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Primer paint camaros are all the rage
"By the way, mine's a double... (I just keep repeating myself)"
"Come Wander with Me" (August Adventures)
"Fading Through the Door..."
"Far, far away from those city lights that might be shining on you tonight"
"Frankenstein, New Shit Has Come to Light, Man!"
"Half of the time we're gone but we don't know where"
"I ain't here on business baby, I'm only here for fun"
"I Heard There's A Country"
"I Would Like, If I May, To Take You On a Strange Journey" [a musical discovery in three acts]
"I'm not so think as you drunk I am...."
"i'm not sure i can send this to [...] another human being."
"Loneliness is Such a...Drag"
"Love Letter to Alex Lilly"
"Most Young Kings Get Thier [sic] Heads Cut Off"
"Nice Tits Ma'am: The Judy Juggs Story"
"Oh, I'm so young, so goddamn young"
"So many foreign roads, for Emma, forever ago"
"Spy vs. Spy" and the cult of personality
"Suck My Stump to a Bloody Lump"
"Summer Means New Mix"
"T" is for Travel
"The feeling's getting stronger"
"The Ghosts of Summer"
"The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out"
"tie him down" they said, but tired ain't for me
"when she talked about the fall, i thought she talked about mark e. smith"
"Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day, still I'm gonna miss you."
"You say it's your birthday?" Well I like you and here's a mix!
"You say it's your birthday?" Well I like you and here's a mix!
"You say it's your birthday?" Well I like you and here's a mix!
#18 - El Violoncello
#218 - I'm Outta My Head Without You
#24 - El Cotorro
#39 - El DJ
#4 - El Catrín
#40 - El Alacran
#43 - La Campana
#45 - El Venado
#48 - La Chalupa
#50 - El Pescado
#52 - La Maceta
& even though you've lost your way, the world is dreaming, dreaming of spring.
& my heart leapt
& the world's brand new with every breath she takes.
&& v1.
&& v2.
&& v3.
(Coordinate Brain & Mouth)
(I Love You) Infinity
(Pretentious Mix Title Goes Here)
(Put On Your) Eargoggles!
(untitled) Mix
*** from rob, june 1991
*[515] the dawn @ dawn farm reprieve & be set free mix [06.23.08]
*[517] lightning strikes! (bye-bye, steve's big-screen tv) [08.01.08]
*[519] pissing in a sink
*[520] john mccain: all-american cunt (and next president of the united states)
*[521] of smoldering sponges, melted microwaves & broken broadbands [08.22.08]
*[522] too besotted with chips & salsa to think of title
*[523] the 126-pound-weakling mix [08.22.08]
*[526] sarah palin: trojan horse full of old white men who look, sound & smell like dick (cheney)
*[527] setting a date: 02.11.09
*[528] jon kitna, ask your god why you suck so much
*[529] the joys of non-booze-fueled acid reflux (a taste of things to come)
*[530] dane cook: amazingly, even less funny than adam sandler
*[531] rich rodriguez: snake-oil salesman, loser to toledo, general asshead
*[532] carpal tunnel, just for kicks? [10.14.08]
*[533] joe the plumber can suck my pipe
*[534] furnace: on [10.22.08]
*[535] the last mix before my 437 days of sobriety finally, mercifully came to an en*d
*[537] first snow [11.16.08]
*[538] feeling the en*d creep closer... [12.16.08]
*[539] big boy, mac & cheese, and other last meals
*[540] x-mas with scout
*3rd 4th 08 [personal favorites jul -> sep 2008]
*best of 2008 [v. 1]
*best of 2008 [v. 2]
*best of august 2008
*best of december 2008
*best of july 2008
*best of november 2008
*nuremberg 1948 -> paris 1968 [w/NOISEBOY]
*waxing nostalgic #14 [02.14.04 -> 03.12.04]
*waxing nostalgic #15 [03.12.04 -> 06.13.04]
... and here come the horses
...and in the morning the snow had gone
...loved those of great ambition...
...Maybe You Don't
...thinking too much
...thinking too much v.1
...Though They're Slightly Out of Fashion
:-) songs
:For: Jillian - From: Adam
:Not Enough Candy Hearts In The World to Say... "I Love You"
:Some Songs I Once Heard
:Wheelchair Bound
[483] the lions sleep tonight (kiss my ass, mike furrey)
[484] 144 days off the sauce a dull boy makes
[485] and to think i used to like bill clinton... (to hell with hillary)
[486] the dawn farm discovery-to-recovery rug-pull of rug-pulls mix [01.24.08]
[487] playing out the string... (1970-2008)?
[488] the end of the interlock/the start of the clarocet [02.08.08]
[489] aa & aaa teaming up to take down this drunken satellite
[490] steven john [09.24.57 -> 02.23.08]
[491] no gold, no light (the tunnel at the end of the rainbow)
[492] burning questions (gateway -> hp) [03.13.08]
[493] charlatan duets
[494] coffee, cold comfort & cuties (& ugly zombie boys)
[495] jumping through hoops for no good reason at all
[496] loveless & dry
[497] adieu, hugh? [05.18.06 -> 03.13.08]
[498] detroit tigers 2008: big pussies
[499] the dawn farm recovery-to-relapse-prevention foregone conclusion mix [04.01.08]
[500] furnace: off [04.21.08]
[501] lori donovan (tharp) [08.30.67 -> 04.22.08]
[502] who needs caffeine? who needs dairy?
[503] wolves on parade... twice
[504] more wolves
[505] my pastor is more offensive than your pastor
[506] fuck the celtics
[507] pistons 2008-2009: shed the sheed
[508] 4 baby raccoons [06.03.08]/3 more baby raccoons [06.05.08]
[509] detroit red wings: 2008, 2002, 1998, 1997, 1995 (to hell with the devils)
[510] r.i.p. tim & sydney
[512] cindy mccain: the crypt-keeper in drag?
[513] somebody, please, cut ralph nader's brakes already...
[514] somebody, please, cut jesse jackson's nuts off...
[516] the no-more-scotches-on-the-rockses-at-the-red-hawk mourning mix
[518] roy, yogi, clarence, hippity-hoppity & all the rest
[524] life is shit, so why NOT vote for john mccain? (and make it shittier still)
[525] 1 new baby raccoon [09.06.08]
[536] the first mix after my 16 days of binge drinking finally, mercifully came to an en*d
[Aug 2009]
[Dec 2009]
[Feb 2009]
[Jan 2009]
[Mar 2009]
[May 2009]
[Nov 2009]
[Oct 2009]
[Sep 2009]
[un]happy new year
[untitled 2]
~ It's a Merry Christmas, 2008, ~ I Don't Want To Fight Tonight! ~
HALLOWEEN III: Season of the Definitive Album
Chill in the Light/Dark
02/02/08 What's In My Head
03/01/08 What's In My Head
04/05/08 What's In My Head
05/17/08 What's In My Head
090600 june mix
1,000 Postcards From Montevideo
1. expo music
1/2 & 1/2 :) :S
1000 different versions of yourself
11 Apr 2009 Olio
11 for 2011
112. The Substance of Simplicity
115. Hollow Hills
117. Those Who Love To Fly Alone...
119. It's Nice & Sunny Day Today
11th HOUR
120. Tunnel
127. Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War.
128. Lily, Henry, & the Willow Tree.
132. Symetria
137. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You.
150. Remains in the Ditch of the Dead
19 Songs for 19 Years
1987 - The Compilation (I)
1987 - The Compilation (II)
1989 - 9th Grade - A New Season
1997: The Year Of Music
1st 4th 08
20 Songs
2007 - Move Your Brain (Gay Gansta)
2007: Perspectives
2008 A & B
2008 C & D
2008, quarter 1.
2008, quarter 2.
2008: My Picks.
2009 (01 - 06): I Don't Care for Fancy Things, Or to Take Part in a Precious Race
2009 (07-12): And Even Though It Took You Hours, I Didn't Notice All The Flowers
2009 A & B
2009 C & D
2009, You Were Fine
2009: A Retrospective Vol. 1
2010 (01-06): Your DJ Ain't No DJ He Just Make Those Fuckin' Mixtapes
2010 valentines day.
2010: good wishes for a friend
2011 (07-12): I Be That Pretty Muthafucker
2014 Ultimate Prom Mix
2014: The Year Some Stuff Happened
21 Songs to use as a reply when asked about a lost love
22 songs for 22 years
2nd 4th 08 [personal faves apr -> jun 2008]
30 Day Song Challenge!
30 Helens Agree
35: Totally Tetrahedral
4 months
4:26 on 4/26
5 Hour Drive With The Radio On
5 Months with Bianca Leveriza and/or The Inevitable Demise of Geekery
5, 6, Acou-stics
7" only
8 + 8 = 16
804 16th Avenue South
80's Mix Disc 4
A Banana Has a Peel
A big, big love
A Cookie Cutter Xmas 2006
A Cracked Smile
A Day In The Life
A Day Older And None The Wiser - A 21st Birthday Mix
A Decade Of Genius (Disc 1)
A Decade Of Genius (Disc 3)
A Dinercourse in Music
A Dose Of Northern Sadness
A Drunkard's Dream If I Ever Did See One
A False Dilemma
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
A Gigantic Puppy Made Of Living Flowers: A Mix For Jenny
A great place for architects and dilettantes
A Guided Tour of Chicago
A Home Is Not A House
A Horde OV Perverse Burlap
A Hot Evening
A howl, a gasp
a kind of weakness
A Little Bit Of Sunshine
a little bit softer now...(1 of 3)
A Little Rain
A Little Rain
A little ray of sunshine
A little screamy, a little dreamy
A Man With a Tape Recorder Up His Brother's Nose
A Man With a Tape Recorder Up His Nose
A Manditory Steelbath Suicide MIx
A Midwinter Mix 2010
A Mix For Courtney Ramone
A Mix for Siobhan
A mix I named after my friend.
A Month of Sundays
A Narrow World Made Wide
A New Career In A New Town
A New Mix *HS*
a new one for 2009
A Part, Yet Apart
A passage in winter
A Pavlovian Response To Getting Off The Train: Songs Of 2011
A paw in my face
A Perfect Circle Of Acquaintances And Friends
A Polyrhythmic Beguiling
a puppy named slayer
a satellite wish
A Scream Cuts Through The Night
A shadow hanging 'round
A Should Be Soundtrack: Jennifer's Body
a simple dissertation on a complex situation
a sort of prayer
A Sunday Kind of Love
A Taste of India
a taste of the cat and a touch of the cane
a teamster named nightingale
a time to sing these things / a time to have them sung
A to Zed
A Toast To My Self Control
A Touch Of Country
A Tuneful Of Medicine
A Wee Bit British
A Week in a Dusty Library
A Week In The Life Of Bagels
A Wristcutters Soundtrack
A Year In Music: April 2008
A Year In Music: August 2008
A Year In Music: December 2008
A Year In Music: Febuary 2008
A Year In Music: January 2008
A Year In Music: July 2008
A Year In Music: June 2008
A Year In Music: March 2008
A Year In Music: May 2008
A Year In Music: November 2008
A Year In Music: October 2008
A Year In Music: September 2008
A Yottalitre of Tunes
A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 33 - Disc 1
ABII: The Furry Rebirth
Absent Coffee Table
Accidents of Disorder
Aces Were Twos
Act Naturally
Actually, it's entirely the bear noise
Adam's 29th Birthday
Addie Has A Birthday Ev'ry Winter
Adult Contemporary
adventure hurts, monotony kills [May 2012]
Adventures of DJ Karen Adams v.5
Aesthetic Whiplash
after i get sick i just get sad
After Putting Turpentine In The Serpentine
Agenda Suicide
Ah Eh Oh
aic test mixxx
Ain't Gettin' Paid to Dance
Alex Carrie Barcelona
Alicia Grimes Entertainment
Alicia's Going to Africa Mix #2
Aliens Crash Into Unsuspecting Music Mix
All Banjos Sound Great
All Dressed Up... Nowhere to Go (Quarantine Mix 2020)
All good sins will find you one day.
