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FoundTrack MixTape - June '07
"And if you hear vague traces of skippin' reels of rhyme, to your tambourine in time"
"Avasted" OST
"Everything Except Georgia": Contemporary Songs of Love
"Got to scrape the shit right off your shoe..."
"i feel infinite."
"I feel like a preacher waving a gun around."
"I tried to write an opera for us but I didn't get that far...." (for a friend)
"I'll make you a tape..." - Paul's Birthday Mix
"Just Friends"/Andy Mix
"Karma Plays A Role, Man"
"Music To Kidnap To"
"My" Morning Jacket Live
"oh, can't you see my world is falling apart?" for anthony lombardi
"Please hold on to the steel rail."
"Punk Fucking Rock": Something to Listen to on Prom Night.
"There's too many cars outside while I'm counting sheep."
"This song is about big,hairy, macho,sweaty,redneck men..."
"Those of us who live a life enjoy ourselves." (2 CDs)
"Too Late to Apologize" for my bad taste in music.
#1 Somehow I'm Electric
& so far i'm disappointed in it
& you will know us by the trail of broken teeth.
(Another) Daughter of Frankenstein Project
(i think) you're lovely but you've got lots of problems.
(Was I?) Sedated in the 80's
*Dance Nosotros*
. zzz Duardo 3 .
... and the livins easy (summer '06 mix)
.... foolish pride, which gave way to regret
...And all it took was the first taste
...Love me Not
...sounds from my soul...
...thanks, robot
[357] all this wretched retching... [08.04.06]
[511] 1 more baby raccoon [06.11.08]
[aaron's birthday]
[Apr 2009]
[untitled "Mix Tape Madness!" disc for Litany]
[untitled, late march]
^pers pt. 1
{circumstantial euphoria}
~Top 10
STRANGELY EMPTY XVI: crazy_logical [Alternating with tornadoZ]
just me and my Green Tamborine, We'll show the world
LIFE. from Bad, to Worse, to Better, and Even Maybe Good Again-hey, it's possible
An Uplifting, Soul-saving Burst of Energy
KILL KAREN Vol.2 :1hr non-stop mix inspired by Quentin Tarantino
Margo and Me
We're Nothing But the Nerds They Say We Are (A DJ Karen meets Leif Averageson Conjoint)
tornadoZ & Luke79 present:
Music for 4 Hands

An AOTM Christmas Card
Desert Island Discs:
The Conroy/Kulcher Collection

Open 2 - Flightover
02/20/2011 Disc One
02/20/2011 Disc Two
080120 mix for my girlfriend and her pop-musically versed bff
1 For Anita
1 For Emelia
1 For Katelyn
1 Hookah
1 song from 20 of my favorite artists
1 Song/100 Albums Vol. 1
1 Song/100 Albums Vol. 2
1 Song/100 Albums Vol. 3
1 Song/100 Albums Vol. 4
1 song/100 Albums Vol. 5
11 Songs
12 Ways of Mixmas
13 songs for elliot
14 Seconds To Sunrise
15 and 4 Bonus Reasons Why the 80s Were Better Than the 90s
15 Most Played
1967, la m·sica del a±o que naciste
1967, la m·sica del a±o que naciste
1970 vol. 1
1970s vol. 2
1984 Rock/'60s & '70s Rock
1st playlist
1up Kids beats
2 For Katelyn
2 Hookah
20 Beatles Covers
20 Reasons Why Ben Folds Rocks My Face Off
20 songs that will cheer u the fuck up AND this CD is 1000x sexier than your picture!
20 women
2005 samples for a co-worker
2005 samples for a friend
2006 August Mix
2007 Fire purifies all.
2007, Sides A & B
2007, Sides C & D
2010 (07-12): Take A Ride In My Big Black Car
2011 (01-06): What's A Boy to Do If He'll Never Be A Gangsta?
2011 Best of Dubstep & Dungeon Sound
2014 Baseball Playoff Mixtape
2020 'Thon Mix
2089.5 miles apart and all I have are melodies
21 Sins in a Traffic Jam
239,000 Miles from the Cure
25 de mayo
29 Years
3 for 3. pinkfloyd,bjork,oasis
3 For Katelyn
30 Day Song Challenge (Part 2)
30 Years Of Rock
30 Yummy Flavours
4 in Montreal
46 Wonderful Autumn Travels
5 for 5. radiohead,gratefuldead,medeski,beatles,primus
5 For Katelyn
5 random songs i just thought of
5 Star, 6/08
50 Cent vs Sonic
63 from '33, part 1
63 from '33, part 2
63 from '33, part 3
7/8/08 5*
77 the other side of it
80's Mix
80's Mix Disc 3
90's Alternative
90s forgotten chick rock
90's rock
a narrow path
a wider view
A Belated Christmas Mix
A Blend Of Sounds From Prerecorded Tracks To Create Desired Combination Of Musical Sounds
A Blessing and a Corpse
A Blue-Jeans Album (Alpha)
a brilliant new radiohead song...& 16 others
a catchy title just for a simple mix to show my affection
a chick flick
A Cooler Vibe/Funky Monkey Jazz Master
A Crack in Liberty (july 4th mix)
A Decade Of Genius (Disc 2)
A Distant Lost Sunbeam
A Ducat Thief, Phooey!
A few favourites
A Field Guide to Mending Broken Hearts
a first time for everything
A Fool's Errand
A Funky, Folky, Swingin', Soulful Little Mood Piece
A Hand, a Heart, and a Pocket Full of Dreams (There's No Blanket Like The Breeze)
A Home A Place To Call Home
A is for.......
A Jug Band for Metalheads
A Kingstar production vol.1
A Lapdance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying
A little bit of something for everyone
A Little Sauce
A Little Southwestern Flavor...Just a Little
a long line of Bad squares
A Merry Frickin' Christmas
A Mess To Be Made
a million stars out tonight
A Minions Companion
A Mix
a mix for a fish
A Mix For My Friend
a mix for students who hardcore study and go through stages of it
A Mix For The Start Of Life Without You..
A mix from the number one Proust scholar in the Country
A New Horizon
A Pair of Deuces - 2 CDs
Boogaloo til You Puke

A part
A Pillow Fight in Leather Pants: A - The Eight Feathers
A Pinch of Salt, a Pound of Rock and a Bunch of Bubblegum
A Pirate Looks At Forty (Mix 2)
A quick Q or two
A Rabbit Hole in the Bed in the Movie in my Head
a rationale_sound
A Rebellious Jukebox selection...
A salad made of greener somnolence
A scant summary of Smog
A Sun Came
A Tale of Two Cities
A Toddler's Guide to Pop Rock
A trip in a painted world (pt 1)
A Trip to Nowhere
A True Story of a Story of True Love
A World Gone Mad
A*Park Opening Music
A.M. Songs
A_l_t_ - D_J Mix from Hell (Obama vs McCain)
A40 Hypes & Depths
ABC its just me
absent-mindedly staring off into space in ambiguously melancholic fashion
Absolutely Epic
AC DC is undeserving of your love.
Acid Trip
Activities Fair
Acts of Dishonesty
Actually, I DO Feel Like Dancin'!
Adapted For Sucking - Dryb Dragging Ten Years Later
Addie 3
After Spain Glow
ain't no blood in my body, it's liquid soul in my vein
ain't sweet no more
Airport Blues
ajazzcatsmeaow v.2
Alaska is Wacka
Alex & Barry starring in... God's Cops (On the Beat)
All I Do is Keep the Beat and Bad Company
All I Wanna Do Is Ride Bikes With You
all i want for christmas is you (yet another christmas compilation)
All My Best Friends; Now In Pill Form
All of the Animals Agree They're not Happy at the Zoo
All On Susan's Time
All Our Pleasures Are Behind Fences
ALL the RAGE with THE youth SET
All There is in Life is Wheat
All this Fun - and the Orient Too!
All Those Olds You Love and Some You Haven't Heard
All tomorrows parties? We were already there...
All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish, I promise.
Allow me to introduce you to jehro...
All's Fair in Love and Mexican Knife Fights
all-women mix for kerry
Alma Latina - 2 CDs
Almost a Country Love Song Mix for Xy
Along the Silk Road I Met a Man and We Exchanged the Sounds of the Earth [Collectors' edition w/30 min. Limited-Time-Only Bonus NLA Mystery Mix]
Along The Way
Also-Rans For June 2008
Alternating with Masthokirk: YESSPURTS!
alternating with ms_roboto #4: progressively larger ideals
alternating with ms_roboto 2: Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You
Amazing Saturday Nights... Make Great Sunday Mornings. Pt.2 - Sunday Morning
Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus's-flytrap
Amelinda's Party
American Airlines (April 2006)
Among the Gray of January
amy vd-2006a
An Angel in a Friend [Megan's Mix]
An Indie Pop Mix for Michelle
an intimate afternoon - nicole & kirstyn
An Introduction to The Sisters Of Mercy
an occurrence at owl creek bridge
An Old Picture In A New Frame
an oldies halloween (volume 3): a monster mash of hits
an oldies halloween (volume 1): songs so good they're scary
an oldies halloween (volume 2): ghoulishly great tunes
an optics convention!
an uncontrollable urge to commit homicide (parental advisory)
An Unexpected Anti-Valentine
Anarchy In The Pre-K
And everything's good in the world tonight
And Now For Something Completely Different...in a way
And Sand Courses Through Your Veins
and that is exactly what it was (more or less)
And the winner is...
and then the rain comes.
Andrew McCurdys Pump Up Mix
Angelica's Mix
Angels of Death
Animal In Bed: Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Hooves, and Flippers.
Animals In Bed: Lions, Snakes, Rabbits, Birds, Bats, Apes, And Insects.
Another birthday party mix
another day another outing
another mix
Another Night In The Parking Lot
Antibiotics for White Line Fever
Any writers among us?
Anyone for Ping-Pong?
Anywhere In Abion
AOTM Vol. 4: SEE Now That's What AOTM Calls Music!
AOTM Vol. 5: Lazy summer listening session
Apples are red.
April 6th 2005
April who sweet is sleep all day
Arch Allies: Allmans/Moodies Vol. 2 (Disc Two)
Are you a Boy or Are you a Girl? - Teen Angst Timewarp
Are you feeling it too, my friend?
Are You Feeling Poopie?
Art of the Mix
Art of the Mix
Art of the Mix submission Mar 2011
articulate thugz + fuzzy anxieties
Artie! The Strongest Man in the World!!
