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For Kenzie, Whereever I May Find Her
hello, i'm good for nothing - will you love me just the same?
Never Was a Touch Lost or a Look Misplaced
"and cool people, they belong together" / the Rachel is Not a Jew mix v. 1
"and i will flail under these lights that seep down from the bitter sky tonight...."
"and if the tempo was lousy, it was lost on all but you"- death cab for cutie
"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
"I can be your John Cusack."
"I hate flowers , too. I brought them as a joke."
"i know both of us are poor, but baby...what are phonebills for?"
"I Wouldn't Normally Burn This Kind of Disc"
"If Music is the Food of Love, Play on"
"i'm not a sap about sex
"It's like I'm lost and thinking of you in everyway"
"I've got a gift wrapped. We have got a course mapped."
"I've Got Some Bad Ideas Involving You and Me"
"Lots of love."
"My Gift Is My Song-And This One's For You."
"on our way to fall in love..."
"Prom"ises, or Songs They Would Never Play at My Prom
"she's not the same." | that's all you can say.
"So There Were These Bricks.. Yeah, Bricks."
"There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."
"Those Dreamy Eyes"
"Today I Made You A Mix Tape..."
"Well I...I Miss Her Throat."
"Would That Be The Love Between A Man And A Woman, Or The Love Of A Man For A Fine Cuban Cigar?"
"You're the Song That Writes a Story"
#2 in a series
(C)All Girls Love Me pt. 2
(GMT + 1.00 hour) Venice [sad, drunk and lonely]
(GMT + 10:00 hour) Sydney [for naomi]
(heart) songs
(i could have sworn) it was all a dream.
(i don't remember)
(into the midnight sun)
(Might as Well) Light the Candles Now...
(My) heartbeat at my feet
(My) heartbeat at my feet
(My) heartbeat at my feet
(sleep in now)
(Vol. 1)
(Vol. 2)
* i like to fuck smart girls
* il ne faut plus qu'on pursuive le bonheur
*face to palm, tear to tear... heart to ground
*Le Sigh*
... til the cops come knockin'
.... Because Tony Bennett makes her heart smile
...and cool kids, they belong together
...and i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad
...and in this moment I'm happy
...And it starts like this...
...and the Horse You Rode in on.
...as sweet a vanilla ice cream...
...Baby You're All That I Want
...Because Every Wife Should Have a Mix Made Just for Her
...but i like it romantic"
...i said 39 times that i love you...
...Of Dreams
...the best presents are the ones from the heart
...this one goes out to the one i love...
..all of my favorite singers have stolen all of my best lines.
.:everything about you:.
.falling for shooting stars.
.mellow melodies.
:These Foolish Things
} Milk The Scapegoat {
~completely pleased~
Open 3 - There's Nothing Else I Can Really Do, At All
Prego amore vieni con me
026. goats to the nth degree
080128 [some essentials of] explosions in the sky
1,051,200 Minutes
1/2:i came to crave yr spastic touch (the honest ways you use too much.)
1: late summer.
10 Years Later ... and There's Still Nothing Like This
10. Spirits of love
12 Songs for the Tiffany
12am, Walking Home, Missing You... Work Sucks
13 more days
14 / 02
14 FTvrier
15 Love Songs
16 I Love Yous
16 songs to sing for my dreamboy
17 ways to say i love you
1742 Miles From Denver
18 month anniversary
19th September 2002 8pm
19th September 2002 8pm
1st Attempt to Land a Japanese Crush
2/2: i always wished for wishful thinking.
20 Romantic Classics
20 songs i didn't write
2002-02-14: Maybe I'm Amazed
2003-02-14: I'm The Man Who Loves You
2004-02-14: Baby It's You
27 weeks
29 Songs from the Sea of Love
3 Month Grace Period
3 months down...
34. Father, mother, sister, brother...
3965 Nautical Miles
4 years in 60 minutes or less
40 days of memories mix
6.25.04........we were thinking love
77 Minutes of Heart-Stabbing, Gut-Wrenching Love Songs
8 Songs for Waiting on the Lady Friend
8,760 Hours of Sunshine
80's love
81. kuutamovalssi
93. Waltz (2 CD) 1-12 & 12-24
97 - The Best Is Yet To Come
98 - Yet Another Lonely Weekend
A Beautiful Girl...
A Bit of Romance
A Candy Valentine
a chalky heart for nyc
A Champagne and Dynamite Valentine
A Christmas Lament for Miznary
A Couple Thoughts and Some Love Songs
A Crush Is A Dangerous Thing To Bruise
A Drug Called Love
A girl across the room in a coffeeshop
A girl will decieve if you give her an apple.
A Guide To Nursery Rhymes
A Heap of Hyperbole
A Heart Full of Love
a joyful guide to the art of crying
A Jump to Conclusions Mat
A Kiss To Build A Dream On
a life you find
A Little Cheese,A Little Soul,and Damn! I've Got One Hell of A Buzz.(Thinking about my Lady)
A Little Less Conversation
A Little Slice Of Heaven
A Long December 2000
a lot of stupid vanities
a love found with clashing swords
a love less ordinary
A love letter from your besherter
A Love that has Boundaries
A Lovely Loving Mix of Love
a luscious film of time
A Makeout Mix
A Mi Luz
A million songs couldn't begin to describe the way i feel about you.. so listen to me try, and...
A Mix 4 The Girl Who Owns My Heart.( 2-CD Set.)
A Mix 4 The Girl Who Owns My Heart.( 2-CD Set.)Part 2.
A Mix For A Girl I Keep Seeing Around Town
A Mix For Jenny
a mix pour charlie
A Mushroom Walks Into a Bar: Redux, Short and Sweet
A New Spell
A Nite Like This
A Pagan Love Story
A Pale, Pouty Sexy Girl: Erin Mix Vol. III
a puzzle worth solving
A Relationship in Song Part III: More Pussy, Bigger Dicks
A Riot in the Heart
A Second Look At Yesterday
A Seed is Planted
A Severe Lack of Eloquence
A short mix of 80's love songs
a short story dedicated to the one i love
A Simple Beckon To Your Heart
A slight delicate touch
A Soft Rock Summer
A Song of Longing
a song to keep us warm
a soundtrack for an imaginary love story
a soundtrack to nothing
a specialist in hope (every siren has her spot)
a steady progression
a summer mix for your spring break
A Third Look At Yesterday(If I Ever loved You It Was Yesterday Pt. III)
A thousand words...
a toast
A Trip through a Phantasy World
A Tugging Of Heartstrings
A Valentine Mix
a valentine to ladya
A Valentine's Mix For My Wife
a vanilla smile and gorgeous strawberry kiss
A Vegan and A River walk into a bar...
A Very Merry Unbirthday, or Birthday 2: Electric Boogaloo
A Vision Not Unlike A Shooting Star
A Wan Irie Likkle Place - Romance (Jamaican Style)
A Way To Make You Smile
A Year in Review
A year isn't so long.
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 32 - Disc 1
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 32 - Disc 2
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 34
A-1 mix
ABCs of love
acknowledge me
Acoustic Girls Mix
Acoustics for Kyle + special bounus
Across an Ocean
Adrian's Mix #1
after 18 months
After Hours Acoustic Session
After Midnight (build up)
after valentines day mix
ahh, high school love
Ain't I Sweet?
Ain't love the sweetest thing?
Ain't Technology Swell?
All i want is sex with you.
all i want is you
All I want it you
all men's hearts must burn & beat
All My Love Belongs To You (2CD SET)
all my worries don't worry me anymore
All Night at the Savoy
all of the subatomic pieces come together and unfold themselves in a second
All of these songs, they remind me of you
all the boys i ever loved (who never loved me back)
All The Dreams That I Held In My Heart [For Shawn]
All The Greatest Love Songs (Can't Compare to the Stars You Put in My Eyes)
All the kids in the street whisper sounds that sweet.
all the promises we made from the cradle to the grave
All The Things We Did The Summer Of '06 (or how to snog your best friend and make the best of it)
All The Usual Hearts To You
All Tomorrow's Parties
All White Girls
All You Need
All You Need
all your love is a lost balloon
Allegories For My Story Telling Lover
Alone in the Rain
always different never boring
Always on my mind
Always Remember
Always when we fight
Am Fenster
Amor y amistad - 2 CDs
amore eel
Amour With Diverse Variations
Amy and Eric's Wedding Mix - September 25, 1999
An Affair to Remember
An Airline Ticket to Romantic Places
an alt country love letter
An Angel For Me: Melissa's Mix
An EPIC Love(song)
An Evening With...
An Honest Place To Go
An Ode To The Finest Gender
An old Valentine's Day mix
Anarchy In The Cellophane
Anatomy of a Truly Disasterous Love Affair
Anatomy of Love
Anatomy of Our Love
And A Little Picture of a Tree
And All the Flabbergasted Walruses Hated Blueberry Pie
and besides you're probly holding hands...with a skinny pretty girl who likes to talk about bands
and god is whoever you're performing for
and i just wish i met you differently
And if i wrote you a symphony? for Ward
And if you made me your religion...
and I'll be satisfied not to read in between the lines
and in the long black eternity, i loved you so perfectly.
and it is standing here, right in front of you
and it was alright
and the way she looked was way beyond compare.
And then she kissed me...
and whatever a sun will always sing is you
and when the world blows up, i'll hold your hand
and when you cry, i feel the sky burst open in my veins
Angel in my Hell
Angel, Down We Fall Together
'Angin's Too Good For 'Em!
Animals Make The Best Lovers
anniversary I
anniversary II
Anniversary Mix Tape for Joe
Another Bloody Valentine
another lesson learned
another melancholy winter.
Another mix for the most beautiful girl in the world
Another Summer Passes On, You're Still With Me, We're Still Going Strong
Anti-Valentines Day
Anyone Else isn't You
Anything for a Monkey in a Short Skirt
anywhere but with me
Apologies and the Things You're Allowed to Feel About Me
are broken hearts sore to the touch?
are you the light that guides me home?
Around the camp fire
Artichoke Heart
artists don't vote (for alan)
as long as it's talking with you
as long as its talking with you, talk of the weather will do
As My Own Being
as you do
As You Wish
At least we're not wasting paper CD ONE
At Least We're Not Wasting Paper CD TWO
At My Most Beautiful
Attentive Ears Preserve Icebergs
autumn chillout
awww once i fell in love
B.M.M. (Baby Makin' Music)
baby, baby you're really the best
Baby, I'm On Fire (20 songs of Schizophrenic Love)
baby, i'm tired
baby, this love
Baby, Turn off the Lights...
babydoll mix
Bacardi Superior/Can't Take Your Bike on the T before 10 AM
Back Rubs & Bell Jars
Back when I had no story, nothing to form me, you got under my skin.