All good sins will find you one day.
all i know is i don't need this tone you're taking
all in a day's work
All moving parts stand still
all roads lead home [Sep 2007]
All That Glitters
All That Shines
All the Color Washed from Him
all the good things are for you.
All The Lousy Little Poets Coming Round Tryin To Sound Like Cha*rlie Manson
All The Songs I Have Felt For You...
All the Spanish candles they sold away have gone to this.
All the Ways You Smile
All Time Favourite Vol. XII
All Time Favourites Vol, VIII
All Time Favourites Vol. III
All Time Favourites Vol. IV
All Time Favourites Vol. IX
All Time Favourites Vol. VII
All Time Favourites Volume V
All You Need is a Gun & a Car
Almost Comfortable...
Almost Like Summer
almost nice to meet ya
Alpine Blue Notes
Also-Rans For April 2008
Also-Rans For August 2008
Also-Rans For February 2008
Also-Rans For January 2008
Also-Rans For July 2008
Also-Rans For March 2008
Also-Rans For May 2008
always danced with my eyes closed
always sober, always aching
Am I really really really really gonna have to really gonna have to really have to leave town?
American Idle
Ameteur mix for no one in particular's listening pleasure
amixforyou pt2
Amy's Double Remix cd
Amy's Double Remix cd
An American Tradition: Music to Purge To
An Atom Me
An Emotional Sponge
An Extraordinary Machine
An Old Mix...
An Unintentional Mess
an universal and mystical trip
Analog Oatmeal: African, hip-hop, jazz grooves
And everybody say, "I remember way back when."
And From The Nursery Came My Adversary
and i don't mind if you want to hide your fangs too
And If You're Payin' For Fun French Quarters Really All You Need
And I'll Whisper the Truth to the Waves.
And Mr. Hannyman Said to Dezman, "Happy Birthday"
and she asked me why have you felt so down and out
And The Music Plays Forever
And The Poison Arrows
And This is What the Blank Stare Conjured
And When I Die
and you may and you may
and you said i almost choked
Andy's Cool CD in Space!
Angel, I'll Walk You Home
Anna's little x-mas tape
annette funicello - pineapple princess
Annie Waits!
another chance [Nov 2008]
Another Mix that I shall think of a title for Later
Another Noise Mix
another old mix
Anthem We Are The Fire Mix! 1
Anthem We Are The Fire Mix! 2
Anthony 3
Anthony 4 (Unfinished)
Anthony's Birthday Mix
Anus Cola for Lucas
Anyone Who's Ever Had a Dream (Summer 2012)
Anytime, Anyplace, Anyhow, Anyway
AOTM : Discoveries 3
AotM 2009 Reunion Mix, Disc 3 Remix
Apocalipstick Now
April 08: I met Ben Folds, and all I got was this lousy restraining order
April 15: hullabaloobala
April 16: Out of the Bird and the Basket
april 2008 i like
April 2008: According To Me
April is the cruellest month
Are You a Fan of Delicious Flavor?
Are You For Sale?
Are You Heavy Enough to Make me Stay? I Feel Like I Might Blow Away
Are You Listening?
Armadillos Unite
Armageddon's Father
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Art Of The Moz
art, music & jaffa cakes
Ashtray Floors, Dirty Clothes, and Filthy Jokes
Assorted Awsome tunes "97"#1
Astronaut Icecream
at evens
at the latter, I was informal
At the Movies
Atmospheric eclectic mix
Attack of the Killer Librarian
Au Clair de la Lune
au motel
Audio Prozac
Aughts Mix for Swap-Bot
August 14: Tricot Tree Co. (Part 1)
August 14: Tricot Tree Co. (Part 2)
August 15: Die She Must
August 16: Haphazardly Whispering
August 2008: According To Me
August 2010
Autobot Love
Autumn Blaze
Autumn Dance Party
Autumn Leaves
Avalancha Mix
avant gardening
avant l'hiver
Awsome Music Machine
Awsome music Machine Plays Again
Awww... 21-08-09
Aye! Robot Mix
Aztek <3 Attack
B.S.E.s playlist 2
B3ats For The B3ach 2009
Baby Called My Name
baby it's slow when lights are low
Baby, Show Me The Way
Back Door To Heaven
Back From Iceland [This Mix Contains No Bj÷rk]
Back Home
Back in the Saddle
Back Like Crack & Twice As Addictive
Back to Rosalita's Arms
Back To School Mash-Up Mayhem
Back To School Megamix
Backwoods Blood Doll
Bad Luck
bands that don't exist, but, who have really good music
Bara om min Slskade vSntar
Barack to the Future Mix
Barbecues and Dance Parties
Barney Rubble Slayed Your Entire Family
Basement Jams Vol. 1
Basement Jams Vol. 1
Basically Anything That Is Awesome
Bay and Ocean
Be the Water Where I'm Waiting
Beast Of 2010
BEAT GIRLS: Don't Be Mean
Beat the Drum for the New Year
Beat the Drum for the New Year
Beautiful Groove
Beautiful Noise
Be-bop-a-lula with a thump and a shove.
Because I Feel Blind
because I felt like it.
Because you're so great, and I love you.
Before You See The Forest Bleed
Behind The Hedgerow
bello, i like this [Jul 2007]
Beneath the Demon Moon
best of 2002 [v. 1]
best of 2002 [v. 2]
best of 2003
best of 2005
best of 2005 [revised]
Best of 2006
best of 2006 [v. 1]
best of 2006 [v. 2]
best of 2006 [v. 2] [revised]
Best of 2007
best of 2007 part 1
best of 2007 part 2
Best of 2008: Yours Is A Funeral I'd Fly To From Anywhere
Best of 2009
Best of 2010 Dance Party
Best Of 2010 Mash-Up Dance Party
BEST OF 2012 (PART 1)
BEST OF 2012 (PART 2)
Best of 2012 Mix
Best of 2012 Mix Series: Ultimate Princess Club
Best of 2013 Dance Party
best of april 2008
best of february 2008
best of january 2008
best of june 2008
Best of Lis' Mixes
best of march 2008
best of may 2008
best of october 2008
best of september 2008
Best songs of 2008, disc one
Bestial Colleagues Mix
better to light a candle
Between the Broken Concrete and the Cloudy Sky
Bienvenidos a Eslovenia
big hearted yearning and knowing that you're incomplete
Big Time Mama
Binky Mix
birds of prey [04.10.10]
Birds On A Wire
Birds On The Wing Again
Bite Down And Push It Through The Bloodline
Bitte Nicht Anfassen
Bittersweet Talk
Black Anne
Black Briefcase
black flag sticker on a cadillac aka johnny's high school mix tape aka carrie's time machine
Black Iron Prison
Blackberry Blossoms
Blame It On Cain
Blame it on the Boogie
Blast Off!
Bless Them If It Would
Blind Eyes And Tired Smiles
Blind Mary Marry Me
Blissful Ceremonies and Stealing Stars
Blockin' the Hate: Summer 2008
Blood On The Sofa
bloodier than blood
Blow, Mr. Rico, Blow!
Blue Lights and A Beat
Blue Skies, Bright Eyes, and Other Lies
Blueprints for Sandcastles
Blurred Edges
Boatloads of Shame
Bobert's Fantastic Voyage
Bombshell Mix 1
Bombshell Mix 2
Bombshell Mix 3
Boner Jams '09
Boner Jams 09 Vol.2.
Boner Jamz 08'
Bonnaroo Buzz
boo hoo, she thinks my mix cd is too weird!
Bored Versions
Boston Not LA
Box of Records
Boxing Eve
Boys Night Out
Bracketed by Brambled Shores
Brainheart Beats
Breaking Away mixx
BreakUp CD
Breathing Fields
Breathing Lessons
Bride Of Van Sloan Mix
brighten and enlighten
bring back those GOLD SOUNDZ
Bring out the gin & the small violins. I'm a raging success as a failure.
broad hands and light heads
Brode's Cycling Tape: Townsville '04
Buckets of Rain.
Bug's Splendiferous Guppy Love
Building my life out of distorted fragments
Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Bumper Car Ska
burn after listening vol. 1
Burnin' Your Books: A Summer 2009 Mix
But for Their Thoughts, They are Innocents
But Gravity Keeps Bringing Me Down
but if you believe i'm thinking of you, you're dreaming.
Butt Sweat & Tears
by the light of day
Bye Bye Hannah
Cali Cruisin' 2009
call it an act of easy mercy to tear the structure down.
Call Me the Breeze
Candy Favorites (and extras)
Candy Land
can't even focus on a coffee cup
Can't Stand My Telephone, Nobody Calls, But it's Always Ch arged
can't you see she's ren_dered me insane
Cardinal Rules
Caress A Skeleton
Carlette mixx
Carmen's Keyboard Mix #1
Carnaby Chic
Carnival of Sorts
catch your dreams before they slip away
Catching Bullets With Our Teeth
Catclops! What Have You to Report?
CD For Ashley
CD of the Week (Fall 08)
CD of the Week (Winter 08)
CDs are for squares!
cellar door [May 2010]
certain songs get scratched into your soul vol 1
chansons de lapin quatre
chansons de lapin trois
check please! [May 2011]
Cheer the F Up II
Cheesy Pop Singalong
chemical hero [Oct 2012]
Chemistry is Bh (107)
Chesty La Rue
Chill Pill
Chillin In The Basement/ Vol. 1
Chinese Earwax Broth and a Semi-Erection
Chloe Sevigny 1994: The Coolest Girl in the World
Christmas (Ain't No Joke)
Christmas 2008
Christmas 2009 - Alex
Christmas 2009 - Dayna
Christmas 2009 - Kelly
Christmas 2009 - Quintin
Christmas Dream
Christmas Time Again from the AotM Collective, volume 1
Christmas Time Again from the AotM Collective, volume 2
Christmas Time Again from the AotM Collective, volume 3
Civilization Was a Hoax
Clap And Shout
Class of Nineteen-Ninety Something
Clean Quilted Heart
Clear Out!
Cleft Sticks & Inflatable Canoe Optional
Climbing up the ladder, breaking my shin on the very first rung
Clouded Skies Have Lifted
Clumsy Construction And Atonement
coaster climb
cocaine is not good for your health (the coke train).
coconut skins
Coffee House Mix #1: You Could Take a Glance or Dance
cold milk
college radio show
Comatose at the Dance Party
Come On Baby, In Our Dreams We Can Live In Misbehavior
Come On Down to the Store
Comin Back From Catholic School (Driving Mix)
Coming in From the Cold
Coming Out Party
Community Radio
Complete Sample Library, Entry 1
Complete Sample Library, Entry 1
Compromise Mix Volume 6
Confessional Prayer And Decay
Confucius is Sexy
Connected: Abstract Rabbit's Melange of Mixed Multiplicity
Consider Me Outnumbered
Constant Craving
Cool In The Pool
Cooler Than A Polar Bear's Toenails
Countdown to the End
court and atlantic
Cover Me Again
Cover Me!
