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A slight remark turns to shark
Catherine liked high places: A Polly Jean Harvey mix
MORRICONE Deluxe: Les Donnas
"...and we all went to heaven in a little row boat." (Best of Radiohead I)
"ages ago, i confessed" >> DELUXE TRUX vol. 9
"ain't talking to you, and i ain't comin' out"
"always different, always the same"
"Blink" - a fictional Sonic Youth EP
"Bugg Superstar"
"Choose another's form and make it THINE!"
"Come Back"
"down there ... somewhere, it's my first ever 'my cunt rocks' shirt"
"Dreams, they complicate my life"- 20 reasons to love r.e.m.
"GET SMASHED" >> deluxe trux vol. 2
"Go It Alone" (The Best of Beck)
"Good Evening Were Joy Division"
"he drinks and thinks about a girl who lies" (a bouncing souls compilation)
"He's got books to help you with your life..."
"his trousers melt like sugar candy"
"humility has buoyancy and above us only sky"
"I am Human and I Need to be Loved"
"I am not Jesus but I have the same initials."
"I can't stand up for falling down" The Best of Elvis Costello
"I Didn't Want Myself to be in the Center of the Music Anymore." -- Brian Eno
"I have reason to believe you can turn me on" - the least objectionable of the Bonzo Dog Band
"i hope i never see the ocean again": a collection of songs by ani difranco
"I Respect You. And Your Gender."
"I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die...": The Best of Johnny Cash
"If you don't believe this, sell your soul; If you don't get into it, no one will." (Radiohead II)
"If you will suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions."
"I'll only buy a book for the way it looks, & I'll stick it on the shelf again."
"Is it New York or New Year?" (The Basher Anthology, Disc 3)
"It Sounds Like A Guitar And A Bunch Of Whining"
"jeremy ROCKED in class today!" the best of pearl jam
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beatles! Let's Bring Them On..."
"My Train Of Thought Went Off The Rails": A Squeeze Retrospective 1985-1998
"Once upon a time" leaves me empty
"put 'em to work" >> DELUXE TRUX vol. 8
"Ryan Adams Is A Prolific Motherfucker": His Greatest (Disc 1)
"Ryan Adams Is Taunting Me": His Greatest (Disc 2)
"ryan adams: songs that make my toes curl,
"Security's so *tight* tonight!" (The Basher Anthology, Disc 1)
"Tell the March-hare We Have Heaven" - Yes 1971-77
"The Dude Abides" - The Best Of, 1994-2007
"The Glory Of Greg" - Originals of Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers cover versions...
"The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You"- A collection of Smashing Pumpkins songs
"The Killer": If You Get On The Piano Believe It
"the love you take", The Very Best Of The Beatles (double CD)
"The Zombies? Sure I know 'em, they opened for Cannibal Corpse when they played here some years ago"
"Wanted Everything Thing To Stop That Bad"- Best of Elliott Smith
"We are Hope, Despite the Times." - 21 more reasons to love r.e.m.
"when water misbehaves"
"You And Me, Have a Disease" - The Best of Bad Religion
"you got me writing lyrics on postcards"
"You really like my seven-inch leather heels...."
"You'll drown in my Funk Doc aqueducts": A mix of Reggie Noble
"You're so *nice* on drugs..." (The Basher Anthology, Disc 2)
#1 Must Have Sleater Kinney Mix
$3 Significant Flavored Hot Dog Water
((Holy Soul)) Jelly Roll: Bitesize
(don't) do the standing still (to the dismemberment plan)
(This is the answer. Turn the page for the question.)
* Live Long and Propser: The T'Pau Vulcan Mix
* the magnetic fields : 42% of love
*john mellencamp: cougar tracks, v. 2
*keane: neato
*the animals: menagerie
*the doors: the windows
*the zombies: of the non-flesh-eating variety
...And in the End: Later Beatles
...And This is What the Devil Does
...and you ask yourself...
...And You Will Know Them: An Introduction To ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
...But I Don't Remember Saying Goodbye (Ryan Adams)
...dreaming with Norah Jones
...featuring Jack White (Also Not Exactly the Best of Jack White)
...featuring Jack White (Also Not Exactly the Best of Jack White)
...it'll jerk your head back good...
[language just happened.][a bright eyes mix.]
[P] - Portishead Mix
[QOTSA] i wish we could get away, drink wine and screw
[synapes to synapes.][death cab for cutie.]
Blue Rodeo - Photographs
"He can ride down Niagara Falls in the barrels of your skull": A Bob Dylan miscellany
The Heir to the Ducal Crown is the Egyptian Sun God from the Planet Saturn: The Life and Times of Herman P. Blount
"Oh, oh, smother me mother..."
The WildHearted Outsiders ( A 2Cd Dexys Anthology )
Buttercup Summers: George Ivan Morrison and Romance's Universal Round
DAVID BOWIE: Time Travel 1974-1979
DAVID BOWIE: Time Travel 1980-1986
The BEATLES: Pure White
FINAL FANTASY VII: Still More Fighting
DAVID BOWIE: Time Travel 1969-1973
DEPECHE MODE: A La Mode 1981-1983
DEPECHE MODE: A La Mode 1984-1986
DEPECHE MODE: A La Mode 1987-1990
COWBOY BEBOP: Collected Sessions
DAFT PUNK'S Final Exam
CHRONO CROSS: Harle's Humongous Harmonies
Great Gittin' Up Mornin'
Introducing...AMY WINEHOUSE
1:07.31 hours of POW!
Fiona Apple - The Second Taste
Rock Blockin' Eats (DJ Karen Adams Extra Tasty Crispy Mix)
Artie Shaw Rarities
c h a k a h o l i c
+Movie MasterpieceS+
Everybody's Gone Surfin': The Ultimate Beach Boys, Volume 1 (1961-1965)
Hold On, Dear Brother: The Ultimate Beach Boys, Volume Three (1970-1977)
Hypnotized: The Wilderness Years of Fleetwood Mac
Listen Up! (An Oasis Anthology)
Looking Forward To Seeing You: A Golden Smog Collection
One More Time: A Joe Jackson Collection
Only Cool: A Brief Introduction To Cotton Mather and Future Clouds & Radar
Save Me: An Aimee Mann Anthology
Teenage Symphonies To God: The Ultimate Beach Boys, Volume Two (1966-1969)
=W= - Cheese smells so good on a burnt peice of lamb
10 Years Later: My Nirvana 25
1000 Shades of Grey (disc 1)
1000 Shades of Grey (disc 2)
104. "When Everything Dies, All is Violent, & All is Bright"
109. Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind!