Basking in the Glow of Your Beauty is Where I Want to Spend My Life
bathroom stall makeout sessions ed.2
Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine?
Beached - A Sundrenched Mix for Lovers
Beached 2 - An Aruban Beach Mix for Lovers
Beat My Guest
Beats for Between the Sheets
Beautiful Girls - The Best of Emo
Beautiful Girls 2.0
Because I Can Firmly Say, "I Love You"
because i still want your initials to be B.B.B.
Because Your Eyes Sparkle
becca albee,where are you?
Becky's 2nd Mix
before i told you how i felt, every song was the greatest song i've ever heard
Before Sunrise/Sunset
before you go.
Beggars & Thieves
Being Here With You Feels So Right
Best Makeout Mix Ever (i mean it, this get a chick to rape you!! lol)
Best Of: Smooth Moves
beth mix
better than i ever knew
Between the Beats, Entwined in the Sheets
between the sheets - a chemistry set(list)
Beyond The Edge And Falling
biding time
Big Yellow Cheese
Binary Stars Over Allen and Allen (v.1)
Binary Stars Over Allen and Allen (v.2)
Bittersweet Connection
blank tape
Blind Faith and Dumb Luck
blowing bubbles with a hopeful smile on her face
Blue Eyed Boy Meets Brown Eyed Girl
Blue Skies Are Out Again
Bonnies Favorites . . . Dec./Jan. 1998-1999
Boogers and Farts
Boogie With Tutu!
Boone's Getting Hitched!
bored and losing love
Borrowed Words (The Things I Can't Seem to Say)
Both Sides, Now
Boy on the Moon
Boyfriend Music #1
Boyfriend Music #2
Boyfriend Music #3
Brandi and Jody Hinson: A Wedding To Remember. June 11, 2004
Breakin' Hearts With Sweet Beats
Breakup 2003
Breath Out So I Can Breathe You In
breathe out so i can breathe you in
Brent & Mandy's Two Hearts Become One Wedding Mix
Brighten my Northern Sky
Bubblebath O' Love
Bubblebath O' Love - Alternate Version
Buckling Knees and Aching Ears
bunny tricks set 01
but each night, i bury my love around you.
But if you hurt what's mine, I'll sure as hell retaliate
but love is not my only crime
But Tonight You Belong to Me (Part 1)
But Tonight You Belong to Me (Part 2)
by definition a crush must hurt
By the Way
California Mix
Call me sometime, and let's have sex.
camera 1, camera 2
Can I Be Your Bebel Gilberto?
Can I Dance with You? I
Can I Dance with You? II
Can I Dance with You? III
Can I Dance with You? IV
Can I Lay in Your Bed All Day?
can you trust yourself
Candlelight Music
Candy: The Romance Tape
Can't Get Enough of Your Love
can't get you outta my head
can't speed up the time
Can't stop thinking about her...
can't take my eyes off of you
Catch The Hint, Baby!
caught by surprise [working title]
Caught Up In Your Blue Jeans
cause i'll fall again if i see your face again.
celebrating two months of M____...
certain things you ought to know
Champagne and Sharkfin Soup
charm bracelets are for lovers
Chasing a Dream
Cheer Up, Andrea
CheerBear's Mix
Cheese on Cool Cheese
Cheese Vol. 2
cheesy loves songs! // passenger music
Cherchez la femme...
Cherry... (Valentine's Mix 2005)
Chocolate Kisses Over Three Thousand Miles Of Untouched Land
Christmas 4-2: Christmas '06 Mix
Cigarette in Your Bed
Cinerama (For Lindsay)
CJ's Smooth Grooves Vol. I
clap if you believe in faeries
Close To Me
Close Your Eyes and Lean Your Head on Me
Closing in on December
clover & foxgloves
Clues for Her
Coast to Coast- Mixtape 1
Colours of a Town
Come Away With Me
Come Dance With Me
come whisper all you know about this thing called love
Compact Bliss Part Deux
Completion of the First Romantic Symphony
Confessions of a High Fidelity Junkie
Contact (The Sex Mix)
conversation heart
Cook Me in Your Breakfast / Put Me on Your Plate
Cordially Invited to the Wedding Soundtrack of Michael and Luibe...(take 1)
Cordially Invited to the Wedding Soundtrack of Michael and Luibe...(take 2)
Cori is better than pirates
Counting Sleeps
Counting The Steps To The Door Of Your Heart
Country Girl
couples with an edge
Crazy Love
Crazy, Enthralled, Drawn To, Compelled, Whatever...
Crush on the Radio Free Summer Girl
Crush on the Radio Free Summer Girl
Crush on the Radio Free Summer Girl
crushing children and killing kittens
Cry Me a River
Crying Makes My Eyes a Lovely Shade of Green
Crying Makes My Eyes a Lovely Shade of Green
Cupid Couldn't Ask For a Better Playlist
Cute Dog for President
Damn Woman,I Love The Hell Outta You
Damn, You're making me like those sappy love songs...
Dance Party '00 at the Dark Center of the Universe
Dancing by Candlelight
Dancing In The Moonlight: Wedding Mix #2
dancing lights
darlin' you got to let me know
Date Mix
Date Mix (re-done!)
daughters of suburbia: volume 1
daughters of suburbia: volume 2
Dave's Sunshine
Daydream Believer
Deaf Orgasm's [The Chewbacca Effect]
dean & edith: together again...for the very first time
Dear Tabitha, I Heart U. xoxo, Dan
dear you,
death, love, and remorse: an indie rock celebration of mortality
Debauchery I: Ripped for Her Pleasure
Debbie Gibson, Daughter of Frankenstein (Electric Youth)
December 30
Declaration of Dependence
Deep Inside
Deep Intake Exhale Eyes Closed
des chansons d'amour
Desire (v.)
Desperate Times Call For...
Desperately Romantic
Destiny's Love Mix
Devil Worship
Did I leave my socks in the Microwave?
did you even notice?
Didn't Get To Sleep Till Morning Came Around. (songs for a girl)
Die Ultimativste Liebeslieder [Band I]
Dim The Lights
Dinner for 2
Dionysus Against the Crucified
Dippin' After Dark Slow Jams
Dirty & Lost
dirty blonde is the colour of my true love's hair
Disc For My Special Girl
disenchanted am i
do i heart you...you tell me
Do I heart you? You tell me...
Do It Again
do me a favor and touch your lips to mine
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Do You Feel This Happens All The Time?
doesn't today feel like a day to be certain?
Doin' It
Don't Be Upset, You Know That You're Wonderful
don't ever seem to get tired of you 2 - revision
don't ever seem to get tired of you 2 - revision
Don't Forget What You Left Behind
Don't Go, I Miss You Already
don't i hold you like you want?
don't pay attention
Don't Stop Believin'!
Dont Turn on the Lamp Yet
Don't wanna close my eyes.
don't worry baby, everything will be alright
Don't Worry I was Thinking of You the Whole Time
Don't Worry I was Thinking of You the Whole Time
Don't Worry I was Thinking of You the Whole Time
Don't You Forget About Me
Dooooooo WOP!
dopamine king
Down in the Hunger
Down with the King I
Down with the King II
Down with the King III
Dr. G Presents: Beats For Between The Sheets Vol. III
Dream a Little Dream
Dreaming About You
Dreaming of Ways to Make You Glow
Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes
dreams about blue trains riding through seas of milk to reach threehouses
Dreams are like Angels
Drive All Night to Reach Yu
Drive all Night, Go Anywhere You Wanna Go
Drive all Night, Go Anywhere you Wanna Go (Revised)
Drive-In Fuckfest
driving of the year nail.
dropping the L-bomb
drunken angel
Duets Mix
Dusk to Dawn
eastern skies, western eyes
easy does it..a little sexy..a little sad.
Easy Listening II
Educational Tangent
Eerie Light At 7pm
elation. floating.
Electric Dreams
Elevator Music to the Tune of "I Love You."
Elevator To 29,028 Feet
Emo Date
emotions embarass me, mixed cds are cooler.
Emotions Expressed
Enchantment Under the Sea
End Of An Era 2008, Part Two
Enlightened Emotions
Erica's Bittersweet Valentine Mix
Eros-another mix about a boy
eternity is in love
Even Bullies Like Birthdays
Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Rose, when I call you'd put them all on hold
Even though it's shallow, I am shipwrecked on the shores of your loving, baby
ever felt like gardening?
Every Breath... Another Step... Closer To You
Every Song He's Ever Sung, Another Button Comes Undone
Everybody Gets Laid
Everybody's Stalking
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
Everyone Needs A Little Cuddle
everything is fine whenever i'm not around
Everything is Light and Sound
everything is so much better when you're around
Everything I've Told You Was True...
Everything Left Unsaid (Unspoken Words)
everything reminds me of her
Everything that's haunted me is out of view.
Except...this stanza...does not remain...entirely...empty.
Facts, figures and instructions for dancing
Fading In & Out With You
Fail with Consequence, Lose with Eloquence
fake birds for fancy hats
Falling and Crashing- Love Hurts
Falling and Crashing- Love Hurts
falling for you
Falling For You
Falling For You or Pretty Much Already There
falling is like this
Falling is like this
Fancy Claps
Fanny Cancerian and the Boy Who Loved Her: A Wedding Collection - Disc 1
Far Away
Fay Wray
Feel the Love
Feelin' good was easy baby....Volume One of Three
Feelin' good was easy baby....Volume Three of Three
Feelin' good was easy baby....Volume Two of Three
Fell In Love By The Soda Machine
Felt Up by Fabio
fifteen songs
fifth mix for the girl
Finally Glad That You Are Here By My Side
Fire Is Winter's Fruit
fireworks in blue, vol. 1
First tape for Ashley (wasn't named at creation)
Flirting With 'L' Words
Floaty Hearts
Fluid as a bedsheet in the breeze
Fly Me To the Moon
Fly Me To The Moon
For a Girl
For A Girl (Choose Your Future, Choose Life.)
For a sunshine girl like you (it's worth going through)
For Alicia
For Alicia
For Allison
for Amber
For Angie
for anthony
For Best Results, Use Imagination
For Big Poppa
for Caryn
for cheesy moods
For dealing w/you all these years
For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
for etienne #2
For Fil
for floating occasions
for gabriel...
For Hadley
For her
For Jared
For Jen
For Jennifer
For John
for josh
For Kate
for leigh (cos it already is)
For Lovers
For Me The Sun Rises & Sets With Her
for my angel (falling asleep in your arms)
for my B E A U T I F U L wife
For My Biology Girl
for my internet man!
