrack
Southside 2005
Soy Milk
Space Sounds
Spark Trembles
sparkle for a moment
Sparkle for a Moment
Sparkle Up!
spatztunes vol.1
Spencer Krug Special
Spin The Black Circle (Seven Inches Of Rock'n'roll)
Spring '04
spring break broke.
spring break fun sun
Spring Fling 2006 1 of 2
Spring Fling 2006 2 of 2
spring is a season for change
Spring Sprang Sprung
Spring Spring Spring
Spring, 2005.
Spring, Sometime
springtime's here, are you game?
staring at the stars through an ocean haze
Stark White Stork Approaching
stay in/get out
Stay Irresponsible
stay on, sit down, let it fall
steak and wine
Stealin all my sense of time they made me think that you were mine
Step inside my hyundai
step one
Still Dreaming of the Day
Still on Fire
Stomach Flu
stoned 1:49am
stoner's .B.I.B.L.E.
stop being perfect
Stop Breathing
Stop Crying and Fight Your Father
Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before
Stop Me if You've Heard this One Before
stop talking / i am instrumental
Strange Things Will Happen If You Let Them
Stray Dog Strut
Stretch out your legs and dance with me all night. (It's alright.)
Stubborn Souls
stuck somewhere between the is and isn't.
STUNTWOOD - official bootleg soundtrack / promo only (CD #1)
STUNTWOOD - official bootleg soundtrack / promo only (CD #2)
subsiding anger
substation radio tower
Subway: an abundance of Indie Music
Such Great Heights
sucker for a pop hook
Suddenly, the Sun
Suffer for Fashion
Summer '06
summer 2008
Summer 2010
Summer 2010 Mix: Indie
Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.
Summer at the G-Spot
Summer Ghosts
summer has a way of falling away from us
Summer Haze
Summer Heat
Summer Inertia
summer is almost here?
summer mix
summer mix
Summer Mix 04
Summer Mix '08
Summer Mix 2011
Summer Mix 2012
summer of fictional love and imaginary crushes
summer skin 2007
Summer Skin.
summer stereo
Sun Shines Down on Me
Super Happy Fun Time Techno Mix!!
sUPEr TuesdaY test
Sure I Feel Casually About You - If Ignited and On Fire is Casual
Surfing the Music Noosphere (Disc I)
Surfing the Music Noosphere (Disc II)
Suri Cruise Is My Holmes Girl
Surrendering to Serendipity
Svenska Ord - Skandinavian Mix in Swedish
Swapbot Indie Mix Cd Swap
Sweet 16
Sweet Candy Trash
Sweet Jams + Secret Hits!
Sweet Jim Henson, I Dedicate This Song To You
Sweet Rapture
sweet tunes for alice
sweet tunes for alice II
sweet tunes for alice III
sweet tunes for brighid
sweet tunes, brah..
Take Care of Your Health and Get Plenty of Rest
Take It Out To The Garage
take me somewhere nice
Take Me Somewhere Nice
Take Me Somewhere Nice
Take Me Somewhere Nice
Take My Love In Real Small Doses
take that, Mr. Dulli!
take the world apart and figure out how it works.
Take This Mix
taken by surprise!
Taking A long walk off a short Bridge
Taking The "Mean" Out Of Meanwhile
Taking The Time To Waste Your Sunny Day
Tales from the Oak Ridge, TN
Tales From the Tuna Can
Talk to me, Dance with me
Taste The Soft Light In My Head
Taxonomic Indie Mix, Vol. 1
Taxonomic Indie Mix, Vol. 2
Teach Yourself How to Demand the Monument That You Deserve
TEEN DANCE TIME : xmas sampler 2005
Teenage Drunken Suicide
Telephones, Opera House And Favorite Melodies
tell me at least six things you may or may not consider personal; 7th October 2005
tell yourself quietly
Temp 4 - A Lull in Traffic
Temporarily Untitled
Ten Days Of Perfect Tunes
Terror Shark Mix
Thanksgiving Mix '05
Thanksgiving Mix '08
that girl that is pretty, but goes to school out of town and you wish she lived closer mix
That Music on M Street
That Time Of The Month August 2004 Vol. 13
That underwhelming feeling
That's Start and the ___ of This Story
The "I Could Care Less What the General Public Listens To" Mix
The 11 songs that woke me up this morning
The 24 Hour Mix (for Bridge Jumping Veggie Girl)
The 2nd After Epiphany - A Ron Johnson Records Memorial Compilation
The 3am Moonrise
The Adventures of Samuel Pepys and Me
The Antipodean Collection
the art of falling
the attraction of unavailability
The Bands
The Bases are Loaded (And so are the Players): Bonds mix
The Beginners Guide to Indie Rock
the best kinda love...is the love you give me.