114. From Her To Eternity.
12 Songs By The Verve
121. This Is Our Sound / Ladytron.
122. A Truth Quietly Told / The Black Heart Procession.
129. La noyTe
130. J'y suis Jamais allT
135. Kuu Lohduttaa Huolestuneita
14 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields
140. 1st second of forever
141. 2nd second of forever
142. 3rd second of forever
148. Memory Loves You
16. Hot Snakes
17 Reasons to Love Billy Joel
17 Songs of Big Country
2 Sexy
2.21.92 Club Front Rehearsals
2.99 a Story: A Regina Spektor Mix for Lacy
20 More Reasons to Love U2
20 Reasons To Love Ash
20 Reasons to Love David Bowie or: How I learned to stop worrying and trust Major Tom
20 Reasons To Love Elvis Costello
20 Reasons to Love Radiohead
20 Reasons To Love The Greatest Band In The Whole World Ever
20 Reasons To Love The Moody Blues
20 Reasons To Love Tom Petty (aka "Dogs With Wings")
20 Reasons to Love U2
20 Reasons to Love YO LA TENGO
21 Tunes of Dreams So Real
28 Hits Of X
28 reasons to love the Beatles
29 Love Songs : A 69 Love Songs Sampler
3 ep's: josh rouse/jeff hanson/joseph arthur
3 ep's: the b-52's/imperial teen/rilo kiley
3 ep's: the divine comedy/rialto/richard hawley
3 ep's: thom yorke/arcade fire/belle and sebastian
3 x 3EB Remix
311 got the boom ya'll
4 ep's: petula clark/dusty springfield/nancy sinatra/dionne warwick
40 Licks: Rage Against The Machine Part I
40 Licks: Rage Against The Machine Part II
40 Licks: The White Stripes Part I
40 Licks: The White Stripes Part II
50 Kazillion Britons Can't Be Wrong: 19 Favorites From The Beautiful South
Walk With...Me...

54. Numeral Beauty
5687 Seconds of Teenage Fanclub
59. We will Walk the Line
6 of one, a half dozen of the other, TIMES 2! the Aquabats play 24 songs for you!
7 Weeks of River Walkways
83. E.d.w.a.r.d.s.
88. Til The Day I Die
a beautiful boy in an ugly town
A Beginner's Guide to the Scorpions
a big 'load' of metallica
A Boy In a Basement With a 4-Track Machine
A Brief Introduction To Studio Phish (2 cdr)
A Brief Introduction To Television
A Children's First Primer on the Life and Works of Sufjan Stevens
A Child's Introduction to Bob Dylan
A Child's Introduction to The Clash
A Chock Full of Pinhead Gunpowder
A Chock Full Of Pinhead Gunpowder II
A Concise History of The Loud Family
A Cure
A Cure for the Summertime Blues
A Cure mix for Jenni
A Dandy Sampling
A Different Kind Of Blue
A feast of borrowed wisdom
A Fond Farewell: An Introduction to Elliott Smith
A ghost is no rival to a vampire - A Quasi Best of
A Ghost is Reborn
A Glimmer of Light (1)
A Glimmer Of Light (2)
A Guide for Alcoholism
A Heart Shaped Hole in the Ground
a horror of rooms: a Bowie mix 4 Pam
A Kinks Kronology, 1964-1969 (2-CD Deluxe Edition)
A Kinks Kronology, 1970-1984 (2-CD Deluxe Edition)
A Kool Keith Kristmas
a little - u-two - ten song achtung taster
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
A Little Bit Of Heaven: The Darling Buds Compiled
a little Tom Waits for Keith
A Living Dream of Truth
A Man for All Seasons: An Al Stewart Collection
A Man on a Porcupine Fence
A Million Faces At My Feet: Bob Dylan Acoustic 1961-1993
A Million Miles, A Million Girls, A Million Real Good Times
A Mix Built for Comfort: An Introduction to Howlin' Wolf
A Mix for Emily: An Introduction to the Zombies
A Mix for The Doors Aficionado
A Mix To Educate My Peers in the American Idol Generation About the Genius of Bob Dylan - Vol. 1
A moment with you in a half-lit world
A Moody Mix
a newfound interest in bright eyes
A perfect prescription for music
A Perfect Sonnet: Bright Eyes
A Radar to the Scene: The Ryan Adams Listener
A Reminder: Punchdrunk Talk Show Hosts Never Wash Up After Themselves
A Saint For Seamen (turbonegro)
A Salute to the Late,
Great Bo Diddley

A season ticket on a one-way ride
A Small Dose Of Depeche Mode
A Smooth Power Hour: Diamond High Life
A solitary music for the lonely (v2.0)
A Song For You: The Music of Gram Parsons
A Sort of Homecoming
A Spoonful of Secrets: E.P.'s, Singles, B-Sides & Radio Tracks from Spoon
a starlight in the gloom [primer series]
A Still Life Watercolor: A Simon & Garfunkel Overview
A Student's Guide to Stevens: Third Book
A Sudden Memory: The Best of Better Than Ezra
A Taste of the Original Bee Gees (1967-72)
A Taste of the Original Bee Gees (2nd Helping)
a test
a trapdoor in the sun: a pearl jam chronology
A Tribe Called Quest-Hits & B-Sides
A Venture
A Venture: Progressions of Yes
A Very Bright Eyes Brady Bunch
A Voice About To Break With Sadness (a tribute to Ron Sexsmith)
A Well Respected Man (or he should be)
a wilco indoctrination
A World of Influences
abba: ABBA for the SAAB [revised]
About Forbidden Facts; You can Plan These Transatlantic Photos... A Death Cab Introduction
About Your Dreams and Orange Soda, Tea Leaves, TV, More...
Absolutely Fabulous! Its a Pet Shop Boys mix!
AC/DC- A Salute to Saint Bon Scott
Acknowledge Me: The Symbol Years
Across The Universe
Across the Universe: 25 Beatles Songs
adam raised a cain
Adopted - Orphans No More
Advanced Benjamin Gibbard 201 (Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, All-Time Quarterback)
AeP -- collected autechre non-album tracks
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits (expanded)
Afternoons of smoke and wine
aimee gold
Aimee Mann Mix: Can't denial let me believe?
Ain't No Good Thing Ever Dies
Al Green Mixtape
Alabama Thunderpussy Mix
Alanis Morissette - Singles 1995-2005
Alice In Chains
Alice in Chains....The Best of
All dressed up like an Elvis from Hell
All Grown Up: Elvis Costello 1983-2006 (2-CD Deluxe Edition)
All Horns 'N Thorns
All I want was for you to stay strange - A Best of Red Red Meat
All Kylie, ALL THE TIME!
All my Riley Pucketts
All of the animals are occasionally murderous.
all of this is nothing new.
All that lives is born to die (2 CDs)
All The Bakers At Dawn: The Collected Shins
All the Five Iron Frenzy That Money Can Buy
All The Old Showstoppers: The New Pornographers Anthology
all the people that you're standing on - a crowded house mix
All the Way From Boylan Heights
All These Tragic Wonders
All Tomorrow's Parties
All We Want (is to hear something from BLUR!)
All you need is faith to hear that diesel humming
All You Need To Know
All Your Crimes Are Forgiven
All Your Love Is Not Enough - A Jesse Malin Compilation
All your private property is a target for your enemy
Almost Blue
Almost Made It: Bela Fleck Rarities & Live
Already Gone Are The People Who Wander
Alternative to What?