Covering Your Eyes Was Easy Enough
Cowboys and Indians
Coworker Mix: D & G
Crashing Like A Motorway Off A Cliff
Crashing through the parlor doors
Creature Feature (w/ avocado rabbit)
Creatures August
Creatures July
Creatures June part 2
Creepy Mix
Crowns for Convoy
cruisin' on sunset [Nov 2007]
Crushing The Transparent Sunshine
Culpable Cupid
Current B.S.E.s, June 19
Current Favourites
Customary Father's Day Tape
Cyclone of Color
Daddy's CD for His Girls
damen/roscoe - chicago IL
Dance Deux
Dance Party Mix
Dance Party?
Dancin' the Post-Marriage Samba
Dancing In A Dioxin Dump
Dani California Mix
Daughter of Frank Mix
David part 2
Days Gone By
Deacdes - The 80s pt.3 - Under Construction
Dead Bunny Poison Carrot Blues
dead saints [Apr 2008]
Dear Chuck
Dear Diary...
Dear Patrons, Please Refrain From Bursting Into Flames
Death is the Road to Awe
Death To All Those Who Would Whimper And Cry
Decades - The 50s
Decades - The 60s pt. 2
Decades - The 60s pt.3
Decades - The 60s, pt.1
Decades - The 70s, 'London Calling NYC'
Decades - The 70s, 'Most Famous'
Decades - The 70s, 'Soul Music'
Decades - The 80s pt. 1 - Rediscovery
Decades - The 80s pt.2 - City Lights
Decades - The 90s pt.1 - Taped
Decades - The 90s pt.2 - Golden Years
Decades - The 90s pt.3 - Smelly Teen Spirit
DECAGON 021210
DECAGON 022610
DECAGON 032610
DECAGON 040910
Decagon 060410
December 09' - Courtney's Mix Tape
December 09 Vol 1
December 09 Vol 2
deciding to stay
deep, sweet & bitter
defied all our social gestures.
delicious randomness aside--i'm hott for you.
dem herrn kollig zu ehren
derby days [Feb 2010]
Desktop Potpourri #1
Desktop Potpourri #2
Desktop Potpourri #3
Destiny Dealt Us a Hand in Distance : Farewell to a Special Friend
Det blir alltid vSrre framst natten
Diagonal Ships in the Night Sky (A Polish Hoax)
Different Sounds
Dinne/Cocktail Hour Part 1
Dirt In The Machine
Dirty Factory part 1
disheveled eggs [Nov 2017]
DJ Abstract 22: The Ion Mix
DJ Abstract 23: The Eventide Mix
DJ Abstract 24: Ashes And Dust Mix
DJ Abstract 25: Miasma Mix
DJ michbuze mashup remixes
DJ Picks 2010
DJ Picks 2010 #2
DN's Mix
Do Do Do Do Do It Again
do it with no hands
Do the 69
What's In My Head/FTHOI

do this not that
Do You Really Want To Live Forever?
do you remember 1988?
Do You Think I'm Psycho, Mama?
Doe-ran - Nice One
Does It Say Enough?
Don't be in love with the autograph
Don't be in love with the autograph
Don't Be So Nervous
don't bend, don't bleed, don't beg, don't scream, don't whine, don't fight, don't tell me...
don't blame me; blame my mood swings
Don't Box Me In
Don't Fall Through the Stars
Don't Give Away The End
Don't Go Mistaking Paradise For That Home Across The Road
Don't it feel like the wind is always howling?
Don't Look Back
Don't Nod Your Head
Don't Tell A Soul: Whispery Indie Things (for Danielle)
Don't Throw Stones
Don't Touch Me, I've Got Crossed Wires
Don't Turn That Dial! We're On Channel 9
don't you know, senorita, you can pay that debt with blood.
Down and Out
Down For The Count
Down For The Count
Dr. G Presents: Cali Cruisin 2008
Dr. G Presents: Winter Beats 2008
Dr. G Presents: Winter Chill 2008
Dr. Reptile's Greatest Hits 2008
drank the dirt / ate the sand
Dream All Day
Dreams of a Letter's Death I
Dreams of a Letter's Death II
Dreamy Days
drink it in (every night) [Aug 2007]
drinking the sun shining all around you
Dripping From A Dead Dogs Eye - Mix 3
Driving to VA Tech (2006)
dTja vu [Jun 2008]
Due Date
Dusting The Nailartsua
E-Approved Assbounce Tunes
Early Bells & Lacking
Eating babies
Eating Chinese Food to the Blues
Echo Curio Secret Santa Mix
Eclectic Eel
Eclectic Grooves 2002
Eclectic Lyrics
Education 2: The Art of the Short Story
Education: Nearly Geographically Identical To Lafayette County
Education? I don't need no stinkin' education
Eeble Pandas
Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
Eighteen Song Serenade
either way, you pay the price
Elaine Benes Kennedy Junior
Elegiac Stanzas: Songs For Autumn 2
Elephants Gerald
Eliminate the No's from their vacancy signs
Embrace the Bitch
Embrace the Solo
empty branches
Empty Hearts:Hollow Tears
End Of The Year Mix - 2009
End Of The Year Mix - 2010
Enigmatic Soul and More
Epic is (still) Blue - Part 2
Epic is Blue - Part 1
Erin is 22
Escaping Etobihole A
et cetera, et cetera, fads for whatever
Eternal Circle
Even Apocalypse Is Fleeting
Everglade - new songs for swimmers
Every A-frame had your number on the wall. (2 CDs)
Every Day is Caturday
Every Little Defect
every old life is a house on fire (this should be a tape)
Every Song Tells a Story Don't It
Every Stolen Promise
Every Story Told About Us
everybody here parties all the time
everything is borrowed
Everything will turn out all right.
Everywhere I'm gonna go is a long, long way from here.
Evil Night Together
Exactly What You Need
Excitable boy, they all said
Experiment V
Extremely Dorky Vampire LARP Mix 1996
Facebook Songs
Failing the Rorscach Test
Fake (?) Nostalgia
Fall 2000
Fall Asleep/Wake up
Fall into the GAP.
false sense of warning / no poisoned cup
Fantasies, Fallacies, And Fever Dreams
Farewell Brian
Farewell Ride
fast car.
Faster Than Cars Drive
Fat Chance
Fat Free Mix
Favorite Songs of All Time Vol. 1
Favorites 4: The Deluxe Original Mix
Favourite Songs of All Time Vol. II
Fear & Loathing In Suburbia
Fear No Record Store Clerk: A Name Droppin' Mix for Danielle
Feb 16: Elysium's Ether Heist
February 08: Milo Turk Is My Hero
February 2007
February 2008: According To Me
February 2010
February is Colder than Death
fern [06.15.09]
Fighting for Friday
filled with vodka and love [Aug 2010]
filmed being ridiculous [Jun 2010]
Finally Free
Findlay's Mix: Shapes of Things
Fire and Ice
Fire Walk With Me
First CD for the New Man
First Contact
First Day of School: Meet Your Classmates
First Random
First Semester
Fishing with a Brick made of Plaster
Five Starring, 8/27
Flashlights Are Something To Eat
flickr #3 - late summer drive-time.
Floating Away
floor burittos and some elevator music
Fly The Funky Skies
Fog Face
follow your bliss
for Adam J., with love
For Anthony
For Emily, Wherever She May Be
For Ferbie Volume 2
For I'm Bound To Ride That Northern Railroad
For Katie #1
For Mom
For my baby's mother
For My Friends - 2008
For My Friends - 2009
For my sister Ashley
For Our Next Number...
For Sustenance and Beauty
for the bagel boy
For The Girl Who Has Everything (It All)
For the hell of Rob and Wibble
For the Price of a Cup of Tea, You Can Get 7 Inches ...
For the Time Capsule -- 2007: And If It's Crowded, All the Better
For the Time Capsule -- 2007: I'ma Call It an Uprisin'
For Those About To Rock...
for those guys at the cafe
For Tyler, Happy 21st!
For Your Corner of the World: A Mix for a Penpal
forget your taught talking and lessening lessons.
fort-building [Dec 2010]
Four to Nine is Sometimes Fine
Frank Sinatra & Shirley Bassey
Frankenstein: They never knew some larger force in the universe could show mercy. I wish I would've.
Franklin Avenue
Freak Show Sonnet
FreeRogerClemens mix
Freudian Dreams: Gold from Gomi (fall 1989)
Friday Dec. 2 12:49 P.M.
Friday Night's The Night To Say 'I Love You'
Friends Last a Lifetime
frog & drum
From Point A to Point B
From the 12 Planet to PSU.
from the fragile outline of your hips to the trembling movements in your jaw
From the Stacks - Volume 1
From the Stacks Vol. 2
From the Stacks Vol. 3
From Your Anxious Daughter
front porch in the thunderstorm
Fthoi for the heck of it
fuck all this irony (how do i find shelter in ambiguity?)
Fuck My Day Job, I'd Rather Practice Guitar and Write Books
fuck school
Fuck the Super Bowl Birthday Mix For Patrick
Fuck You
Fuck You Very Much: with natalyesaurus and musikitty
Fucking Good Music (Wasted on a Douche)
Fun Nights And Nun Fights
Fun Stuff!
Funky Friday
Funny Kitty
FuTone v 03
Future Dream : Paris Blues
Fuzzy Blanket No. 1
gabechouinard presents: Grime Street Lounge Volume 1
gabe's Dirty Urban Mix: A Little Pump & Thump
Gaby's 23rd B-Day Mix!!!
Games, Blame, and Hard Luck Dames
Gangster B
Gangster G
Gay Prom Dates
Gazing Through the Fog To the Other Side
Generic You're Not Him National Trust mix
Genres. Get some.
gently, the constellations aligned
Gentry Versions
Get Lifted
Get me away from here I'm dying
get out of the office and into the springtime
Get Short
Get to Know Me Musically
Get Up And Start What Needs To Be Done.
Getting Better
ghost / shadowplay
Ghost Hole
Giggles, Groans, Sighs and Moans from the AM Receiver Vol.1
Gimme A Kick
girl blow
girl you have no faith in medicine
girl, you know my bite is so much better than my bark
girls can be trouble and we will always be boys
Girls I've Met and Those I Haven't Yet
Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld
Glad To Be Here
glass ppl shouldn't pass stones [Jul 2010]
Globos Increfbles
Glorious Sledgehammer
go go retro
God gave me sex appeal!
God in his wisdom made you understand.