For My Mush On Her 19th
for my peanut
for my sweetheart
For Nean
for Peganthyrus
For Sarah Joanne
For someone I love
for that married woman i want
for that someone
For The Disenchanted
for the first time it felt right
For the girl at Dunkin' Donuts
For The Girl On The Couch
For The Girl With 10 Albums
For the Times You Want Me
for those days...
For tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun
For when your i-pod fails you....
for wilsunshines
For You
For You
for you i will
for you i will
For You, For All The Things I've Left Unsaid
for you..
For Your 25th Anniversary
Forever and Ever, Amen
Forever High and Sigh From Kiss to Kiss
Forever It Will Be You And Me.
fornicate me
Found Myself With You
Found Wanting
Four Legs Good
Four Words -- She Began to Snow (and Smile Bashfully)
Fourteen For the Fourteenth
Fourteen For the Fourteenth
Fresh Feeling
Fresh Look-Performer Only
Friday I'm In Love With Susan
Friendship Set on Fire
From Beginning To End
From Friend to Something More
From One Side to Another
from the flames
From The Luckiest Asshole : A Valentine's Mix
From the Roots We Grow
from where the leaves change color
fuck love - valentine's day 2002
Fuck So Pretty You and Me
Fucking Tunes
Full of emo love
fun while it lasts and faster than walking
Galactic Pot-Healer
garden melodies
gardening #2
Gargoyles In Love
general mush: songs that make my heart sigh
Get Down Make Love
get in my belly
Get To Know me... and I'll Show You The World
Get Tough Girls
Gettin in the Mood
Getting back together...
Getting Drunk and Watching Sunsets on Our Porch
getting friendly
Girl Dreams: Catch the V.D. Fever
Girl, My heart dont bleed for just anyone (V-Day mix)
Give it To Me Now
Give Me Back My Brain
glamour of you mix
Glittery Stars, Hearts in Jars
God Bless Music (and Jessica)
God Knows I Love You, Tell The World I Do
goddamn, i am sappy.
Goes Down Easy
Good Thing We Travel Well Together
Goodbye for now, My darling.
Goodbye to Love [Twenty Vertical Gashes for Someone I Thought I Loved]
Goodbye to Romance
got a match?
greater than two. less than three.
Greetings from...
Grunge Love
Guess How Much I Love You?
guiltless and free (8/8/02)
Gutbucket Brothers 5
Bride of Gutbucket - 2 CDs

Gypsy Soul
H.W. + D.G. 1
H.W. + D.G. 2
hairstyles of the damned
half of them wont know until you're gone
hand in hand is the only way to land
Hang On (to this CD) Sloopy
Hannah Mix 3- I just want to teach you about you (but that's not you)
happenings in the poorly lit 1/2
happenings in the poorly lit 2/2
happier or sadder, your answer makes songs stronger
happiness is you and i
Happiness just isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat.
Happy 21st Birthday to Me
happy birthday, baby
Happy Birthday, Love
Happy Birthday, Pretty Baby: Kate's Birthday Mix
Happy Nights to Happy Days
Happy October
Happy Valentine Tape for Paul
Happy Valentines Day
happy valentines day you little morsel
Happy Valentine's Day. I Love You.
Have I The Right?
Have you been waiting for me??
he read
he smiled...
Heart of Mind
heart versus brain: vanessa joan.
Heart's Musings
Heaven & Earth Volume 1
Heaven & Earth Volume 1
heaven and stars and hearts in jars
heaven for five or six minutes
Heavy Boots
Height can't separate us from this love
Helen Of Troy
hello ontario
Her Life Is Only Grey In Black & White Photographs ( A Chill Mix )
Her name
Her Name In English
Here I Go Again
Here's how I feel...
Here's My Heart - Take It
Hey baby, I'm taller than you.
Hey Girl
Hey Sweet Thang, Whatchu Doin Tonight?
Hey That's Me, and I Want You Only, So Don't Turn Me Home Again, I Just Can't Face Myself Alone.
hey, pretty
Hey, Pretty...
Hey....let's make out. (volume 1)
hey....let's make out. (volume 2)
Hi Mran, I Love You
Hi, My Name Is.........
High Fidelity
High School Loves
hippiediva's songs for her man
hippiediva's songs for her man
His and Her towels L-O-V-E
His and Her towels L-O-V-E
history of lovers
hold / my / hand...
Hold Me Closer...
Hold My Hand, Call Me Beautiful, Kiss Me Softly
Hold My Hand, Call Me Beautiful, Kiss Me Softly...revised edition
Hold My Head We'll Trampoline Finally Through the Roof
hold on tight, i will never let you down
holding you, we make two spoons, beneath an april moon.
Holly and Steph Love Time Band::Koala Rock
Holy Wine
Homicidal White Balloons
honey i'm a prize and you're a catch and we're a perfect match
Honey Point
Hope Overture
Hope There'll Be Nice Weather
hot girls suck
Hot Springtime Love Trip
hot, bothered, and smitten
How Can I Be Sure?
how can i get closer and be further away from the truth that proves its beautiful to lie?
how did i ever live 19 and a half years of my life without you!?!?!
how do you say 'i miss you' to an answering machine?
How Fuckin' Romo
how i love thee
how i would love to gnaw on your bones so white.
How Men Mark Time
how much better could my life get?
How Much Longer?
how to get past third base in 56:03 minutes
How to Hear Pretty
How You Say... De Sexy?
Hug James For Me
Hung Over Together
hungover: a romantic adventure
Hymns to an Angel
I Adore You In Your Simplest Form
I always mess it up
I am going to get her if it Kills me
I am going to get her if it Kills me Part 2
I am losing control of the language
I am what I am...
i believe in a thing called love
I Believe LoveCan Bridge Any Distance
I Break in Two Over You
I Can Always Be Found
I can hardly get myself out of her bed for fear of never lying in this bed again...
i can kiss you better than this letter could
I Can't Be Your Fucking Cupid
I Can't Believe You're Going
i can't fall in love
I can't tell you how I feel in words, so here it is.
I Can't Think of a Good Name for an Acoustic Mix
I Can't Wait To See You Again
i carry you in my heart
i color the sky with you.
I could die to have you here
i could drink a case of you and still be on my feet..
I couldn't ask for another
I Crumble Like a Sugarcube For You
i cut his hair myself one night, a pair of dull scissors and the yellow light...
I didn't even know her last name
I Dig My Toes Into the Sand
I Dig You
i don't care what you guys do to me, but her - DON'T TOUCH!!
I don't give a shit about the barracudas, but fuck it, I'm building it anyway.
I Don't Give A Shit What's On The B-Side, Volume 12
I Don't Give A Shit What's On The B-Side, Volume 13
I don't know a soul who's not been battered
I Don't Know What You Do To me, But I Wish I Did It To You
I Don't Know Who You Are or How You Got Here, But I'd Love It If You Stayed
I don't listen to her and she don't listen to the words
I Don't Mean To Be Bold, But May I Hold Your Hand?
i don't understand if you really care.
I don't wanna be alone, is that out of the question?
I Don't Wanna Hear It, I Wanna Feel It
I Dream A Highway
I Dream of Dani: Happy Metric Anniversary
I Dream of Dani: Happy Metric Anniversary
i dreamt of you...
I Feel Seventeen
i found a reason
I Found A Reason
I Found Love
i gave all the stars the same name
I Gave Her My Heart and She Used a Pen to Stab it to the Wall
I Gave Her My Heart/But She Wanted My Soul
I Gave You My Heart and You Filled It With Love
i get so lost sometimes.
I Gotta Come Clean, I Got a Crush on You
i guess they'll put me in the ground with this smile on my head.
I had this dream last night and you were in it...
I hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go
i hate you ... NOT!
i have a secret
I have died and gone back to 8th grade.
I Heart Punkin
I Heart You (Summer 2007)
I heart your heart
I honestly can't remember
i hope every call is from you
i hope these songs will guide you home
I Hope This Makes You Happy
I just wanna be alone with your smile
I Just Wanna Be Your Firecracker
I Just Wanna Be Your Tugboat Captain
i kind of like you a lock
I Know a Girl Who Drinks Too Much Coffee
I know a man who's so in love
I know it turns you off when I get talking like a teen.
I know that's a strange way to tell you
I Know You Might Roll Your Eyes at This, But I'm So Glad That You Exist
I Know Your Crooked Smile
I Like Your Pheremones (A Wedding Gift)
I love the way her hair looks in this light...
I Love The Way You Call Me Baby
I Love The Way You Call Me Baby
I Love The Way You Call Me Baby
I Love The Way You Call Me Baby
I Love The Way You Call Me Baby
i love you
i love you
i love you
I love you
I Love You (I Do)
I Love You [cd number 5]
I love you but can't tell you
I Love You I Love You I Love You
I Love You Like A Rap Kid Loves Breaks
I love you more than a thousand christmases.
I Love You More Than the Smell of Laundry on a Sunny Friday Afternoon
I Love You More Than...
I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
I Love You Too!
I love you very much (and these people are going to sing about it)
I Love You, Let's Drive
I love you, now come back
I love you.
i love you. . .but i still fucking hate valentine's day.
i mean it when i say it
I Might Just Stay Here With You
I Miss The Comfort In Being Sad
I Miss You
I Miss You
i miss you already
I miss you. I want you. I need you. I love you.
I must have really liked this girl...
I Needed You All the Way
I never felt magic crazy as this.
I never knew how I felt till the day you were gone
I Plead The 5th
I plotted our Affair baby
i poured my heart out. it evaporated. . .see?
I Read the Lyrics This Time
I Saw Forever There In Your Eyes
I saw this thing on my tv the other week, said if she played with her hair she's probably keen
I See You In Everything
I Send My Love to You: 19 Love Songs
i send my trees to you.
i still know what i will say when that girl comes my way
I swear, out there ain't where...you oughta be....
i think about you when i masturbate
I think I found her....Or Did She Find me?
I think I found her....Or Did She Find me?
I think I found her....Or Did She Find me?
I think I love you, punk
I think the New Year's Thing
i think yer neet
i think you're in my soul.
I thought we'd do it all again
I Totally Love Everything About You
I used to live alone before I knew you.
I Wana Sink You With My Flesh Torpedo
I Wanna Be The Deep Thought Inside Your Head
I wanna be there with open arms
I Wanna Do You
I wanna fall in love tonight
i wanna have your llamas
i wanna wake up naked next to you.
I wanna weep at the sound of your name
I want certain words more than a thousand flowers
I want her back; I was stupid, not ready, looking around, bla bla bla...
i want so badly to believe that there is truth that love is real.
I Want To Be Like The Line You Like Best In Your Favorite Song
I Want to Get Married, Will You Marry Me Today?