Although We're Poor Our Love Has Greater Wealth Than Hughes Himself
Always (stevie wonder)
Always No Sad Ends (Part One)
Always No Sad Ends (Part Two)
always under or above
Am I Still Ill? - An Introduction To The Smiths, By A Hopeful Junkie
Ambitious Outsider: Morrissey
Amelia F.
amelia fletcher : twee queen
American Years (Johnny Cash)
an 18 song Introduction to the world of Ted Leo (for Sarah)
An Act of Preservation - Best of the Kinks
An Angel's Dream: Songs Of Paula Frazer And Tarnation
An Autobiography through the Songs of Jonathan Richman
An Eagles Tribute, Vol. 1
An Eagles Tribute, Vol. 2
An Education in Less Than Jake
An Evening with Stephin Merritt
An Impossible Dream
An Inch Away From Heaven
an intro to gawker slowdown
An Introduction to Big Audio Dynamite - Disc 1
An Introduction to Big Audio Dynamite - Disc 2
An Introduction to Bob Dylan
An Introduction To David Bowie
An Introduction to Edwyn Collins
An Introduction to Grant McLennan
An Introduction to Matthew Sweet
An Introduction to Patty Griffin
An Introduction To Pixies
an introduction to the best band you've never heard
An Introduction to The Dandy Warhols
An Introduction to the Manic Street Preachers
An Introduction to Tom Waits Vol 1: Trampled Roses
An Introduction to Tom Waits Vol 2: Little Drops of Poison
An Introduction to Tom Waits Vol 3: Midnight Lullabies
An Open Container from 7-Eleven
And After All...: The Best of Oasis
and following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
And His Hair Was Perfect
And I'm Still Looking For a Life That Matters.
And it will not lose its appeal over years
And No One Ever Knew The Reason Why - Best of Sunny Day Real Estate
And One - The Best Of...
andy williams: makes perry como his bitch
Andy's Beatles 20
Angry Snatch
Ani DiFranco - 90% Metaphor
Ani Road Mix
another deep blue day
Another flashing chance at bliss (2 CDs)
Another goodbye to another good friend (2 CDs)
Another word for "nothing left to lose"
Anyone Could Be Your Brand New Love - Best of Sebadoh Vol 1
anyone for solitaire?: thom yorke solo gig
Anything Sounds Scary in German: a RAMMSTEIN mix
Ape/Man (4 K.)
ApheX TwiN
Apples and Oranges
april march: february january
Are You Guys Into Wings?
are you hungry?
Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a brunnete?
Artie Shaw Extras
Artists only.
as the day stops dead
as typical as a tragedy: the songs of joe pernice
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes & filthy jokes (2 CDs)
ask me when I'm older
At Least That's What You Said
At Least That's What You Said
Attack of the Silkworm
Authentic Celestial Music - Dirty Three Compilation pt 1
axe or guitbox ?
Aye! The Good Ship Decemberists
Ayler For Lovers
azure ray [primer series]
azure ray: of light & shadow [revised]
azure ray: of light (and shadow)
B&S Forever!
babe, I got those nothing blues
Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast
Back Again: A Tommy Keene Anthology [2-cd Deluxe Edition]
Back in the USSR!
Back Pages
Bad Brains.
Bad Religion
Ballad of Big Nothing: An Elliott Smith Anthology
Ballantine's Day: Abangaku's BEST of SOPHIE B. HAWKINS
Bam! Beatles.
Bananas and Blow
Bardo Pond Sampler
Barenaked Ladies
Barenaked Ladies Mix
Bass. Heavy.
Bathroom Stalls Makeout Sessions
Bawstlerds (orphans jumble)
B-Boy Bouillabaise
BD's BMs: I must have been a real schmuck to write that.
Beachwood-Tyde Overdrive
Beacons On The Highway: An Introduction To Death Cab For Cutie
Beaks Instead of Eyes
Beastie Boys
Beatles - favourite mix
beatles for babies
Beatles for Bork
Beatles Mix I
Beatles Mix II
Beautiful Confusion: An Elliott Smith Mix
Beauty, sleep, love, sadness
Because He Can't Help It: Morrissey B-Sides Disc 1
Because He Can't Help It: Morrissey B-Sides Disc 2
Because The World is Round it Turns Me On
beck: beckollecktion [revised x 2]
beck: beckollecktion [revised]
becoming unwound
Bee Gees Best 1967-1969
Beer & Kisses: An Introduction To Amy Rigby
Before I Sputter Out: The Eels Best
Beginning to See the Light: A Brief Introduction to Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground
Believe In Instinct - A Bjork Mix
Belle & Sebastian - Glamour Profession
Belle & Sebastian mix
Belle & Sebastian: Storytelling - Best of
belle and sebastian..vol 1
belle and sebastian..vol 2
belle and sebastian: as twee as they wanna be, v. 1 [revised]
belle and sebastian: as twee as they wanna be, v. 2 [revised]
Ben Folds - B-Sides Ain't Shit
Ben Folds - Sunny D Graphic
Ben Folds Etcetera
Ben Folds: Live In My Car
ben gibbard sure does a lot of stuff
Best of : Modest Mouse
Best of Alanis
Best of Ben Folds (minus "Whatever...")
Best of Ben Harper V1
Best of Ben Harper V2
Best of Blink (182)
Best Of Dylan Live
Best of EBTG/Tracey Thorn
Best Of Elvis Costello
Best of FOW
Best of Jenny Lewis
Best of Jim Steinman: sans Meatloaf
Best Of Marvelous Three
Best of NIN
Best Of No Doubt
Best of Oasis
Best Of Ryan Adams. Part II
Best of Saves the Day
Best Of Smashing Pumpkins Vol. 1
Best Of Smashing Pumpkins Vol. 2
Best of The Divine Comedy
Best of the Manics: 1989-1995.
Best of the Manics: 1996-2004.
Best of The Slackers
Best of Third Eye Blind
Best Of U2, vol. 1
Best Of U2, vol. 2
Best Of Weezer (vol 1)
BEST OF: Radiohead Vol.1 (1990s)
BEST OF: Radiohead Vol.2 (2000s)
beth's beatles 20
Better Beautiful Than Perfect: An Introduction To Roger Clyne
Better Than Ezra mix
Better Than Ezra Mix
Better Than Ezra Rocks Better Than You
between the moon and you
Beulah Saves: An Introduction to Beulah
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
Big Bright Shiny Yellow Sun
Big Diesel Cat Power
Big Sky Country (Chris Whitley)
Big Star Mix
bill monroe - the father of bluegrass
Billy Corrigan: A Tribute to a Genius
Billy Sunday & His Shotgun Ragtime Band (Disc 1)
Billy Sunday & His Shotgun Ragtime Band (Disc 2)
Billy Sunday & His Shotgun Ragtime Band (Disc 3)
Billy Talent Hits
Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know
Birth of Bad - An Introduction to The Fall
Björk - Ice
Björk - Volcano
bj÷rk mix for a.
Bjork Like A Dog!
Bjork Remix Web (disc 1)
Bjork Remix Web (disc 2)
bjork: the thrill of them all mix (non-album tracks), 7/14/2001
black box recorder: sign-language maydays
Blake S.