Going Out West
Gone Blank Again vol.4080
Gonna Make You Crawl
Good Advice from Dad
Good Ashes
Good Day
Good Mourning Mix
Good Noise
Good To The Last Dr op of Summer - 2 CDs
Good Vibes
Goodbye (I Tremble)
Goodbye CA
goody gumdr op in a hoody i hugged god
Gorgeously Stupid
Got To Admit - Mix 14
Gotta Get A Message To You
Grapheme (A-M)
Grapheme (N-Z)
Grayside Tales
green can be a problem
green eye - chicago, IL
Greetings to the New Brunette
Gregory's Pecs
Grime Street Lounge Volume 2
Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 24
Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 25
Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 45
guess this makes it formal
Guide Her Home Disk One
Guide Her Home Disk Two
H.P. no.2
Hail and Farewell
half-asleep (pt. 1 of 2)
half-drunk (pt. 2 of 2)
Halloween 2010
Halloween Dance Party 2012
Halloween Mash-Up Mixdown
HALLOWEEN V: The Revenge of the Definitive Album
Ham-Handed Segue Volume III M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction)
Ham-Handed Segue Volume IV: Audio Alchemy
Ham-Handed Segue Volume VI: RANT (A-Side)
hand in hand
Happy Baby Mix
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Early Birthday, I Was Too Lazy To Label This Properly.
Happy time
Harvest Time
Have You REALLY Been Listening?
haven't we met before?
He was an old Sky Plant
He Went the Hemingway
Head Full of Steam
Head In The Clouds
hear the noises / feel the breaking
Heart Beats
Heart Grenades
Heart it Races
Heart Myself
hearts + minds + certain glands
Hearts in Atlantis
Heat Mirage
heaven's drunk from the poison you use.
heavy boots
Heavy Dosage: A Psychedelic Primer for Danielle
Heavy Rotation, February 2008
Heavy Rotation, March 2008
hell is coming / hell is here
Hell We'll Really Have A Party But We Gotta Put A Guard Outside
Hello Again, Friend of a Friend
Hello to You Out There in Normal Land
Here Comes the Summer
Here Goes Nothing
Here We Go
Here's The Deal
here's to forgetting
hey paul, let's have a ball
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 11
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 12
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 14
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 15
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 7
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 7
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 8
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn Volume 9
Hidden #mixtape2012 Vol. 1
Hiding & Waiting to Cut My Way Through it
Hikkomori and Limerence
Hip Transistor Volume 3
Hisstology 1&2 (Infants; Children) - CosmicAnalogEnsemble
historically adjacent [Sep 2017]
History Mix 2
hit the power, pulse up the zoom.
hold my hand until we run to the sun
hold my heart till brighter days.
Holding your hatred tight like a sign that you're right or you're strong
Hombres Misteriosos - Themes For Imaginary Westerns
home away from home
Home is whenever I'm with you
Home Taping Is Ki-l-ling The Music Business 1.0
Home Taping Is K-i-l-ling The Music Business 5.0
Homefires and Algebra
Honey,would you stop worrying about the punks!
Hop Into The Station Wagon
Hope for the worst
Hopes And Failures
hospitalized for approaching perfection
Hot 100 # 7
Hot In Herrrrrre
Hot Mix pt 1
Hot Mix pt 2
Hot Summer 97
Hotels, Inns & the Curiosity for Indoor Chapels
House and Home
house of cards [Jun 2011]
how are things? (SNAIL MAIL MIX 1)
How Can Something So Old, Be So Wrong?
How Could It Come To This?
How Do I Sound
how to get laid in texas
How We Operate ... (Jordan)
How Would You Like Walking Home?
how'd you get so flyy
How'm I Doin'?
Humiliation of Your Teenage Station
Hummingbird Circling the Bee Balm
Hypergroove-A force of calm!
I (heart) HD
I <3 Perry Rhodan
I am a DJ . . . I am what I play
I Am A Polar Bear
i am here/nothing much/going nowhere
I Am the Fly in the Ointment
I Beat A Biter Down With An Aluminum Bat
I Believe In Growing Old With Grace
I Believe In Miracles
I bet my hands on it
I Can Hear You Louder Than Ever
I can tell the world about this
I Can't Calm Down, My Mind's Not Right
I Can't Control Myself
I Can't Do A Cartwheel
I Can't Stay Up Until 4am Making This Stuff Anymore
I could be there when you land
I could really use a perfect summer day.
I could -SO- wear this C.D.
I Could've Been A Contender
I Count Your Eyelashes, Secretly (May 2011)
i didn't ask for you to touch me like you missed me
I do a lot of things.
I Don't Call 'Cuz Alcohol is My Best Friend
i don't even know your middle name
I drank so much tea, I wrote my letters in Kanji
I Drink Enough Whiskey To Pull A Battle Ship Around
I Forgot To Kiss You
I found a 1990's mixtape - Ease Back
I Get So Sentimental
I Got A Bone To Pick With You - Mix 8
I Guess I Didn't Know the Ledge
I Had A Secret Meeting In The Basement Of My Brain
I hardly ever see you (and I'm to blame)
I Have a Dream Today!
i have friends from california
I hit the bullseye every night
I hope it's somewhere beautiful
I Hope She Doesn't Get The Wrong Idea
I Just Got My Tax Refund So Here's a Random Mix
I Knew She Was Going To Meet Her Connection - Mix 7
i know i need to stay and fight the day.
I Like to Riff - (40's Jive)
i live low enough so the moon won't waste its light on me
I Lonely Search Lonely
i love things that seem impossible
I Love You! Christmas 2008
I made this for a dead busdriver
I Made This Specifically With You In Mind
I Married A Monster From Outer Space
I Met Terry Williams on the Moon
I might sleep all day
I Miss That Stupid Ache
I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day by day
i need this depression (it keeps my heart rate down)
I Need Your Arms Around Me, I Need to Feel Your Touch
i never realized my reality could be so mean.
I Pleasure Myself
I Read The Words This Time Part I
I Read The Words This Time Part II
I Read The Words This Time Part III
I Really Do Love the Nineties...
I Reject Unnamable
i see the sun rising, and all you see is it fall fall fall
I Should Be Sleeping Instead of Making a Mix About How I Can't Sleep
I Sold My Soul to Rock and Roll
i think that i can heal it with this song
I Think Very Deeply
I Thought I Knew You What Did I Know - Mix 11
I Wake, Alone.
I Wanna Get More From This
i wanna lose my head inside a song, & i'm gonna drag you all along. (pt. 1)
i wanna lose my head inside a song, & i'm gonna drag you all along. (pt. 2)
I Want My Blanket Snatcher (said the Eskimo)
I Want To Remember
I want you. I want you so bad.
I want your picture but not your words
i was a hopeless romantic, you were swine
I was raised by a pack of wolves, nursed in our nation's capitol.
I was raised by a pack of wolves, nursed in our nation's capitol.
I was raised by a pack of wolves, nursed in our nation's capitol.
I was raised by a pack of wolves, nursed in our nation's capitol.
I was raised by a pack of wolves, nursed in our nation's capitol.
I Was Right All Along
I Was Sold Up the River to the Red Slave Trade
i will be there with you when you turn out the light
I Wish Terrorists Would Attack with Fireworks
I wish that we had all our old clothes...
i woke up and it's yesterday
I won't shut up
I: Beware!
i: one of us is in the wrong place
Icky Thump MIx
Icon: Tributes and Interpretations
Idle Hysteria, Loosed
If a Double Decker Bus Crashes Into Us
If a Double Decker Bus Crashes Into Us
If I didn't drink, I'd cry.
If I Only Were A Goth
if i see you again, it will be too soon
If It Ain't Broke
If It's Tuesday It Must Be New Releases, volume 3
If It's Tuesday It Must Be New Releases, volume 4
If It's Tuesday, It Must Be New Releases (vol. 1)
If It's Tuesday, It Must Be New Releases (vol. 2)
If this mix doesn't make you get up and dance, then...well, you mustn't like dancing, or something
If You Can't Get a Hard-On, Get a Gun
if you don't like things, you leave for someplace that you've never gone before
If you let me, here's what I'll do
If You Listen, They Will Come
if you're worried about the weather then you picked the wrong place to stay
ii: I'm gonna tell you something good about yourself
i'll be his until this feeling dies
I'll Buy You A Kebab
I'll Get Back to You On That
I'll Hold My Tongue If You Hold My Hand
I'm Alone
I'm Alone To Watch It Burn - Mix 5
i'm down for whatever (what's there left to wait for?)
i'm down in the alley with my old drunk friend.
I'm Drinking! (disc one)
I'm Drinking!!! (disc two)
I'm Getting Drunk Inside My House
I'm Going Back to Semaphore
I'm gonna dream 'till Monday comes in sight
I'm Gonna Love You Like I've Never Been Hurt Before (AKA Summer 2011 Mix)
I'm Gonna Mutate mix 1
I'm Hip About Time, I Just Gotta Go
I'm In Love With Illusions, So Saw Me In Half
I'm Loosing Ground
I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm
I'm never gonna leave & you're never gonna leave, but you're never gonna love me like I need
I'm no genius but...
I'm Not There... Now...
Im On My Way.
I'm sittin' on the bridge wastin' time
I'm so Hot and Lonely
im sorry i turned into summer finn
I'm Sure I'll Never Die
I'm Your Biggest Fan...
IMP #10: Milwaukee, WI
IMP #10: Milwaukee, WI
IMP #11: Montclair, NJ
IMP #12: St. Paul, MN
IMP #13: Chandler, AZ
IMP #14: Silver Spring, MD
IMP #15: Canterbury, Kent, UK
IMP #16: Cold Spring, NY
IMP #17: Lake Worth, FL
IMP #18: Burlington, VT
IMP #19: Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
IMP #20: Alexandria, VA
IMP #21: Fitzroy, N. Victoria, Australia
IMP #4: Washington, DC
IMP #6: Brooklyn, NY
IMP #7: New York, NY
IMP #8: Normal, IL
IMP #9: Silver Springs, MD
In & Out Of Being
In a boxcar around the world
In a Gothic Church
In a Meadow of Columbine (A Tribute to My Home State)
in a sentence.
in an empty carpark.
In Case We Die
In Love with "Lisbet Salander"
in my head, it's never different.
In Our Dreams, We Can Live Our Misbehavior (May 2011)
In the Bedroom Dance, In the Shower Sing
In The Kitchen
In The Mood 4 Fluff
In the Wee Small Hours
In Walked Old Misery: Mix #2
In Your Headphones
Indiesoc Eclectic Vol. 1
Indoor Skateboard Sunshine and Blues
Infinite and the Universe
Insert Witty Title Here mix
Insert Your Name Here
Inside the Bell Jar
Instantly Gratified
Intercession And The Indigenous Decay
Internalizing the Landscape
Into the Groove(Y)
into the light
Introducing Henry!
is anybody out there?
is it okay if i love you
Is This It?
Isnt that special Vol 5
Ista Devata
It actually happened.
It Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me
It Goes All The Way Up To 11..
it just keeps on flowin.. it don't worry bout where it's goin..
It Sounds Like Razors In My Ear
It Started as a Message...
It Was a Beautiful, Burned-Out Town
it was cold and it rained so i felt like an actor
It's A Miracle Just To Be Breathing
It's A Nuclear Show & The Stars Are Gone
It's a Sickness
It's a Volatile Mixture (Alex B-Day 2007)
it's actually pronounced jift [Dec 2013]
It's All Been a Pack of Lies
it's cool we can still be friends
It's dark there, they say, but that's just superstition.
it's easy to get buried in the past
it's getting better
It's going to be so nice when the Easter Bunny comes.
It's going to happen very soon.
It's hard To Be An Outlaw
It's Just A Trick Of Natural Lighting.
It's lonely here, there's no one left to torture
It's Not A Miracle We Needed
Its Not Impossible to Think of You Thinking of Me
It's Not Irony.