I Want To Go Home...But I Am Home
I Want To Lose Everything To You
i want to see you when the sun goes up.
I want to steal you away.
I Want to Take You to Paris And Make Sweet, Sweet Love to You
I Want to Wake up Where You Are
I Want To Walk With You
I Want You Completely
i want you to tell me who we are
I Was Dreaming About You
I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox
I Was Staring at the Sky, Just Looking for a Star...
I wear a leather jacket and I'm in love
I Will Always Love You
I will be King and you will be Queen.
i will be your hero & your whore...
i will beat your love out of my chest.
I will never grow so old again.
i will never look at the stars the same way (part 1)
i will never look at the stars the same way (part 2)
i will remain right by your side.
i will stand naked in front of darwin's steamroller for you...
I Will Swim to You
i wish i could go back in time
I wish I could sing it to you.
i wish i could wrap up the sky and give it to you
I Wonder If I Could Tie the Oceans to Your Knees
I Won't Be There To Break Your Sweet Heart/But Not Being There Might Break Your Sweet Heart
I Won't Fear Love
I would never leave this garden.
I Would Offer You My Pulse
I Wouldn't Trade Anything, You're Still My Everything
I. A Superficial Prologue To Where I Am Standing Now
I.O.U one galaxy (22.mar.03)
ich liebe dich, joe
i'd like a quiet time
i'd like to drink the fuel straight from your lighter
I'd Like to Fall Asleep To The Beat of You Breathing
I'd like to fall asleep, to the beat of you breathing...
I'd rather be tied to you
I'd show you a smile, but I'm too weak
If HP made a mix tape for Ginny Weasley, it might look like this.
if i die clutching your photograph don't call me boring, it's just 'cause i like you
If I Ever Loved You It Was Yesterday
If I Had a Valentine...
If I had the guts, this is what I'd tell you...
If I had to fall for anyone, I'm glad it was you.
If I name this, it'll be more of a dead giveaway than it already is...
if i trip & lay 1 heavy on ya
if i were
If Only I Had One Wish
If only Troy G. did it this way
If the government could read my mind, they'd know I'm thinking about you.
if the world doesn't understand, then the world has got to learn (like some modern day bonnie&clyde)
if the world won't be still, you and i will
If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart
If We Ever Get A Chance
If we had been a little more Bogie and Bacall
If we weren't too busy getting busy
If You Don't Want To Hear Me Say 'I Love You' Then You'd Better Leave The Room
If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
If You Only Knew
If You Were a Letter and I Was A Stamp
If you weren't real I'd make you up...a love songs collection
If you're feeling sinister
If You're Not the One
II. Not Knowing the Difference Between Smiling and Crying For Everything That You Are
III. I've Arrived at An Uncertain Ending Where Nothing Matters Except You Knowing All This
I'll Always Wonder
I'll Back You Up
I'll be a rock n rollin bitch for you
i'll be the greatest fan of your life
I'll Be Your Dream
I'll make it all up for you, I'm Still in Love with You...
i'll make you raspberry iced tea if it means you'll sit on my porch for a while
I'll Make You Smile Just so I Can Sit and Look at It
I'll Never Find Another Girl Like You.
I'll never get a chance to give you this
I'll Ride Forever With You
I'll Stage A Ballet On A Tabletop
ILL Vol.1
ill wait for you on the other side
ilove anne-marie witenshaw
ILOVEYOU...me neither
I'm A Blue Toothbrush, You're a Pink Toothbrush....Have We Met Somewhere Before?
i'm a fool in love, y'see
I'm a fool to love you, I'm a fool to care
I'm a male model, not a male prostitute!
I'm a pimp by blood/not really
I'm A Prize And You're A Catch
I'm About To Get Soft & Mooshy (But Not Like A Rotted Peach Or Anything)
I'm as Cold as a New Razorblade
I'm down for some Panda lovin'
i'm dynamite, and i don't know why.
I'm feelin' pornographic!
I'm feelin' pornographic!
I'm feelin' pornographic!
I'm feelin' pornographic!
I'm gay, let's make babies.
i'm glad we're not ugly
I'm glad we're together again.
I'm going to miss you
I'm going to miss you (revised)
I'm Gonna Be The Man Who Wakes Up Next To You
I'm Happy With You
i'm here
I'm in love with a girl
i'm just a punk rocker in love. . .
I'm King Dork and I Want You to be My Queen
I'm not the one you want, babe (I will only let you down)
I'm OK Alone... But You've Got Something I Need
i'm only human, after all
I'm Picking Out A Thermos For You
I'm Retarded for You; An Ode To My Bitch
I'm Sinking Like A Stone in The Sea... I'm Burning Like a Bridge for Your Body...
I'm So Lost Without You
I'm So Tired Of Trying...
I'm Sorry, I Love You, I Was a Fool.
i'm sticking with you! you can have it all!
I'm still in your blood.
i'm the man that loves you
I'm the Man Who Loves You (For Jenny)
I'm the One That You Want and You Want Me Now
i'm waiting for the day (five month mix)
i'm walking the plank, edging out, see the drop
I'm Your Girl
i'm yours, be mine
Imaginary Ex-Girlfriend
imagine me and you . . .
Imagine the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Now make it glow.
In a Fort Built For Two
in a little while
in and out of love
In Between The Sheets Volume 1
In her arms, I trembled electric.
In Lieu of a Rose... (The Ultimate Crush Tape Project v 1.0)
in love
In Love at the Arboretum
In Mix #1
In Mix #3
In Mix #4
In Mix #5
In Mix #6
In Mix #7
In Some Cultures...
In The Blue Distance
in the middle of the night i call your name
in the mood
In the Summer's When You Really Know
In Two Weeks Hockey Season Will Start and You'll Think I Don't Love You As Much But Really I Do
In Utero...
Indie Kids In Heat: Sweet Bedroom Mix!
Indie Rock Romanticism
Infatuation is Obsession
Infinite love.
in-flight entertainment
Ingenuous Love
Inspired by perks of being a wallflower
Intentional Acoustic Romanticism
International You Day
Intimate Nights
Into the arms of love
Into the Arms of Love
Is It Possible To Die From A Pleasant Surprise?
is there anyone else alive outside?
Is This a Release or a Build Up of Pressure?
Isa's new feeling
Isn't It Romantic?
It Always Comes as a Surprise
It Always Seems Like You're Leaving
it doesn't help to know
It Finally Feels Good (or Attack of the Evil Moon Cats)
It May Look Like It But I'm Not Sniffing Glue
it takes at least 3 or 4 genres to express my feelings for you
It took long enough!
it was a 5!
It Was a 5!
it was nice waking up next to you.
It's a nooner, for sure.
it's a sign
Its a tiny box,but I saved a place for you(disc 1)
it's amazing how you knock me off my feet
it's been a long winter, and now it's time to warm up.
It's cold where you're going, I hope that your heart's always warm
It's hard not to get hooked on you.
it's here in the smallest bones, the feet & the inner ear.
It's just like heaven to be with you
it's just that the time was wrong (mix for maura)
It's Just the Nearness of You
it's long been on my mind
It's Never Linear With You, Girl (and i like it that way)
it's not a love affair, but i'm just drifting into air
It's Not Easy Being Me
It's not hard to fall, when you know that you just don't know
It's on like Donkey Kong
it's on the ocean, i guess you know it well - May 2003
It's Only Right & Natural...
its romance... my way
It's so wonderful that I'd wish it on my worst enemy...
It's taken so long to come true.
its the little things we do that mean anything
its thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you're away whem i am missing you to death
It's Time to Love Your Monkey
It's Tough To Have A Crush (heartbeaker mix)
It's Valentine's Day? Again?
It's You
It's you who's lovely... not me.
It's you who's lovely... not me.
I've fallen out of favor and I've fallen from grace/Fell in yr opinion when I fell in love with you.
i've found a way to make you smile
I've found you, Now what?
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
I've got a little crush on you
I've got pockets, and you're coming with me.
i've just seen a face/So long goodbye
I've Known You For Centuries
ive loved you all my life tonight.
I've Made This Mix A Thousand Times
i've never been there,but i know the way
Jamie's Birthday Tape
j'avais faim
Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
Je t'aime
jennifer's mix
Jenny & Mike's Wedding Cocktail Mix
jerbears longevity
jess's cd
jesus was a cool dude (forty days w/o food)
Joel's Mix #1
Just a little somethin' somethin'
just a little something...
just about anything for you.
just the two of us alone will do
Just theme and variation upon an Idea
kate+matt=the best
Kate's Traveling Tape
Kathrins Lovesongs
Kathrins Lovesongs
Katie Adele Hill
Keep This CD Hidden From Your Boyfriend, Unless He's Me
keeping me grounded
Kelly's Supreme 80s Mix Tape
Kill Somebody Today
kill what you don't understand
Kill Whitey
Kiss and Make-Up
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Me
Kiss The Culprit
kissing the curve in your clavicle
Kissing You At High Volume
l.o.v.e. love
la la love
La La Love You
La Musique de Robert
Laaaaaahve Makes the World Go Roooooooooound
lady in waiting [i only have eyes for you]
Laid Back Listening
l'anniversaire six
last days of disco
last night I told a stranger all about you, and they smiled patiently with disbelief
last night in the park, singing in the dark..
Last Night On Earth
Last Train Home
Late Night Trick
Latin Love Songs
lay, lady, lay
le dener habituel du singe
Leading up to the deed
Leavin on a Jet Plane - A Miss you mix
leaving him
Leaving on a Jet Plane (the 6 Day War)
left my heart
Lenore, ID
Less of You... Is More Than I Can Take
less than three
Less Than Three
LET IT BE ME (Mon Cher V4)
Let Me Hold It Close and Keep It Here With Me
Let Me Romance You Out Of Your Lingeree
Let me wear you out
Let me wear you out (recycled)
Let us die young or let us live forever, we don't have the power but we never say never.
lets fuck
Let's Get It On
Let's get it on without "Let's Get It On", Vol. 1
Let's Get Out of the Romance!
let's go everywhere even though we're scared.
let's go sailing
let's go to summerland
Let's Make Out
Let's Make Out!
let's makeout on the takeout
let's sail away with a whisper and a kiss.
Let's Swing Our Lives Away
Let's Work Through This
Lick her Diamond and kiss her pearl
Life hasn't been this grateful to me, until there was you.
Life In Stereo
light a candle for me- the brainiac falls in love
Light Up, Light Up, As If You Have a Choice
Lights Are Low
like a cup of tea
like a Gelfling I spread my wings and catch you whilst you fall
like a voice in an empty house...
Like Someone in Love
Lion Love
Lips Burn with Memories
Listen And You Will Know.