As Long As It's Talking With You//Talk Of The Weather Will Do
as of yet untitled
As The Stars Fall
As They Call You Back to the Lake - an 'I Dream of Soogopogo' Production
Asleep in Stone
assorted tropical fish
Astronauts & Robots
At Every Party There Was A Guy Trying To Play ...
attack of pink eye. -in both eyes
Audio Books
Audio Missile Defence - January 28, 2006
August '06
Aural Sex v.6
Autum Sweater
Autumn 2
Autumn City Skylines
Autumn Leaves 2004
Autumn Leaves 2006
Autumn, It Falls
avoid paying a fat tax: actually go to the gym
Aw, Suki Suki Now!: If I Ran AM Radio
away (a little too cute)
Awesome Covers
Awesome Covers
Axis II: Bold as Love
B & A's Party Mix Vol 1
B Fest 2003 Mix
B is for
Ba Ba Ganoush
Baby, This Christmas I am Home 2007
Baby's First Dance Mix (original title: Miss Em's Rockin' Boogaloo Dance Party Mix)
Bachelor Chow
Back Again
Back Seat Sound Booth
Back to Dallas Mix for Shawn
Bad Decisions Are Sometimes Good
Bagels in Motion
balancing act [Apr 2010]
Bar Scented in a Bad Way
baron von goose's gems v.1
Barry and Gabe Join The Jesus Army (Finding God in Three Acts)
barry and mike do the anti-folk thing
Barrydali & sammyg123 present... Good Times!
Battle of the Bands
BBQ mix
BCB Mix Club 2007 08
BCB Mix Club 2007 09
BCB Mix Club 2007 10
BCB Mix Club 2007 12
BCB Mix Club 2008 01
BCB Mix Club 2008 02
BCB Mix Club 2008 03
Be gentle, now
Be gentle, now
BEAT GIRLS: Memo To Human Resources
BEAT GIRLS: Superstar Dee-jays
BEAT GIRLS: Superstar Dee-jays
Beating Pavement.
Beats & Beatles 2
Beats for tha Brain
Because I Just Have to Dance...And Then I Get Tired.
Because They're My Parents (and I have a moral obligation to trick them into listening to new music)
Bedbug Summit
Bedroom Jam
Bedtime #2
Before I Had The Bling-Bling: alternating with Jenny and Ed
Before Sunrise / Before Sunset
Before The FAll
Being a teenager sucks
being. naked. rules.
Belli's Mix
Benny From The Block
Ben's Misirlou Mix
Ben's Murder Ballad CD
Best Friends- Intolerance Twins
Best Juke and Juke Influenced Dubstep
Best laid plans.
Best of 2007
Best Of Us
Best of Weather Report
Best Songs Of Toto/Legend Album
Better Be Tuna!!! v.1
Better Be Tuna!!! v.2
Better Be Tuna!!! v.2
Better Be Tuna!!! v.3
Better Be Tuna!!! v.4
Better Off Dead
better than nothing
Bhard's Best of iTunes
Big Star VS the 70'S
Bingo! How fun! But, I digress. Where were we?
Bird's Cassette
Birthday Mix for a Friend
Bitter Ball Goes 80s
Black & White Skull mix
black history month
Black History Month #2
black parade
Black Sabbath's Best, Vol. 1
Black Santa: top 30 mix
Blame It On the Other Guy: A Mix From Me to You
Blankly Staring at the wall
Bless Me Ultima
Blue Orleans: Down n Out mix
Blu's Mix - Fiona Approved Music.
Bold Suggestions & Nasty Beats
Bolsa de Coca - 2 CDs
Bong Hits 4 Jesus (freedom mix)
Boo Yah its rock time
Book Soundtrack #2
BOOTLEG RADIO OPERA (Episode 07) [Featuring April 20]
Bottom Feeders of the '80s: Medleys & Novelties
bounding off
Bowed Down and Threw Away the Hours
Break Up
Break up, break down, then break the hell out
Breaking Open The Head
Break-up by breakin' it dowwwnnn
breakup mix 1
breakup mix 2
breakup mix 3
Breathing In Razors & Other 80's
Breeze blows leaves of a musty-coloured yellow
Bridging A 7-Year Gap (1967-1974)
Bright Blue Blocks of Sky
bringing my ghetto blaster to the cemetary, it's finally fall
Broadway Babies (Disc One)
Broadway Babies (Disc Two)
Broken Fingers
Broken Record
Brown Bread, Brown Beer
brown eyes, sometimes blue
Bruiser's Retort
Buck Has Joined Johnny in Heaven (Buckaholic Mix)
Buckaholic mix
buckaholic remix
Buddy Mix
Bump N' Grind
Bury It In Medication
Busting a move well i clean
But if you cant handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell dont deserve me at my best
But you were up to your old tricks/In chapters four, five, and six
By Land,By Sea,By Trains,Planes & Automobiles: Whatver It Takes to be Took
By Neptune's knickerbockers! She's puttered out!
By the end of this car ride you will know how I feel (and hopefully I have not misread your signals.
Bye Bye Love
C is for
Cabin Music (I Miss the Dairy Queen)
cadmium yellow
Cafe` Lauderdale
Cafe` Lauderdale Presents...Changing Times
Calla - My Little Callamity
Calm down, I love you
Calm down, I love you
Calm The FUCK Down
Calming Down
Can I Get Get Get to Compliment Each Other Like Snakes on a Plane
Can I Get More 5's?
Candra Vs DJ Karen Adams
Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker
Candy Land (Spring 2005)
can't have you
can't teach a new dog these tricks
Captain Correli Storyline Music
Car Songs
Car Tape - Window Mix
Care Package 1
Care Package 2
Catcher And The Rye, Holden's Mix
Caution: This Toy is a Replica of Real Weapon and is Designed for Amusement Only. It is Not to be Used Against Any Living Beings.
CD Mix '02
CD of the Month Club--March
ceci est la coulour ie mes reves
Celebraci=n de Reggaet=n Vol.1 [LIMITED EDITION]
celebrationm bitches
Chain Smoke Vol. 1
champagne pop
Changing the World
check, mate. a game of musical chess.
Cheer Up
Chicago is the new Jenny
Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
Chi-caw-go Driving
Chicks both Soft and Hard
Childhood (for those born in 1985)
Children of the Soul
chill to core
Chillaxx (for Coyote)
Chilled To The Bone - vol.1
Chilled To The Bone - vol.2
Chilled To The Bone - vol.3
Chilled To The Bone - vol.4
Chillin In the basement/Vol. 2
Chix With Dix. november 24 2009 setlist.
Chix with Dix. setlist for 2.23.10.
Chix with Dix. setlist for 27 October 2009.
Choking On Bitter Glitter.
Choppercat's Neues Toonz 2007
Christina's BDay 08 Mix
Christmagical Mike Bike
Christmas Is Here (part 2)
Christmas on the Floor
Chrono Trigger (Not So) OST, Volume 3
Chubby Weiner Heaven
Chuck Norris Tribute
Churchload of Fake
Chutney's B-Day
cinnamon skittles
City at Night
City Calm Down
City Mix
city poison vol. 3 10/02/07
city poison vol. 4 11/06/07
city poison, vol. 2
Clarification, It's a Beautiful Thing
Clash Into Me
Clash of the Titans
Class Axe
Classic Industrial
Classical Playlist for Friday
Clever Mix Name Goes Here
Clouded and hazy, yet you are so clear.
clouds scattered, heat rising . .
Club Milky Vol.1
cock rock and hillbillies
Cocktailed - Songs for the Faux-Posh
Coffee Shop Blend 1
coldcrush & dimmak 2004
Collecting Wood at Sundown 17: darlings of the cinema
collecting wood at sundown 20: ATTACKED in a Dirty Camper
Colors Of The Rainbow
Come On Baby Cover Me: Volume One
Come On Get Happy
Come With Me
Comedy- laugh, standup, slapstick, funny ha ha, and unusual jokes- volume I
Compendium, Part 1
Compendium, Part 2
Compendium, Part 3
Compiled from Compilations
cOmPLeteLy RandOm, i mean, yEah.
Complicated Compilation
computer = friend
Coney Island Babes
Confidence, because winter means seasonal depression
Consumix 2: The Sequel
contemplating suicide or a graduate degree
Cop Out Title
Counting Souvenirs
Country AND Western
country mountain psychedelia
cover mania
Cover Me With Blanks (Cover Songs)
Cover Me, Cover You
Cover Songs For Pirates 2: The Return
covered up
Covering the Year
Covers That Rock
Coworker Mix: Charlie
Coworker Mix: Joe, 2007
Coworker Mix: Ken
Coworker Mix: Sam
Coworker Mix: Sam, Part 2
Coworker Mix: Sam, Part 3
Coworker Mix: Theresa
Creepy Crawly Creepy Crawly Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly
Criminal: Songs To Rob A Bank To
cristina's bleepy boys b-day mix
Cruising: Nighttime
Crunk Time
crush on you <3
CRUSHED: The Most Obvious Mix Tape Ever
Cry, Cry, Crybaby, Cry!
crying songs 2
cuckoo for coco
Cucumba Mix
Cuentos Infantiles (Alternating with ms_roboto, #5)
Cure for the bitter-man blues
curreently playing on my winamp
Curriculum Hermeticum
cute stuff
cwas 13: speak in tongues (new spirit mix)
CWAS 15B: if habits were rats and rabbits wore hats
CWAS 6: Wake up, the war is on.
cwas 7: bird is the wurd
cwas20 -- first warning
D is for
Da True MC Vol.1
Daddy Horny, Michael (Wonderful Things)
Daddy Wants A Cold Beer
Dakota jupiter's Crystal Of Doubt
Dali Wondered Into Marx's Playground
Dance Alot
Dance Dance revolution
Dance Music for Librarians
Dance Of The Mad
Dance tonight! Revolution tomorrow!
Dance, Dance Revolution - pop compilation
dancing by myself
dancing by myself part 2
Danielle's Mix
Danielle's Mix
Danielle's Mix
Danny's Birthday Mix
Darkroom Jams Vol. I
David Bowie mix volume I
David Pope Mix
Day and Night
Days Pass Like Magazines
Day-to-Night Barbie
De Ja Vu
Dead Again
Dead man's party
Dead Milkmen
Dechnical Terrificulties
delicate drapes
Demimonde Spring 2008
Demon vs. Disaster: The Darth Pazuzu / tornadoZ 2007 Mixtape Project
Destination Anwhere
Devastators: Songs I Kick My Own Ass With
dexter county line indie chicken run and tractor pull
Did i Build you Prison?
dinner mix
Dinner/Cocktail Hour Part 2
Dirty Ego
dirty snow looks like an oreo blizzard
dirty snow looks like an oreo blizzard
dirty snow looks like an oreo blizzard
dirty snow looks like an oreo blizzard
Dirty Vegas
Dis Mix
dis new
Disco Volante April 2006 "Comfort" Mix
Disco Volante Febuary 2006 "Boogie" Mix (Vol. 1)
Disco Volante January 2006 "Beatles" Mix
Disco Volante March 2006 "Mellow" Mix
Disco Volante May 2006 "Mother-in-Law" Mix
Disco Volante Vol. 7
dividemeintoyou (not a simple mathematical operation)
divny človeče
dj al
DJ Alex Ivanov - Promo Mix
dj dave
DJ Indiesoc -- 5/10/05
DJ Karen & sammyg123 present. Summertime Extravaganza!