It's Not My Fault You're Australian!
It's Only Life
It's So Sunny
It's taken magic to a primitive new place
It's the Blimp, Frank, It's the Blimp
it's the same ground grounding us.
it's winter!!?! [Feb 2008]
It's Your Birthday! Volume 1 - The Bottled Water Mix
It's Your Birthday! Volume 2 - The Dirty Martini Mix
It's Your Birthday! Volume 3 - The Miller Light Mix
i've always been very articulate about things i'll change my mind about later
I've been a little disconnected...
i've been having good days, think we are the right age, to start our own peculiar ways.
I've got nothin' deep to say
i've gotta get up to get down & start all over again
Jacquelines Playlist
January 08: I Still Don't Know What Apple Bottom Jeans Are
January '09: Everything's Fine
January 10' - Courtney's Mix Tape
january 18 - 21, 2019
January 2008: According To Me
January 2008-Strange and obscure tunes
january 2011
Jennifer's Birthday
Jillsentials: country
Job Well Done
Julia 1990'ish
July '08 Vol 2
July 14: Facecut (Part 1)
July 15: Weeping in the Fairy
July 16: Impertussis
July 2008: According To Me
July Jams 96 #1
June 14: Let Norman Tear Asunder (Part 1)
June 14: Let Norman Tear Asunder (Part 2)
June 15: Bugger
June 16: Welcome to Androids
June 2003 Party
June 20th 2009
June 6th 2009
June/July 08: Is It Fall Yet?
Just a Chill Mix
Just a Crucial Mix for Night Driving
Just another day
Just Be Thankful
Just because it's easy to listen to doesn't mean it's easy-listening
Just Good Friends
Just in Time
just killing time and making noise.
Just Push Play
Just Tell Me I'm Something
Just The Mood I'm In
Kathryn's First 25 Years
Keep Your Head Up
Keeping the Partybird
Kerrville is Boring
Kerrville is Boring
Kid Friendly
Kill. Myself.
Kirlian Photobooth
Kisses & Bloodstains: A Mix of Various Metalcores Intertwined With R&B
Kmart 60 min (2x30), circa 1984
Knock knock in my head not not in the bed
Know Me, Know Me
Kritical Versions
Kurt Cobain's Journals: The Soundtrack
Kyle's art of the mix
la poursuite effrTnTe de sa jeunesse enfuie
Lachrymosa: The Ending
Lacking in Snappy Title
Lactic Acid
Larger Than Live, volume 2
Last Broadcast From Buenos Aires
Last Goodbye
Last Summer Goodbyes
Late Fall Nights.
Late night
Late Night
laugh with me
Laughing Wings, Weeping Dreams & Perfect Sere ndipity
Laurel Canyon
Laws Are Meant To Spoil Your Fun
Lazer Eyes, Baby!
lazy mind / stubborn heart
Lazy Sunday Afternoons
Learning To Love the Ride
Leave Me Here - Mix 12
Leave The Wine Glass Out And Drink A Toast To Never
Leftover Rock Mix
Len.d Me Your Ears
Lent Can Get Bent 2015 Vol. 5 of 47 2-22-15
Lent Can Get Bent 2015, V.1 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent 2015, Vol. 2 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent 2015, Vol. 4 of 47 2-21-15
let me take you down the corridors of my life
Let Me Write You Home
Let The Good Times Roll -- Crescent City Jazz, Funk, Soul & Jump Blues
Let There Be Light
Let's Get Lost
Let's Get Out of Here
Let's Hold Up Our Fists To The Flame In The Sky
Letting The Days Go By
Leyenda De Los Volcanes
Library Hits 2001
Life World Industrial
Lift Me Out Of This World With A Slow Song Just Like Heaven
Like Junkies Who Hate Their Heroin
Like Lines of Clean Dangling Limbs
Limp Bizkit
linus reser till heidelberg
lips & hips.
Liquid VOL. I
Listen Here, Smudge Pot!
Listen To The Girl
Little Sister Don't Miss When She Aims Her Gun.
Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week
living in the eye of the storm
living in the ruins of a castle built on sand
Liz and Gabriel Are Driving Across the Country, Volume Four: Pacific Time
Liz and Gabriel Are Driving Across the Country, Volume One: Eastern Time
Liz and Gabriel Are Driving Across the Country, Volume Three: Mountain Time
Liz and Gabriel Are Driving Across the Country, Volume Two: Central Time
Liz's Birthday CD
Load up on guns and bring your friends
Local Versions
logan square book depository - chicago, IL
Long Day at Work
Long Hot Summer Dayz
Long Thin Thread
Looking into Oblivion
Los Angeles is Tired.
Lost young mornings
Love is the Dream
Love Is...
Love Me One Time Girl - Mix 9
Love songs are for suckers & hard drugs are for lovers.
Love, Death and Automobiles (A Teen Tragedy Mix)
lucid mix number one.
Luise Rainer
Lust, But No Caution
Lustquencher Bobsled
Mackinaw Peaches and Black Holes
Magical Musical Box
Magical Songs (vol. 1)
Make it a habit to carry a dime on your pocket (Take 2)
Make it a habit to carry a dime on your pocket.
Make some plans to break some hearts
make up for the modern youth
Make up your mind already
Makes Me Happy Mix
Making God a Liar
Malamondo 1
Malamondo 2
Malamondo 3
Malamondo 4
Malt Shop Classics
mambo in the middle
Manipulating The Electric Messiah With Some Twang
March 08: Midterm Crunch
March 15: Nothing to Do but Listen
March 16: Wet Light
March 16th, 2012
March 2008: According To Me
March 2009: Goodbye's Too Good A Word
March Madness
March Melodies
March Mix
March to the Sea
March/April 2007
Marfa Mix.
Martin Freeman Presents: The Office Stereo
Mary Beth 8
Mary Beth 9
Mary vs. Eve
Matthew And The Amazing Technicolor Mix
Matt's Musical Birthday Cake
Max's Favorites
May 08: I can has graduation? kthxbai
May 14: Ve Haff Vays
May 15: Meh 15
May 16: The What Children
May 2008: According To Me
may 2010.
Maybe She's Just Looking for Someone to Dance With
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
Maybe We'll Act How We Planned It [mix for CBlaze]
Mazzo Metallic
Me Me Me
me with nothing to say
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
medicine circles
Meditative Take on Edmundo 2009
Medleys & Remixes
Meera's 30th Birthday Mix
Meet Bo Derek and be her Tarzan
meet you at the statue in an hour
Meg - Believe It
Melodic Mayhem for Marcy
Melodies of / my Schizoid love
Melting Into Divine Joy
Memorial Day Dance Party Playlist 2014
memorie and footsteps
Memories of KSPB Vol. 1
Men less fortunate have been skinned alive.
Meredith's Mix Vol. 18 & 19
Merry Christmas Gharik Brown 2009
merry xmas
messed up the function / fucked up the flow
Micro Cuts
mid morning coffee
Midnight Walks Till 1.30am
Midwinter's Night Dream
Mighty Storm
Mild Situational Vertigo
Million Dollar Sad
mind blowing
Misadventures of Major Tom
Misfit Toys 2008
mistakes were made
Mix 1 (circa 2006)
Mix 15
Mix 16
Mix 17
Mix 18 (Compilation of Mixes 9-16/Adventure Mix)
Mix 19 (I Will Never Grow Out of Metal)
Mix 19.5 (Scrapped)
Mix 2
Mix 20 (20 Covers)
Mix 21
Mix 22
Mix 24
Mix 25
Mix 3 (Grind)
mix for ashley
mix for clint
Mix Makes Itself
MIX Tape
Mix Tape Exchange #1
Mix That Thing
mixed of the testing kind
Mixing With Myself
Mixtape Without A Pause
MMIX: One - I Was Never Enough
Moats and boats and waterfalls
Modern Sounds From A Low Wire
mom, do you know where your girl is?
MoMo mix #2
Months of the Year
Months of the Year
mood swinging [Jan 2010]
Moon Thinned to a Thread (September 2008)
MOP 9.08
More Stronger Now
More Than Wanted
More Trishpicks 2001
Morning Sunshine
Most at Home Going Home
Most Played 2008 (lastfm)
Motion Granted 5-10-2011
Motion Granted 5-3-2011
Motion Granted Radio 5-17-2011
Motion Granted Radio 5-24-2011
Motion Granted Radio 5-31-2011
Motion Granted Radio 6-07-2011
Motion Granted Radio 7-26-2011
Motoring Through the Barrio to a Sleazy North African Motel
move along [May 2008]
Move The Whole Shebang On Down The Line.
Mr. Pretentious
Music Appreciation 101
Music Appreciation 102
Music for Assessment and Planning
Music For Inebriated Rodents
Music for Morocco
Music For The Mensch's Mid-Life Meltdown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
music for your volvo station wagon
Music From a Farther Room
Musical Satisfaction
My 2008
my 45's part 1
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
My Champion Marble
My College Mix (1992-1997)
My Favorites from 2008
My February Mexithong
My First Vinyl Mix
My High School Mix (1987-1992)
My Imaginary Friend
My Life
My Little Movaddw
My Music Magazine - Issue #2 - 07/2008
My Music Magazine - Premiere Issue - 05/2008
My Neck's Stiff. My Head Hurts.
my other car is an airplane [Aug 2011]
My Own Private - 01.08
My private eyes are watching you.
My Sanctuary - Best of 2007 (2 CDs)
My Very Very Faves
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
Nano Fiber
Necropolis Media Assault Force Presents: A Different Kind Of Hell (1999)
Necropolis Mix I: Blunted Buddha Bless (1992)
Necropolis Mix IX: Angstfest '95 (1994)
Necropolis Mix Volume II Number III: Live Hardcore Worldwide (1996)
Necropolis Mix X: Aural Sedatives (1995)
Never Mind your Palaver, your Air Guitar & the Bright Blue Wainscoting-these are the Cotswold Gnomes
Never Mind your Palaver...
disc 2

New frie_nds & old acquaintances
new noise
New roads to travel through
new wave nostalgia
New Year's Eve Party Playlist
Newcastle Brown Ale
Nico's Soul Jazz mix
Night Sounds
Nine Years On
No Cameras Allowed
No Flies on Me
No Love Can Be Garanteed
No Magic Up My Sleeve
no more riding the brakes.
no one chills out in the fires of hell
No One Loves Summer More Than The Teachers
No One Man Should Have All That Power
no song without her
no time for dancing
No, We Don't Have Any Bananas: The Best of 2008
Nobody Claims To See It Coming
noise diary
noiseboy lives! [Dec 2012]
north/sheffield - chicago IL
Nostalgiac Watches and Listens to the Eighties (and the Early Nineties)
nostalgic reminder.
not just a nut [Sep 2010]
not quite as high as you are.
Not so XCORE
Not Some Invisible World.
nothing could be finer than to be in carolina in the morning
Nothing Could Beat Complete Denial
nothing new under the sun
nothing scares you like a real idea.
November 09' - Courtney's Mix Tape
November 14: At a Rolling Doughnut (Part 1)
November 14: At a Rolling Doughnut (Part 2)
now all of our dreams are perforated.