The Best of 2003
The Best of 2007
The Best Pop Songs You've Never Heard
the best way to swim in an ocean of hate is to have your bathing suite blessed by a catholic priest
The Binder Mix
the blueberry passages
The Boy with the Death Valley
the boy with the purple socks
The Boys Can Sing
The Bubble - Part 1
The Bubble - Part 2
the chiclet sessions volume 1: it's just the way the medication makes her
The Clap
The clapping was.... inappropriate.
the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco.
The Collective vol. 1
The Conversion CD
The Core Of Indie
The Cream of the Crop
The Cursed Artist
The Cyrus Trask Approach: Woo, Wed, and Bed
The Dangerous Person Mix
The Death Cab Is Being Serviced With Virtue and Wine
The Decline (No, NOT a NoFX reference)
the doom patrol
The Dream From Which We Woke
The Easter Bunny in August
the Echoes Remind me of Someone
The Education of Rishi
The Electric Soft Car Friction Is The New Up
The Elliott and others mix
The Elliott and others mix
The Emo Diaries: A Best Of
THE emo Punk
The Ex Factor
The Excess Milkshake Tin
The Fallen Alchemist
The Far Side of Sunlight
The Feeling That Someone Really Gets You
The First Date
The First Day of My Life
The First of Late
the fluffernutter goes to derivative calculus fantasy camp
the fluffernutter walks among us
the future is you + art + creeps
the garden state parkway and some space at 2am
The Girls Can Do It Too, Y'all
The Grand Parade
The Great Escape
The Greatest Indie CD This Year
The Hamburg Years pt.2
the hardest part is trying to hold on.
the home strizz-etch
The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks it's Thumb
The Hour Before Dawn
the 'i like your taste in music' award
the 'i-still-haven't-started-my-bigass-philosophy-paper' mix
The Jailer's Daughter
The Kids at the Club (u.k . classics '89-'94)
The Last Of Your Beat
The Latest Craze
The Latitudes of Home
the leaves are falling like they're falling in love with the ground
The Leaves Came Down and All She Got Was This Lousy Mix
The Legends Of Films We Never Made
The Letter from England (Radio Bubble broadcast)
The Litmus Test Conspiracy
The loneliest film
The loneliness of a middle distance runner
The Loneliness of the M6
The Long & Short of It Mix
The Lonliness of the Middle Distance Runner (slight return)
The Luckiest Boy on Earth
The Micah Mix
the Mike Murray sampler
the mistakes we knew we were making
the mix that does not advocate the cool crime of robbery
the mix that will change your life
The Mix Where I Am Mad At Evrything. It Also Happens To Be The Second Mix I've Made This Spring
The Mixtape You Stole from Picasso
THE MODERN AGE (21st Century Rock N' Roll)
the moon is closer to the sun than i am to anyone.
The Morning After Duet
The Mosquito Exit Hijinx Hoax
The Names Are Real, But the Story Has Been Changed
The New Pollution
the night falls over well drunk on his face, street blood stained. aka carl's tape.
the ocean is burning a hole in my pocket
The Other Side of the World
The Patriot
The Perfect Noize No.21 Japanese Shoegaze
The Photobooth Mix
the poetic grace of the emu: nerdnoise spring 2004 comp
The Problem With Me
The purpose served by myself?
The Re-Set 2014
The Ride Was Short but My Thoughts Were Long
The Runoff
the secret history of pop music
the sentinel test
The sigh that woke him from his coma
The Sinking of a Ship Called Sunset (Work Mix Vol. 1)
the sins of you and I
the sky & the birds actually speak louder than words
the sky goes on forever in a symphony of song
The snow don't fall and we don't care at all
the social music revolution
The Songs That Made The Lads Dance
The Soundtrack To An Eventful Sunday Night Spent High In Phoenix
The stars of track and fields
The Steps to Success: Make him or her a mix tape
The Stop Thinking About It Because It's Your Own Fault For Being Too Scared To Even Talk To Him Mix
The Storm
The Strangers Dance Next To Me
the summers gone, we packed it up.
