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And you plead with the gods, but they send you no sign
"A Pity Be To Thee That Does Not Put A Beer In Mine Gullet!"
"God Give Me Strength"
"Goodnight sweet prince..." - Jonathan's Mix
"If a Body catch a Body comin thu the rye"
"i'm going to kill myself tomorrow"
"Mixed Up" Melancholy Vol. II
"Twenty Mortal Murders": Macbeth
"well i guess i never really thought about it"... but i did
"What a wonderful couple!"
"you poor dear, you're having your period"
#28.2 Socialism of the Heart
& it feels so real i can taste it (a short treatise)
(upstairs in a modern age.)
...ain't got no quarrels with god...
.choose life.
.i don't know why red fades before blue ... it just does.
~~~~~ Black History Month ~~~~~
+lan Vital, the Celestial Dawn
Ghost Lovers
My Life Was Saved By Rock & Roll:
A Pop Kulcher Audiobiography

107 Steps
12 Songs of the Hero's Journey
14 month anniversary
1440 Hours [February 2002]
15 gets you 20.
15 Months (Wasted) - A Mix For Her
18 of Nick Hornby's 31 Songs
20 Years of Snow
2002 - the year of the clusterfuck.
2003: The Year of Cilantro
2003: War Within A Breath
2005: making mistakes on the eternal typewriter
2007-2008 My life as an adult in this craphole Olympia
2009 State of the Union
22 years of Rob
24810 6
25 Songs About Our Love
27: Dangerous
28 Weeks Later
28: Trying to find a balance
29 = Feelin' Fine
29: Death and Texas
41 hours a day
5 Years Gone Long
A Commodius Vicus Of Recirculation
A Bedtime Story
a better future: maybe not together (ex-imaginary-boyfriend)
A Bitter Pill Called Adversity
A B-Movie Trilogy: Disc One - The Invasion Disc
A B-Movie Trilogy: Disc Three - The Time Travel Disc
A B-Movie Trilogy: Disc Two - The Fallout Disc
A Cassette for Wooing
A Collection Without Theme or End
A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life
a day in the life of me
a glass overflowing
A Gun For Kilkenny
A History of American Foreign Policy
A Jaded Chronology
A Life In the Day: The Movie
A Little Piece Of Rope
a little red box for all of my friends to join me in.
A Long Way Down
A Love Story
A Mix to Fend off Winter
a mix for an october romance
A Neat Little Domestic Life
A Night of Faith
A Night of Infinite Resignation
A Night of Reason
a rebel on the public transportation system
a rebel on the public transportation system
A Red Mini Cooper For You
A Reflection of Self
a relationship in an hour (in two parts) : don't remember this feeling.
A Remus Lupin Introspective
a servant's story. 3.0
a servant's story. 4.4
a servant's story. 5.2
A Solitare-y Mix
A Soundtrack For Failed Acts Of Redemption
A spaceship called thursday
A Spring Timeline: April Showers to May Flowers
a steady progression
A Vicious Cycle (I'm Not Like Them But I Can Pretend) [3 of 3]
A Voyage to Cythera - Adelaide 2004
A Warped Romance 2: The Decline of Roxy & Jonas
A Year In the Life
Absurdity is Beautiful
Absurdity is Dangerous
Against My Better Judgement...
Aimless Dawn
Ali's French New Wave Spy Movie Mix
All About Lil' Ol' Me!
All Bad Words
All is forgiven, Come home quickly: an autobiographical mix for Hannah
all that and a bag of chips...
all that we are
altered states, part four
altered states, part one
altered states, part one
altered states, part three
altered states, part three
altered states, part two
altered states, part two
Always Darkest Before the Dawn
American Pie Soundtrack- If I picked the songs.
An Ancient Jigsaw Puzzle
An Evening At The End of Time
Anatomy of a Disaster
And all the girls in every girl magazine can't make me feel any less alone.
and if i have to go, will you remember me?
And In The End...(A Beatles Break Up Mix)
And That Was That: Our One Sweet Night Together
and we'll all be portions for foxes (a musical message)
Angel: Connor: Hellspawn
Anonymous: 12 Tracks To Redemption
another friendship-encapsulating mix
another Musical Mad-Lib
another relationship
Another Year Of Bad Luck: Of Lust and Loss -disc two: loss- (1/1/04)
Anul Tim Ate Emo Mix At Marty's Party
Apple Shampoo Vol. 1
April 2002
APRIL 2003
Are Your Feet Tired, Because You've Been Running Through My Mind All Day
Art Could Save A Wretch Like Me
As an Angel Runs to Ground: Songs for Mulder and Krycek
asexual healing
Ash Wednesday
Astrophil on a Starless Night
august & september 2003
August 2002
August anthems
August Mix
Austin Powers III: Calling Mike Myers
Autobiographical Mix
Autobiography of a Lobster Girl
Autobiography of John & Sara
Back from Space
Back in the New York Groove
Back to Frisco
Backtracking: 20 for 2000
Backtracking: 20 for 2001
Backtracking: 20 for 2002
Backtracking: 20 for 2003
Backtracking: 20 for 2004
Backtracking: 20 for 2005
bang bang bang bang bang
beautiful sadness
beautiful schizo (for every girl in my life)
Bedroom eyes
bees OST
Behind the Scenes
Being famous sucks
Belong. A NickyandRichey album.