Now All The Words We Saved Return To Curse Your Name With A Subtle Look
Now I know how Joan of Arc felt
now i shall have an old age full of rum & riot
Now that you're an adult, it's time to listen to good music - Vol. 1
Now that you're an adult, it's time to listen to good music - Vol. 2
now we are all special together
now we know how it started / now we're singing more tunes
Nu-Metal Mix
nyc is my banana stand [Sep 2012]
Oasis The Best of 1994-97
Obscure Reality
Occulta Familiaritas IX (April 2014)
Occulta Familiaritas VIII
Occulta Familiaritas X (April 2014)
Occulta Familiaritas XI (April 2014)
October 09
October 09' - Courtney's Mix Tape
October 14: Shack Your Pit
October 15: Something of Birch
October 2006
October 2011
Odds and Ends 1
Ode To Chrisito
Of conquerors and concubines and Conjurers from darker times
Of Love and Other Demons
of tomorrow morning
Off of the Beaten Path
Ofrenda Pagana
oh agave!! [Dec 2007]
Oh can I get y'now er must I hesitate?
Oh Ontario, Oh Jennifer Jason Leigh (2007 in Review)
Oh What Marvelous Things
Oh! What a Night!
oh, hold on, you risk exciting me
Oh, i waded through water and i waded through mud...
old habits die hard
old man schlemming was a formidable foe, the ambling alp was too at least thats what im told
old school
Old Times Make Heroes Out of Fools
Oldies From a Jersey Girl
On A Slow Boat
On my mind, off the tongue.
On the Day I was Born the Rain Came Down
On the Edge of Love
On the Other Side
On the Precipice of Love
On You I See The Glory - Mix 10
once i thought being lost was only a part of being young
Once Upon A Time We Were All Children
Once Upon A Time...
Ondine & I
one can accomplish great things while unemployed
One Day We'll All Be Ghosts
one foot in front of the other
One Is Sometimes Seized By Hatred Of The Whole Human Race
One Million Kisses
One Of These Days
one of these days, i'm gonna get myself outta this place.
One Of Those Playlists
One Way to Tell Her
One Word's Enough
one world cafe - peoria IL
Only If Asked Nicely (Or Paid Handsomely)
Only The Shallow Know Themselves
Only Women Bleed
Ooze it up to me
Open Up Another Case of the Punks
Open Up Your Throat
Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know.
Orange Time of Day
Organ Donor
Other Super Long Songs
our simple chains.
Outside the lunatic asylum, the world seems to be even more crazy
Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole
Paid for by the Council of People Who Are Sick of Seeing More People
Pain and Passion
Painted Ponies
Painted Ponies
Painted Ponies
Paradise Lost
Parental Guidance mix
Park Party
Parlor Music For The Senior Set
part 1 - completing a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle together on a sunday night
part 2 - exploring the junk drawer
Parts is parts is parts is parts
Party Cloudy, Chance of Snow
PartyBen PartyMix
pass the bottle around and wait in the arms of the cold cold night
Past Imperfect
past tense [Aug 2008]
past the sceam of midnight
Peace of Heaven
Penelope Rainbow
People Are Just People Like You
pepe sacajawea.
Perfect Summer Mix
personally, i like midwestern towns.
picture of you where it began
Pictures Of You
Pictures on My Wall
Pidgeons Developing into Wolves Inside the Pores of my Skin
Pilgrim's Progress - Thanksgiving Mix 2009
Pink Trash From The Basement Of Erich Zann's House
Pink Trash From The Basement Of Erich Zann's House
Pioneer of Aerodynamics!
Pissed Off!: A Swap-Bot Mix
Pitchfork Top 10 Tracks of 2011
Plague City Zero: I Epicenter
Plague City Zero: II cityCityCITY
Plague City Zero: IV Planet Wormwood
Play It Loud
play me a song to set me free
Play Me.
playlist for 7.6.2008 - 8 a.m.
Plea For Mercy
Pleasant Melodies
please, don't tell my parents
Plus Ca Change, Plus Ca Meme Chose
POE Mix Club #2: Chicago, IL
Poison Dart Frogs and Other Atrocities
polarized into existence, magnet heart from red to blue
Policy of Truth
Pop Loser
Porn & Ecstasy
Positive Thinking Made Easy mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Potholes Tacoed My Rims
power of attorney [Jul 2012]
power's out in the heart of man
pratfalls can be fun / encores can be fatal
Praying For Pavement
Pregnant with Possibilities
Prepare For Battle!
Pretty Vacant
Princesses Of Pop Playlist
Principe Azteca
Prone to Pretentiousness
Propelled by Collective Repulsion: Songs of 2018
Proposed Plunderphonics 1 [2018-09-10]
Proposed Plunderphonics 2 [2018-10-20]
Proposed Plunderphonics 3 [2018-11-30]
Proposed Plunderphonics BONUS [2018-12-31]
prospect of gold in my wake
Prosthetic High (Mix for Amy)
Psychedittute times Two
Public Transportation's My Private Ride
puddle jumping
Pulling Teeth
Punch with no Judy
Pure Hotness in Real Time
Pursuit of Happiness (AKA Summer Mix 2010)
Questions For a Leo
quicker picker upper
Rainy Day
Random 3 - June 2009
Random Mix for the Boy
Random Mix Numero Uno
Random Rock Mix
Random Rotation and Personal Picks
Range the Town
Rattle and Twang
Reach Out and Touch Your Musical Soul
Ready Player Two
reasonable doubt [Jul 2011]
Reasons to be cheerful . . . .
Red Mosquito #2
Redemption Mix
Reeling into Autumn
Relax Your MiND
Relax Your Mind:Any Fish Will Bite If You Got Good Bait
remember the weight of the world, it's a sound that we used to buy
remember those dreams
Repent and Reward
Requisite Covers Mix
Residents Videos Sure Are Creepy
Retrojoe Bio, Part 1a
RetroJoe Bio, Part 1b
RetroJoe's Mix of Rockin' Jim's Picks
Return of the Yak
rhapsodical mix trade for liz
Ride Our Seesaw on Two Decades and Two Styles: Retro Joe & Avocado Rabbit
riding in cars with boys
Road Trip Atmosphere
Road Trip, 4/18
Road trips are for thinkers
Rob Gordon School of Vinyl: Part VIII - Industry-Related Internship
rock candy
Rock Out With Your Clock-Out
Rock Vs. Punk Vs. Rap mix
Rockin up a storm Vol 2
Rocky Alpine High
Rod's Birthday Mix '08
Roller Derby Safari
Romance Me at the Narc Farm
Rompecabezas - 2 CDs
Round and Profound
running to the ghost
ryan: where's the glockenspiel?
S i l e n c e
S p e e d O f S o u n d
sad songs
sad songs
sad songs
sad songs
sad songs
Sad Songs Part One
Sad Songs Part Two
Salad Days
Salt In Our Wounds
Sam didn't pay his rent.
Sam didn't pay his rent.
Santa Cauls
sap transform
Satuirday Night & Sunday Morning
Saturday Freakin' Detention
Saturday sun
Save Me, I'm Lost
saw it a mile away
saw live 2007
saw live 2008
Scandinavy Yah!
Scavenger Version 1.0
Scavenger Version 2.0
Scene in Foreign Hue
Scenic Route
Sci Fi Fan Fiction
scrambo's got the froglegs, if you're into it....
sealift ships that pass in the night
Seaside Town: A CD for Kiki
seasonal affective drinking [Dec 2017]
Second Verse Same As the First
Second Wind: with Hemizen & Avocado Rabbit
Secret Admirer Mix: If You'd Have Given Me An Inch...
Secret Admirer Mix: My Favorite JO Bro
Sedatives For The Sentimental
See the wires, the wires, the wires.
See You Space Cowboy
Sell Me Something Wise
Sending An Angel To Dead Heaven
Senior Year
Sept. / October cd playlist.
September 09' - Courtney's Mix Tape
September 14: Coupon for a Free Coupon (Part 1)
September 14: Coupon for a Free Coupon (Part 2)
September 16: Spanakopita
September 2015: Theft in the Kiss
Seventh Year Rookie
sex, love & rock+roll
SFA 12-22-06
Shades of Grey
shake a tailfeather!
Shake It One Time For Me
Shake it, move it, rock it, touch it
Shake 'n Bake
Shamanistic Shaker Spells
She Had To Leave Los Angeles
she likes to shake and shout
She Said She Hadn't Heard
she say wtf bro
She Was A Fast Machine She Kept Her Motor Clean
She's Got Red Lipstick and a Bright Pair of Shoes
She's Never Had A Nickname, But Then Nor Have I--BEST OF 2011
Shipwrecks! Or lonely, treacherous seas.
Shut Your Mouth And The Passenger Door
Si tu n'etais pas la
sick day
Sight or Song
Significantly Insignificant
Sine Rider
Singing and Dancing in the Rain
Sit Back, enjoy a snack
Six cylinders under the hood
Skeleton Splinters
Sketches 06
Skinny Human Legs
skullgrinder: the musical
skywheel chalkboards and autobahns
Slacker With a Scone
Slightly Less Eclectic Summer
Slowly going sane
Small Town Jericho
smells like weed and rampage [Mar 2011]
Smoke a Bowl
Smoke To Cry
Smoke to this Matt
Smoking Famously
Snap Crackle Pop: Vinyl + Tape Collecting Habits
Snap To It!
snappy eye-catching title
Snow is still falling, but I'm almost home
Snowmageddon 2010
So come trip on a stereo song, drifting along with the radio on
so far so good '08
So I Don't Shit Myself On The Drive Back To Austin
So Long, 2009
So Long, Fuckface
So Run Down
So take train, plane, or bus, or to travel the high seas, just meet me in the sixties.
so there's no climax [Oct 2007]
So This Is 2008 Vol 2
So you think you hate the 80's?? Think again!
so, mr. dj, keep those records playin'
Soft And Broken
Soft Soft Static
Solo Vs. The World
some delays [Jul 2008]
Some Rocks I Know
some strange music draws me in
Some Things Will Always Be Great.
Some things...
someday, but not today (I'm the only way)
Someone's Waiting For Me In The Dark
Something for the office
Something Good
Something Good This Way Come
Something More Than Mockery
something new [Mar 2010]
something other than regret
Something To Believe In
sometimes i forget meaning, sometimes i forget to ask
Sometimes when I get in my zone
Somewhere There's a Smile with My Name on It
Song Album II
Song is the Corrupter of Space
songs competed like kids for space
Songs for a New Depression
songs for my archnemesis
Songs for Shane
Songs for Someone Out There.
Songs for the young at heart
Songs For Women In Labor
Songs I Gave To A French Girl (1 of 3)
Songs in birthday time
Songs of Encouragement
Songs on the Tape 021 ~ Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice ~
Songs on the Tape 022 ~ Beer and Gin...in the Dancehall ~
Songs on the Tape 023 ~ I Don't Know When Happiness Begi ns and Melancholy En ds ~
Songs on the Tape 024 ~ If You Hear a Sound Like a Merry-Go-Round..That's My Head Spinning! ~
Songs on the Tape 025 ~ I Know a Man He's Really Awful Nice...He Isn't Here~
Songs That Are Best When Listened To Loud & In The Dark
Songs to appreciate
Songs To Fly Away By
songs you may want to dance to
Songs, bangles, and beads: a jewellery mix for 1895
Sonic Annihilation
Sonic Java
Sonic Volta Mix 1
sonoran psychedelic freeform freakout
Sont les mots qui vont trFs bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble.