Bleed Out Onto the Highways: A Modest Mouse Retrospective
Blind Boy Grunt: Palladium Storyteller
Blind idiot dub
blink-182: The Retrospective
BLOOD FLOWERS >> (listen to the morning) >> deluxe trux vol. 3
Blood springs, dead snow, blue skies (Discs 1 and 2)
Blood springs, dead snow, blue skies (Discs 3 and 4)
Blue Oyster Cult
Bluer than the bluest heaven (revisited)
Blues Laments: A Condensed History of Ben Harper
Blur: The Best Of
BNL: The Pre-"Stunt" Glory Years, or Steven Page Wrote Better Songs When He Was an Alcoholic
bob dylan
Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed: 1963-2001 (disc one)
Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed: 1963-2001 (disc three)
Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed: 1963-2001 (disc two)
Bob Dylan Folk Mix
Bob Dylan Mix 1: Duluth, MN
Bob Dylan Mix 2: Hibbing, MN
Bob Dylan: '67 - '74
bob dylan: dylanesque -- 1980-2000
bob dylan: dylanesque -- the '60s
bob dylan: dylanesque -- the '70s
Bob Dylan: Lingering in the Fireball Heat
Bob Dylan: Please, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Henry, Please!
Bob Dylan: Strike another match, go start anew, and it's all over now, Baby Blue
Bob Dylan's Latter Day Blue
Bob Mould & Friends: Your Favorite Things
Bob, Robbie, Levon, Rick, etc
bobby womack: midnight movers
Bon Jovi
Booker Little - You Try and Build Your Story and Resolve It
Borlands best
Born To Boogie: The Definitive T. Rex (expanded 2-cd edition)
Born with a plastic spoon in my mouth (Disc 1)
Born with a plastic spoon in my mouth (Disc 2)
Born with a plastic spoon in my mouth (Disc 3)
bounds, of course we know no bounds
Bowie Setlist: Fox Theater - St. Louis (5-11-04)
Boy Three Girl
Brand New - Sam Old (B-Sides & Rarities)
Brian Eno ... Revisited
Brian Eno Sings
Brian Eno Sings
bridges and boundaries vol. one
bridges and boundaries vol. two
Bright Eyes
bright eyes [primer series]
bright eyes for tara
bright eyes v2.0 [primer series]
Bright Eyes, Low Clouds
bright just like the stars above me
Brinsley Schwarz: A Whole Lotta B.S.
Briorian Chants
broder daniel forever
Bruce Hornsby: The Way It Was
Bruce Springsteen Volume 1 of 4: Studio Recordings 1973-1987
Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Non-Greatest Hits
Bryan Ferry - Beware Bête Noire
Bryan Ferry - Something's Gotta Give
B-Sides & Rarities
Buddy Ebsen Loves The Night
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Drugs, Drugs, Drugs!
Built To Spill mix
Built to Spill/Doug M.
bump bump had a heart attack
Burn Girl
Bush mix
But Someone's Listening In...
Butch 101
Butterscotching Of Montreal
By The Old Central Station I Sat Down And Wept
Bye Bye Pride: A Tribute to Grant McLennan
CAKE MIX: yummy goodness from the (music) box
Cake or Death? Ummm... Cake please!
Cake Stuff
calexico: portmanteau but not a suitcase
Call it confusion in the best way possible - Idlewild
Can You Dig It?
Cannibal Corpse
Can't Knock The Hustle: The Best of Jay-Z, CD1
Can't Knock the Hustle: The Best of Jay-Z, CD2
Can't sing, ain't pretty and my legs are thin
Canthology 2
Captain Beefheart, straight and twisted
Captain, My Captain: An Introduction to Captain Beefheart
Car Music : Beatles and Lennon
Carmalizing the Portly Postman:I don't mind if you get outa your mind!Do ya mind if I get outa mine?
Cars Cant Escape
Casey's Beatles 20
cat power: meow mix
Catch the blast of a hype verse
Catching Green: A Collection of Saves The Day Songs
catherine wheel songs ppl don't normally put on a best of catherine wheel mix
catherine wheel: kill rhythm volume one
catherine wheel: kill rhythm volume two
Cease To Resist
Celibate Like Morrissey
Cemetary Polka
Cex mix
cftpa- best of
Chained to the mirror and the razorblade (2 CDs)
Change my Life
chasin' middle age I'm pacin' in my cage tonight
chichando con surfer rosa - the pixies
Chicory Chick: Anita O'Day
Chillin' With The Bobfather Vol. 1 (Bob Dylan)
Chillin' With The Bobfather Vol. 2 (Bob Dylan)
Chilly Gonzales, The Worst MC!
choking trojan: an introduction to placebo
Chris Cornell Anthology
christmas with saint etienne
Christy Moore - A life of song
Chronicles Of Bob
Chuck Berry's 80th Birthday Tribute Rolling Stones Mix
Clash City Rockers
Classic Kaempfert - Vol. 1
Classic Kaempfert - Vol. 2
Cleaning Out the Closet, Volume 2-Lay My Hands on Heaven: Nine Inch Nails
Cleaning Out the Closet, Volume 3-Red Velvet: Outkast
Close to Me...The Cure
Cocaine Blues: A Johnny Cash Compilation
cocteau twins - vol one
cocteau twins - vol three
cocteau twins - vol two
Coincidence Makes Sense (Best of Bjork)
coldplay: long live the milquetoast kings!
coldplay: revenge of the touchy-feely toffs
Collected Cocteaus 1982-1986
Combed my hair in a thousand ways...
Come Fly With Me : Essential Sinatra, Disc 1 of 2
Come Fly With Me : Essential Sinatra, Disc 2 of 2
Come let's probe these blackened eyes
Come On, Sweet Catastrophe
confusion with a mrs. crocodile
Cool As Hell Like E-Mail, Timeless Like A Letter: The Best Of Butch Walker
Copenhagen, I've Never Seen You Look This Bright
Corleone Hold the Throne
Cornelius: My Favorite Monkey
cos we're painted birds by our design
cosmic rough riders: 9 lives
cosmopolitan: the best of blueboy
Countdown to XTC
Counting Crows greatest hits
counting crows: murders incorporated
Country Blues-Doc Watson
Covered In Dust
Covered with Cash
Cowboy Junkies
Cranes, Legionnaires, Soldiers, Butchers, Chimbley Sweeps, and One Angry Mariner
CRAZY (DJ Karen Adams Fallen World Mix) - Gnarls Barkley
Crazy Is Just Another Point Of View
Creatures From The Black Leather Lagoon
creedence clearwater revival: rainmaking
crime mob
Cue every memory at half speeds
Currnet 93
cuz i am a poem heeding hyper-distillation
Daisy Dead Petals
damien rice - oddities
Damien Rice: Live and Rare I
Damien Rice: Live and Rare II
Damn You Ruined Me
Damn, Sam (I Love a Ryan Adams Mix CD)
Dan Bern: Throw it in the Trash and Kiss it!
Dan Loves Laurie
Dance Around In Your Bones: A Tom Waits Collection Disc 1
Dance Around In Your Bones: A Tom Waits Collection Disc 2
Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio
Dance Hall Hips, Pretentious Quips
Dance So Differently: A Beginner's Guide to Ludus
Dance the Devil Back Into His Hole: Best of The Frames
Dance the Magic Dance
Dancing a Jig With The Murphys
Dancing With The Women At The Bar (Whiskeytown)
Dandy Like You: The Collected Dandy Warhols
dar williams: dar to be different
Dark flak spiders bursting in the sky
Darn You John Darnielle: The Mountain Goats Mix
Dave Matthews (Jam) Band
Dave Matthews Band Mix
dave matthews band: hold the jam
Dave's Beatles 20
David Bowie - The selected works of ... (2 cd's)
David Bowie - Transmissions from Ground Control
David Bowie: Hitting An All-Time Low
Dax Sampler
Day Tripper
Daylight is good at arriving at the right time.