Little Trouble Girl
live your dreams
Living Proof - I wrote it all down, I lost it I guess...
LJC X: The Wedding Favor
LJC XII: Be My Valentine 2005
Lloyd Dobler
LO (Part one)
Loaf of Love
Loneliness Is Having No One To Miss (Valentines 05)
look pale
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (Or Who Would Jesus Bomb)
Lose My Confusion
love (high twee factor)
Love 4
Love and Basketball (2nd quarter, could you be mine)
Love And Hate (redheart/blackheart)
Love and Kisses (Something for Both Ears)
Love don't get stranger
Love for Lola
love illuminates life
Love In A Box: For Kevin
Love in the Strangest Places
Love In the Third Degree Volume Four
Love in the Third Degree Volume II
love is a bastard, fucks you up
LOVE is a four letter word.
love is a heart-on
love is a seven letter word (disc1)
love is a seven letter word (disc2)
Love is Like This
Love Is Swell pt. 1
love is...a mild form of insanity
Love isn't what makes the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
Love Makes Me Reach For David Cassidy (For Annie)
Love me , love me
Love Me Like A Stranger
Love Mix Mach II
Love Poem in the Form of Smithereens Song Titles
Love Sandwich
love sick
Love Sick
Love Song CD: Volume 2
Love Songs
Love Songs
Love Songs
LOVE Songs
Love Songs for Chad
Love Songs for Chad
Love Songs for Geek Boys
Love Songs For Lynette
Love Songs for No One
love songs for the girls
LOVE Songs II: The Oliver-Dick Wedding Album
Love songs, as requested by my mom
Love Songs/Wedding
Love Songs?
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Will Lead You Back
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love You Hardcore
Love you Madly
Love You Madly
Love!!! Volume 2003
Love!!! Volume 2
Love, Lust, and Others Explored
love, sweet love
LOVE, Vol. 6: Get On Top
Lovely lady, I am at your feet
lovely little discontents
Lover Lay Down
Loverly Mix
lovers & heartbreakers: pt.1 - lovers
lovers & heartbreakers: pt.2 - heartbreakers
Lovers and Friends
Love's labour lost
LOVESICK Part 2: Proximity
LOVESICK Part 3: The Wait.
lovey dovey smoochie face mix
Loving Denim
Loving It
Lucky 13
luv sweet luv
mad girl's love song (I think I made you up inside my head)
Made this for a girl, please give me some more ideas
Magic Hour --- All I Need Is You
Make Her Fall In Love...
Make Her Fall In Love...
Make love to me forever
Make Love To Metal
Make Out Songs
Make Out With Me Baby
Make-Out Masterpieces
Makeout Sound Paint
makin' her mine one song at a time
Makin' Love
Makin' Lovin' Out of Nothin' Like the Air Supplier Said
Making each day of the year
Making Up Lost Hours
Malaysian Madness
Malory's Mix
Manginia Love Mix
Maple Sugar
Maria's 2nd mix
Marriage Mix
Mars 1
marshmallow hugs
Mary Mix
matin & soir
May 27/00
May the wind carry my kisses southwest this winter
May you live as long as you love, and love as long as you live.
Me and you, muscially (In desperate need of feedback, please comment!!)
Mechanics of Love Part 2
Mechanics of Love Part I
Mechanized Sex and Death
meet me at the swingset
Megan, happy birthday your perfect
Melt With You (Dr BLT mix)
Mem'ries of Our Lovin'
Merriment Has Made Our Split Halves Whole
merry christmas.
Mess Up My Bed With Me...
Message Of Love
Metal and Lace: A Light In The Darkness
Metal and Lace: Forever Yours
Mich and Joel's Wedding CD
Michael, Is Your Love For Me Bigger Than A Watermelon?: Valentine's Day 2004
Michelle Makes Me Better
Midnight Scares
Miles From You
Mira's Love Mix
Miss You Love
Miss you...
missed kisses blown through blue night air
missing her
Missing You
Missing You
missing you to death
Missing You...
Mix 4 my G-friend: Vol. 1
Mix 4 my G-friend: Vol. 2
Mix 4 my G-friend: Vol. 3
Mix 4 my G-friend: Vol. 4
Mix 4 my G-friend: Vol. 6
mix F5: refresh
mix for duchess
Mix For Erik That I'll Never Have The Nerve To Give Him
mix for Laura 6/2002
Mix For Love Making
Mix for Nick
mix for shira
mixtape for the day i realize that i am in love
Mixtapes and Memories #4
Mixtapes and Memories #5
Mixtapes and Memories #1
Mixtapes and Memories #2
Mixtapes and Memories #3
Moody Mood Music
More Cheese Than Wine
More Silly Love Songs
More Songs
More Songs That Make Me Think (of you)
More Than Conversation
more than he thinks
more than these words.
More Than Words
more then lovely
Morning Walk From Cordoba Bay
Morrissey's Empty Valentine Box
Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood
Mudville Soundtrack: Vol. 1
Mullets Need Love, Too, Vol. II: Mullectric Boogaloo
Mush Mix 2003
Mushy girlie stuff...kind of
Mushy Mother's Day
Mushytush's Favorites
music actually
Music For Midget
Music For Midget II
Music For Midget III
Music For Midget IV
Music For Midget V
Music For Midget VI
music for the last couple
music for When Night Falls
Music from the Heart
music is my ex
Music to Dream by
Music to Enhance the Mating Rituals of Mammals
Music To Fall In Love By
Music to knock you off yr feet
Music to Love By: A Multi-Volume Collection
Music to pleasure a young lady to...
muzzle of bees
my angel of the morning
my angel of the morning
My Baby, I'm Afraid I'm Falling For You
My B-Day Mix
My Beautiful ClichT
my Best Damn Romantic mix
my body aches to breathe your breath
my city: pretty songs for sweet jane
my dearest friend
My Ex My Best Friend
My Faded Levis Bursting Apart: Love Songs That Don't Suck
my favorite love songs
My First Mix Ever.
My Funny Valentine
My Funny Valentine & Smooch Music
My Girl
My Heart is Yours to Fill or Burst, to Break or Bury, or Wear as Jewelry, Which Ever You Prefer
my heart skips a beat (over you)
my l<3ve
My Lotus Moon Lilith & her 4 Dybbuks
My Love and Loss
My love songs
my naughty valentine
My Old-Timey 'Romantic' List (Uh-Oh)
My Only Reason
My reason to get out of bed before noon
My Relaxing Music
my roommate has no soul, volume one
My Salamander
My Wandering Days Are Over
Naked Music Unleashed on the Masses
Naked Music Unleashed on the Masses
Neo Soul Romance
Nescit Cedere
Never Wake From A Bad Dream Alone (Mix For JLF)
Nicholas Vegas presents : M8OD's of the Past
Night Ride Home Pt. 1
Nine Months And This Is The Best You Could Do???
Nineteen Kinds of Love
no love like you and me and no loss like us apart
No Need For Reminding...
No need to fake a smile.
No One Else On Earth
no other way than this
No Panties No Problems
no really, it's cool. key notes and phrases to listen for...
No Retreat No Surrender
No Secret
no sleeping, no eating, no talking, but you can fly
No Surrender
No, Please
No, Please
no. three (ultimate crush mix v. 3.0)
Nobody makes mix tapes anymore.
nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands
Non-Cheesy Love mix.
Non-Cheesy Love mix.
Not Broken, Just Sprained
Not enough candy hearts in the world to say I love you
Not enough songs to tell you how I feel.
not from around here
Not in Love Quite Yet
Not Just Any Love Song
Not Just Now
Not There but Never Gone
Not very phunky, but....
Not very phunky, but....
nothing else will do (i've gotta have you)
Nothing Feels Good Like You
Nothing Heals Me Like You Do
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
November 1st is D-Day
Now I Can Die (How Do I Live?)
Now Is the Time for Hearts and Flowers
Now or Never
Nugget (i want to monopolize your time)
Nurhan Is
obnoxious love songs for ken
october fifth
Odd two out
Of Devotion and Desire
of, or for, that which occurs in the shadows (not secret)
Oh Be Still My Heart
oh boy
Oh Girl, I'm Just A Jeepster
Oh Goodness... I've Gone Sappy. (It's High Time)
oh life, with your colorful surprises
Oh Lily
Oh She's Got Blue Eyes
Oh So Magical
oh so relevant [a mix for isaac]
Oh, dear, we'll be together forever...because I've tied our shoelaces together!
old lady porn
old overholt
Old School Love Songs VOLUME 2
Old School Love Songs VOLUME ONE
Oldies Romance
Oliver love
on a clear day, i'll fly home to you
On our way home
on to chicago
Once Upon A Summertime
One Down, Forever To Go!
one for the road
One Heart Given Voice
One In a Million (The Love Mix)
One Less than Perfect
One Night Only
One Night Stand
One Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
One Year Down, Baby
one year together. not me. them. eugh.
only want to play if the prize can be your heart
Only you 'neath the moon or under the sun
Oo Poppa Do!
Opportunity waits in the winter.
organic pleasure
Original Life Soundtrack to Nomination
Our Bloody Valentine
Our Lives Are Forever Changed
Our Rhythm Is Right
Our Valentine's Day Slowdance
Our Wedding Album
Out of My Element
Over the Hills and Far Away
over the rails
Overextended flirtation
Owie my heart Hurts... I think I miss you
P.S. You Rock My World
p.s. you rock my world v.1.0
pajama pants and penguins
pale moon trauma & the flotsam of desire
Paper Aeroplane Dream
Paper Flowers
Parcheesi, Anyone?
Passion II
Passiona vs Mountain Dew
Past, Present, and Future
pasta and $10+ wine- how to get back in the "good" books
Patience only makes the dream come true.
patterns through the static
Paul Shum's Mix
penguins are totally awesome and totally super sweet.
perfect (the bedroom mix)
Perfectly Aligned Mix
petal by petal
philly cream cheese mix
Phosphorescent Bells
Piedmont J. Fitzsimmons' Makeoutathon party 1984
pink moon is on it's way
Pink Puffs of Remembrance
pinto bean
Pipkin's Music: Music for My Girlfriend and Our Rabbit
Pitter Patter
Please Go Out With Me, God Damn It
Please Know That I Am Forever Changed Because of Who You Are and What You've Meant To Me
Plugged: A Collection of Charged Music
Pollyanna's Mix
Polyamory & Monogamy (Lovers Turn into Monsters & Teenage Love Song)
Polyphonic Wing Tone
Post to Wire
Postcards From Paradise
pour seduire
pour takemoto novala
prance around the damn city like it's their shopping haven
Pretend I'm a young, attractive professional killer, sitting on a balcony with you at your school
Prettiest songs I've ever heard
Pride & Joy, Etc...