Sooner, Later
Sorry France Sucked
Soul Power '97 (1997)
Soulful Jazz Lounge Funk'n Breaks
Sound In A Dark Room
Sound Selections '95'
Sound The Funk Alarm
sounds & murmurs
Soundtrack To Falling Off The Cliff
Soundtrax on Wax
Soybomb August 2005
space madness no. 18
Spank my Tuba
Spectacular September vs Awful August
Spin The Lights
Spinning the webs you think are best left unspun
Spring Break
spring fuzzz
Spring Is In the Hair
Spring Mix 2008
spring time is the season
spring time is the season.
Springtime Can Chill You
Spy Carumba!
Squeezebox: Dr BLT's Not Christina Aguilera mix
Standing At The Station
Star Queen Surf Pirates
Staring through a screen door
starslight/zero refills
Stay Positive - For a Friend, disc 2
Steve's Mix
stevie wonder's peg legged wife
Sticking Pins Into Miniature Men
Still feeling lonely, Feeling so unholy
Stop, Now, Move
Storming into a Void
Strange Music Boxes Sadly Tinkling
Stranger Things
Strictly Instrumental
Strong Man Blues
stubborn heart [Oct 2008]
Stuck Here Out of Gas Out Here on the Gaza Strip
Sublime, Subprime, Grade A , Denial
Such a Simple Line
summ-ah 2007
Summer 2007 'Mini' Mix
Summer 2009 IV - The Last Lion
Summer 2009 IV - The Last Lion
Summer 2010 Dance Party
Summer and Smoke
Summer Dance Party
Summer Dance Party 2
Summer Days Are Always Longer
Summer Driving Mix 2006 (July Edition)
summer groove
Summer Jamz: a mix for Lorin
summer mix.
Summer Nights
Summer Nights
Summer Nights Are Always Better
Summer of LUV200H8
Summer Of Pterodactyls
Summer of Sad
Summer Semester 2012
Summer Something Else
sun sets down on your skittish heart
Sun, Sand, Waves
sunbasking for two
Sunburned & Road Weary
Sunday Afternoon...(Sittin' on top of the world)
Sunday Dec. 11 12:00 A.M.
Sunday Morning
sunday night
Sunday, 17 April
Sunny Side UP
Sunset by Starlight
Sunset On The Rocks
Sunset Wind Down
Sunset Wind Down 2
Super Happy Fun Time 1
Super Happy Fun Time 2
Super Happy Fun Time 3
Sure Don't Know Where I'm Going When I Go
Sure Thing
Surfin' Summer Party Mix
Surfing The Stratosphere
Surrender yourself to the judgment of none: A Conroy/Burns Joint
surviving despite myself [Oct 2010]
Suspended in Gaffa
Suze de Marchi: Daughter of Frankenstein
Swap Bot Mix #3: The Anti-Eighties Mix
Swap-Bot Mix #5: Musical Scavenger Hunt
Swap-bot mix for Rossi
SwapBot Mix: Erftstadt, Germany
Swap-Bot Mix: Grovetown, GA
T and A
take 2
Take A Chance
Take Me Anywhere You Want
take me as i come cause i can't stay long.
Take Me to the Iron Bridge
Take Me to the River
Take Off That Dress, Put On Your Face
Taken By the Solar Flare
Talkin To Tanya
Talking With My Mouth Full
tangled lights [Dec 2008]
Tangled Woods Never Looked So Good
Tanqueray Dreams
Tap Your Toes to the Beat
Tape for Carly
Tape for Donovan and Jasmine's Young Infant!
Tattoos of Ships and Tattoos of Tears
te cagaste de risa
Tears Are For Falling
Teenage Riot
teenage self.
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Teenage Wasteland - Mix 1
Tell Ol' Bill when he comes home leave em down town gals alone
Terry's Vaginal X-Ray
test one
Testermix - Summer '09
Thank U Berry Munch
Thank You Cambridge, Good F***in' Night!
Thank You For Being My Sister
thanks dear, it is all okay, okay?
Thanksgiving 2k7 - Simple Gifts
That Sound Wiped
that's a lot of sad songs for such a happy camper
that's not my name 2
The 1906 Earthquake Deniers
The Adversary
The After
the afternoon, rife with whatever
The Arc of Love and Loss
The Atmosphere Smells of Religion and Labatt Beer
The Babadooks of Hazzard
The Bare Minimum of Digestibility
The Baristabot Collection
The Beast
The Beatles Mix
The Best Little Burger Joint in Oahu
the best thing I've ever done
The Big Splash Of A Draining Drought
the big switch [Jan 2008]
The Birds and the Bees
The blind are so damn lucky
The Blue Staircase
the business
The Cabbie Chronicles, vol. 1
The Cabbie Chronicles, vol. 2
The Cabbie Chronicles, vol. 3
The Changing of the Guard
The Chemists Were Wrong
The City Never Runs Out Of Things To Burn
The Clear Camel Piss Soup with boiled Earth Worms
the CNY 149 tropics (music for a "train"ed ear)
The Commentary Blues - Are You In The 1%?
The Corpse is the New Personality
The Count Blancula Mix
The Crunch
The Dad Abides
the days carry dirt into the crevices of the curl
the dearests friends
The Dinette Set
The Dinner Party Starts at 7
The Easily Mixed Super C60 Mix Tape
The Easily Mixed Super C60 Mix Tape Vol. 2
The Egg Nog Mix
The Electronic Republic
The End of the End of the Ugly
The Energy of Slaves
The Ever Narrowing Gap Between Sanity and Insanity
The Evolution of Dave
The Exchange
The Face At the Window
The False Eyelashes of Loretta Morales
The Fantastic is in league against me
The Fire Awaits
The First 5 Years
The Flickering Pop From A Lightswitch
The Flow Of Ivory Concrete
the flowers he left have all died
The French Didn't Want Me Around; They Didn't Like My Groove.
the frozen world of the familiar stranger
The Fuck of It
The Girl Detective Falls in Love
The goin' up was worth the comin' down.
The Gospel.
The Guitars That Destroyed the World - The Old Masters
The Guitars That Destroyed the World - The Young Upstarts
The Hacienda is Dark
The Home of 1000 Hits
The House That The Mouse Built: A Danger Mouse Retrospective
The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television.
the Humid Press Of Days
The Icing On the Cake Mix
The Inspirational Quote of the Day
the joshua cd
The Kaempfert of Strangers
the kenyatta sessions
The Last Happy Pop
The Last Time
The Laughing Trumpet and Other Stories
The Leaves They Are A-Changin'
the left coast meets anthony lombardi.
the lights here are softer than you think
The Living Impaired
The Living Is Easy
The Lone Survivor
The Lonely Swashbuckler
The Losing End
The Malcolm X Files Mixtape
The Melody Is The Remedy
The Mentally Ill Mix! Vol. 1
The Mentally Ill Mix! Vol. 2
the mix that refuses to be posted
The Mix That Was Not
the mix what i promised to make for you
the Most Boisterous Mix CD Wes Will Ever Received in the History of Forever
The Most Up Till Now
The Mr. Blackwell Show
The Multi-Coloured Speak-Easy
'the mutants that i see shine a beauty unto me'
The Mystery At Lilac Inn
The Name of the Game
the night blooming jasmine & me
The Not-So-Distant Future
the noughties
the ol' razzle dazzle [Oct 2017]
The Old Real Shit
the one with the long jazzy songs
The Otteryley Journal
The Outcome Is Certain.
The Past Made No Sense, The Future Looks Tense
The People Were Dancing Like They Were Mad
The Poet Is Not In Today
The Poppy Seed Muffin Fettish
The Poppy Seed Muffin Fettish
The Positive Vibrations Mix
The Power To Change Things
The Preachers and the Poets and the Scholars Don't Know It
The Pregnant Pause
The Present
The Reasoning and Rationality in Madness
The Rejection Mix
The Reminder Mix
The Re-Set 2013
the rest are details
The River Is Everywhere
The Roads We Travel
The Roboswamp Mix
the rules [Mar 2008]
the seagull fly
The second coming is coming your way.
the second page.
The Secret Mix
The shape of my head sunburned on your stomach
The Shape of Things
the sound of dialog / the look of camouflage
The Sound Of Snow Melting The Leafs
The Sounds of My Mis-Spent Youth
The Southern Hemisphere is Warming UP! So Here's Some Summery Chillout Vibes, Y'all (1 of 2)
The Southern Hemisphere is Warming UP! So Here's Some Summery Chillout Vibes, Y'all (2 of 2)
the speed of sound
The Sun Is An Old Friend
The Sun is Out
The Sunburn Mix (Summer Mix 2008)
The Sunscreen Mix (Summer Mix 2008)
The Thingamajig
The Thought Rock Vol. 1
The Trestles
the trouble with dreams, they're not what they seem
The Truth Sounds Better
The Typical Regrets
The Ultimate Bay Head Boogie woogie Creation Date 5-10-95,5-11-95
the Ultimate wedding mix
The Underdog
the very last departing train
The wall is not impressed.
the warmest part of the winter.
the water is warm [but it's sending me shivers]
The Weather on Venus
The Wild Cathedral Evening
The Word
The Works of the Flesh
The world moves on a woman's hips
The Writing's on the Wall
The Xmas Prezzie Tape 2010!
The Year in WTF: 2008 (for Forrest)
The You Suddenly Have a Lot of Time on Your Hands Mix
The Zakk Mix
There Ain't Nothing 'Bout This Place That's Elementary.
There Are Some Days.../All The Pretty Little Horses(2 Cds)
There But For The Grace of God Go I: Avocado Rabbit and Barry Dali
there will be blood
There's a big...machine...in the sky...some kind of electric snake...
There's A Guard On Every Door And A Drink On Every Floor
There's A Kazoo In Here.
There's a War Going on for Your Mind
There's Always The Proverbial Bus: Songs of 2010
There's diamonds and pearls in your hair
there's going to be a party when the wolf comes home.
there's no clever way of saying broken heart
There's No Way That I Can Ever Win With You
there's still love in my heart
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Songs...
These Brighter Days of June
These Days
These Days [AC Version]
these hearts are all that we've got left, and they don't beat.
These Songs Are Ghosts on a Day Trip Taking Turns Breaking the Cobwebs for One Another
These Stars Are For You Too
These Wheelz Don't Run
They couldn't get over your grandma's omen
They Stab It With Their Steely Knives But They Just Can't K_ill The Beast
things are good (SNAIL MAIL MIX 2)
Things to Ignore During an Emergeny
This feels so good, just barely moving.
This Is A City For Not Sleeping
This is a Folk Tale, Not a Oxy Clean Commercial (Alex B-Day 2008)
this is a peace offering
This is It
This is It Volume 2
This is It Volume 3
This is It Volume 4
This Is It, This Is Us, Here We Go
This Is Not A Love Song
This Is One For The Good Days
this is some good music, see?
This is the Time and This is the Record of the Time
This Is What We Are Made Of
this is why events unnerve me.
This is your slow dance, until it's not.