Dead End Streets (The Best of The Streets)
Death Cab 1 Year Today
Death Cab For Cutie
Death Cab From A Paper Cup - Best Of The Barsuk Years
Death or Glory: An Introduction to The Clash
Death Rides A Horse...
Decade (& a half): Neil Young 1966-1981, vol. 1-2
Decade (& a half): Neil Young 1966-1981, vol. 3-4
Decadence - The First 10 Years of R.E.M.
December 8th... must have a John Lennon overdose
Decemberistsongs: An Introduction to the Decemberists
DEEP COUNTRY SORCERER >> deluxe trux vol. 4
Deep in the halls of the damned
Deep Purple
Deep Purple At The BBC
deep red belle: the deeds that have made neko case
Deer stop.
Defending The Very Nearly Indefensible: A Look at Elton John's Work In The 1980s
Define A Transparent Dream: An Olivia Tremor Control Anthology
Definitive Willie
Deftones - Band Of The Future?
Delerium: Compendium '88-'95
Delicious Dropkick Murphys
Demons of the Fall - An Opeth Excursion
Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode - New Mixes 1
Depeche Mode - New Mixes 2
Depeche Mode - Razormaid!
Depeche Mode - The Dawning Of Our Love
Depeche Mode - The Sweetest Collection [Discs 1 & 2]
Depeche Mode - The Sweetest Collection [Discs 3 & 4]
depeche mode: best of the rest [revised]
Depeche Mode: chilled to the bone 81>05
Derek and The Dominos - Layla (Abridged)
Derek Webb Career Summary Album
Destruction to Democracy: A homemade collection of rare and live Guns N' Roses tracks.
DEVO - "Devoted" (Rarities)
Devo mix
Devolver (A Collection of Ex-Beatles' Oldies [But Mouldies])
Devvy B: The only thing you taught me is the only thing I know
Devvy B: This is the beard I'm always growin
Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds In The Rough (Live, Rare, & Unreleased)
Did You Mean What It Meant? A Richard Buckner Mix
different in the spring - an introduction to robert wyatt
Dig The Slowness: Introduction To Donovan
Dig this sound (let your spirit dance)
Dir en Grey 01
Dir en Grey 02 - Bizarro
Dirty Little Girl
Dirty Mix Number Two: An Introduction to Belle & Sebastian
Dirty Pillows - Don't Foolly with my Coolly!
Disc Two: All Brand New (Barenaked Ladies Mix)
disco heat, funky beats, & solemn sentiment with a troubadour's soul
Discovered - Daniel Lanois
Disinfected Panache (Beastie Boys)
Distopian Dream Disc
DJ On The Edge Of Time
Dn _ Remember?
Do As Infinity
Do Something Pretty While You Can
Do You Believe in Magic?
Do You Believe In Something Beautiful? Then Get Up and Be It!
Do you know what it's like on the outside? (2 CDs)
Doggystyle II: B-Sides & Rarities
Donovan Compilation
Don't Forget to Turn Out the Light
Don't Get Too Close to My Fantasy
Don't Give In: A Grandaddy Mix
Don't Lean On Me, Man
don't let anybody get in your way
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
Don't Let's Start - A Survey of They Might Be Giants
Don't Pass Me By: Underrepresented Beatles Vol. 2
Don't Point That Thing At Me: The Collected Clean
Don't say there's nothing between us - The World of Suede
Don't Stone The Crows.You Might Hurt Them
don't talk in riddles: the essential Crowded House
Don't Tell Me Your Name If You Don't Want It Sung
Don't the sun look angry at me?
don't think fourteen times
don't you just love.....THEATER PEOPLE?
Doo-lang Doo-lang Doo-lang (Songs that sound like being drunk and falling in love)
Doppelgängers Of They: They Might Be Giants 2002-2013
Down here for your soul
Down On Miss Judy's Farm
Down With Prince
Dr. Hansen Goes Pop: An Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers Primer
Drainmaster-Ilk Sequence
dread pirate radio
Dream Theater
Dreaming of a Sunny Day On A Sunbeam Caught In Love with a Model named Wooskie
Dreams are just an island in the sand
Dreamy Weather
Dressy Bessy: Compiled in Style
Driftin'...with a Coffee Girl (A Pearl Jam Comp)
drifting out like a child who's lost
Dripping from the Hive.. a taste of Mercury Rev
DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS- Southern Justice
Drop and Gimme 40 - Black Flag early years
Duran Duran : Rare songs + a few faves
Dying Days: Mark Lanegan in the 2000s
dylan covers
Dylan For Dummies (2-cd set)
Dylan Quixote
Dylan: A Taste
e l e m e n t s . 7 (a) + (b)
Early In The Midnight Hour (Oasis vol. 2)
Ears to the Ground [Josh Rouse]
easier than i thought: a single disc beatles best of.
Echo & the Bunnymen: Hating all the faking and shaking while I'm breaking your brittle heart
ecstatic sublimation
ed harcourt: of appeals
ed harcourt: of appeals [revised]
Edsel - Best of
Eighteen Bars At The Pianner
Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise: The Best of Sigur Ros
Eisley LP Zero
El Puzzle Americano: A Dada Collection
EL SOL - they go boom!! -
Elephant Man: Shankle Mi Nankle Mix
Elephant Man: Shizzle My Nizzle Mix
Ella, with Verve
elle sait je ne lis pas et elle sait je n'Tcris pas...
Elliott Smith - Best Of
Elliott Smith - Grand Mal: Studio Rarities (Disc 1)
Elliott Smith - Grand Mal: Studio Rarities (Disc 2)
Elliott Smith - Grand Mal: Studio Rarities (Disc 3)
elliott smith memorial comp.
elliott smith r.i.p.
Elliott Smith: &when they clean the streets I'll be the only shit that's left behind
Elliott Smith: Can't Make a Sound
Elliott Smith: Live Unreleased Songs
elliott smith: sighs to succumb by
Elliott Smith: they say God makes problems just to see what you can stand
Elliott's Ten
Elton John - Moving Forward Through the Years
ELVIS COSTELLO - "Songs About F---ing And Fighting": Vol. 2
ELVIS COSTELLO - "Songs About F---ing And Fighting": Vol. 3
ELVIS COSTELLO - "Songs About F---ing And Fighting": Vol. 4
ELVIS COSTELLO - Taking Liberties (Expanded)
Elvis Costello Introductory Mix
Elvis Costello, An Introduction
ELVIS COSTELLO: Songs 1986-2006 [2 CD]
Elvis' Golden Decade 1996-2005
Elvis IS King
Elvis Presley: Frankfort Special
Emmylou II
Encyclopedic Knowledge Of Pavement
En-Gourd Yourself
Eno is the One: An Introduction to Brian Eno
Enormous Mouths: Weird Shit From Inside the Research Kitchen (Celebrity Chefs Edition) - 6 CDs
Enormous Mouths: Weird Shit From Inside the Research Kitchen (Celebrity Chefs Edition) - 6 CDs
Enormous Mouths: Weird Shit From Inside the Research Kitchen (Celebrity Chefs Edition) - 6 CDs
Eric Bachmann OVERDRIVE
Essential Nirvana
everclear: covers
every cloud is grey, with dreams of yesterday.
every sky is blue, but not for me and you.