The Sun Comes Up But I Think Of The Moon
The Sun Rises as I drink my warm coco
the sun wants to murder the snow
The Tape Deck Works vol 1
The Terrible Ifs Accumulate
The Uses of Solitude
The Vienna Mix
the waiter hit on you
the way we touched and pseudo-kissed.
The Whole World Is Moving, But I'm Standing Still
the winter is coming.
The World Needs An Anthem (CD 1)
The World Needs An Anthem (CD 2)
The Worst Is Over
themes from the steeltown
then we can trade places, play musical graves...
there are two seats at the bar for mr. and mrs. my last name
there comes a fork in the road.
There is a party.
There must be a better life
There Must Be More Than Letters and Phone Calls
There's A Song For Every Dreamer
there's just no place to go.
there's no explosions here.
There's no way to the heart better than awkwardly
there's something living in these lines.
These are a Few of My Favourite Songs
These Are The Sounds of Calm Volume 1
These Are The Sounds of Calm Volume 2
These Lonely Days
These Modern-Day Philistines
They asked me to come down and watch the parade...
they can chase forever
They Don't Know About Us
They Say I Don't Know How To Love The Right Way, But You Make Me Feel... You Make Me Feel Like I Do!
they'll never wake us in time
They'll Soon Discover
They're Moving Their Feet, But Nobody's Dancing
Things Are Going to Improve
things are looking up
Things That You Should Know By Now
Things We Thought We'd Never Think
things were good when we were young.
Things Were Never That Great
Think About Your Troubles
Thinking of You in Aberration
Thirteen Thim Thracks
This Cunted Circus Never Ends
This Divided Nation Mix
this frog
This Game of Battleship Will Decide World Events
This Industrial Life
this is cartography for beginners.
This is Dan trying to catch Jan up to the rest of the world
this is his favorite bar
This is No longer G-Rated
This Is Not Like Home
this is streaming sunlight across a lazy tuesday morning
this is the cure, the same as the symptom.
this is what i thought love sounded like
this is what i thought love sounded like
This Kind of Thing Must Happen Sometimes
this life is dangerous. these times are terrible. keep your head and arms inside this ride.
this new winter finds me here
This Parisian Life
This plane is definitely crashing!
This Summer
this testing mix's for you
this wild electricity.
this will be my month, or more simply titled 'february'.
Those Boys I Don't Think You've Heard
Those Damn Indie Kids
thought i knew what colors were
three blocks over from yesterday.
Through A Sunny Haze
Throw Me Away
Thumbing My Weight
Thump Thump
Tia's Feel-Good Hits of the Summer
Timber and Twine
time to forgive the winter
Time Travel is for Lovers!
tinnitus is terrible
Tiny or Loud Noises
TMC1A: Stubbies
TMC2: Summer in the City
TMC2A: The Big Daddy Mix
To A Bond
to a distant shore
To An Afternoon With You
To Anne
to birmingham and back
To Convert a Nu-Rock Fanboy
To Do List
To Do: Gardening, Laundry, etc...
To Lovely Alex: The Moths
to make the living dead feel so alive
today I sleep in the chair by the window
today is a birthday
Tomorrow's Just An Excuse Away
Tongue Tied
Tonight We Breathe Deep: June 2004
Too Drunk To Mix
too much ambiant noise
too much thoughts
Too Old For Cute, Too Young For Cool
took a river
Top 25 Favorite Songs of 2011
Top Picks of '06 Mix
top ten, 15 OCT 05.
Torn Potato Cup
tragic monsters
Trapped Inside an Italian Resaurant Slowly Filling up with Water
Tread Lightly
Trees sway...
Trippy Morning Mix
Trust Me...This Is Gonna Make it Better
Trying to Break My Heart
Trying To Correct The Situation
Tryptophan Dream
Tunes for Cyrus
Tunes for Cyrus II
Turn of the Century
Turn off the Light
Twee indie disco for a 14 year old Emo
Twenty Degrees of Separation
Twist Your Heart Out
Two By Four I
Two By Four II
Two By Four III
Two By Four IV
Two Cool Rock Chicks
two girls kissing
Type Slowly
U B Rock Solid
U Hurt There4 I Am: Bleeding Heart Mix
Ugly Demented OverkiII
Ugly Things Will Come Tonight
Ukulele & Banjo
Ultimate Hipster Dance Party Part 1
Ultimate Hipster Dance Party Part 2
Ultimate MIX
umm ... can you hang on a minute?