DJ Karen Adams & tornadoZ: In the Middle of Your Face
dj lee
Dj Neonglass (NL) - SUMMER LOVE Vol 01 (Vocal Trance)
dj sets
DJ Shadow Mix (for Jared)
dj sherise
DJ Skarface - Skar Talk
dj t-ken
dj zoki bejbe - HOUSE
DJ.G and RGG presents mixtape monsters vol. 1
Do It To Me, Sheldon!
Do You Blame Me?
Do you make all the other girls nervous, too?
do you play ... the gamble ?
Does size matter?
Does Your Mother Know?
doin the outside dance
dont be a dick
Don't Be Alarmed: Waking Up With Musikitty and Avocado Rabbit
Don't Bruise the Bourbon
Don't exceed hot-tub time limits
Don't Follow Me Mix
Don't Forget the Kiddies...
Don't Forget to Breathe
Don't Label Me
don't listen to the radio
dont show me better skies until you learn the meaning of trust...
dont show me better skies until you learn the meaning of trust...
Don't Turn Around
Don't worry, the days will pick up
Dorothy Parker said it best. But I still like Spring tunes
Do's & Don'ts
dot dot dot
Double Six Makes Twelve: A Mix Made on 060606
Down South Rappers
Down to the Crawdad Hole with Sammyg123 and the New Leif Allstars (An Alt. Country Compendium)
Dr Freudstein's Lobotomy
Dr. BLT Fan in Black Mix
Dr. G Live At Moonshadows 2009
Dr. G Presents: Beats For The Beach 2007
Dr. G Presents: Winter Beats 2006
Dr. G's DJ Kicks Retrospective
Dracu-Zombi-licious Halloween mix
Dramatic Weather Patterns
Dream Sweet, Tight Sleep
Dreams by the sea
Drifting In The Stars Without Any Shoes
Drink Drank Drunk
Drink, Drank, Drunk
Drinken met Tom en de Bisschop
Driving {one}
Driving Down Rt. 2
Driving Mix 42
Driving Mix 58
Driving Mix 60
Driving My Sister Crazy, While She's Driving Me to Drink.
droning Space Dealer
Dusk at Cubist Castle
DV3 the weird mix
'D'ya Know Where De Five Lamps Are...?'
Dylan You've Been on my Mind
E is for
e.d.e disco mix 1
ear candy
Eastern Sampler
easy does it
Eat Me
Eat those Sausages!!! ... and Welcome to Our Party
Eating My Mind
E-Clex Mix 4
Eighties Night
Electronic Favorites
Electronic Renaissance
electropop for ultrapeople, pt. 1
Eli Style
Embarrassing Guilty Pleasures
Emily Kane On Morphine
End Of Summer Mix
endless workout mix aug/sep 06
english assignment
English Project
Enjoy then DIE
Enjoying the Insomnia
Enlarge and Chill out.
Ennis Del Mar Presents: What We Got Here Is One Goddamn Bitch Of An Inconvenient Situation
Epithalamions- Classic Love Songs from Classic Rock
errbody? no everybody. thats how we do it
Essential John Butler Trio
ethel the duck gets a hemorrhoid
ethel the duck gets a hemorrhoid
ethel the duck gets a hemorrhoid
Ethers Tragic I am Born Again
Even More Long Songs
Every Day Is Halloween
Every day you feel a little cursed.
Every Shining Sigh
Everybody Eats When They Come To My House
Everybody Must Get Stoned
everything i ever needed was everything you couldn't be.
everything that keeps me together is falling apart
Everything's gonna be cool this Christmas 2007
exchange: soul
Exercising Rejection Demons [In No Particular Order]
Expired Candy
Expired Candy (side two)
Extra Strawberries
eyesOPEN : a compilation
eyesWIDE : a compilation
F is for
F*** Themes
fading into beautiful light
Faith, Reflected In The Faces Of Monsters.
Falivena vs. Blasikin, Round IV: Indecision India
Fall '09
Fall 2004
Fall, Winter
famous last words
Fast times - my version
Fast Track To The Slow Dance
Favorites are not always good.
Favorites from a bi girl but you might think i am a complete dyke
Fear, With Overtones
February 2006
february 2011
Feed Your iPod Something That Won't Bite Back
Feelin' Yummy Head to Toe
Feeling Good
Feeling Good About Feeling Bad
Feeling Infinite
Feels like August (2oo9)
Feels So Good, It Must Be Bad For Me
Feets Of Strength
Fever Above My Waist
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (Breaking Free)
Fighting for Heaven and Drinking With the Devil
Fill me up with chemicals or other people's words.
F-ing Breakups, Heartache, damn it all to hell.
first in line for a happy ending
First Loves Never Die
Fish Head Harpoon Tunes
fishbulb 1: Psychedelic Shack Surprise
fishbulb 2: Sometimes I Wonder If We're Really Living
fishbulb 3: Seesaw 60
Fistful of Love
fix up look sharp
flap jack titties
FLLPA: Future Long and Liver Patients of America
Fly Away
Flying Solo - The Mix
Foelsch Sampler #3 - Redux
FOLK / FUNK double-mix
footsteps in march
for a certain dipsetmuthafucka
For A Friend (WIP)
For Anyone
for brooklyn
For Chelsea.
for cuteboyjoshua
For Five Star.
For her
For him
for him.
For Kyle From the Face
For Malachi
For Martin Luther King
For Most This Is The Journey's End (November '06)
For my Mom - Mother's Day 2006
For Nic
For Rob
For Robert
For Sam!
For Sam!
For Sammy G
For the Bad Good Man
for the birds
for the lady friend in march 08
For You
For You
for you.
Forever Begins
forever mix
forever shining bright
Forever Young
Forget the Sound
formidable soundscapes
Fortune Cookie!
foxes, owls,bears, rivers, grass & sounds
frantic Space Dealer
Frantic, Romantic
Freedom is only a hallucination that waits at the edge of the places you go when you dream
Friendship in the Key of B
From A Fan's Perspective: The Best of The Cure
From Frisco
From Frisco
From Here
From Marvin Gaye To Doctor Dre
From Under the Bedroom Door
Fuck Politics, Let's Dance.
Fuck What You Heard, You Were Lied To
Fuck With IT
Fuck You Too Anne Coulter
Fuck You, I'm done
Fun In The Summertime
Fun Music - 2 CDs
fun, fun fun.
Funk For Days
Funky grooves
Funky in the Kitchen
Funky Monkey #4
funny little frog
future says run
G is for
Gall Of The Girl
Gangsters Of Love
Gangsters of Love 3: International Men of Mystery
Gannet's Lullabies
GB's Mix
GB's Mix
Generic Missile I: Sunday Morning & Some Roxy
Generic Mix
gentle mosquitos
Georgia RoadTrip Mix
Get down, or chill, whichever.
get in
Get my kicks from guitar licks
Get Out Of Your Seat...
Get Out Of Your Seat...
Get Out The Abacus And Count This
Get Pumped 80's Style!
Get Revved Up for a Night Out
Get Some If You Can
Ghetto dictionary/ pretty dictionary
Ghosts of Gold
Ginger Rail
girls and boys: neither know.
Girls and Pretty, Girls Are Nice, Take Your Chances, Roll The Dice
Girls Kissing Girls
Girls Night Out
Glad To Be Here
Glad To Be Home
Global Warming: Summer Party Project, disc 3
Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever
Go Folk Yourself!
God Damn You
God made me folky
Go-Go to Go
Goin' bananas at the bargain bin
Going Back To Indiana
Gold Star For Robot Boy
Golden Roads
Gone For 7 Days
Gone in 60 seconds
Gone Loco
Gonna Make You Notice: Come on Baby Cover Me: Volume 3
Gonna Walk Right Through This Town Again - A mix 4 Amber
Gonzo Mix #357
Good CDs Don't Die, They Just Fade Away
good friday. good friday? good friday!
Good Morning
Good morning Captain! Our fearful trip is done!
Good Riddance March
good rock music
good shit
Goodbye summer, the only sweat i want now is between the sheets
Goodbye, Marc - Vol. 2 (Green Island Serenade)
Goodnight 'til Sunrise
Got to Get a New Pair of Shoes
got you you little fvcker #1
gotta have you
Grace kelly, Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart
Granulated Happiness
gravity rides everything
Great Heavens! Zat's A Laza!!
Green Flag
Green thing
Growing Up
Grunge Is Dead
Grunge Is Dead
Guapo & Stinky's Funtime
Guiding Star
Gutbucket Delight (2 CDs)
H is for
Hairstyles of the Damned
hakuna matata!
Hale 2
hallo Busenfreundin
Halloween Mix
Halloween Mix 1 - Tunes From The Crypt
Halloween Mix 2 - Frighty Night Is Music Night
HallowQueen Mix
Hallucination Generation
Hamlet 2002
Hand in Hand is the Only Way to Land
hang the DJ
Hannahmix Deuce
Happier Instruments
happii birthday
happy birthday
Happy Father's Day
happy holidays dear misplaced comrades
Happy Mornings ^___^
Happy October
Happy quietness
Happy Times
Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
Hardly Art, Hardly Starving (Cd 1)
Hardly Art, Hardly Starving (Cd 2)
Hardly Art, Hardly Starving (Cd 3)
Have a Nice Trip
Have Dance, Will Travel
Have fun cleaning
Have Love, Will Travel
Haven't Done One In A While
he is my newfound grace
Head for the Hills (The Kitchen's on Fire!)
Headphones and a Walkman will do, watch for low planes..looking for summer
Heart and Soul
heart of hearing
heart on my sweeve
heart-shaped smoke rings & open-mouthed kisses.
Heather Loves Trash TV
Heavy Metal
Heavy soul
Hello Sunshine
Hemizen's mix
henrik and the pedersons
Henry Young's Body
Here Chad, because I know how much you hate to be alone.
Here is to a new year
Here She Comes
here to tallil
Here to Tallil II
Here's To Hoping The Ones We Love Die First (19 Toasts From My Family To Yours)
Here's Where The Story Ends
Hermaphrodite's Child
He's the cheese to my macaroni
Hey ADD CD For A Birthday
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey I Cheered UP! vol. 1
Hey Jude Dr. BLT Mix
hey you testing mix
Hey, you got girlfriend Vietnam?
hick hop mix
Hidden Meaning (disc one)
High School
highs and lows
Highway to Nowhere
Hillbilly Holiday 2009 1 of 2
Hillbilly Holiday 2009 2 of 2
Hip Hop
Hit Shuffle, Hit Play -- July 27, 2009
hodgepodge: ML, LA
Hodgepodging for June
Hold It/Hit It
Holding hands and roses/left me alone - what it's doing to me (2 disc)
Holding Hands on the Swings in the Summer Rain
Holiday Cookies
Holy Shit It's the 90s (Disc 1)
Holy Shit It's the 90s (Disc 2)
Hombres diffciles: Mßs escenas de cama y pura matanza (by doowad & Mixxer)
Home Alone
Home Late from the Picture Show
homo sapiens indifference
Hope (GIFTS 2.2)
Hoping It Was A Lie
Hot Indie Shit
hot mixes
Hot, Sexy, Electric Blanket
hotpants party setlist 7.20.2006
House Temptation mixed by Labo Deejay
HOVERCRAFT 2010 part 1
HOVERCRAFT 2010 part 2
How about a mix?