Every Smile Is A Toothache
Every word counts... what Bright Eyes is really about.
Everybody loves Tom but singers and songwriters fight to the front of the line
Everybody Loves You - A Best Of Amelia Fletcher
Everyone Loves an Underdog
Everyone's So Lonely, I Dig It - Best of Sebadoh Vol 2
Everything in its Right Place
Everything is humming loudly.
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Everything that keeps me together is falling apart.
Everything You Will Ever Need From U2
Everything Your Heart Desires: The Singles Collection
Everything Your Heart Desires: The Singles Collection Disc 2
Everything Your Heart Desires: The Singles Collection Disc 3
Evolution Of The Monkees (2cd)
Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart: (THE BEST OF WHISKEYTOWN)
Eyeliner & Spraypaint
f r i p p
Fade to Black - The Golden Days of Metallica
Faith No More
Faithless Favourites
Fake Plastic Songs: A Radiohead collection
Falling in Love (Again) in the Key of C: The Best of Wilco 1994-2008
farewell to the girl with the sun in her eyes
Faron Young's Wonderful World of Women
Father Figure: George Michael 1983-1999
Favorite KaTe
Favorites From Ol' Blue Eyes
Fearless Combinatorics
fearless music
Feel Collins
Feel Flows
Feel Flows: A Charlatans UK Anthology (2-cd set)
Feelin' good was good enough for me.
Feeling The Need
feist for my friend
Felix' Beatles 20
Fighting Words
Fill Your Hands With Something Tangible And Fly Your Love Like A Flag
First Car Mix
flag down an aeroplane: the best of belle & sebastian vol. 1
flashing reds
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac: Almost Famous
Fliptop Twister of Love - a ROCKAPELLA mix
Floating on a Sea of Vodka
Flying sideways through time
Flying Upward - Iron & Wine
Follow the Strangest Tribe (Greatest Non-Hits)
Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits
For my next trick I'll need a volunteer...
for now and ever after as it was before
For You
fountains of wayne: that thing they do! [revised]
france gall: the gall of all gauls
Frank's Wild Years
Freakin' at The Freakers Ball
Freakin' Sweet!
-FRED NEIL- Collection
Free As A Bird
fresh fuel
Fresh Garbage: A Spirit Sampler
Fritter Away.. Mercury Rev In Excelsis
From A Fans Perspective: The Best of The Cure
From Dallas, TX to Hollywood
Fruit-Covered Nails: The Best of Pavement
Fueled by Ramen: The Less Than Jake Experience
Fugazi - 24 songs
Fugazi mix
Fumblin' with the Blues
Fumbling Towards XTC
fun with hairdryers AKA why mike patton is god
Further Than The Next Tragic Ballad
G L I T T E R B U R S T >> deluxe trux vol. 1
Gackt 01
gainsbarre !
Galaxie 500 Collected Chronology
Garden of Snakes
Gay & Loud: The Wit and Wisdom of Stephin Merritt (disc 1)
Gay & Loud: The Wit and Wisdom of Stephin Merritt (disc 2)
GBV - Disarm the Settlers
General Apathy and Major Boredom [Ben Folds Five / Ben Folds]
Genesis, etc
George Harrison - Portrait Of A Leg End: 1970-2001 (disc one)
George Harrison - Portrait Of A Leg End: 1970-2001 (disc two)
Get Out Those Hardhats and Sing Us Some Skat
get your stank on!
Ghoulie Mix 2002, Volume 3: "Ghoulie Funk"
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Into The Later Years
Gimme Some Mirth: The Collected Blake Babies (& Juliana Hatfield)
Gimme Some Truth : John Lennon 1969-1972
Gimme Some Truth : John Lennon 1973-1980
Ginger Green
Girls, Militias, Drinking and Indifference--A Guided By Voices Mix
Girls, Militias, Drinking and Indifference--A Guided By Voices Mix
Give It To The Soft Boys (2-cd deluxe edition)
Give Judy My Best Imitation: A Ben Folds Mix
go without her now
Go! The Exhaustive Apples In Stereo (Deluxe 2-CD Edition)
God Bless You, Professor Flans: A John Flansburgh Mix (34 TRACKS)
God didn't think to ask his preference. (2 CDs)
God! Show Me Magic: The Best of Super Furry Animals
Gods, Stand Up For Bastards (Tom Waits 2004-2006)
Going To Granma's House - The Best Of Wall Of Voodoo
Gold Soundz: A Pavement Anthology (Deluxe 2-CD Legacy Edition)
Gold Soundz: An Introduction to Pavement
Goldfrapp - Ethreal
Gomez in Motion
Gonna hang myself from my family tree
Good Dope & Good Fun: A Spiritualized Companion
Goodnight Eileen (Mach 2): A look beyond Dexys Midnight Runners' biggest hit
Goodnight, Eileen: A look beyond Dexys Midnight Runners' biggest hit.
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 1997-2003
Got To Scrape The Shit Right Off Your Shoes: A Rolling Stones Country Mix
Goth Chicks With Cellos
Grab Some Pez, Cause This Is The Best Of LESS THAN JAKE
Gram Parsons Mix
Grassroots Music played on a 311 Transistor Soundsystem
Grateful for the Dead
Greater Than One - Duty and Trust
greatest hits 84-05
Green Day 1991-2005 CD 1
Green Day 1991-2005 CD 2
Green eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes - some favorite New Order songs
Green Snake Rock -- The Best Of Cobra Verde
Grope For Luna
guess we'll play a few more - Sleater-Kinney Live! volume 2
Guess Who?: 1960's Dusty Springfield
Guided By A Mixtape
guided by voices: insidious whispers
Guilty Pleasures Of A Secret Bluetones Sympathiser
Guitar Slim
Guns N' Roses Mix
Gunslinger Men: The Long Ryders Compiled
Had My Share of Storming the Fort and Humping Volcanoes!
had some kind of a nice...
halloween orange and chimney red
Hallucinating Fire I
Hallucinating Fire II
Hammer to the Mirror
Hank III - Bootlegs
Hank Williams Hasn't Answered Yet
hanson doesn't suck anymore
Happy & Bleeding: a PJ Harvey compilation
Hard Knock Encore
Harold and Maude Complete Original Soundtrack
Harriet Wheeler should've been queen - best of the Sundays
Hauptpunkte 1971 - 2003
have you heard duran duran?
He carried death in his pouch
He Walks as He runs
Heading For The Light
Heads Across The Sky:
Paul McCartney In (& Around) The 70s
[Deluxe 2-CD Edition]

Heart & Skull Collection: B-Sides & Demos
Heart Of Stone
Heartache in the Key of Dar
Heartbreaks & Hospital Beds: The Best of Copeland
Heaven Must Have Spit You Out
Held The Binding Light [Songs:Ohia]
Hell is Where the Heart is.