This Island Town
This Mix Has Four Songs By Or About Muhammad Ali
this mix was actually nameless
This Must Be The Place
This One's On The House
This Place is a Prison
This Shit Smells Like Roses
This Space Is Momentary
this thing could spiral in the night
This Took a Long Time to Make
This Was Part Of A Reddit Questionnaire
This Week
this will be the last time [Apr 2011]
Those winter sundays
Thou Shalt Not Fall In Love So Easily
Thoughts of an Insomniac
three can play at this game
Through The Back Curtains
Thumbs up 2009 #1
Thumbs up 2009 #2
Thumbs up 2009 #3
Thumbs up 2009 #3
thundersnow [Feb 2011]
Thursday Dec. 8 6:26 P. M.
Tick Tock
Time Has Told Me
time is like a train, and our love is just the same!
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 01 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 02 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 06 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 07 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 08 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 09 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 10 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 11 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 19 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 20 / 48
Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 24 / 48
Tin Hyena Lighter
tiny light particles
Tip the Scales
To Make a Girl Dance Around Her Room
To Make the Merry Round Go Faster
To My Soccer Player, Who Loves To Score
To the Bars and Back
To The Distant Stars
To The East - For a Friend, disc 1
To the Moon or Bust!
to your own self be true, there's nothing more to do
Toast and Jamz
Today I Met The Girl I'm Gonna Marry
today was a fine day
today's menu
tonight's the day
Too Scared to Sacrifice a Choice
Top 14 (14?) of 2008
Top Down Driving
Top Yourself
topless waitress mix
Tor's Flashback Mix
toughen up [Sep 2008]
Tower Of Robert Song
transit of venus [Jun 2012]
Travelling Around The World
Tripped In Truong's Closet
Tripped In Truong's Closet - 4:30 PM
Tripping Over Similes
Tripping Through a Field of Flowers
Trish picks December 2005
Trish's Christmas 2009
Try A Different Tomorrow
try a little touch (try a little too much)
Try Yak Nudism
Trying to Beat the Cold
tuesday january 15th
Tulip Garden
Tunes for Somewhere #4
Tunes for Somewhere #5
Tunes for Somewhere #6
Tunes for Somewhere #6.66
Tunes for Somewhere #8
Tunes for Somewhere #9
Tunes for Somewhere #9.99 (Disc 1): Goodbye to All That
Tunes for Somewhere #9.99 (Disc 2): Goodbye to All This
Tunes for Somewhere? #4.5
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #1
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #2
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #2.5
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #3
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #4
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #5
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #6
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #7
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #7.5: Must Try Harder
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #7.77
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #8
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #9
Tunes for Thirtysomewhere #9.99
Turn A Tin Cup With A Silver Spoon
Turn it up so I don't have to think
turn rock to rubble, punch me in the chin
Turn Your Bones To Glass
TV Party
two ears above
Two Ears And A Heart
two for one education
Two Thousand And Great
Tycho's Dwarf and Other Tales
Tyler's 1st Mix
Ultimate Fall Dance Party Mix
Ultimate Frat Party Playlist
Ultimate Road Trip Mix 2012
Ultimate Slumber Party Mix '13
Ultimate Summer Dance Party
Ultimate Summer Dance Party 2
Ultimate Summer Dance Party 3
Un truc de malade
Uncorrected Personality Traits
Undefined: with Moe & Avocado Rabbit
Under My Goody-Two-Shoes Lie Some Very Dark Socks
Undercover Spy Carumba!
Underwater Bubble Pop
Unhappiness is treason
Unknown Legends and Urban Spacemen: A Tribute to Richie Unterberger
Unsent, after you left
Until The Next Full Moon
Untitled (Jordan)
Up From Below
Urban Chill
Valentine's Day Cliche
Van Sloan Mix
Vapour City
Vento Con le Brut
Vibe Rant
vinyl ----> mp3 mix #10
vitamin souls
Vlad the Accountant's Fukken Uber Mix III
Vlad the Accountant's Fukken Uber Mix- Redux
Vodka Soda Time
Vol. 36 The Late September Dogs (1993)
Vol. 36 The Late September Dogs (1993)
Vol. 8
Vol. XXXV TOO LATE (1993)
Voor Jeltje
w to the b - the writer's block collection #1
w to the b - the writer's block collection #2
Waddyawantfernuthin? Vol 5
Waiting For Midnight
Wake Up and Smile
wake up to your future under a bright night sky.
Walk-Don't Run
walking the plank
Wall Of Sound
Wanna Get You High
Want to walk around with you
War Is Over
Warped Mix 2010
washed beneath the blacktop / gone beneath my wheels
Washington I - An Arrival
Watch Me Go Nowhere
watch me turn
Watch Your Language / I'd Fuck Bill Murray
Watch Yr Step
Water and Dust
Waxing Nostalgic
waxing nostalgic #10 [06.01.03 --> 08.28.03]
waxing nostalgic #11 [08.28.03 --> 10.31.03]
waxing nostalgic #12 [10.31.03 -> 01.29.04]
waxing nostalgic #13 [01.29.04 -> 02.14.04]
We Are Kids Living in a Sea of Rock and Roll
We are not machines.
we built a flag upon the ocean
We Can Dry Hump 'Til The Camels Come Home.
we don't need to inherit our mothers evil
We Get Things Done
We Have Gwenyth!
we know who taste the best
we love to boogie
We scrawled our manifesto on the back of our hotel bill.
We Still Might As Well Enjoy It
We Still Might As Well Enjoy It
We Sure Are Cute
We Thought We'd Lost You, Welcome Back
We were young & reckless in our ways.
We were young & reckless in our ways.
We were young & reckless in our ways.
We were young & reckless in our ways.
we will drink all of this wine, because it's spring
wear your inside, out.
Wednesday Nov. 30 12:43 P.M.
Weldin Mix
we'll make the best of what's around.
we'll sneak into the promised land
wenn ich dich sehe,
We're in this together.
we're not who we might prefer.
We're Only Doin' What The Cramps Taught Us
We're Throwin' Stones At A Glass Moon
Werewolf Women out on the Town
Weronika - Berry Bubble Queen
we've had it bad. we're gonna make it good.
We've Never Been Apart
whale's teeth
What A Long Strange Trip It's Been - Mix 4
What a mix 2002
What a mix 2003
what an experience
What Are Words Worth?
What Comes Of This...
What do you do when your whole life feels like the filler of a novel, the details that nobody reads?
what doesn't bend, breaks
what else is there left to do but love
What Emerged
What Ever Happened To?
What I Found: Scrubbles.net Summer 2008 Mix
what I know VS. what i feel (MMDCXL)
What I'm Listening To (January 1, 2010)
What Is He Blathering On About?, Volume 1 - Replete With Cougars
what is this is?
What might have been lost
What Santa Wants (Xmas 2005)
What Sarah Said
what shines
What They Found
What We Do Is Sucky
what would bukowski do?
What You Wanted Was Never Made Clear
WHAT?! You're going to Bonnaroo?!
What's on YOUR Tape 008 ~ Tales From A Duffelbag by Roque R. ~
What's on YOUR Tape 009 ~ From Salty to Sweet: Team ISY Goes POP! ~ by I Smiled Yesterday ~
What's on YOUR Tape 010 ~ Hanging by the Balcony ~ by Xanthi ~
What's on YOUR Tape 011 ~ ~ Catch The Day Before The Year En ds! ~ by Pascal R.
What's on YOUR Tape 012 ~ Have You Got Any Idea? ~ by Yasushi Y. ~
What's on YOUR Tape 013 ~ Heard Through A Wall ~ by Dale M
what's that? ....oh.
when HOME isn't [w/NOISEBOY]
When I Bloom You Come Acrawlin'
When I Get Some Free Time I Like To Wrestle A Feline
When I Was Young and Stupid
When Pianos Try to be Guitars
when the bob bob bobbins comes bob bob bobbing along
when you sing
when you sing part 2
When You're Slipping Into Sleep
Where the Title Goes
Where Thought Breaks
Where We Move
Where Were You While We Were Getting High - Mix 2
Where You'll Find Me On a Day Like Today
where's my CD?
While I Lull You Gently To Sleep
While You Were In Africa
While You Were In Africa - Volume 2
Whirlwinded Mix
whiskey chasing whiskey [Nov 2010]
Whistle A Happy Tune! (2.0)
Whither the Zither?
Who Are You?
Who Holds That Key?
who said singers should be able to SING?
Who We Are
why do we still live here?
Why does my mind blow into bits EVERY TIME THEY PLAY THAT SONG?
Why Don't You Meet Me On the Dance Floor?
wie geht's?
Wild Blood, Ecstatic Crime
wild combination
Will Fuck For Shoes
will winter end?
Will You Go To Lunch? Will You?
Willie Poor Boy
Wind, Waves & Rain
Winding Down
Wine and Peanut Butter (night before Valentines)
Winter is Blue
Winter Nights 2015
winter over the wires
wir konnten noch in uns'ren faust vereinen pol und pol
Wishing for Contentment
Wishing Well
Wispers In The Winter
With a Mirrored Moon
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Won't Get Yuled Again
WON'T YOU THROW ME A LINE? (Anniversary Mix, #2)
Wooden Book Collection.
Words Gather Dust
words get lost in the atmosphere.
Words in my head keep repeating things that you said
Words may move (but) they're never moving fast enough
Words Not Allowed When Uploading Playlists #1 - ch_r
work mix
World of Trouble
world war III, when are you coming for me?
would you, if you were me and i were you?
WRFL 88.1 FM '08
WRFL 88.1 FM 08/08
WRFL 88.1 FM playlist 08/29
Write My Words On The Face Of Today
Writing 'Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' For You
WSAM Master Mix 1990-94
x tom tom 2
x tom tom club
xoxo, Summer
Y'a l'feu partout, emergency
Ya Ya Shoes in Purple
Yacyshyn 2: Yak On This!
Yay For Boobies! (not your average PG-13 mix)
Yeah, It's Overwhelming.
yeah, so, it's like that
Yellow Morning Mystery
Yes and No
Yes! We Have No Bananas!
You Are My Only Home
You Are So Excellent
you can almost taste the paint
You Can Have My Knife and My Sympathy: Songs of 2019
You Can Kiss My Ass
You Can Smile At This
You Can't Stop Me Now
You Can't Trace Time
you could walk around forever and never notice me
You don't need proof when you have instinct
You Don't Need Wings Now
You forgot to tell your eyes.
You got a crack in your window, I got a hole in my shadow
You know, you must try the new ice cream flavor.
you may remember
You Nearly Did Me In
you pick the place and i'll choose the time.
you put the rest of the girls to shame
You Said You'll Work On Listening -Part 2
You Say Hurricane, I say HURRI-CAN
You Say Tomato
you seem to have lost your drugs
You should never have o-p-e-n-ed that door
You Told Me Everything by Saying Nothing
You, Me and Your Petit Ami
you'll go to the devil for making me cry.
You'll listen to it twice, 'cause the DJ is asleep
Young Folks
young red bird, they're just natural feelings
Your Best Friend Taught You How To Sing - For a Friend, disc 3
Your Birthday Party
Your Body Needs Water, So Drink That Shit!
Your Long Look At Mediocrity
your love
Your Magnetic Movements
your refund is getting out of this death trap alive
Your Superfine Mind Has Come Undone (Two Disc Set)
You're All Forgiven.
You're going across the country and leaving me forever!
You're My Favorite Customer!11!!!!
Yousuke Kyousuke
youth. alcohol. freedom. cigarettes. fridays.
Yuletide Cheer for 2008
Ziegfeld Zagfeld
zombie dance party.
Zombies Don't Surf