Beneath the Vaulted Sky
Best. Summer. Ever.
better that I break a window, than You, or Her, or Me.
Between Past and Present Tense
Big Wolf On Campus
Birthday Haze-The Imaginary Motion Picture Soundtrack
bitch? or heroine?
bittersweet symphony: when love doesnt conquer all
Black Coffee at The Sunset Grill (A Personal Soundtrack)
Black flames over a cold fjord: Sweden vs Norway
Blackout 2003 World Tour
Blowing Dust At Suburbanites
Blue Devil Remnants and the Sweet Hereafter
Blue Green Grass
blue of noon 1
blue of noon 2
Book of Trout: A Year In Lyrics
bore me terrifically
Boy/Girl Story
Break Me Gently
Break Up, After, Break Up
bringing up the bones: music from and inspired by the novel.
Britney Spears: "The Movie" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Contains NO Britney Songs)
brokenness and healing
Brown Praise From a Virginal Girl Part One
Buckaroo Banzai: Music For Driving Through The Eighth Dimension
Buckley vs Buckley
But he was famous long ago (Theme Time #84)
but something is different (Earthly Pleasures and Heavenly Tortures)
But That's Not Like Me
Camus Can do, But I'm still Smarter
can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?
Can You?
Cannonball Simp
can't have me
Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Kill 'Em
Carry That Weight: Post Fab Documentary Part I
Carry That Weight: Post Fab Documentary Part II
Celebration of the Songs that won the West
change for you five test mix
Charles and Misty
Chicago - and beyond
Chips Ahoy! Me motley crew
has come to sail the ocean blue

Christina's party
Chrono Trigger (Not So) OST, Volume 1
Chrono Trigger (Not So) OST, Volume 2
cibo mixo
cirCUiTry 1.1
cirCUiTry 1.2
cirCUiTry 1.3
clark & belmont, she laughs at something in a donut shop.
compilation 19
compilation 19
Contractual Obligation
Conversation in Song, 12/08/01-12/12/01
cosmology (blues and blacks)
Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Long Day
Courting Shadows: The Soundtrack
cuts and bruises
daisy chains & maryjanes [suburban gothic #7]
Dancing Down The Scene
Dans La Nuit
Darla & Angel: Show Me Your World
---Das Kapital--
Dead Lights at the End of the Tunnel
Dear Rachel,/Love, Heather
Death of the "Home" Concept
December 2002
Definition of Everything That I Am
deluted and perfectly flawed
Did I do it right?
Did I Just Miss the Ending?
Difference Engines
dimethicone forest
dirty rotten scoundrels
Disintegration (Disc 1/2 - Fire)
Disintegration (Disc 2/2 - Ice)
Dissolve Onto The Edge of The Knife/ Live Another Life
District's Hollywood Ending
Do Your Best to Remember
Doing the Unstuck: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Don't Change, Mass Pike Postcards Look Nice On You
Don't Fall In Love With the Blue Skies of Texas
Don't forget to give back my black t-shirt, along with the one year of my life that I gave to you
Don't Panic: Songs for Hitchhiking
Don't Talk About Loneliness
Don't Tell Anybody The Secrets I Told You
Don't tell the captain, don't you tell him what I've done.
drag your feet to slow the circles down.
DRAGNET : The Big No Tooth"
Dream #2: Cherche la rose
Dreams Led Us to the Polis
driving over to your house::songs for the quiet cowgirl
dusseldorf cold water flat / junkie in the discotheque
E P A T X I M -- The Memento Mix
e.e. cummings and some unfinished business
Ear Candy
East Coastin'
Eat My Wrath, Yo [April 2002]
Eaves of Moss
Eight Miles High: Revisited and Revised
Eight Miles High: Revisited and Revised
Eight Miles High: The Easy Rider Story
El Gringo del Arrabal
Emmy's San Fran Nostalgia Mix
endless slummer
Energy Mix
Errant Dawn
et in perelandra ego
Eternity's Brief Interruptions
Eugoen's Mix
even screw-ups can look cool
Even When the Skies Are Clear, The Weather's Always Blue
ever a f t e r
Every Dream Is Just A Dream After All
Every Ending Is A New Beginning
every light on this side of the town, suddenly it all went down
every one goes through it; stay with me
Everyone I've held in my arms, I believe I've pushed away.