Princess' Love song Collection Vol 1
Princess' Love song Collection Vol 5
Pro Love Songs Mix
Prom 2003
Proof I think of you at 3am
Psycho Obsession
pucker up, buttercup!
Puddin' in my eye
Pulling Your Puzzles Apart
punk rock love is. . .
puppy love
pure and simple like ones and zeros.
put an arrow through it and watch it bleed
Put Brakes on These Fast, Fast Wheels
Puzzle Pieces [the mix]
quality used food
Quiet Storm Sampler
quit being a douche, 'cause i'm in love with you.
Quotes out of Context
radio cure
rain returning to the earth:a fall mixtape
Rainy Day Love Songs
Rambo Takes No Prisoners
random mix for a heartbreak
Read between the lines...
read this and help me
Real love
reality sex special
recent heartbreak playlist
re-collect yourself, mistake making, "i liked you since i first saw you"
Red lights and Blue Sheets
Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Rekindled Love . . . With A Twist (I'd love feedback)
Relationship Retrospective.
Remember me tonight.. When you're asleep..
remember the kiss
remember to let her under your skin
reminds me of him
rest your head on me, and I'll catch you
Return to Sender
Revised. (For Rachel)
Richard Marx Lives in My Basement and Other Reasons Why I Like Love Songs
Ride the Pig!
Ride to Hell Between Those Thighs
Riesling & Retrievers
Road to Reason
rock v-day
rockin out to oldies
Roller Coaster Ride I
Roller Coaster Ride II
Romance (Exuberance)
Romance (Exuberance)
Romance (Old-Fashioned)
Romance (Sincerity)
Romance (Yesterday's Exuberance)
Romance Is Mush
Romance is...
Romance Still Sits Untouched
Romance Unscripted
Romance Volume 1- Billie and the Beatles
Romantic Atmosphere
Romantic songs
Romantic Swing Vol.1
Romantic Tracks for my Lady-friend
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. This set of songs, is just for you.
Rough Drafts Anew
Round here...she's always on my mind
Route 95 at Midnight
Running As Fast As Possible In the Opposite Direction
Ruxy Joon Slow Mix
Sad and Romantic
Sad but true....
safe until st patrick's day
'Said It Once Before, But It Bears Repeating'
Saint Valentine's Day
salt lick
sapphire souls and hungry stars
Sappy Love Songs For A Hardcore Manson Lover
Sappy Lovey
Sappy Music #1
Sappy Retro Mix!
sappy shit, but good sappy shit (mix for the gal)
saturation patrols
Saturday's Girl
Save Me I'm Lovesick
Save Me I'm Lovesick Part 2
Say it ain't so
say that you'll stay for one more year.
Scarf Lady and Garlic Eye (or: some of the love songs I like best and I'm so upthapunx and stuff)
Schmoopy as f*ck
Screw You, Come Back
second thoughts
Secret Lovers Meet Here Too
See you this Thursday
Seize the day.. because tomorrow you might be gone.
Sending Messages on the Sun and the Moon
sending my smile 200 miles
Sentimental Sap
Sentimental Songs for Susan
Serenade Me
serendipity/merry christmas baby
Serotonin Express, Vol. I
Sex Fuck Love Music
Sex Mix Vol. 1 - Every Note That's Sung Is Like A Lover's Kiss
Sex Mix Vol. 2 - You Ain't No Saint We All A Sinner
Sex Mix Vol. 3 - I Push Every Button On Your Body
Sex Mix Vol. 4 - Feels Like Lightning Running Through My Veins
Sex Mix Vol. 5 - By The Waterside I Will Rest My Bones
Sex Soundtrack for Deviants
Sex, Lies and MixedTapes
sex? mmmm, yes please
Sexiest Songs Ever (minus Al Green & Marvin Gaye)
sexual healing
Sexy Beast / Sweet Sweet Cookies
Sexy Boy Sugar Boy
Shade, a breeze, & strawberries please
Shades Of Saccharine
sharing a cigarette, we'll wish upon a star together.
Shattered Dreams
shaving my unicorn
She give me the right kind of love on a Sunday morning
She Knows Who She Is
She laughs at my dumb jokes.
She Loves Me...
She Loves You No Less
she says there's no good love songs
She's An Angel
shes in love with love
She's Looking Thru Me
she's mad at me (my first mixtape)
she's mad at me (my first mixtape) v.2
She's My Rushmore- Pete's Valentine's Day Mix Volume 1
She's My Rushmore-Pete's Valentine's Day Mix Volume 2
she's sweet in slumber & i've got her number
She's the only one who's not afraid to drown.
Ships In The Night Until Thursday
Should I date you or call you my honorary kid sister?
should i try to hide the way i feel inside?
Should I Try To Hide The Way I Feel Inside?
Sickeningly sappy and long mix
Side One: You're My Baby
Side Two: Don't Mean Maybe

Silly Love Song CD For a Korn Loving Psycho Snob
silly LOVE songs
Silly Love Songs
Silver dressed darlings and ramen mein delights
silver guilded wings
Simply Put: I Love You
since atlantis
Since I Fell For You
sing me to sleep...
sing us a song, a song to keep us warm,
Sir Funkatron, My Knight In Shining Armour
Sit Back And Relax
Six months ago we got married...do you regret it yet?
sixteen clumsy and shy--the story of my life
sixth mix for the girl
Sixty Minute Jupiter Mix
Sleep You to Death
sleep, sleep tonight. and may you're dreams be realized.
sleepy beacons, lovingly
Sleepytime and Dreams Divine
Sloppy Seconds
Slow Dance
Slow Dance
Slow Jams
Slow Jamz
slow joints vol 54
slow like honey, heavy with mood
Slow, Fast, Slow
Slowdance With Me
Smother other covered colors.
Snakes and Ladders
snowflakes white are dancing down
so cold in alaska
So Far Away
so happy together
So I am a Sap for love songs....what's your point?
So Many Things...
So Maybe I Do Like You...But Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It?
So Maybe You Don't Like My Music Much But...Will You Go Out With Me?
So So Serious
So Would You Kinda, Maybe, Possibly Wanna Go Out W
Sod Off Valentines!
soft little hand
Softly, the Body (or, You May or May Not Know I Love You Truly Madly Deeply)
soleil all over you
some audible beauty in celebration of 3 months together
Some Girls Are Bigger...
Some Girls Are Worth Waiting For
Some love songs
some love songs i wish i wrote for you
Some Simple Songs
some songs I like for the girl I like.
Some things just make sense, and one of those is you and I.
Somebody To Hold Me
Someday I May Know You Very Well
Someday Some Morning Sometime
Someone Else's Songs
Something Else to Keep You Warm at Night (Besides Polar Bear)
Something Familiar
Something for that girl
something pleasant; like laying on the beach looking at the stars
something tells me i'm into something good.
Something Wonderful Is About To Happen To You
sometimes a cowboy is just a man in a cowboy suit
sometimes all i really want to feel is love.
Sometimes I end up lucky.
Sometimes I wish I was a cold beer
sometimes I wonder if you're mythologising me like I do you.
Sometimes its hard to find the words to describe or... HERE"S TO A YEAR WITH THE HOTTEST FOX IN TOWN
Sometimes The Best Way To Say It Is To Scream It
sometimes the truth hurts
Somewhere on a sand dune in Tunisia....
Song for You
song of the creation displaced for The One
songs about stalking disguised as love songs
songs about us
Songs About You
Songs as Beautiful As You Are
Songs by Boys about Girls who felt like this Girl about a Boy
Songs for a 2nd (for lack of a better word) Anniversary
songs for a bird that don't fly
Songs for a Falling Star
songs for a faraway boy
songs for a girl
Songs For A Girl I'm Into
Songs for a Girl Who Barely Knows I Exist
songs for a little tea salesman
Songs For A Lonly Romantic
songs for a mix tape <3
songs for a month-old jessica (aed 9.28.99)
Songs for a Non-Existent Boyfriend
Songs for a rainy Sunday alone.
songs for a special girl
songs for an imaginary crush
songs for carolyn
Songs For Cyndi: Volume II
Songs for Heather
songs for her and me
songs for kimber jane, vol. 1
Songs For Lauren
Songs For Lauren [Version 2.0]
songs for nxxxi mxxvxz (floats from my heart)
Songs for Ronnie
Songs for S. (long distance)
Songs For Sleepless Nights
Songs for that moment that you realize you are starting to like someone. A lot.
Songs For The Girl At The End Of The Dock With Her Toes In The Water
Songs For Us
Songs For You Pt. 1
Songs For You Vol.1
songs from a lovesick girl pirate
Songs From The Gut
songs in the key of kristina
Songs in the Key of Love
Songs in the Key of Love (Late '50s)
songs of interest!/tomato crab
Songs of Love
Songs That Have Me Obsessing Over You
Songs That Make Me Think of You
Songs That Make Me Think Of...
Songs That Remind Me Of You
Songs that Stick in Your Head, Just Like Me
Songs to
songs to a poet
songs to dream to
songs to facilitate romance
Songs to Fall in Love With
songs to get laid to
Songs to Listen to When Mellow
Songs to Make Love to
Sorry About That
sorry for those dreams
Sorry I Couldn't Make It
Sorry you got perfume on your last mix CD I made you girl!
Soul Training
spacey's cd for a certain someone
Spanish Fly
Spent the Night
Spilled Milk
splashing around in shit
splashing around in shit
Spork Me
Springtime Melodies
sprint across the wire
Squishy Mix
Squishy Mix
Standard Luv Mix
Stardust Melodies Christmas Special 2011 Bear Family Radio
Stardust Melodies Week 10/2012 Bear Family Radio
Stardust Melodies Week 12/2012 Bear Family Radio
Stardust Melodies Week 14/2012 Bear Family Radio
Stars All Seem To Weep
Stars On The Ceiling
Starting a New Life
Steak and Slow Dancing (V-day Mix)
stefani d hooper
Stephanie Says
Stereo Coughs
Steverino Valentino
Still Awake
still want you so bad
Strange As Angels
Strip Mix
Stupidly Happy
Sublime Serenade
Subtlety Is Not My Strong Point (aka "Hidden Message Mix")
Such A Glamourous Thing To Waste
Sueno de ti
Sultry Sixties Sound
summer love b-sides
summer lover
Summer Lullaby
Summer Means New Love
sun through the curtains
SuNfLoWeR gIrL AuTuMn
SuNfLoWeR gIrL SpRiNg
SuNfLoWeR gIrL sUmMeR
SuNfLoWeR gIrL sUmMeR
SuNfLoWeR gIrL wInTeR
sunflowers against a grey sky [I'm falling too hard, too quickly]
sunrise souls
suns like lemon drops
sunset and a hand grenade
Sunshine in my Mind
Sunshine Pop Love
Super Sexual Love Friends
Super Sexual Love Friends 2
super-sappy, short-but-sweet love mix
Sur ma RTmington portative, j'ai Tcrit ton nom.