How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
how F-ing rAndom?? (i'm drunk)
how it's been
How To Dismantle A Spanish Bomb
How To Tell Laura I Love Her
How To Trick A Painful Heart
How Will Be Will Be
Hump Day..Getting to Chicago and Back For Work
Hurley Mix
Hurley Mix: Part 2
Hustle Vol#7
Hyde and Seek
i am an angry gopher
I am gonna get that beach body this year
I Am Impossibly Glam
I Am Not Stalking You
I am the Alphabet
I Can Do the Frug
i can feel the maagic.
I Couldnt Sleep So I Drank
I Couldnt Sleep So I Drank
I didn't invent the rainy days, I just own the best umbrella
I don't allow over tallies
I Don't Know What Else To Ask For
I Forgot to Buy You a Christmas Present
i found a better life in memories.
I Gave You VD
I got 99 problems but a mix aint one
I Got That Soul Power
i got the horrors 'cause i'm one inch tall
I guess you could do this on a Monday...
I Hate Boys
i hate my job
I Hate You
I Have a Crush on a Boy Who Lives in Cleveland
I Have Something I Need To Tell You and Mom
i heard he sang a good song...
i heart laura
I hope your urinary tract infection feels better.
I is for (I am for?)
I Just Don't Know How to Get There
I Just Met You Let's Be Friends
I Know Why You Drive This Way Everyday, I Feel The Same Way
I Like Covers
I live in a cucumber castle on the banks of a cranberry sea.
i love the 90's
i made this for you (a.k.a. 30 years of larry)
i made this for you (a.k.a. 30 years of larry)
i made this for you (a.k.a. 30 years of larry) 1976-2006
I met her in a club down in old soho... (part 2)
i need a brand new friend. the end.
I Need Some Inspiration in My Life
I really want to hear you: Perfect Song Mix
I sold my mind. i didnt know.
I Started a Joke: Joker's Wild Mix
I Stick Around 'Til We're Rubbing Chemicals All Over Each Other
I Swore to No Compromise
I Think His Name Was Chips Ahoy
I Wanna Dance So I Don't Have To Think Anymore
I wanna dance!
I Wanna Rip Your Song Off (Avril Lavigne parody): Latrene mix
i want to be your underwear (elvis2elvis edition -- extended / edited)
I want to CRASH land
I want to kiss you right now & other things...
I want to mess up my sheets with you
I Wanted To Go See Puffy AmiYumi Kick Some Ass In Philadelphia But I'm Stuck Going To A Stupid 'Couple's Baby Shower' In Upper Lehigh Instead
i was 24 when my heart started beating
I Will Not Give Up On You
i wish every day resembled this mix.
I Wish They All Could be Indie Chicks!
i wish we were lovers.
I Wish You Would've Stayed.
I woke up with this head in my song this morning.....
I Won't Dance...
Icebreaker (or How to Survive the Midwestern Blues)
I'd die for you, I died for you
I'd Love To Stay And Chat, But This Girl Is Not Gonna Dig Herself Up!
Ideals, Knowledge, Boomboom
if college nights were poetic, this would be our story
if i didn't know you, i would make you up. <3
If I Don't Get Out of Town
if i may be so bold...
If I Owned the Club, Pt. 1
If I Owned the Club, Pt. 2
If I Owned the Club, Pt. 3
If I Was a Sculptor
If I Was a Sculptor
If it wasn't me
If Today Is Like Tomorrow
If You See Her, Say Hello, Songs For Sarah
If You Want To Come Into God's House, You Can Put Some Fucking Pants On
if you were looking for your inner AlterNative 90s I FOUND IT!!!!!
if you were looking for your inner AlterNative 90s I FOUND IT!!!!!
I'll Burn This Whole City Down!
I'll Meet You Halfway
I'll Never Walk the Same
I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...
I'll use my last phone call to dedicate a song to you on the radio
I'm A Mellow Kinda Fellow
I'm Driving, I'm Dancing, I'm Falling Apart
I'm fond you Mix
I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star
I'm Gonna DJ At the End of the World
I'm Having My Wedding Ring Melted Into A Bullet
I'm My Best Friend
I'm Not Heartless, I Just Don't love You.
I'm So Angry I Could Dance
i'm so glad...
I'm Solid Matter
i'm terrible at being subtle, again.
i'm terrible at being subtle.
I'm Tired of What You Play in Your Car
i'm under the impression that no one loves me. so i made a mix about it.
IMP September 06
In Accordance With the Prophecy!
in another one
in defense of sappy love mixes
In like a lion. Out on the lam.
In Love With a Cover
In Plucking Wishes From Wings of Last Year's Embraces
In the eyes of the public prt 1 bark 3 All RMX all or nothin'
in the middle of a cloud i call your name
In the Numbers
in the sweet music on my radio
In this Corner
In This Corner
inches of everything
increased difficulty paying attention in class
indie and stuff to paint to
Indie Excitement
Indie Joys
Indie2000: College Radio 2000-2005
Injected With Trouble
Insert Witty Title Here - 29 January 2006 (Season Premiere)
Inspiration Blues
Instruments? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Instruments: 2007 Acapella Mix Pt. 2
interactive christmas cd
Intercontinental Ballistic Ping-Pong
Interludes in the key of two
Into The Mystic
Intro To Eno...(The Glam Years)
Introducing The...
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
Involuntary Travel
Ione Can Finally Drink(Happy Birthday!): A Super Happy Fun Time Mix In Two Cds
íPor sus vicios! (Versi=n gringa)
is it april yet?
Is it rAining, is it Snowing, is there anyway of knOwing?
is that a Winnie or a Wendy Moving Away?
Is this a mix or is this a painting?
Is This Music?
is this my soul?
It All Adds Up To Where I Belong (December '06)
It All Comes Back
it isn't easy to live that well
It Just Feels So Right
It Serves You Right
It started out in a barnyard at sundown...
It Takes Two
it was easy! it was cheap! go and do it!
it will be funny met YOUin rome
It's a Crazy Life
it's a fireplace
It's a long way home...to yourself
It's A Mad, Mad, World
It's About Time
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...
Its good to eat hippy cheesecake
It's just a matter of time
it's looking up
it's looking up
It's not good but it's ok
It's Not Some Fucking Methaphor
It's Okay Not to Know
It's Okay, Because I Hate You
Its Our Home
It's Raining...and slushing..
it's the same as it ever was: with Bear & natalyesaurus
It's The Time Of The Season For Murder/In The Mood For Fresh Kill?
It's Thursday morning and I've decided to take a later train
It's Too, Darn, HOT!
It's up to you to say how far
It's Wasted Time
It's What We Do-It's Who We Are
its your birthday sasha. here's a mix and some whiskey.
iTunes purchases mix 5.0
i've got magic everywhere i fucking look
I've Got My Eye on You: Spies and Private Eyes
J is for
Jadie's Quixly Mixed - oYelleYo Stripped Bands
Jailhouse Rock (of Ages)
Jak mix
Jake and Aislinn Fantastic Hits Vol 1
Jake and Aislinn Fantastic Hits Vol 3
jams of the hour
Jane For President
January 07
January 2.0
January 2006
Jazz Ballads To Set The Mood....
jeannie's diary
Jeff's Random i Pod Song Shuffle - Volume 9 (The Long Awaited Return)
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 2
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 3
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 4
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 5
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 6 (Pt. 1)
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 6 (Pt. 2)
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 7
Jeff's Random iPod Song Shuffle - Volume 8
Jenergy & DJ Karen Adams Present...RETURN OF BEAT GIRLS: The Second Album
Jen's Birthday
Jeremy Piven says, "Listen to This!"
Jessica Dance Mix
Jessica Mix
Jewish American Princess
Jiffy Mix -- Volume One
Jiffy Mix -- Volume Two
jjjjj(another one)
Jock Jams: Gratuitous SuperBowl Mix
Johns Mix
Jools Holland
Journey's Greatest Shits
July 06
July 2006
Jumping on Purple Clouds
June 06
June 2006
June 2007 Elitist Mix
June 2007 Road Mix
June 2008: According To Me
June 2010
Junior High Cheese Chex Mix - Disk 2
just 10 songs i'd like to listen to right aabout now.
just a faggy girl
Just A Little Taste of Random
Just a soundtrack for your life
Just a tape for a good friend of mine or the rest of the world
Just an Excuse Away
Just Because I'm A Cannibal, Does Not Mean I'll Do That.
Just Because You Got Me Soused
just calm down man
just exist.
Just For Today
just know now it's summer
Just My Type
Just Pretend
Just These Songs
Just What I Needed
Justin vs Jenda
Justin vs Rosie: After Dark.
justin! and roxie!
K is for
Kate's Mix-thru-the-mail
Kati 1
Keats & Yates
kempi mix
kernel panik
Kids CAN Touch the Sun
Kill 'em All
Killer's Lament
King Solace
Kiss The World
kitchen-compilation vol.I
Kittens List
Krunk Mix
Krunk Mix By Tuface
KSER audition
KSER audition
Kung-Fu Challenge
L is for
L is for Leenie*, L is for Love
l know we're friends but could you please just love me already?
L meant L
La Belle Epoque
La Belle Epoque: Part Duex
Last Breath Of Romance
last weekend
last weekend
Late February 2011
Late Night Drive
late night menu
late summer sadgirl
LateNightTales 2008
laundry, dishes & divorce
Laying in the grass at 3am
Laying in the Grass at 3am (full version)
Leave This Up To Me...
Leavin' On a Jet Plane
L'Electricite; c'est bon !
Lent Can Get Bent 2007 v.14 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent 2007 v.18 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent 2007 v.8 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent 2007 v.9 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 13 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 2 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 26 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 30 to 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 43 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 44 of 47 (Holy Thursday Edition)
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 46 of 47
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 7 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 8 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol 9 of 40
Lent Can Get Bent, Vol. 5 of 40
Let Me Down & Mess Me Around
Let me embarrass myself further...
Let the gOod Times Roll
let them eat cake.