Explaining Pay Policy: The Musical!
Eyes Have It: Procedure Mix
Fairy stories held me high on clouds of sunlight floating by: a fairy tale mix
Faith is a Warm Gun
Falling isn't what hurts, but rather the abrupt stop at the end...
Falling Leaves
Falling Through Love
FAQs - songs & original score from the film
fat joints &hot days in kevin's car
Fear and Loathing in Atlantis: Frank Zappa & Hunter S Thompson write an epitaph for Flower Power
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - complete chronological soundtrack playlist
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Revisited)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: the Improved Soundtrack
Fear and Loathing in Milwaukee
February 2002
FFVII - Until the End
Fifteen And Pregnant !
Fight War Not Wars
FINALLY!! After 3+ years of Frustration..I Have completed this MIX!!! (Chasing Amy Soundtrack!!)
FINALS/dry anal rape
Five Bucks!
flo: the early years (1979-1982)
Following The Stars Of Your Eyes
Foosteps in the Rain
For An Aging Hitman
For Brad
for clara
For I Have Sinned
For Jessie Beck, Whom I've Never Met
for mike
For Rik
for swan.
for the love of melissa
For the Record
For you
Fordson in My Eyes
forget the fuck away from me
Forsaken of the Nation
Found on a stained mattress in a seedy motel
Four Years of John Adams High School Summarized and Dubbed onto a 100-Minute Cassette
four-squared : sixteen bits of two-thousand and three
From 17 on, a glimpse of my life
From Beginning to End in One Word
From Despair to Where
From Hi Hi Hi to Bye Bye Bye with Help from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
fuck the world. we've got each other.
GANGBUSTERS > "The Cincinnati Narcotics Ring"
Gingko Biloba
Girls, Girls, Girls (the concept mix)
Give me a reason to love you.
Gnomed Recordings
God Doesn't Need Ole Anthony
This place satisfies every desire of my heart

God Knows the Lonely Souls
golden sunbeam stars man #1
Good Omens: songs to go with the book (part 1)
Good Omens: songs to go with the book (part 2)
Good Things Never Want To Stay.
Good Times, Sick Pimpin' (i don't love anyone)
Goodbye Old Us, Hello Real Us
goodbye; lay the blame on love
Grab a Guitar
Great Music
Greetings from the Cowboy Motel
Greg he writes letters... and burns his CDs...
Hallelujah: a tale of love and loss
Hands Across America (with guns) [Act One]
Hands Across America (with guns) [Act Three]
Hands Across America (with guns) [Act Two]
Happy Father's day, Douglas Coupland
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of The World
Harley Quinn: A Study In Madness
Have Gun Will Travel
he wanted closure
Hearts : Fixed Hearts - Broken Hearts
Hello My Friends, Sorry If You Thought I Was Dead
Hello? Poison Control?
Here Comes The Flood
Hey There, Fancypants!
Hi, how random to see you . . .
Hidden Meaning (disc two)
High School Musical
High School Regrets
High School- The Real Story
Highlights from America! (Volume 1)
history of our friendship
hocus pocus, you're the dopest
Hot Soft Eyes
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? High School in 22 Songs
How do you know when to let go?
how our hero came to be
how to dance over a boy right
how to prepare for the temp agency
Hug My Soul
hymn for mannem
hyperchick 1
I Am Complacent
I Am Up In The Clouds/ And I Can't Come Down
I bought a ticket, you took a walk
I Can’t See My Reflection in the Waters (Theme Time #23)
i cannot stand these talks, dear; they only get us nowhere.
i can't believe it's really over (story of a boy)
I can't get away from you...
i don't know what you're doing to me, but i think i like it
I don't want it - I just need it
I Goddam Hate Lousy Mixtapes If You Wanna Know The Truth! PART 2
I Goddam Hate Lousy Mixtapes If You Wanna Know the Truth! PART 3
I Goddam Hate Lousy Mixtapes If You Wanna Know The Truth! PART 4
I Goddam Hate lousy Mixtapes If You Wanna Know The Truth! PART 5
I Goddam Hate Lousy Mixtapes If You Want To Know The Truth! PART 1
I Got a Big, Big, Big Heartbeat, Yeah!
i got the whiskey, baby, i got the cigarettes (for florina)
i had something else in mind
I Have Pubic Lice
I HEART Teenage Russian Pretend-Lesbians 4EVA!!!!!!!
I Miss the Innocence
i miss you
i must belong somewhere
I Need This False Dichotomy
i need to see you look at me that way, and then it's okay
I need to see you often
i never woulda made you this tape if i knew you were such a fuckin doush
I ran to the river. It was bleeding.