Surrender to the sound as your body and mind demand (disc 2)
Susan's birthday mix
swain (the continuing story of bonbon)
Sweet /Dirty
Sweet and Heady, Like my Love
Sweet and Heady, Like My Love (minimix)
Sweet At Night
Sweet Compulsion, Saddest Thought: Lover to Beloved
Sweet Sweet Love Magic
sweeter than a drop of blood on a sugar cube
Sweetest Sadness
Sweethearts and Turtledoves
Sweets From My Sweet
Symphony of Dreams
t h e b o y
take a sad song and make it better
Take a Whiff of my Pantleg, Baby!
take me as i am
Take Me I'm Yours Cuz You Can Have It All
Take Me Over and Over
Take my hand, lift me up...
Tales of Robot Love
Tales of the Proverbial 2nd Chance v 74
Talk Nerdy To me (My Potential Valentine)
tangled up in you.
Tape 1 of the "I Love You Chronicles"
Tape For A Mystery Girl
taste the flavor
TCS: even on alabama time
TCS: good witch of the north
TCS: where angels fear to tread
Teaching Ryan To Swing
tear drippers
tearing me down every time you smile.
Tearjerkers 2
Teenager In Love
tell her that you miss her / when you're close enough to kiss her
Tell Me Lies But Hold Me Tight
tell me that we belong together
telling a guy hey! I LIKE U!
temporary duct tape to hold us together (pt.1)
Ten Seconds to Love
ten tracks are enough to span these 3000 miles
tenderly you turn the light on in your room
Textual Frustration
Thank you
Thank you for lovin' me
Thank You, Easter Bunny!
thanks for fucking me
Thanks for the Coffee
Thatch on the Roof
that's because it IS a good idea
That's How I Feel About You
that's me in the spotlight losing my...virginity
That's What SHE Said...
The "I Don't Know What To Call This" Mix
the "tape with no name" tape
the "will this mix make you realize he's wrong for you and i'm right for you" mix
the 49th parallel gets me down
The 80's where made for love
The A.B.C.s of L-O-V-E
the acoustics of the sierra nevada
The Air Is Blessed You Share With Me
The Art of Making Up For Lost Ground
The Awful Shape I'm In
The Ballad of Alaura Eden
The Ballads of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
The Beautiful Sound of the Female Voice
the beauty that can be
The Best Kind Of Love Is A Love That's Really Quiet.
The Best Make-out Tape Ever
The Best of Hunt's Wedding (Modern)
The Best Trip That I Ever Had
The Best Trip That I Ever Had
The Beta Band for Lovers
The Birthday Mix
The Blood is Love.
The Boy Who
the cd of 'see you soon'
The Chris and Jessica Story
The Circus Stole My Girl
The Closest Thing to Perfect, But the Furthest Thing From Me
The color of the sun cut flat
the consequences of falling.
The Courtship of E. Mae (girl two)
The Cries of a 9 Year Old Girl
'The Customer', or 'Je Vous Veux'
The Daedalus Heart
The Day I woke up and fell in love with you
The day six became zero
The days are long and the nights very unentertaining
The Deep Shag
The Desiderata Mix
The Design Of Your Appliance
The Distance of Love is Not Far
The Dove of Love
The End Of An Era 2008, Part One
The End Of Innocence
The eye love Maria Mix
The Final Cheese
The First Gasp of Morning Sunrise.
The First Gasp of Morning Sunrise.
the first love cd ever made.
The First Time Ever I Kissed Your Lips
the first time is always awkward
The Fourteenth of February
the girl's too young, she don't know any better
The golden core
the good that won't come out
The Great Cover-Up
The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn...
The Guilty Get No Sleep (7/06/1999)
the heads - i can tell
the heart is a risky fuel to burn.
the honeymooners (songs for yvette/ion)
The I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Mix
The Incredibly Sappy Mix (Every Girl Needs One)
The Incredibly Sappy Mix (Every Girl Needs One)
The Influence of a Full Moon
The Key To My Heart
The Keys to His Heart
The kind of shit they used to write songs about
The Last Dance I'll Ever Go To
the last number
the light, the heat
the lonely words (i miss you).
the lost art of having skin
the love mix i wish someone would make for me
The Love Of My Life Mix Volume 1
The Love Song CD-Part I
the love within
The Lovecats' Valentines Day Mix
The Lovin'
The Luckiest
The Make Out Mix # 575
the make out mix (or "fuck her gently")
The Man Who Loves You
The Marriage Mix
The Measure of My Dreams
The Mixtape of Sensuous Loving (for Amy)
The Moment of Love [Primary]
The Moment of Love [Quaternary]
The Moment of Love [Quintinary]
The Moment of Love [Secondary]
The Moment of Love [Tertiary]
the moon is low tonight
The Moon, The Sky, The Stars, The Sea
the morning after.
the most refined ladybugs do it
the muse arrives on the 11:55 from ft. wayne
the next ten minutes ...
The Notes are old, they bend they fold, so do I into a new love
The Obligatory Valentine's Day Mix
The Oddessy of Love
The one and only M.L.T.
The Palpable Confessions of a Modestly Amorous Boy
The Panty Dropper...
the paper that relates
The Passionate Twee Indie Pop Romantic Mix
the past sucks.
The Past, The Future
The path of love is seldom smooth
The path of thorns
The Place Where We Fall.
The Popular Song v.2 Plenty Money Nineteen Twenty Two
The Road That Takes Me Home (Connie & Lawrence's Wedding Mix)
The Romantic Mix tape of the 80s
The Sad Love
The salvation of man is through love and in love
the sea upon which I float (for george and christina)
the secret song
The sentimental side of a messed up relationship
The Shape My Breath Will Take
the skateboarding punk and the ballerina
The Solution Lies In Between (Double-CD)
The Somber Songs of Two Girls in Love
The Songs for Mulder and Scully: A Shippy CD
The soundtrack to the dishonorable act of tricking women into bed.. I poke badgers with spoons!
the stars see us and they know
The Start of Something
The story of us
The Sun The Sun (love songs with some melancholy)
The sunrise over the river
The Surface Of Things (for CJH)
the sweetest thing
the sweetest thing
the tails - you got me
the takeover...
The Taste of You And Rain
The Terrible Secret of Space
The Thing About Me Loving You is That I Just Can't Seem to Stop
The Things Left Unsaid Mix
the things we cherish are small indeed
The Thirtieth (disc one)
The Thirtieth (disc two)
The Trials of my Heart
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
the ultimate makeout cd thing
The Ultimate Valentine's Day Mix
The Unrequited Love Showtunes CD, Vol. 1
The Unrequited Love Showtunes CD, Vol. 2
The Unrequited Love Showtunes CD, Vol. 3
The Unrequited Love Showtunes CD, Vol. 5
The V-Day Album
The Water is Only Cold Without You
The way she lets the morning linger
the way to blue
the way to blue
The Way We Get By
The Wedding Album
The Weeks Between The Days: Kate's Mix #2
The whole wide world doesn't mean so much to me.
The Wine & Cheese Mix
The Wine & Cheese Mix
The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.....Put To Music.
the words that i want to say
The words were on the tip of my tongue. I swallowed them whole like a piece of gum.
the world had come down to two people in two rooms.
The World Would Be Duller Without Us
there are bright skies in our dark eyes
There Are Butterflies in My Tummy
There Is A Light (Annie's Mix)
There is a Light Behind Your Eyes That Will Never Dim or Fade
There Is No God, And He Is Our Creator
There Is No Two Term Limit For You & Me
There's A Place In My Head Where It's Always October
There's Never Any Time For Sleep
There's No Fighting in the War Room!
there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
There's Only One More Thing to Say (happy birthday)
there's something about the buildings in chelsea that kills me
These Are My Feelings For You
these are not love songs
These are the days that must happen to you.
These Are The Top Twenty Reasons Why I Love You
these are words that go together well
these secret garden beams changed my life, so it seems
These Things Are True: Lindsey's Disc
They'll Name a City After Us and Later Say It's All Our Fault
Things I always wanted to tell you, Lina
Things I Never Say
things that make you go uhh...yeah
This blinding kiss breathes helium into my heart.
this could be forever.
This could be heaven
This Could Be Love
This could only lead us to nowhere
This Is Heaven To Know...
this is how much i love you
This Is Not A Theme Tape
This is the next best thing vol. 1
This is the sound of happiness.
this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
this is too fucking romantic (cuddling music)
This is what I do, when I miss you
This Is What Love Tastes Like
this is what you would say
this is you and me amplified
This Is Yr Flux Capacitor.
This Love is Waiting
this mix could burn a hole in anyone
This one goes out to the one I love
this one is for you, my cinnamon boy
This One's for You
This side of Heaven
This Time Last Year
this time, it's gonna work
This Used To Be My Playground
This Won't Even Come Close
Those men who lust for land
though things like this make me sick, in a case like this i'll get away with it
Thoughts of You
Three Simple Words: (Fill In The Blank)
Through The Darkness Comes My Immortal
Ti Amo! 02.07.2001
Time Capsule of Love
Time To Try Again
To AB From AB
To Be Alone With You
To Be Consumed By You (My Total Devastation)
To Be Played In The Bedroom
to ceris....from rob
To Feel Your Love
to fill the empty slot
To fill your heart until it breaks
to jen from ryan
to make up for the fact that...
To My Best Friend: I love you
To My Dearest Igor: Love Always, G-Babe
To My Love
To Pedro Tercero with Love
To Rachel With Love
To sir, with love
To stepping out of the Amazon jungle and going our separate Ways
To The One With Blue Walls
To You From Me
To: You, From: Me
together forever in love
Together Someday...
Together We'll Melt
tomorrow is a long time
tonight we're just a boy & girl, the only people in the world
Too Many Teardrops
Too Marvelous for Words
Too Sweet
Toune cutes...
Transatlantic Love Affair
Tristan & Iseult
True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.
tuned to your wavelength
Turkey Nacky Cheese Knees
Twenty Songs of Love
twilight tunes
Two Branches of One Tree
Two Million Things I'd Like to Choose, But All I Wanna Do is Dance With You
Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail.
two sides of love (hehe)
U16 Girls
Ultimate Crush Tape Project v.1.5
Ultimativste Liebeslieder [Band II]
Una Meditation
Una Meditation
Unabashed Love Songs 4 Beth
Unconventional "love" songs for unconventional "love"
Under November Stars - A Mix for Jenna
Undisturbed Tranquility
unexpected bliss.