Under The Sun Under The Moon
Underneath the Overpass
underpriveleged youth
Unicycles 28:: Delivers the Chills
Unity Perfection
Unremembered Dreams
Untitled #1
Untitled (Disk no. 1)
Untitled for the Moment
untitled one
unwelcome lufa
unwelcome lufa
unwelcome lufa
unwelcome lufa
unwelcome lufa
unwelcome lufa
Up & Over
Uteri Suck!
Valentine's Day 2007
Vampire Mirrors, Face to Face
Veda Forever (1992-2001)
Venom Mix
Victoria 2.0
video game hearts, volume one
video game hearts, volume three
video game hearts, volume two
Viel zu tun in dieser Zeit
vinyl ---> mp3 mix #4
vinyl ---> mp3 mix #5
vinyl ---> mp3 mix #6
Vinyl----->mp3 Mix #9
Vitamins A-Z
Vol 1: a december black psalm
Vol 1: Persona
Vol 2: Wild Strawberries
Vol 2: willows weep and whirlpools sleep
Vol 2: willows weep and wirlpools sleep
Vol 3: Cries and Whispers
Vol 4: Fanny and Alexander
Waist & Shirt Size
waiting on green
Wake up danna
Wall of Ice
Walt, did you write that song?
Waltz on the Wild Side
want to live in my hole in the ground?
war and the tourist menu
war of kites
Warm Sunday Light through Stained-Glass Windows
Warmth Is A Place
Watch the Summer Become
Way Back When
way to make plans and shrug them off....
we all must resist temptation.
we all stay in tune, we all swear it's true.
We Are Just Two People Who Found Each Other (Disc One)
We Are Just Two People Who Found Each Other (Disc Two)
we are trains
We Bonded Over Burned Fingers
We Breathe Through the Same Mask.
We can take a cab.
we could make a movie out of this (vol.1)
we could make a movie out of this (vol.2)
we didn't see this coming.
We Go Together Like Chalk and Cheese
We Got So Close
we haven't lost our edge, we're just well rounded
We Just Scattered Snow Like Styrofoam And Sang Our Christmas Carols All Through Town
We Only Kill Our Enemies
We Set Our Hearts Upon Some Beautiful Idea
we sought the sky's amphetamine truth. we licked the summer's salty tongue.
We Still Love the 1990's
we throw our words like bombs and hand grenades
We Were all Witnesses.....
Weakend Daze/ Weekend Days!
wear your headphones and rhapsodize - august
wearing three layers of coats and leg warmers
WEAZY AS FUCK - the sick mix.
Weekend Punk
Welcome to My Canada
Welcome to the Cruel World
Welcome to the Indie Appreciation Society (a.k.a Uni)
Welcoming Autumn
well . . . its MOSTLY indieish
We'll Both Make a Mess
we'll diffuse bombs, walk marathons
We'll Have To Wait Until It's June
we'll kick these lights out (your party's on fire).
We'll Watch The Day Decay...
Went down Houston and stopped in San Anton
We're famous
We're getting married. You should come.
We're Kings Among Runaways
we're not getting older
we're not getting older
We're the Heirs to the Glimmering World
West Texas To Baja
Western Dawn (The Stars Go Out/Off)
Wetwood Smokes - Earth Tones & Red
what a cut and paste affair....
what does the future hold?
What I Do When You're Sick
What if Life Was Just Some Hard Equation?
What Is Annoying People?
Whatever happened to listening to pop songs?
what's a star to do? aka ola's tape.
What's in your hair?
What's My Motivation?
What's New Indie Pop Rock?
What's Next To The Moon?
What's So Fine About Art?
what's that now?
What's to Come MiniMix
When I Get My Head On Straight
When I'm Hosed
when the air around your chair fills with heat, that's the flames licking
When The Branches And The Leaves...
when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire
when we almost killed ourselves
When What Seemed the Appropriate Are Now the Wrong Things To Do
When You Drop Your Ice Cream, This Will Make It All Ok!
When you get there, send us some success Pt. 1
When you get there, send us some success Pt. 2
When You've Seen the Lights You'll Know
whenever i wake up...
Where Jennys are Mass Produced
where the story ends..
where we dwell there is room for mistakes
White Noise Supremicists
Who Knew You Could Play Guitar?
Who Likes Indie Pop?
Who's Left and Who's Leaving
Whose Image You Made Me
why can't i cry about this?
Why Don't They Sing? Mix
Why Don't You Just Go Out & Say It?