I Read The News Today...Oh Boy
I really liked you once... you bitch!
I Saw You Kissing A Girl Who Was My Clone!!
I start to miss you sometimes
I stole your Wilco cd
I Walk a Late Road
I Want to Make You Feel Free
I Want to Make You Feel Free
I Want Too Much (Title winner - Quiet Place)
I Was Deaf And Dumb/ And Still Knew You Were The Only One
I Wish It Hadn't Ended Like How It Did
I wish you were here. I wish we'd have a tea party to celebrate.
I'd rather be drunk & in love.
if color could be sound words might compose like song
if i close my eyes, i'll sleep for days. (1998-1999)
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
If only persistance made a difference...
If Our Hearts Were Worn Upon Our Sleeves
if we can't hang out, know this is for you
if you can't get here fast enough
if you ever want a fashion show, i'll walk on yr block.
If you're feeling happy then sad then angry...
I'll Always Be Here Disk 1
I'll Always Be Here Disk 2
I'll Give You Roses In Winter
I'm a little bit shy, you're easy on the eye
i'm a loner, dottie. . .a rebel
i'm aiming for heaven, but i'll probably wind up down in hell.
i'm back with scars to show
i'm confused
I'm Feeling Wounded, Like the Army
I'm Goin' For A Drive, Honey Pie
I'm going to drive round pissed until I crash
I'm Going To Forget The Way Of The Blade And Live As A Woman!!
I'm Not Down
I'm Ready
I'm Sorry I'm Still A Little Bitter
I'm Startin' Over In Another Place
I'm Still Here
I'm Still Here...
i'm tired of holding my breath.
I'm Too Young For an Autobiography
I'm Waiting For The Man
Impossibilities and the Rose
Improbably Designed
In Love with Love's Ghost
In Memoria
In Pursuit of Three Songs
in search of the perfect beat.
In the Air Tonight
Inquisition Symphony
Inside the Head of a Madman
InterRail 2004 G-Zone
Into The Weekend
Is it Bill Bailey?
Is It Really So Strange?
is this the dream I've been saving?
Island in the South
Isn't it funn how I remember you in song
It reminded me of you now it reminds you of me.
It Sucks To Be Me: 2004, a Memoir (1/1/05)
It Transcends Us
It was there once, but now it's gone
It's about me! (the i like you mix)
It's Amazing You Survived
It's My Party
It's so hard to go into the city, cos you want to say "hey, I love you" to everybody.
It's the time you realise the girl doesn't want to be saved.....
I've Decided to Sleep Alone
i've got a thing for you.
i've got to go home
I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings.
I've never seen you so awful. I found you at the bottom of a Russian novel.
I've Noticed You Around
James versus Attila the Hun, Part One
january & february 2003
January 2003
'Jarrod' Part 1
'Jarrod' Part Three
'Jarrod' Part Two
jericho wins the rumble : a metal fantasy
Jesus: The Movie Soundtrack
Jesus: The Movie Soundtrack
Jesus: The Movie Soundtrack
Jesus: The Movie Soundtrack
Jesus: The Movie Soundtrack
Jim & Speedoo Take A Ride
John Lennon - All He Was Just Saying - Top 30 Songs From The Beginning
July 2002
July 4th: A Patriot's Heart
July, July! It never seemed so strange.
Jumbled Acetaminophen Blitz
June 2002
JUNE 2003
just for one day?
Just Like an Angel
Just One Of Those Things
Just Two Bullets - A Seedy Motel Mix
Kung Fool
Lake Forest is Just Not As Cool As Europe
landmarks (the things we passed and left behind)
Last Call
Last Show Music
leave a white and turbid wake
Let Be, Let Be - Part 1: Jack
Let Be, Let Be - Part 2: Ennis
Let it Ride
let's go to bed
Let's Pretend It's a Work of Art; Let's Pretend It's Not My Heart
Let's Take Off
Let's Turn Back the Years (Disk 1)
Let's Turn Back the Years (Disk 2)
Letting Go
libertine goddess
Life In NYC
Life Is Great, Without It You'd Be Dead
Lights Out Radio presents "The Meteor Man"
Like A Giant Bomb
like art could save a wretch like me
Like Wild Water Through All His Troubled Veins
Listed M.I.X.
listen closely...and all will seem better
live so quietly with no songs (or, sing)
Living in a Post-World World
Lo Lo Hi: A Love Story in Four Acts - Disc 1
Lo Lo Hi: A Love Story in Four Acts - Disc 2
Lonely Highway, Dark Roadside
Long Money Blues: The Life and Death of Rollie Washington
Long Night's Journey into Day
Look No Further Than Your Dirty Feet
Look, We're Just Very Good Friends Who Like To Hang Out And Can I Kiss Your Earlobe?