Lets Call it the Comeback
Let's Dance
Let's Dance - rock compilation
let's just allow ourselves to be whatever it is that we are
Let's Make Out
Let's Make Out
Let's mock the mockingbirds
Let's Rock The Acoustic Machine
Let's start a--
Let's Stay Together...It's Cheaper!
Let's Talk
Letter To Heaven.."Hey, Mom & Dad.."
Letting My Freak Flag Fly
Life is a blast when you know what you're doin
Life Is Really Too Much
Life never craps when I'm sleeping in your bed
Life's a Bitch so I Became One
light + shadow
Like Hot Strawberry Quick - Go Girl Go!
Lil wayne
lime green
Lindsay's Mix
Lisa's New Car
Little Golden Mix CD
Live (Cement Mix)
Live and Let Live
Live At The Opera
Live Fast, Die Young, Leave Clean Underwear!
Live Free Or Die Hardish
Live! (RJ_2007 #5)
Living The Life.
Living The Life.
Living The Life.
LJJ's Mad Mix
LJJ's Mad Mix
Lloyd's still got them polaroids
Loaded 6/26
Loaded, 5/1
Loneliness Is Buried Here
Long Distance
Long Slow Burn
Long Week
Lookin' Out For Love
looking for flying saucers in the sky
lori's birthday mix
Lose Your Soul
Losing my grip on the English language
losing my mind?
Loss Your Love
Loss Your Love
lost in the same space
Love Builds Up
Love Doctor
Love in a time of tooth decay.
Love is a Many Splintered Thing
love is a mixtape
Love is complicated...
love on mars
love songs
Love Sours: A Meditation on Valentine's Day
love to the moon.
loved one1
lovely day, the sun is shining-labor day poolside mix
Lovers' Rock
love's like a pantheon, it carries us on forever
Lower Your Shields
Lyrics for Luna
Lyrics show it best.
M is for
ma soeur porte des lunettes
Machine Gun Dildo
Mack's Life(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
made for driving with all the windows down and flip-flops off
Madrid (the city)
madworldsynth 80's v.1
Mahachi Mixtapes
make this night light enough to move
Makeup Room
Male Middle-Class and White
Mandatory Metallica
Mandy's Halloween
Manu Chao's Roots and Influences
March 2006
march/april/May 1
march/april/May 2
march/april/May 3
Marissa's Munchie Mix - Ear Candy
Mary's Survivor Mix (for my aunt who is battling breast cancer)
Mashing The Mash
Master and Servant
May all your days be gold my child
May Days #1
May Days #2
May Days #3
May I Be Weaved in Your Hair?
May I Have this Waltz?
Maya Taylor Morgan Sandra
maybe i did have taste in eighth grade
maybe maybe
maybe you woudda been something I'd be good at...
Me or her? you know what..fuck that, i'd rather find someone else
Me; An Introduction
Meagan's Birthday Mix [My Version]
Mean Girls Stay Home Alone
Meeting in the Aisle: Radiohead B-Sides Disc 1 of 2
MegaMix! 06
Megi mix
Meg's semi-unsolicited mix
Melancholy Baby
melange a trois
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
Mellow Groove
Mellow Mix 1
Mellow Mix 2 (Sit Back, Relax, Eat a Tack)
Mellow Mix 3
Melow Mix
mels mix
melting kisses and post-sex everything
Memphis is Calling for the Chosen Four, Vol. 1
merrymerry(another one)
met the moon with a standing ovation
mi primera mix de libre
MIA sucks
Mid Morning Martinis
Mike's Bi-Polar Mix
Minidisc for Ellie
Misfit Toys 2007
Misrable Mix
Misty Eyes rev2 ( 24/78m18s)
mix #1
mix #2
Mix 1
Mix 26 (Metal)
Mix 39 (aka "so i duck out go down to find the swimming pool")
mix cd for my new friend.
mix challenge #7b
mix dj
mix dj
Mix for a friend to show some of what I'm into
Mix for a friend.
Mix for a friend.
Mix for Emilia
Mix for H #6
Mix for H #8
mix for jack
Mix for Laura
Mix for Mia
mix for my best friend
MIX for T.C.
Mix 'n Mash (BETTER)
mix songs
mix songs
Mix Tape
MIX TAPE CLUB, Vol. I, Issue 2
Mix Tape for Owen Wilson
Mix Tape in a Coma (I Know, I Know)
mix three an EP
Mixed CD = Strong, Wanted Affection
Mixed for Kate 2
mixed songs
mixed songs
mixes come and go, but music is forever.
mixes to download by sly
Mixing Tims
mix-o-rama challenge. (again)
Mixtape for Steve
Mixtape for Terry
Mixtape Project 2011
Mixxer & ZoT Jarvis are...CAUGHT IN THE ACT
Mmm Mmm MAMBO!
Modern Guilt Gonna Be The Death Of Me
Mom for President
M'on The Ones And The Twos
Monday Nov. 28 7:56 P.M.
Monkey Country 1
Monks and Nuns
Monra's Favourites
Month Long Twins
more for your Advent
More Long Songs
more pop
More Than Unexpected
Morning Light
Mortality Comes to Those Who Wait: The Short, Tragic, Doomed-From-The-Start Life of the New Leif Allstars (Best Of, Vol. II: The Suites)
Most of What I listen to!!!!
Motion of the Horn
Mouth Music meets Vox Populi
Move Your Feet!
Movie Mix: 300
Movie Mix: A Scanner Darkly
Movie Mix: Bladerunner (Director's Cut)
Movie Mix: Casablanca
Movie Mix: Pan's Labyrinth
Movie Mix: Pi
Movie Mix: Psycho
Movie Mix: The Birds
Movie Mix: The Fountain
Movie Mix: The Wild One
Moving leads to bruising
moving the music vol1
moving to colorado
Muerte a Usted (Death be to you)
Musa Híbrida
Los docentes del amor

Muse Boy Strikes Again
Music For A Film
Music for Art Making
Music for Enjoying the Weather
Music For Evenings Volume 15
Music For Evenings Volume 16
Music for Sock Monkeys
Music for Viet Nguyen
music is my savior
Music to accompany pole dancing
Music to Drink By
music to emasculate your drunken frat-brothers: a double disc of camcorder ready moments.
Music to Leave Town To
Music to Make an Impression
Music to recharge my Soul
Music To Trash Your Room To...
Musical Fusion And Beyond/ Brilliance At Its best
Musical Mad Libs: sillier version
Musical Scavenger Hunt Mix
Musta Mister
Mutable Mortality
mutant 205 & 6
Muxtape Mix
my 15 mix
My Brown-Eyed Girl Is Blue
My Classic Rock Mix
My Day Version 10 (For my mom)
my dogs are from MEXico, how bout yours?
My Favourite Candy
My Fiancee's Favorites
My Finest Hour
My First Radio Broadcast
My Forlorn Valentine
My geeky music list...mine...all mine....muhahahaha
My heart's beating is all the proof you need.
My Heart's Reflection
My Heart's Reflection
My Last Love-Song MIx....maybe...
my last trip to rock hill april 2006
My life
My Me and My Friends are Dispersing After Graduation
My Mix
My Mix?
My Mom's Song List
My Movie Soundtrack: Alice In Wonderland
my Music
My Penis Has A Face and It Likes to Bark at Germans
My Punk 101
My Radio Show 4/6/08
My Random MP3 Player
My songz
My Sun-Eyed Girl
My Tears Run Dry When It Rains
My Wedding CD3 - Dance
myspace mix #1
N is for
Name Dropping
nathaniel & ji-yeon's wedding vol. 3: dance party!!! (second half)
Neon Squiggle
Nerrd/Politic Trip
Nervous head tick
neural assault mix, 35 tracks of mashupraggabreakcorejunglehiphopgabbarave!
Never Give Up On The Good Times
never said it was sunshine part 1
new folk
New Love (That Will Last, Love)
new sensation
New Wave Bests, vol. 1
New Wave Bests, Vol. 2
Nice And Sleazy
Nice Spring Day Mix
NIFTY 50s Collection
Nigga Stole my EDGE! (2004)
Nigga Stole My Pterodactyl (2004)
Nigga Stole My Yoshi (2005)
night 56
Night mehr
Night Rat
Ninja, please!
Nirvana (30 Best Of)
Nitro Video
Nitro Video
Nitro Video
No Angel Born In Hell Could Break That Satan's Spell (2CD Set)
No Apologies
No Exit
No Fighting in The War Room
no heat in Apt 2A (i'm freezing to death mix)
No machine is perfect, Emma.
No Matter Where You Live
No No Man
no no no, you're not the one for me
No really, I don't love him!
No Rich Kid's Road Map (Theme Time #20)
no smoking.
No Such Thing As Coincidence
No Trace of Witchcraft (November 2007)
Noisy Neighbors
Nola Hell mix
Non-Existent Noir Film Soundtrack
North Coast Rock - A Cleveland Mix
Not A Hallmark Holiday
Not All The Usual Christmas Music
Not Exactly Strangers, Not Exactly Friends
Not Just Another Drop In The Ocean
Not Much For No One
not one kid asked for that
Not Praise Songs
Not Ready To Make Rice: Dixie Chicks Parody Mix I
not so random
Not Worthy of the King, but Close
Nov/Dec 05, 3
Nov/Dec 05,2
November 06
november 2005
November Mix
Now and For Always - my personal faves
Now It's The Girl's Turn, First Nice and Easy. . .
now she's staring wide eyed (fall mix 06)
NSFT: Not Safe for Think
Nuggets II
O is for
Obligatory End Of Year Mix
Obligatory Mix Vol. 1
ObnoxiCan Sort Of
oct 06
October 2006
Odd Charms and Trinkets
Ode to being sad
Of Dark Clouds And Grey Skies, Of Shadows And Moonlight
Of Morning Drives... Volume II : A History of Addiction or Succumbing to Guys Like Me
Oh Swoon, Aw Shucks
oh yeah. i'm just screwing around again, trying to see what i'd put on a sparks best-of
Ok it's finished now
Old and New Schools
Old ass man in a young ass body
Old Machines
Old Mans Blues
Old McDonald's Farm
old photographs
Old School
Old School
Older and More Tired
oldies but goodies
Omal's mix Thanksgiving 2007
OMG omg omg!
omg TOTES into you!