Hell on Wheels
Hell Yes
Hello Acid Mothers Temple!
Hello Operator: An Introduction To The White Stripes
Hello, Mary Lou: A Mary Lou Lord Companion
Helloween: Great Pumpkins
Hemizen's Twenty Beatle's Songs Vol 1
Hemizen's Twenty Beatle's Songs Vol 2
Her Name Was Belle, His Name Was Sebastian
her screaming and hollerin' is getting mighty old
Here comes the sound of goodbye.
Here's More Songs About Chocolate & Girls
Here's to the rest of the world
Hey Nonny? No!
hey north, you're south, shut your big mouth.
Hey We're The Flippers!
hidden treasures : cocteau twins 1982 - 1987
hide your bad habits underneath the patio: best of death cab
Highest Grade
Highlights: A Weezer Mix
Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend Vol. 2: B-Sides & Rarities
Hired Guns Still Shoot Straight
His Mystery Not of Sex, Dugs, & Rock Cliches
Historiography Of The Mountain Goats
History of Mos Def
Hitchin' a Ride (Best of Green Day)
Hnsker Dn - Dn You Remember?: B-Sides & Rarities
Hold On World: The Lost Beatles 1970 LP
Holy Plague
honey i ain't nothing new
Honey I'm A Roller - A Rufus Wainwright Compilation
honey, i ain't nothin' new.
Hot Hot Heat Sampler
Hot Pants, Romance and 20 More Reasons to Love Beck
How bluegrass music destroys lives II
How Can You Laugh, When You Know I'm Down?
How could you lose that happy glow? (Disc 1)
How could you lose that happy glow? (Disc 2)
How could you lose that happy glow? (Disc 3)
How Do You Say Goodnight to an Answering Machine?
How do you work this thing?
How Strange: Explosions In The Sky Compilation Compact Disc
How The Flaming Lips Saved Rock & Roll And Melted My Brain (Deluxe Edition)
How to Be Dead: A Snow Patrol Mix
How to Make Friends and Influence People.
How to shoot at someone who outdrew you
How to shoot at someone who outdrew you II
How to Start a Fire: The Best of the Handsome Family
How to write this kind of equation
How ya like your action?
HTRN 101: An Introduction to Histrionics.
Husker Du Vinyl Daze
HYBRID MOMENTS: The Misfits Collected
Hymn Book: Spiritualized for Headphones (Part One)
I *heart* L.B.
I <3 The Pillows
I Ain't Nothin' New (The Best Of Ryan Adams)
I always wondered where you lived
I am a nightmare walkin'
I am Coming Constantinople!
I Am Your Dragon
The Most Underrated Rock n' Roll Band in History

I buy prejudice for my health
I Can Tell You Taste Like The Sky
I Can't Imagine Why, But I Feel Like Dancing: A Magnetic Fields Primer
I Can't Stand The Way He Sings But I Love To Hear Him Play
I can't stand to see you sad, I can't bear to hear you cry.
I could sleep for a thousand years (2 CDs)
I could've been a king in 6/8 time
I could've been a king in 6/8 time II
I could've been a king in 6/8 time III
I could've been a king in 6/8 time IV
I do have a cause - it is obscenity. I'm for it.
I don't believe in "Beatles" (2 CDs)
I Don't Believe in God, I Just Believe in Johnny Cash
I Don't Know Why I Feel So Tounge Tied
I Don't Really Know What Sorry Means
I drank till I couldn't see straight anymore, until there was no more to drink to
I Dreamed About Killing You Again Last Night
I F****** Hate You
I got something that will sure 'nuff set your stuff on fire (2 Discs)
I Guess This Is Growing Up: The Best of Blink-182
I Hate Modern Life - featuring The Kinks
I hate myself and, despite that, I still love making Nirvana mixtapes
I Have Nothing New To Teach The World...
I Have Seen The Brighter Side Of The Road That Leads To Hell
I Hear Mariachi Static On My Radio: Warren Zevon Mix
I Hope You're Happy Now - The Songs Of Elvis Costello
I Just Need a Little Diet Cola, Or Maybe Just a Little Lifter Puller
I keep my visions to myself
i know now what i knew then, but i didn't know then what i know now.
i know you hate dave matthews, BUT...
I Like My Sugar With Coffee & Cream: The Beastie Boys Greatest
I Like Radiohead.
I like to whistle this funny little song: The music of Of Montreal
I Liked The Cut Of Their Gibb
I live my life like there's no tomorrow
I Love Abi
I Love Carry Bag Man
I Love the Cat Power
I Love the ladies! A concert retrospective
I Love To Love: Erasure
I make decisions with precision.
I Need A Myracle: The Best Of Myracle Brah
I prefer the ridiculous to the sublime
I Ran: The Very Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls
I remember the thirty-five sweet goodbyes (Disc 1)
I remember the thirty-five sweet goodbyes (Disc 2)
i saw a black branch with blood that kept dripping
i shot a man in reno just to watch him die
I Should Have Known Better: The Beatles' Early Years
i should've stayed home: the best of belle & sebastian vol. 2
i showed this girl my stitches, she said she had some too.. she thinks she'll start a rock band too.
I smoke my cigarette with style.
I Think I'll Sleep Instead; the beauty of Rufus Wainwright
I think I'm going to kill myself.
i think it's time that you found what the world is waiting for...
I think you're crazy, maybe
I Took This Shift Because Of Her - A Whiskeytown Compilation
I Turn My Spoon On: An Introduction to Spoon
I Turned Into A Martian!
I Used To Know But Now I'm Believin'
I Wanna Go Back In Time With You -- Cheap Trick 101
I wanna see your eyes inches from mine at both 9's
I want to be someone else or I'll explode (2 CDs)
i want to thank you, joan of arc, for treating me so well
I want wind to blow: Songs by Phil Elevrum
I Was A Teenage Manics Fan
i was not born a man with a dream to just let it falter
i was seriously thinkin' about hiding the receiver/when the switch broke 'cause it's old
I Was Trying to Catch Your Eye
I Was Useless For Most of the Morning: an Arab Strap mix
I will live my life as I will undoubtedly die
I Wish I Had Written This
I Wish I was the Royal Trux
I Wouldn't Say No - A Smiths Retrospective
I Write Down Good Reasons To Freeze To Death
íAy, Anita!
I'd gladly give it all just to hold hands in the mall
I'd Like to Marry All of My Close Friends and Live In a Big House Together By an Angry Sea
I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all II
I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all.
i'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face, not this fucking wreck that's taken its place.
If England Were What England Seems, Then We Would Only Have Our Dreams
If I Had Boots Like Emmylou's
If It Was Warm She Wouldn't Wear It Much More
If it wasn't for Automator
If It's Not Love Then It's The Bomb That Will Bring Us Together: A Smiths/Morrissey Primer
If My Heart Was a Car, You Would've Stripped It a Long Time Ago
if the sun could melt like snow I would run to you and flow into a cloud running away into you.