Looking Back On A Thousand Tons Of Concrete and Steel
Looks Like Freedom; Feels Like Death
loosing light
Losing My Virginity in a Jeep in a Parking Lot of a Park in West Bloomfield
Losing the Battle for Obscurity/ White Girls Can't Jump
Lost In Life
Love is a fascist Invention
Love is a Notion I Can't Forget
love letters ending with "p.s. I like you."
Love Song -a microstory of sorts-
Love Song -a microstory of sorts-
Love songs for a stripper
love-letter addressed to a dead girl
Lumos/Nox: The Potter Megamix
Luxury In the case of Caves
m + antonio mix vol. ii
m + antonio vol iii
m + antonio vol. i
m/J 2k+2
Ma Jolie Petite Fille
Make It A Cheeseburger
march & april 2003
March 2002
MARCH 2003
mat ratz soundtrack
May 2002
MAY 2003
Maybe I can be an extra at least
Mayday, M'aidez (1/1/05)
means the world to me
Memories Show Up Uninvited and Spike the Punch
meow meow
Michelle Chau: Lonely Apartment Life
Michigan Mellow: Songs to Watch the Sun Set over Lake Michigan by
midnight driving and t rex liner notes
Milk and Honey
Milton Wasn't Blind To Free Will When Writing Paradise Lost
Misfit Blues
Mix Tape the Game
Mixed Tapes Don't Tell Stories
Moonlight Feels Right: The Soundtrack To The Screenplay I'm Working On
More Fun Than Little Plastic Army Men! (Eugoen's Mix II)-
More Talk, Less Rock: Spoken word, movie dialogue, songs with narration, and more
Morning on Parade
motion picture soundtrack
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Mudville Soundtrack: Vol. 3
murder, cars, and the plight of the proletariat: soundtrack to a marxist noir
Music for "FRIENDS"
Music for "Orpheus"
Music For your Eyes
Music inspired by the film "A Million to Juan"
Music inspired by the film "A Million to Juan"
Music to Move You
music to slit your wrists 2!!!!!1 lol1!!
Music To Swat Flies By (aka How I Became The Human Fly)
Musical Mad Lib the 3rd
Musical Mad Libs
My Business is Circumference.
My Day at the Record Store
My Favorite Chords
My favorite moans
My Life As a Series of Boys
My Life Could Be Your Mixtape
my non-linear narrative baby tape
My Novacaine
My Stupid Youth
My Totally Awesome Mixtape V. LXIX*
my troubled mind at 2 am
My, but you slay me, in my rainy gazebo tree.
My, My, The cruelest lies are often told without a word
Narcotic Romance - rise and fall
Narrative {a love poem in song}
Neko, sorceress
Never Enough : The Ballad of a Broken Heart
New Day Rising....?
new smooth lunch
nidal. nival. tidal.?
Night Spent in a Seedy Motel on a Mattress With Springs Sticking Out of It
Night Stalkers Don't Quit: A Black Hawk Down Mix
Nightfall...with all the wishing stars
Nobody saw me, just my bottle, and what they saw of it was empty.
nobody's fool
Not Jere's Warped Romance 3
November 2002
November 3 - December 26
Now Is Your Chance to Shine
Now You're Here, Now Your Away. (an anthology of anger and forgiveness)
O' Portolan: Maps & Legends
Occlumency (To Hillsdale...)
October 2002
october in yardley / august in london
Ode to a Tiger
Ode To The Diehard Mets Fan
OEF 1: The Deployment
Of Things I Just Might Be
Of trains and the girls who ride them
oh anna
Oh, That Feeling...Again.
Old People Shouting [April 2003]
On an Axis
On my hands and head.
on nights like this
Once again . . .
One Day In Her Life (New York 9/11/01)
one great idea
One of a Kind
One Too Many John Hughes Movies As Kid
One Year Later
ones you might actually like
only a fool tries to follow the light of a firely
Only Love Can Break Your Heart: A Love Story Told Through Covers (PLEASE Check this out!)
oolongsongs in the u-bahn
Oops! I did her again.
Optimism is Just a Phase
Original Soundtrack - American Girl
Original Soundtrack - Man You Never Saw
Orphic Pop
Other People's Poetry #1
Other People's Poetry #2
Our Life in Notes
Our Marriage in 17 songs
Pansy Girl Adventure
Paper Tower
Paranoid Android: The Musical
All He Wanted Was To Be Free, And That's The Way It Turned Out To Be
(A Rock Opera)

Pepsi Mix
Permanent Midnight
personal favorites as of now
phantom words of thoughts left unspoken
Photos of the Past
Pissing in the Ocean
Pivotal Splices (Strk to End All Strks Trade)
Plague City Zero: III The Cellophane Girl
Plague City Zero: V The Future Is History
Please Kill Me
Polaroids from Douglas Coupland (Side 2 of first cassette)
Pride and Prejudice
Primal Dawn, Tribal Beat
Prix de Goncourt 2005 In the Bag!