On & On
On a Swing and a Prayer
On Beyond Zebra
On the Book Corner: ...HEAD EXPLOSIONS!!! (3 CDs)
On the Book Corner: Holy Days and... (2 CDs)
On The Road Again
On The See-Saw (With Mixxer and Barrydali)
Once You Hit Bottom Where Do You Go From There: I Dream in Red Dye
Once You Hit Bottom Where Do You Go From There: The Girl With Puffy Eyes
Once You Hit Bottom, Where Do You Go From There
One 43Roomie!
one for remembering, two for flinching
one more time with feeling
one more time with feeling
one of the beautiful test mix
One Weird Dude
One: 10/5/06
Only in Canada, eh? (a Salman1 and Averageson mix)
Only Joan Armatrading Likes Me
ooh la la
Ooh la la
open your eyes
optional hopscotch
orca size
oregon to washington
Organic Chunks
Original sins
other fish in the sea
Other Women 02262012
Our Dreams Were Like Fugitive Warlords
Our Endless Numbered Days
Our Love Was Meant To Be
Our Love Was Meant To Be
Our Mix
Our tyme
Out In Moncton
Out There: On the Downlow
Over the years
Overbooked Flight
Overnight Celebrity
Ozone Action Day: Summer Party Project, disc 1
P is for
P.S.: I HATE YOU ( Lucifer's Letter to God)
Pa' mover el bote (2 CDs)
Packing Up '09
painting my toenails blue
Paris In Flames
Party Mix
Peace, Smulkin
Perfect 90s Mix
Perfect Day
perks of being a Rinnie
Perk-Up Mix
Personal Jesus Dr BLT Mix
Phase 3 (workout mix)
Phil Spector/ The Wall of Sound/ etc...
Phone Is Ringin'...
Photobooths and rainy days.
Photograph On the Dashboard: The Best of R.E.M. 1983-2008 (disc two of two)
Photography of Natural Things
Pineapple Chunks and Dark Rum
Pink Striped Sox and a Sonic Lipstick
Pink Striped Sox and a Sonic Lipstick (spit in your eye mix)
Pink Turns to Blue
Pizza and Captain Morgan
Plastic Hearts and Jackhammers
Plug Me In And Turn Me On
Pocket Full of Memories
pont champlan
pont champlan
poopsauce cowboy
Poor Otis dead and gone...
Pop Automatic, Volume One
Pop! Pop! Pop Rock!
poppy rocks
popscene 3
Positive stuff from Guy F. July 1990
Postmodern Poprocks
Praise the God of Mix Tapes
Praying for a Nuclear Holocaust
Pregnant Mothers Mix: Top 40, Lotsa Gossip
PreK-Tel Presents: I Think It Was the 4th of July
Pringles 4 Eva
Project Yacyshyn
Promotional Music
Psuper Psych
Psychedelic State
Psycho Bets
Puddle Splashing
Punk Fucking Rock.
Put A Penny In the Slot (Summer '07 Mix)
q & a with the artist
Q Is For
Queens (updated 12 April)
Question Yourself, Are You Really What You Seem?
Questions and Answers
Queue Da Tape
Quiet & Black
Quietly Ecstatic
R is for (no Q)
Rachel Probably Needs a Mix
Rachel's Mix
Radio 44
Radio Broadcast 2
Radio Broadcast 3
Radio Broadcast IV
Radiohead Remix Contest Submission
Radiohead Reworked
radom stuff (aka m·sicas para fazer qualquer coisa)
Rain mix 1
Rain mix 2
Rainy Day.
rallyforshmucks test mix
random mix 4
Random Roadtrip
random songs i love!
Rare Beatles: Live, Outtakes & Interviews Vol. 2, The Later Days
Rated R Mix
ravin shoes 2006
rcahaelangelas mix's
rebecca is hopelessly out of touch
Rebel #2
Rebel #3
Receiving telephone messages from the sky
Reception of Regret: Summer 2007 (PART 3 AND PART FOUR: "Redeemer" [for the sake of space])
RECEPTION OF REGRET: Summer 2007 (Part One)
Reception of Regret: Summer 2007 (Part V)
Reception of Regret: Summer 2007: Part II ("Dijon Mumbo Jumbo"--July 15th, 2007)
Red Badge of Courage
Red in the Face
Reefer Madness
Reggae From Mars Vol 3
Rehab Mix
Relax Yo Mind
relaxing mix
Remember Ray Charles Mix
Remember What She Does When You're Asleep: A Decemberists Mix
Remembering Mama
Reniel 6
Reniel No. 5
Reptiles And Samurai
Requiem for the Potato Queen
Response to mahdishain's 20 questions
Resume, Cover Letter, and a Mixtape
Revenge of the nerds
Revenge of the Swedish N*E*R*D*S
Reviving The Lost Art
Ride The Charleston Chew-Chew
Ridin' Mix
rindy - Weathering Heights
Ringo and the Roundabouts
riotjesus testing mix
Rivers and Smiles
Road Trip
road trip mix
Robert E. Lee: Most Likely To Secede
Robin's Mix
rock 1
Rock A Bye Babies
Rock Detroit 4 Ever
Rock on/Rock Doc Mix
Rock Out and Pretend You Are Holding A Concert
Rock Out With Your Caulk Out
Rock/Rush 02 April 1989
Rock: Assorted: Mix
Rocking out with Kent O'D 1983.
Rod Got Mugged & It Hurts
Rod's Rocks Sept. '98
Roger Waters: Folded Flags - The Best of the Solo Years Volume 2
Roll On
roll on babe
Roller Coaster
Rolling Scones Crunch Mix
Rose Rose Rosa
Rosie vs justin!
Roswell: Music From The Show Season 3
rub me down junior
RUBBER stamp my SOUL: Beatleland mix
Rule britannia
Rule britannia
Running Mix
Running Up The Pressure
Ryan Adams: Rock 'n' Roll part 2
S is for
s.o.t.w.(12.12.05)"He fought a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was a bloody battle, but he fought it for his woman"
s.o.t.w.2(7.03.06)"we never made it to endor"
S.T.A.Y. (Some Thing About You)
sabbath day blues
Sad Songs for Another Sad Day
sad.. i guess
Sammy Goes Retro! UK & US Pop Hits '73 - '75
sammyg123 & DJ Karen Adams Present...Sweet 'N LowDown
sammyg123 & DJ Karen Adams Present...A Fookin' Deadly Collection
Sarah - Sarahndipity Rock
Sarah Goes Away, Disc 1
Sarah Goes Away, Disc 2
Sasquatch 2008
Satan Said Dance
Satan Shed His Wings
Saturday Dec. 10 1:56 P.M.
Saturday night mix
Saturday Nov. 26 2011 8:37 P.M.
Savvy Party Mix
Say Goodbye to Nothing Everything Caused
say it with music
say it, don't spray it
school's out for summer
School's out!
Science Fiction Mix
Scott 3
Scouts Honor
Searching for New Horizons
Second Tall Man
Secret Title!
Seductive Red
See Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You
selling secrets to a canned tomato
senior year
sept. #3
seven sweet n sweaty
Sexy as fuck
Shady/Aftermath taste
shake your body from the waist down...alot
Shattered Valentine (Depression Glass Mix)
shawdows on the winter sky.
she (pt. one)
She Loves Me Loves Me Not
She loves me. She loves me not.
She Smiled Sweetly Stones mix
She Started Wondering
Sheer Wonder, Baby
Sheet Music
Shelley's Smash
She's a lady
Shilayla mix Pt 2.
shilayla mix Pt 3.
Shipwreck time of year.
Shooting Daggers At Your Own Reflection
Short Little Fiesta
Show 04/2007 September Edition
shut the eye of reason
Si toca acorde=n
SIck Love
Signing In and Signing Out
Simply Words
Sing Me Spanish Techno
Sinking deep into the well of time
Six Months In Brooklyn [Deluxe Collector's Edition]
Sizzler 2007
skateboarding through downtown san antonio
Skulls & Skeletons
skyler t. and the electric mayhem
Sleep Mix 2: Revenge of the Zs
sleepie sleepie time (to lull you...)
Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is...
sleepless '06
Slightly Meloncholy Mix #3
slippery raindrops
Slippery Soundclash
slow & low vol. 2
Slow Motion Accident
Slowly, Slowly Now
Sluts McGee Xmas
Small Plus One Disc One
Small Plus One Disc Three
Small Plus One Disc Two
Smile All France
smiles and other stupid distractions from what can hurt you
Snow Cake
Snow day 2006
So Billy Corgan Walks into a Bar
So Fresh
So Hip It Hurts
So I'm not going to Florida...
So lang die dicke Frau noch singt, ist die oper nicht zuende
so long, lonesome
so soundly ignoring the outside sounds
So That the Fuss
So You Think You Can
Soccer Warm up
Social Status: Soon to Be Determined.
Some east/ west music
Some for Meaning, some for melody, some for moments in time.
some Rainy Day random stuff.. mellow..-not marsh.
Some Songs
Some Summer Morning
some velvet nightime
Somebody Up There Likes Me
something for suede coats with fringe
something for the weekend
Something Good Can Work
Something In The Water
Something Like A Love Affair ... Remembering Julian Symons
something meets boy, something meets girl
something old, something new. something borrowed, and something blue.
something sweet, oh something strong
Sometimes I Feel the Weight of the World
sometimes; there's always. . .
songs : Indiana I
songs about a body
Songs about losing your virginity in the back of a truck (oh wait that's just one song)
Songs About Running Away and Staying
Songs Because I Love You
songs for a party..and by "a party" I mean bleeding
Songs for Davey
songs for my love
Songs for the city girl
Songs for the four in morning bus stop.
Songs for the Hospital
Songs For The Hot Box
Songs for the Nameless
Songs for the weary
Songs For Whoever
Songs I Am Humming To (Vol. 2)
Songs I am Humming To, Volume 3
Songs I currently can't stop listening to.
Songs in the key of B
Songs in the key of B
Songs of the Pasteur
songs of the week(01.09.06)"potty mouthed knuckle sandwich"
songs of the week(12.19.05)
songs of the week(12.26.05)
songs of the week(6.12.06)
songs that get me up and running
songs that have no making out
Songs to break your heart
Songs To Fuck To (Incomplete)
songs to get the indie kids dancing...
Songs to Make Pinky Promises To
Songs to Rob Banks to
Songs We'll Sing
songs with numbers / (we're gonna stay eighteen forever.)
Sonic Bubble
Sonic Youth vs. Radiohead vs. Animal Collective
Soon As I Get Paid
Sort the Good Fruit From the Bad Fruit
SOTM 2006 v.1.0
SOTM 2006 v.2.0
SOTM 2006 v.3.0
SOTM 2006 v.4.0
SOTM 2006 v.5.0
SOTM 2006 V.6.0
SOTM 2007 V.1.0 (and only)
SOTM 2008 V.1.0
SOTM 2008 V.2.0
SOTM 2008 V.3.0
SOTM 2009 V.1.0
SOTM 2009 V.2.0
SOTM 2009 V.3.0
SOTM 2009 V.4.0
SOTM 2009 V.5.0
Sound Goodness
sound on sound
Sounds From Planet High Vol. II (The Brotherhood Sessions)
sounds in space
Sounds of Silence
Sounds to Sleep to
Soundtrack of My Life
Soundtrack of My Life
Soundtrack to an Assassin Movie
Soundtrack to my life
Soundtrack To My Life
Southern Style Rap That I LIke
Spain's mountains and metros
Speakeasy Candlelight
Speed EP
Spend your youth on poetry, and spend your cash at play.