Unknown Album (5/1/2001 4:52:22 PM)
unnamed love
Unplugged: A Pastiche of Acoustic Music
Unprecedented Third
unraveling your argyle socks
Unrequited Bullets
Unrequited Love Is For Chumps
Unrequited Love Mix
Unrequited Love Mix #2
Unseasonable Halloween Crush Mix.
Until Next Time I'll Be Stranded
untitled (she's mad at me - FINAL cut)
Untitled 1 & 2
untitled 3
up for grabs
up in heaven, you're a shoe-in
V day mix
valentine 03
Valentine 14 : HeartMetal
valentine 2006
Valentine mix
Valentine mix
Valentine Mix For K
valentines day 2001
Valentines Day 2004
Valentine's Day 2016
Valentine's Day disc 1
Valentine's Day disc 2
Valentines day for my wife, 2003
Valentine's Day Mix
Valentine's Day Mix 2002
Valentine's Day Mix disc 3
Valentine's Day Mix for Amy
valentine's mix for the recently reconciled
Valentinestag Mix, Ja!
Valentinestag Mix, Ja!!
vantine-y crush type songs
Varieties of Yearning Experience (A Study in Human Nature)
VD day deux
VD day.
VDay 2004
V-Day CD
V-Day Mix
vday test mix
VE (part 2)
Velvet Grins
Vers2 (you's my blue sky)
Vinyl Ain't Just For Freaks
Visions of Johanna
Vol. 1: If you're going to San Fran-disco
Vol. 5: On The Way Back Home
Vulcano 1
Wait Until the Scientists Are Fast Asleep!
wait. they don't love you like i love you.
wake up early on Saturday to the morning dew and driving to yard sales.
waking up is knowing who you really are
waking up next to you
Wallowing In It
Wanna Play Me?
want to break your heart and give you mine
Warning: Contains Mushy Crap
WARNING: xoxo May Cause Infatuation Sleep Loss
waste of time
watching you leave
Waterlilly Pond
we all know the drill by now
We Are Bound By Symmetry
We Are Dancing In The Kitchen And My Heart Is So Alive
we are electricity
We called ourselves gypsies and lived in the margins of other people's books.
we can live like jack and sally if we want.
We Did Have a Good Time, I Can Say That
We don't have to be stars exploding in the night or electric eels under the covers...
We Don't Need Roses! Ciao!
we fit together just like puzzle pieces
we got a groovy kind of love....
we got something I know can't be good except in small amounts...
We haven't always been so blissfully ignorant.
we just keep growin'
we kiss goodnight with a firm handshake
We like dancing and we look divine...
We Look Good Side By Side
we sat grown quiet at the name of love
we sure are cute for 2 ugly people
We talked all night
we think 'I Desire' (eclectic love)
We Were Two Until We Melted Down
We Would Hide From The Lights On the Village Green: Kate's Mix #3
we2R1 - vday03
Weaker Than The Palest Blue
wear stars in your hair and your heart on your sleeve.
Wedding Album
Wedding Bells
Wedding CD Vol 1
Wedding CD Vol. 2
wedding dreams (penguin love songs for bunnies vol. 1)
Wedding in Progress, volume 1
Wedding in Progress, volume 1
Wedding in Progress, volume 2 - Ballroom stuff
Wedding in Wyoming
WEDDING MUSIC for Sept. 14, 2002
Wedding Songs
Weekend in Bed Drawing Circles Around You
Welcome Back, I Love You
Welcome To My Life
Welcome To My Life... Here's The Soundtrack (Vol. 1)
Welcome To My Life... Here's The Soundtrack (Vol. 2)
We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene, start a brand new colony.
We'll Grow Old Together
Well, do ya, punk?
we're all just porn stars
We're gonna get it started
We're Not Like Most People
were we in love?
we've had this date with each other from the beginning
What a Girl....
what are you that, wanting you, i should be kept awake?
What Are You Wearing?
What Comes Is Better Than What Came Before
What Comes Is Better Than What Came Before...
what exactly do you do for the encore?
What I want to tell you every time i breath
What I Would Do for a Kiss from You
What I'm Trying To Say
What is Blue?
What Smells Like Boot Feet?
Whatever Happens... Happens
Whatever they all say...be mine
whatever words i say i will always love you
What's in Store?
when a man is in love with a man
When Females Attack
when I forget how to talk, I sing
When I get you home/ This is how it goes/ I got nothing to lose/ I'll never let you go
when i see you smile, it feels like i'm falling
when i'm with you, i burn, baby... burn like blue flame.
When In Love, Do As Lovers Do
When My Parents Were Newlyweds - vol. 1
When My Parents Were Newlyweds - vol. 2
When one door closes, God opens another
when our hands touch underwater, i'm as sharp as glass
When she said she loved me, i always believed her
when they ask you about your summer vacation, just smile
when we shine in each other's sky
When You Smile I Melt Inside
When you're scaled like a whitefish
When you're scaled like a whitefish
Where Can You Be Found Now?
where do we go from here
Where The Doves Go To Die
Wherever you go
While You Were Gone (A) / When You Returned (B)
Who is Dink?
Who Needs Happiness? I'd Rather Have You.
Who Says V-Day Can't Rock?
Who Will Then Be Left But A Few, Me and You
Who's My Monkey?
Why Can't I Fall in Love?
why can't i touch it?
Why Do I Love You?
Why Is Each Task A Trifle to Do? Because I Am Living a Life Full of You
Why is it that I make my most "romantic" mix with no one particular in mind?
Why Not Have A Happy Valentine's Day?
Why not take a crazy chance?
Will you be my bloody valentine?
Will You Comfort Me in My Time of Need?
Will you promise to stay the same?
Will You Still Love Me
windmills that look like warriors and barbed wire fences (part 1)
windmills that look like warriors and barbed wire fences (part 2)
windmills that looked like warriors and barbed wire fences (part 3)
winning your heart is more like sunshine on my breakfast than winning the lottery
Winter winds in the summer.
Winter with Whitney
winterheart (the lunch special with hot chocolate)
Wish You Were Here. Wish I Was Too.
Wishes: Wizards & Blizzards
With Her on My Mind
with limp arms, i can feel most of you
With Love From Me to You <11 Songs to say 3 simple words>
with these things there's no telling
with these things there's no telling
with these things there's no telling
with these things there's no telling
won't you be my sugarpill?
Won't You Dream My Dreams With Me?
wooo girl, gonna lay you down by the fire
Wooo, Kissed Him!!
Words & music from my heart to your sweet ears, my dear...
Words of Love
Work in Progress - Comment!
would you be an outlaw for my love(live performances)
Would You Like To Go Out This Friday? We Could Turn Over Some Apple Carts Together Or Something...?
Would you risk the world?
wouldn't it be nice?
Wouldn't trade anything, you're still my everything...
Xine Is NOT My Hero
Xine Is NOT My Hero, Vol 2: Electric Boogaloo
Xine IS NOT My Hero, Volume Zero!
Xine IS NOT My Hero,Volume Three: Perhaps She Is...
Yay Erin!
Yeah, it's about time.
Year Six
Yep, you too.
yes, i'm trying to seduce you with my crazy sex mix
Yes, There Are Messages Here
You + Me = We? [2007-02-27]
You an' Me Babe
You and I (The Greatest Love Story Never Told)
You and I could never be wrong.
You and Me
you are a light
You Are Always On My Mind.
You are here, we're apart/still we play the music in our hearts
you are like a drug
You Are My Rushmore.Disc 2
You Are My Rushmore.Disc1
You Are My Rushmore.Disc1
you are my sunshine
You are my Sunshine
You Are Such A Hottie*
You are the extra beat from my heart
you are the puzzle piece behind that couch who makes the sky complete...CD 1
you are the puzzle piece behind that couch who makes the sky complete...CD 2
You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place
You brighten my life like a polysterine hat
You Broke My Heart 'Cause I Couldn't Sleaze...
you burn so pretty.
you can't blame gravity for falling in love
You Caught Me
You Could Hear The Stars
you could listen to this tape or we could just skip to the part where you break my heart
you did this
you don't know how lovely you are
You don't know how lovely you are.
you expose the film in me
you get sweeter and sweeter
You Got Me - The Hip Hop Swoon mix
you got this thing against living with the best
You Know I Love You - But Do You Know How Much?
You Know I'm Talkin' 'Bout The Mack
You Lift Me Up
you look so peaceful when you sleep
You love a stone.
YOU LUCKY BASTARD: i have a crush on you
You Make Me Believe In Love
You Make Me Feel Natural*
You Make Me Feel Ten Feet Taller
you make me want to throw things: weird love songs for a weird boy
you make my tongue loose
You Make the Best of What's Still Around...
You May Not Know It Yet...
you on my mind...
You Really Ought to Know
YOU REMIND ME THAT I'M HANGING BY A MOMENT (a bizarre, marginally romantic mix)
You Rock My Socks Off
you rock my world
you should come over because i am cold,hungry,tired and i miss you.::let's make out.
you speak my language
You Tie My Head To The Sky
you were always top-notch when it came to hopscotch
You Were the Only Relief I'd Ever Need
you will learn to survive me
You Win, I Quit
you won't be the first to love me
You'd Think That People Would Have Had Enough Of Silly Love Songs...
young and with no clue...
Your Boat's Lost At Sea
your eyes are in the stars
Your Ghost Won't Leave Me Alone
Your Heart has a Home in Mine
Your Heart Has Been Kidnapped But It's In A Safe Place Now
your holiday is my dream
your kisses are as wicked as an m16
Your Legs Would Make A Great Belt . . . Or A Necklace
Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream
your love is the place where i come from
Your love will keep my heart alive.
Your songs
Your southern can belongs to me.
You're dirty sweet and you're my girl
you're going to new york.
you're in my blood [but straight away you ran from me]
You're it
You're Like Digital Photography... NO NEGATIVES!
you're looking at me like uh uh uh and hey hey hey
You're Past The Line Between I Like And I Love
youre so fucking special
you're so fucking special
you're so great and i love you
you're so rad, you're so fresh, and i'm so glad
you're strange and you're beautiful
You're sweet
You're taking me over.
you're the good things
You're The Good Things
You're the Greatest Thing Since They Put the Pocket in Pita!
You're the Magic that hold the Sky up from the Ground.
you're the one I wanted to find (for Shawn)
You're the One that I Want
You're The Tequila On My Tongue
you's my blue sky
you've got a crush on me
you've got me wrapped around your finger
you've got my heart
yr love is as sweet as cold coconut icecream
zeroclash's romance mix