Profoundly Moving Oscar Contender
Pueblo Rising
Pullin' Rusty Nails
Punk Rock Narrative 1
Pure and Unfiltered Nostalgia
put something into everything
putting "ness" at the end of an adjective doesn't neccessarily make it a noun
Q & A
Q and flippin' A
Quiet Girl Blues
Rain Rain GO-GO Away
Rainbows, Waterfalls and Whipcracks
Real Ready
red blooded, white skinned, got the blues...
Red Wind >> A Philip Marlowe Mystery
Relationships can be a wild ride
Relationships can be a wild ride (the slightly more rocking version)
Remembering Ally
Reno 911: Hopin' That We Don't Get Stabbed
requiem for diana, princess of wales
Responsibility Matters
Return Of The Six String Samurai
return of the testing mix
Riding For The Brand (Part 1)
Ridng For The Brand ( Part 2)
Robin Hood Was Conservative
Roll with the Wind
Roller Coaster Of Love
rungs in the ladder vol. 1
safety pin girl #7
Sarah Holcomb
Saturday Night Into Sunday Morning
Saturn Ascends - Balkans 2002
Save me the label of the perfume on the table
Scent of a Murderer ... of Patrick Snskind's Perfume
Scratches in the Black
See You In September
Self Inflicted - Seattle 2003
September 2002
September Soundtrack
September to June
September to June (the real one)
September to June (the real one)
September to June Part 2
Serene Songs To Do Yoga By
sex & desparation
Shadow Boxing
shake and shake and shake you
She Left Without Leaving...
she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing
Shine On - Disc 1
Shoebox Heart
Should We Get Married/Or Just Go On Killing Each Other?
Silver Bullets Pierced the Blue
Sister Morphine..........................Brother Manson
Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean
sketch for "you will learn to love me (so please come back)" - i need some help with this!
Skippers Adventures In Love
Skippers Naughty Stewardesses
Snapshots of Love
so cruel so mean so good - a love story
So Impossible... EP + Three
So This Is The New Year
So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star? (a.k.a. The Obligatory Dues Album)
Softly Love
Soldier On
some of my friends are gonna die young
some sad singers, they just play tragic
Someone to Spend the Apocalypse With,...
Someone's going to do something someone else will regret
Something for the Love Guru
Something Infinitely Interesting
Sometimes He Makes Us Live
Songs about my life in Japan
Songs about my life in San Francisco
Songs about my life in the north
Songs About Randolph Ave.
Songs for a Non-Existent Break Up
Songs for the Novel
Songs From a Room
Songs From The Film
Songs From The Film 4: Murder At Dusk
Songs From The Film III: Another Backwoods Tragedy In Black & White & Sepia
Songs That Drown Out The Voices
Songs That Mean Something
Songs to Have Sex To, Vol. 1
Sounds from the Bubble...The First In A Series.
Sounds from the Bubble...The First In A Series.
Soundtrack to a Film
soundtrack to an imaginary big-budget porn movie circa late 1999
Soundtrack to Michael.
Soundtrack To My Life (or lack of it)
soundtrack to my life, february-april 2003
Soundtrack to Nothing ... Perhaps
Soundtrack to the Fairy Tale
Soundtrack to the Indie Film of Our Life
soundtrack to the last 6 months of my life
SP989-For You
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace - volume one
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace - volume two
spoken and unspoken
spooky thought
Spring Has Sprung
Squeegee Your Third Eye
Star Trek I: The Crier in Emptyness
Star Trek II: Passage to Moauv
Star Trek III: In Vino Veritas
Starting the long walk home
Stockholm vs Gothenberg
Story of a Break Up, Vol. 1
Story of a Love....
Strange As Angels
Stuck inside of NoVa with those NeoCon think tank blues Again
Sublimation, Transference and Repression
Subversive Wisdom
Sugar, Sugar, Sugar
Summer 2006: Can't Wait For Vacation!
Summer 2007: Sun-Kissed, Scattered and Beat
summer crush
Summer Fling: Disc 3 of 3
Summer Nights: A Time for Heartbreak and Lungmend
summermix 2002 (for c)
Sunburned Coast
sunday morning
Sweet and Simple
Sweet and Sour
Sweets And Storytelling
Take This Big Mac and Shove It! (Anatomy of a McJob)
Tart Deco
Tastes Like Strawberries
Techno Man vs. Spacy Bitch
terrenton. still untitled.