Spice Rack
Spider Bulletins Transmit Hot Metallic Mystic Robots
Spin Me Some Sad Story
spirit feeling
Spirit for Sarah
Spitting Out the Kodachrome
Splendor Rays
spring 2003
Spring Forward
Spring is Good - - HORNS ARE BETTER!!!
squirly pig mousing with a fresh anteater
SSDD'S Acoustic Charm (Vol. 1)
st. patrick's day
Stand in my shadow without a friendship!!!!!!!
Starry Starry (Poppy) Night
State of the Union Address
States of Mind
stay away from me
Stay in the Shade
Sticking Out To Fit In
STIR IT UP: A Tale Of Two Vixens
Stomp Boogie
Stories of a Lapsed Altar Boy
Stories Through Melodies
Storm At Sunup
Stranded In The Jungle - 2 CDs
STRANGELY EMPTY XIX: That's A Tune From Another Opera
strangers got that dank
Strong Acid + Strong Base
Strut, Ordinary People!!
Stuck at Work
stuff your pockets full of dynamite
Stuff, yeah, stuff.
Subterranean Homesick Beats
Sugary Tea
summaah part deux
summaah. part uno
Summer (assorted)
Summer 06 Mix
Summer 2006
Summer 2007
Summer 2008
Summer 2008 I - Primary Colors
Summer 2008 II - Bottom of the Lake
Summer 2008 III - Out at the Fair
Summer 2008 IV - The World Is Watching
Summer 2009 I - The Empire Builders
Summer 2009 II - The District Sleeps Alone
Summer 2010
Summer Boom Boom
Summer Fling: Disc 1 of 3
Summer Fling: Disc 2 of 3
Summer In The City
Summer in the South Pt. 3
Summer in the South, Part Two
Summer Madness
Summer Mix
Summer of '06
Summer of My Cybertent 2008
Summer? Car? Drive!!
summermix 2010 - Beached!!
summermix 2010 - Star Party
summers close but no cigar
summer's here.
summer's here.
sunbeams are not made like me
Sundays are for Chilling Full Stop
sunny cuts 39
Sunny Sammy
sunny sunday afternoons
sunnycuts 36
sunnycuts 37
sunrise over sea
Sunshine pop!
super country dance
Super Spy Sounds
supergirl (annie mix)
Swap-Bot Mix #2: Music to F**k By (Bad Sex Version)
Swap-Bot Mix #2: Music to F**k By (Good Sex Version)
Sweet & Sour Kung Pao Chicken
Sweet Sampler 13
Sweet Sampler XIV
Sweet Sampler XV
Sweet Songs (updated)
Sweet Songs for a Sweet Boy
Sweet Songs that stay/ For that special someone
Sweet! (RJ_2007 #1)
Sweetness and Light (ver. 2)
SY Mix Swap #2 - The Compromising Cipher
SY Mix Swap #6 (for the new guy) Zzajing The Idiomatic Axis
SY Mix Swap #6 The Rise And Fall Of Glice And His Never Ending Hatred For The Leper Messiah
SY Mix Tape #12 (2nd Offering) - Delightful Listening Experience With The Fantasy Of Sound
Sybaritic Sounds
Sydney Moves To Higher Ground
Synthesis : A Blending of 80s and 00s Pop
System Error
T is for
T.G.I. Fridays
Take A Trip With Us
take contol, do something
Take It As A Song Or A Lesson To Learn (November 2007)
take it easy, baby!
Take it to the Water
Take Me I'm Yours: Volume 9
Take Two And Call Me In The Morning
Takin' Care of Business Shrink Rap Mix
Taking The Folk Roots
Talk Tonight
Tangerine Dreamy
Tangled Up In Blue
Tape 010 ~ Slow Starts and Happy Endings ~
Tape 011 ~ One Fine Sunny Day ~
Tape 012 ~ All Thriving Under Sun And Shade ~
Tape 013 ~ Couch, TV, Wall & Chairs ~
Tape 015 ~ Once Upon A Day ~
Tape 016 ~ Nothing in Particular ~
Tape 017 ~ Kill!! Kill?! Karaoke!! ~
Tape 018 ~A Glass That's Never Half Full~
Tape 119 - Home Run
Tape for A Boy
tape for elizabeth summer 05
Tape for Martin #3
Tape for Ruffs #1
tape for tina 2/12/06
tazzo cazzo - shit to move your hips to.
Tear-out Breaks
Tears of Mercury, Blood Like Gasoline.
teen hearts beating. faster, faster.
Tegan and Sara
Tell me I look stunning and cadaverous
test mix
Test to see if image uploads work, or not
Thanks for sleeping w/ a Stripper
That Boy Needs Therapy
That Special FeeLing
That's Deep: Rock mix
That's just my skin peeling (Memories of ACL Fest 2006, Vol. I)
The Acoustics
the advertisements say the pleasure's everlasting
The Angry Mixcd
the animal i've become
The Anthology of 1985, Volume Three
The AOTM Allstars : Discs One & Two
The AOTM Allstars : Discs Three & Four
The Art of Storytelling, Pt. 1
the autodidact
The Beatles "Souvenir"
The Benefits of Being Alive: Best of B&S
The Best Of 2005 - Let's end it here
The Best Of 2006 vol. 1
The Best of 69 Love Songs
The Best of The New Leif Allstars (or Look What You Can Find in the Remainder Bin!)
The Biggest Boss
The Bill of Rights (List of Slights) (May 2006)
The Biography Channel
The Birds (But Not The Bees)
The Black Winds
The Blackened Sky
The B-side of Happiness
The Casualty
The Child in Me
The Clear Expression of Mixed Feelings
The Connection
The Conversation: with doowad and avocado rabbit
The Cool One
The crumbs of love I've left behind
The Cult Mixtape Vol.1
The Dance of Brotherly Love
The Dandy Warhols (Best Of)
The Dark Side of the Great Divide or Fun Time at the Gallows
The Death and Rebirth of my Soul: The Best of 2009
The Decisions We Make Are Final
The Deer Hair/Musical EP (Fully Mixed and Produced)
The Devil Makes Work for Barry & Gobi
The Devil Makes Work For Barry Et Cliff
The Devil Makes Work for Ed & Barry
The Devil Makes Work for Markus und Barry
The Devil Makes Work For Sam & Barry
The Difference Between Satellites and Shooting Stars
The Dingo Ate Your Baby
the dipped cigarette
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
The Dog & Pony Show
The Don Low Vol. 3
The Earth Blasted it's Mind
the eleventh of never v13
The End Has Come... Look to the Sky
The End of the World
The failure, and the one that helped
The First Sunburn Of The Season
The Formula of Pop
The Gain of Electrons is Reduction, Obviously
The Games We Played
The Geniuses Of Writing
The Girl With Ska In Her Eyes
the glow of the snow.
the going away girly party
The Goodbye Girl
The Goth-est Winter Ever
The Great '80s Elektra Singles, Vol. One
The Greenhouse Effect: Summer Party Project, disc 2
The Gypsy in Our Soles
The Hallowing Of A Obeyed Soul
the happiest mix i've ever made
The Hardcore Punk
The Hopelessly Tragic Romantic
The Hopelessly Tragic Romantic
The I-Can't-Wait Road Trip Mix
The iPod on Shuffle
the kids are all right.
The KKK Took My Baby Away
The Late Night Let's Get Drunk, and Shoot Our Ex's Mix
The Letter A
The Light Side of the Great Divide or Take Me Home and Rock the Bed Out the Door
The Light Within (Part 2)
The Light Within (Part 3)
The Little Black Dress
The Longer Your Pretend You're Happy: The More You Punish Yourself
The Loss Of One
The Luxury Gap presents: Lost '80s Classics Volume 1
The Monsters From The Garage
the most gigantic lying mixtape of all time
the mutual appreciation society
The nation is doomed...let's get in a spaceship and find a planet that throws dance parties
The Nerve and Gall of The Tumbledryer Babies and The Cover Versions From Mars
The New Leif Allstars Reunion Tour (The Smuggled Audio Tapes #1)
the new one
the new year
The Next Time She Beats the Wrong Jeep: Carrie Underwood parody mix
the nightlife
the no name mix
The Notorious GHB
the obligatory
The Other Side of Funk
The Owen Graf Sacrificial
The Paper Airplane Mix
The People I Met in Heaven
The People I Met in Hell
The perfect crime pays just fine
the perfect title.
The Perils of Medical Marijuana (Not Exactly The Best of Jack White)
The Phat Mix
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me!)
The proles
the raveonettes: beware of raving danes! [revised x 2]
The Recent Past
the red between us
The Return Of Subway Joe (Falivena vs. blasikin, round 2)
The Revenge of Love Songs for Geeks
The Saddest Music in the World
The Secrets We Take To The Grave
The Sky Tonight at Sundown Looked Like God Himself
the smallest things are crushing me now
The Songs of 2006
The Sounds of Summer Vol. 1
The Sounds of Summer Vol. 2
The Sounds of Summer Vol. 3
The Sounds of Summer Volume One
The Sounds of Summer Volume Two
the sounds of the rising son
the soundtrack of our mediocre lives
The Starlet
The Summer of Freedom
The Summer Soundtrack
The Task at Hand
The Uh Uh Uh
The Ultimate Summer Playlist Volume 1: Summers Here and the Time is Right
The Ultimate Summertime Playlist Volume 2: The Dog Days of Summer
The Ultimate Workout Mix!!!
The Unessential OMBLive
The universe can show mercy.
The universe has bigger plans for you and I
The Universe is Designed to Break Your Heart
The Usual Suspects
the view from Meat Mt_02
the war's been going on in your heart tonight / and life is just bets anyway: with >toxotronic< & natalyesaurus
The Weekenders
The White Stripe's Anthology Vol. 1: Jack White's Juke Box (The Director's Cut)
The White Witch Mix II
The World Was A Mess, But Her Hair Was Perfect
The Worlds Loneliest Lovers
The Wretched Life of a Lonely Heart
thee traditional olde-skoole doorag
Their Revolution, Our Rebellion
There Will Be Feasting And Dancing In Jerusalem Next Year
There's nothing better than wearing your big-ass (Disc 1+2)
There's Nothing Like Living in a Bottle
There's Nothing to be gained from this, But disaster
These Birds Fucking Hate Each Other
These SHOULD Have Been My Graduation Songs
These Will Keep You Company
They Are Their Own Storytellers
They Call Me Mastah Fresh
They Can't All Be Ballads
They say it fades,if you let it.
they took the children
They're pacing Piccadilly in packs again
Third Annual Jane Schools Casey Mix (for the holidays)
thirteen's an unlucky number
This is a mix where the song titles form a poem
This is the First Day of the Future and All I Want is You
this is what it is
this is why I can't look at you
This isn't a mix disc, it's a robbery
This isn't flying; It's falling with style
This ketchup stain is not in vain
This must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays
This Song Explains Why I'm Leaving Home to Become a Stewardess
This song is here to keep you strong.