Why, Merry Christmas to you too.
wigs for britney
Win a Few, Lose a Few
Wine Mix
Winter Honorable Mentions: Bundled Up
Winter Honorable Mentions: Cabin Fever
Winter Must Be Cold
Winter Pays for Summer
Wisconsin Bound
wish we could just make out
WISH-001: Cold Weather Music
WISH-002: O Canada
WISH-003: Sing It With Me!
WISH-004: Sing Me to Sea
Wishing to Sink the Sun
Wit Collection
with a spring in your heels.
With the Heat of One Thousand Suns
Woke Up Afraid of My Own Shadow
Wolfmother Playlist
Women of Rock Mix
Won't You (indie) Rock With Me?
Won't You Wither?
Wooden Dreams
words can't bring us down; so don't you bring us down today.
Words I Used To Say
Words Will Tell Your Story
World Without Christmas: Xmas 06 Mix
Would You Erase Me?
Would You Fall for Me?
Write a poem on a potato then eat the potato
write our names in fresh cement
XO, Lisa.
yay for music
yay! HALLOWEEN for Indie kidz!!11
yes is my favourite answer.
Yossarian Lives
You Always Had it Right
You Are a Bitch
You Are A Splendid Butterfly
you are amazing
you are never here for long. day/volume 1.
you are never here for long. night/volume 2.
You Are Not a Pawn
you are the pilot of your own pillow
You Barely Snuck by My Monster Defense.
you better come come come
You Bring The Paper and I'll Grab the Coffee- Sundays In Bed with my Girl
you can do anything (i should be so lucky).
you can never go home again
You Can Tell Her From the Clothes She Wears
You Can't Have Your Kayak and Heat It, Too
you can't use a bulldozer to study orchids
you did a wonderful thing.
You Don't Agree But You Don't Refuse
You Don't Believe In Monogamy
You Don't Even Like The Cinema I Do
You Don't Have To Be Content, But You Do Have To Get On With It
You Don't Have to Like It
you don't know how real it feels
You Don't Need This Disease
you encourage the eating of ice cream.
you gotta feel it...
You Guys Are Guests In My Corn!
You Have Such A Wonderful Scar, Dear
You Just Can't Tell Who's In The Circus And Who Isn't Nowadays: Songs of 2014
you know ... you look a lot like nana mouskouri...
you know i can't wait to be like that again, you know that.
You Know, You Really Could Be a Little More Careful.
you made me realise.
You Make Me Feel X-Rated
you make me spin
You Missed Out
You must be on guard against wickedness at all times.
You need this.
You Only Kiss Me When I Cry
you remind me of home.
You Said You'll Work On Listening -Part 1
You Seem Cool, Let's Hang Out and See Where This Goes
You Should Have Been More Specific
you shouldn't be alone in there (when you wear that body glove)
You tell me that you're unboyfriendable
You used to be part of the scenery, now I know your name
You will become one with the freaks.
You Wont Feel A Thing
You Won't Survive The Information Age
You, the Cat and the Covers on the Bed
You'll Get Cancer in Your Hand
You'll Never Get to Heaven
You'll Not Feel the Drowning
young bodies hold young minds
Your Afternoon Bus Ride
Your Bulbs Are Bulbous
Your Date with Ikea
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
your eyes like crashing jets
Your father said you never looked that alive.
Your fear can't skew your way
Your Friends and Their Dead Ends
your hands are full of details
Your Life on Magnetic Tape
Your Magic Is Real So Why Aren't You Using It!
Your Mom Does It Better
Your Morning Bus Ride
Your Sweatshirt Says It All
Your Wasted Space Is Mine Too
Your wasted space is mine too: the tape
Your White Christmas (Rock Cocaine Mix)
your world is what you make it and i dont want a part of it
You're faking, so I'm pretend sleeping.
You're Gonna Make It. You're Gonna Suffer
You're Hell To Get Along With
You're My Only Softness You're My Only Pleasure
you're not even that punk anymore!
You're Not The Only One... some best of 2007
You're Only King Once
You're Out of Luck, You're Singing Funeral Songs
You're Such a Tool!
You're The Color. You're The Movement & The Spin, Never, Could It Stay With Me The Whole Day Long?
Yours Are the Poems I Do Not Write
you've got kiwi on your breath - at least i hope it's kiwi
You've made crumbs of a lot of crackers
yr beat kicks back like death
Yr Emo Summer
Yr PostEmo Fall (Semester)
Zippy Tunes