Thanks For Never Laughing
that orca's like us/ after nine-eleeevvveeeeeeeeennnnnnn
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Arc of the Day
the axiomatic go go dance
The Benevolent Aesthete
The Blue Hour
The Bongwater Brothers
The Book of Susanna
the breach born son
The Build-Up and Letdown
The Catcher in the Rye
the caucus race: a mix for autumn in nj, sleeping, and dangerous ghosts
The Compassionate Believer
The Continuing Adventures of Cade Guterson: Cade meets Amelie
The Cosmic Accident
The Dark Knight Returns
The Day I Swapped My Job for Two Weeks Severance Pay
The Disciplinary Interview--The Musical! (starring Debbie Harry as Tillie and Tom Jones as Mel)
The Dog Days of Summer
The Drinks EP
The End... Goodbye America.
The Fight is Just
The Final Day
The First Nine
The Focus Is Sharp In The City
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
The Gibbous Moon: A Space Opera in Three Acts with Intermissions
The Girl Who Smokes Too Much
The Giving Tree
The Good/The Bad
The Guaranteed Foolproof Indie Film Soundtrack
The Half Hours by Virginia Dogg
The Happy Return of Cade Guterson
The Harbinger
the heart is deceitful above all things
The Heartbeat in My Teeth
The Hero's Mixtape Journey
The History 1
The History 2
The Hopeful Believer
The Hour Of Power
The Imperial Believer
The Kevorka---Lure Of The Animal
The Last Dance Of Innocence
The Last Man
The Last Man II
The Last Man III
the last seven years
The Last Song, Disc One
The Last Song, Disc Three
The Last Song, Disc Two
The Last Two Years
The Life and Possible Death of Stevie Benson Part 1
The Life and Times of Gertrude Bartlett
the lisbon girls vs. the obsessive boys across the street
the lisbon girls vs. the obsessive girls across the street (beta v.1)
The Lonesome Death of Billy Jack
The Long Journey Home
The Lori LP
The Malevolent Aesthete
the man who would be king
The Martian Chronicles
The Modern World - The soundtrack to my tv show
The Modern World: Season 4
the month of april 2004
the month of august 2004
the month of december 2003
the month of december 2004
the month of july 2003
the month of july 2004
the month of june 2003
the month of june 2004
the month of march 2004
the month of may 2003
the month of may 2004
the month of october 2003
the month of october 2004
the month of september 2004
The Morality of Mortality
The Movement Of A Hand (Karma)
the movie of our lives
The Myth of Zhalfir
The Myth of Zihuatanejo
The Names Have Been Changed.
The Nightingale & The Rose
The Old Man Muttered Something Just Before He Died
The One Night Stand Trilogy: Pt. 1, "I Need A Dirty Woman" (The Pickup)
The One Night Stand Trilogy: Pt. 2 Disc 1, "My Messiest Mess" (Foreplay)
The One Night Stand Trilogy: Pt. 2 Disc 2, "He's Going For Speed" (Intercourse)
The One Night Stand Trilogy: Pt. 3, "Whores In My Bed" (The Morning After)
The Passive Aesthete
The Path that Stretches before Us
The Perils of Indifference... Soundtrack to "Night" by Eli Wiesel
The Perils of Indifference... Soundtrack to "Night" by Eli Wiesel
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Phoenix Cycle (One Night)
The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again
the quantum self
The Queen of Diversions
The Question of Moving On
the rain is making it hard
the refrigerator mix.
The Relationship Mini-Triptych
The Re-Set 2016
The Re-Set: 2017
The Rock Snob's Guide To Compiling The Worst Mix Ever
The Rush Against Time!!
The Salt Creek Drive
the science of selling yourself short
The Slackers/Thursday split
The snow began here this morning and all day continued, its white rhetoric everywhere calling us...
The Sound of My Heart Breaking
The Sounds that Keep the World Beautiful
The Soundtrack to "The End of Punctuation"
The Soundtrack to a Movie of My Life - Tape 1
The Soundtrack to the Greatest Day That Never Happened
The Stage Theory Mix
THE STICK UP :: Tales of the Texas Rangers
The Story of Us
the story of when emo met Jesus and a lovely lady
The Story So Far, vol. 1
The Story So Far, vol. 2
The Strange Tale of Cade Guterson
The Sun Hides Stella
The Sword In The Stone
The Time is Never Now
The Tribe: Keeping The Dream Alive
The Unjust God
The Vast Indifference of Heaven
The Warped EP - aka I Ain't Had This Much Fun Since....
The Weight of His Dreams
The Wonder and Where It Led Us
The World's Tallest Illuminated Cross of Jesus--
the year of living dangerously
Theory of Objectivity
Theory of Relativity
Theory of Subjectivity
there was still hope there
there's a man i don't want to be, he claims he's seen my life from the other end of the colour scale
There's Always Tomorrow...
there's no perestroika in hell
There's no place i could be without you...