This was Blue Nun Telegraph #1
This was Blue Nun Telegraph #2
This was Blue Nun Telegraph #3
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #4
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #5
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #6
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #7
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #8
This Was Blue Nun Telegraph #9
This was Multimedia: Trees #1
This was Multimedia: Trees #10
This was Multimedia: Trees #11
This was Multimedia: Trees #12
This was Multimedia: Trees #13
This was Multimedia: Trees #14
This was Multimedia: Trees #15
This was Multimedia: Trees #16
This was Multimedia: Trees #17
This was Multimedia: Trees #18
This was Multimedia: Trees #19
This was Multimedia: Trees #2
This was Multimedia: Trees #20
This was Multimedia: Trees #21
This was Multimedia: Trees #22
This was Multimedia: Trees #23
This was Multimedia: Trees #3
This was Multimedia: Trees #4
This was Multimedia: Trees #5
This was Multimedia: Trees #6
This was Multimedia: Trees #7
This was Multimedia: Trees #8
This was Multimedia: Trees #9
This was The Leisure Hive #1 - TIME
This was The Leisure Hive #10 - EXOTICA
This was The Leisure Hive #11 - GARAGE
This was The Leisure Hive #12 - ROOMS & ENCLOSURES
This was The Leisure Hive #13 - NEW YORK
This was The Leisure Hive #14 - CHANGES
This was The Leisure Hive #2 - FUTURISM
This was The Leisure Hive #3 - BOB DYLAN SPECIAL
This was The Leisure Hive #4 - ALT_ERED STATES
This was The Leisure Hive #5 - SAMPLE-BASED
This was The Leisure Hive #6 - RELATIONSHIPS
This was The Leisure Hive #7 - TACIT
This was The Leisure Hive #8 - NARRATIVE
This was The Leisure Hive #9 - FORMATIVE
This Will Be The Death Of You
This Year Has Two Hours and Forty Minutes - Disc 1
This Year Has Two Hours and Forty Minutes - Disc 2
Those endless ends that can't be tied
Though The Walls Crash Upon Me
through the fallouts (from the beginning)
Thugs and Cowboys
Thursdays List
Time to make the Donuts
Tino - Gazing at emptiness (Rare Grooves 10 ..)
Tino - Let's dance friday night, let's be friends (Rare Grooves 7 .. at radio Deep House)
Tiny Little Robots
TMC 12: Here ya go, big guy
To A Girl Who Will Only Be A Friend
to a man of many talents, of wondrous eyes, of kindred heart:
to fcuking life, M
To jules, with love.
To: My Soul
Tom Waits - Serial Killer
Tonight We'll Play Some Music and Have Fun
Too Old To Cut The Mustard
too young to be married
toothpaste pop
Top 10 Songs of 2010 (So Far)
Top 30 in 2006
top10 break up
tornadoZ and DJ Karen Adams Present...Sweet Music & Soft Lights
Touching The TSA's Junk
Tower Theater Set
Traditional Jazz Mix
Trance LIST
Trane: The Definitive Collection
Tranquil (For me anyways)
Transatlantic Soundclash
Transitions Suck.
Travel Tracks
Trees Are Our Friends
Trial mix
Tricks & Treats
Trippy Autumn Afternoon-Fall '06
Trix R 4 Hos
Tropical Hot Dog Night
Tropical Hot Dog Nights
troubled trees
tuf sounds
Turning Into Dust & A Little of Yeah Yeah
TV Shows
TV Wants to Plug into Enchillada Casserole
Twelve Steps To Heaven
Twenty Five for 25 (her birthday mix)
twenty little pickles
Twice Shy
two way monologue
U is 4
Ugly Mix for Kristen
UK & US Pop Top 20 from 1973-75 with sammyg123 (2nd Half)
Ultimate Mix Challenge
Ultra-fantastic headphones over a hat that says Rigid (Disc 3+4)
Unassuming Guest Hostess
Unbuttoned Dewdrops Velcroed to a Cold, Cold May
Unearthing of the Forgotten Mix-Tape
Unexpected Musical Disasters
Unfinished Random
United 93 (unofficial single-song soundtrack)
unmarked cassette of destiny
untitled #1
Untitled Mix
Untitled: Disc Three
Untitled: Disc Two
Up and Out: The Brothers of Beat
Up nd Above
Upbeat Twang
Upon reflecting on your smile and body
V is for
Valentine's Day Mix
Variations V.01
Variety - I love it!
Version Theory
Veterans Day Mix
Vibrant Sound
Victoria, Summer & Kate
Vienna Waits for You
Vietanm music
Violetly Violent
Viva Happiness
W is for
Wait 40 Minutes Before Swimming
Waiting for The Great Pumpkin to arrive: Halloween Mix
Waiting on a Friend: Come On Baby Cover Me: Volume Two
Waits in Wrigleyville
Wake up and PUNCH somebody!
wake up kids, we've got the dreamer's disease.
Wander Lust- Leaving For No Reason ( Or Every Reason)
warm enough to breathe sweat.
washing up with your hands whilst dancing with your feet
Wasting my money on bills and ass
Wat up
wats ups
Wave Goodbye To The Circus And Don't Cry
We Communicate Through Other People or what's he sayin'?
We Say Party With the Lights On: Disc 1
We Take Whippersnapping Seriously
We you belong to no one, you belong to everyone :)
Wearing Your Soul On The Outside: A Birthday Mix For Marissa Mott
Wedding Dance Party
wedding mix
Wedding Mix Fast Songs I
Wedding Mix Fast Songs II
Wedding Mix Fast Songs III
Wedding Mix Slow Songs I
Wedding Mix Slow Songs II
Wedding Mix Slow Songs III
Week 01
Weetzie Bat
weightless, you are exotic
Welcome In
Welcoming Spring
We'll Meet Again, Don't Know Where, Don't Know When
Well... Nevermind
what are the best songs of the millenium?
What Did You Hear? a Q&A Mix
what gives this mess some grace
what happened to the man who got everything he asked for?
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
What is the Half-Life of a Teenage Queen?
What it is we've done wrong
What Kinda Christmas?: Lump of Coal Mix
What My Inspirations Inspirations Are...
What My Inspirations Inspirations Are... 2 (The Pop-Punk Edition)
What place has no wind?: A Soundtrack to a late night anxiety attack
What the Heart Moniter Really Heard
What the Heart Moniter Really Heard
What the Heart Moniter Really Heard
what up
What was his name again???
What we listened to after we put our radio to sleep.
What we listened to after we put our radio to sleep.Vol. 2
What You'd Least Expect
Whatever my life is going to be, it isn't going to happen here. (Still, I'll miss you.)
Whatever you do, don't be bored.
Whatever you want.
What's on YOUR Tape 001 ~ So What? by Danny ~
What's on YOUR Tape 002 ~ Untitled Monday by Ryan M. ~
What's on YOUR Tape 003 ~ Get That Haircut Off Your Head by Kris ~
What's on YOUR Tape 004 ~ No Present Like Time by Brogues ~
What's on YOUR Tape 005 ~ Something To Believe by Alistair ~
What's on YOUR Tape 006 ~ Another Jangly Mix by TJ Cruz ~
whats playing on my mp3
What's The Addiction??
What's The Altitude?
What's With The Newness?
when cameron was in egypts land..let my cameron gooo..
When Geri left the Spice Girls
when i think about you, i hate myself
when i think of autumn, i think of you.
when i'm missing you
When It Rains, It Floods.
When Pink Elephants Survive
when the palm trees bow their heads
When words my just aren't enough
When Yer Twenty-Two
When You Dream About me, You Are Mine..
when you smile, it is like a song
When You're 64 Part 2
When you're crying alone at night... listen to this. (And then stop taking yourself so seriously.)
Where Did Chris Go?
Where Did The Tower Go? Happy 10th Anniversary MixTape for Firestation Records!
Where do you live? Where do you eat?
where i was from
Where's the Fire?
wherever you go / wherever you land
whiskey sours
whispyness girliness
Whistling in the Dark (with Musikitty and Avocado Rabbit)
Who is Blankenship? The Official Soundtrack
Who really wants to see things in blinding white
Whole LOTTa Love
Whole Pleasures
Who's The Boss Of You Now?
Why Do You Ask?
Why You Always Breaking My Balls? The Sopranos Finest
Wild Women Don't Get The Blues
Wild Youth
Wildwood and Ocean City NJ
Will Friday Really Be Good?
Win Amp 104
Winter Beats 2005
Winter Chill 2003
Winter is Blue
Winter Light at Midnight
Winter sounds like this sometimes
Winter Workout 2005 : "Nice"
Wisdom's Waltz
Wishful Thinking
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair
with love
Without Words pt 1
Wonderfully Sublime in Fall
Woods 1
Word To The Mother Load
Words of God
Work Mix 1
Work Crew 2006
WORK IT: Mix for Holly at work
Work That Body
working it, working out
Working Man Blues
working on it
would you like some of my tangerine?
WTF 2: Castillos hechos de arena
X [Act 1]
X [Act 2]
X [Act 3]
X is For
x's and o's
Y is for
Y Scool: Stick to Cymbalism
Yay! for leaves
Yeah, go on. Play, Harmonica. Play, so you can't bullshit. (Another Frankenstein Mix)
Year of Magical Thinking
Year of The Rat
Year Of The Rat
Year of the Tiger
Year Of The Yoko And Voodoo Snakes
Yes or No
Yes, Thats My Name... (an Ode to Sara)
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
You & Me
You & Me, Up In a Tree
( M - I - X - I - N - G )

You Are Beautiful.
You Bowl Me Over! The 80's Collection
You Came To Save Me, Didn't You?
You Can Dance to This
You can leave your hat on: songs for not wearing pants to
you can tell everybody
You Know What They Say About the Young (Mix #1)
You know when you get that home-y feeling that you don't want to lose?
You Made This
you pray for rain...ill pray for blindness
you say you don't love me
You Show Me Yours and I Will Show You Mine
You Was Butterflying
you who never arrived
you will have a boy tonight and you hope that she will see: with sammyg123 & natalyesaurus
You wont let those robots defeat me
You'll Probably Hate Everything On This Mix But Happy Birthday Anyway
You'll Tell Me When I'm Alright
Young and with no clue
Young Mans Blues
Young Music for Old People
your money baby testing
your tongue in my mouth & my hand up your shirt
You're a Star in Nobody's Eyes but Mine
You're Old Dan! Vol. 1
you're the only interesting thing at the cafeteria
youth. alcohol. freedom. cigarettes. fridays.
youth. alcohol. freedom. cigarettes. fridays.
Z is for
Zach's Life Project for Bird
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies Like Birthdays, Too