Things Are Here To Stay
Things Go On With Mistakes
This Cannot End Well
this illness seems to feel so strange
This Is A Story...
This Is My Stop
This is Nineteen. All Your Friends Are Dead.
This Is The Start Of The Breakdown/I Can't Understand You
This is Twenty. The Path is Renewed.
this is where i've been
this reception has two brides (or she got ploughed at her wedding and all hell broke loose)
This Will Not End Well
Thomas Hardy's Heart Was Eaten by a Cat
Those Were the Days (a tribute to janc+garbadj)
thoughts on you
through the blood, sweat and the beer
Through the eyes of a soldier: Songs of the Civil War
Time Travel is Fictional
Time Travel is Necessary
Time Travel is Useless
time will turn your bones to dust
TMC1: How to Argue and Win Every Time (The Soundtrack of Your Life)
TMC3: This is Not the White Album
TMC5: News to me
TMC7: Anno Dom Deluise
To Die With A Liverbird Upon My Chest
To have loved and Lost, Pt. 1 - Disney Land and other roadside attractions
To have loved and Lost, Pt. 2 - Where is my Mind?
To Macaulay Culkin on his 21st Birthday
To Ramble & To Rome
to sleep, perchance to dream
To The One I Love?
To the Women Who've Made Me Who I Am
to those who keep their kings in the back row.
toast and tea on sunday morning
Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
Too Little To Live On
too much water
Topsy and Tim Go to the Rock Show
totally bitter mix
traded my bow for a new year's kiss
Transmission Dance Party
Travel Mix 2004
Trip To Magic Mountain
True Love Never Says Die
t-shirt diaries movie (self-made) part 1
tuesday october 28th
tv turned up really loud
Twilight, Los Angeles, 1992
Two years in love: a true story
Ugly Dawn
ugly stories about rock stars & the war
uh huh
Un Coeur En Hiver(A Heart In Winter)
Unfulfilled Desires/Impossible Dreams
Up/Down (greensnow) Paper Mountain
V-Day 2002
vegetables (they keep you regular, they're real good for you)
Waiting For the Other Side
walk in silence
War Of The Worlds
War...hah! Good God Y'all!
warm summer night (dusk 2 dawn)
we could be heroes
We Don't Belong In Heaven
We Just Ended Up Here
we slept in a yurt 2.7.04
We work our way around each other
Wedding in Ohio
Welcome to Strangleville, Pennsylvania
welcome to the country club where the playas play
wellbutrin in song form
What a Good Boy: Your Life So Far
What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
what feels like appropriate autumn music
What If...
What we are doing to each other is ridiciulous.
whatever fate decrees.
When a Man Leaves a Woman: "I Think Things Would Be Better if I Owned Something by The Microphones."
When Angels Leave
When I Awoke, Dear
When the Cost of a Plane Ticket isn't Worth Your Happiness...
When The Screams Subside
When They Insist On Knowing My Bliss, I Tell Them This
When we are 37, we will dance in our barefeet about our moonlit vineyard...
When Worlds Collide
Where Do Circles Begin?
Where Do I Begin?
Where Life Left Off
Where's The Damn Lifeboat
Who Needs Tomorrow? (The 20th Anniversary of My Senior Prom)
Who Wants To Hear Another Sad Song?
Who Will Save Your Soul?
Why Does Man Kill?
Why Say It Yourself When Someone Else Has Said It Better
Why You Too Should Be Single4Life
Wild Guitar
will and sleepyhead do sleepyhead's parents' house
Winthrop 2000
Wish You Were Here
With Friends Like Me, Who Needs Friends?
Woman's Hour: A Fifty Dollar Whore
Words For Two
Working Hard
Would You Like to Live with Your Soul in the Grave?
Write a Book of Debt Everyone Must Pay
WXXP, New Kensington - August 1987
X Saves The World: The Unauthorized Soundtrack
you again? i didnt know you could still do this to me
You Always Love the One Who Breaks Your Heart
You are Invited.
You Can Never Go Home and This City Never Was...
you can't go home again (thank god)
you don't meet nice girls in coffee shops
you go now
you make me wanna smoke a cigarette
You Sang the Song that I Was Screaming
You Seem To Be Where I Belong
You, Your Girlfriend, and Me
young bodies heal quickly, you know
your love is my relief, my love is your release
your lovely head
your loyalties are divided between digital and vinyl, but i'm biding time till the cassingle revival
Your Sun Still Shines At Midnight In My Heart
You're So Pretty When You're Mine
you've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life.
you've got pollen on your nose.
Zee Evil Comp tape 1. [you only turn 40 once]
zen, don west, and the art of breaking everything in the room