If you believe what we're doing is right, close your eyes and be still
iF YoU liSTen yoU wIll jUdgE
if you stay
If You Think I'll Take a Bullet For You, You're Dreaming
If You Tried To Give Rock And Roll Another Name You Might Call It Chuck Berry: A Beatles/Chuck Berry Mix
If You Want Blood: Ac/Dc's Greatest
Iggy & The Stooges mix
I-i-i-i-i-i-i, I wanna explode in a karaoke supernova
I'll breathe your life, vicks vapor life
I'll Burn For You Tonight
i'll meet you at the corner of sleater and kinney
I'll never get away as long as I keep still
I'll Take You There: Mavis Staples Mix
I'll tell you all my secrets, but I lie about my past.
i'm a sucker for your lucky pretty eyes
I'm Angry That I Feel So Angry: The Best Of Modest Mouse (Or At Least My Favorites)
I'm Bill Hicks and I'm Dead Now : Best Of (Disc 1)
I'm Bill Hicks and I'm Dead Now : Best Of (Disc 2)
I'm Fine, I'm Okay: A Toad the Wet Sprocket Mix
i'm getting good marks - a collection of elliott smith
I'm gonna be a diamond someday
I'm Gonna Sing This Song Forever
i'm in the bathroom crying out my eyelids 'cause it's hard to be a man.
I'm Looking Through You: Transition Beatles
I'm never gonna know you now.
I'm Not Angry: Elvis Costello 1977-1982 (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
I'm Not Fucked, Not Quite
I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Bored
I'm on the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
I'm Past My Prime, or Was That Just a Pose?
I'M READY >> Deluxe Trux vol. 6
I'm The One Who Decides Who I Am
Imagine an eternity wrapped in silver sound: Music from the Olivia Tremor Control
Immortal Technique: The Revolution Begins
In A Cold-Ass Fashion: The Songs of Beck
In and Out of the Shadows - Phil Spector's Rare and Unheard Gems
In and Out of the Shadows - Phil Spector's Rare and Unheard Gems vol. 2
in case of vicious betrayal, break glass: an angry young man's fakebook (tape 1)
in case of vicious betrayal, break glass: an angry young man's fakebook (tape 2)
in case you missed it - diamond in your mind
in case you missed it - waiting for waits
In Honor Of Going To See Wilco Tomorrow...
In Love With Rock 'N' Roll / Rock Rap Reggae (Disc 1 / Disc 2)
in love with the radio on: life according to jonathan
In the Evening
in the glitter of her tiny shiver -[placebo mix]-
in the summer wave
In Times Square now the people do the polka.
Indian Love Songs - Dirty Three Compilation pt 2
INNOCENCE - it still is here, but in different places
inside the museums infinity goes up on trial
Instant Karma: The John Lennon Anthology
'instead of buying more velvet underground records, why don't you buy a car?'
International Superhits 2 (Green Day)
Intro to Benjamin Gibbard 101 (Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service)
Introducing Save Ferris
Introducing The Band:: A Suede Mix For Red
introduction to beck
Introduction to Studio Dead (Grateful Dead 2 CD set)
Invading The System
Iris Dement Mix
iron yay-den
Irresistible Prince
I's sorry... Its another REM mix!
Is the time that slow only when your eyes are closed?
Is Your Mix Good? A Neal Casal Introduction.
It ain't right to live my life this way--The Bonus Disc (TM)
It Could Happen To You (Blue Rodeo)
It doesn't matter if we all die
It doesn't matter if we all die II
It is you (pressure put the drop on you)
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
It's a gas! gas! gas!
It's A Psychobilly Freakout!
It's a Very Modern World: a Bowie mix 4 Lidji
It's always last call somewhere in the world.
Its been 13 seconds - The Mars Volta
It's called "love" and it belongs to us (2 CDs)
It's Colder Than It Ought To Be
it's gonna be a glorious day///i feel my luck could change
It's hard to stay in bed when half of your friends are dead
It's Hell Time, Man! (Bob Dylan 1986-1988)
It's Just Rock 'n' Roll (Oasis - Best Of The Creation Years)
It's my head she wants: The Island Anthology (2 CDs)
it's not hard to grow when you know that you just don't know.
It's Not Meant To Be A Strain
It's Not Something I Would Recommend, But It Is One Way To Live
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans: The Long Awaited, Long Playing Mix From The Sloan Group
It's Such a Sad Old Feeling - Tom Waits, Vol. 2 of 3
It's The Action, Baby!
It's the Be-atles
It's The Rage: Pulp 1994-2002
It's Your Heart Not Mine That's Scarred: an elliott smith mix
i've been stranded on your doorstep every night and day. (the very best of ryan adams.)
i've been wondering lately who's gonna save me...
I've Got 25 Bucks & a Cracker, Do You Think It's Enough?
I've Got A Home On High- Van Morrison vol.1
I've got some funny ideas of what sounds good
I've hawked all my yesterdays.
I've seen the future and I've left it behind (2 CDs)
ivy: little drops of poison
Jack off Jill/Scarling
Jagged Little Alanis
Jaki Byard: Solo Piano
Jamaica And Roma
James Brown: The Funky Presidential Papers
james: true or falsetto [revised]
Jason Falkner: Very Best Years
Jayhawks Mix
Jealous Of Youth-The Smiths 2nd Album
Jenny, You're Barely Alive
Jens Lekman
jewel: yodel-ay-hee-hoo!
Jigga My Jigga
Joan of Arc
Jockey Full of Thirty-Ought Misery
Joe Reineke, in All His Glory
Joey To The World
john denver: ascending
John Lennon - Starting Over
John Lennon - We All Shine On: 1969-1980 [disc one]
John Lennon - We All Shine On: 1969-1980 [disc two]
JOHN LINNELL - "The Best of John Linnell, A to Z"
John Mayer Sucks (But I'd Listen to it With You)
John Mellencamp - Love And Happiness: 1978-2004 (disc one)
John Mellencamp - Love And Happiness: 1978-2004 (disc two)
john mellencamp: cougar tracks, v. 1
john vanderslice: dysfunction junction
John Williams: A Soundtrack Attack
John, Paul, George & Ringo II
Johnny Cash - The Man in Black Disk 1
Johnny Cash - The Man in Black Disk 2
Johnny Cash Mix
Johnny Cash: Best of American Recordings I -- IV
Johnny Cash: Best Of American Recordings
John's Beatles mix
Jonathan Sings about Davis!
Joy Division / New Order mix
joy division [primer series]
Joy Through Geography - A Lucinda Williams Primer
Joy: A Lucinda Williams Companion [Deluxe 2-CD Reissue]
Judas Priest
Juliana Hatfield as Sybil
Just a Man- A Tame Mike Patton Mix
Just A Small Boy On Her Bike
Just Cuz You Feel it...Doesn't Mean Its There.
Just Give Me Time To Learn To Crawl
Just Keep Telling Me Facts, and Keep Making Me Smile
just like being pulled out by the tide
Just Not Enough: A Kevin Tihista Collection
Just One Near-Perfect Thing
Just One Pill: A Cure Mix
kaleidoscope eyes
Kanye primer for Mat
Kanye West - the Album Dropouts
Kanye West - The Album Dropouts (2nd draft)
Karl Blau
Kate Jacobs - More Songs About Families And Farms
Kate Wolf Mix
Keep On Breathing: The Delgados
Keeping this as a Keepsake: The Best of The Frames
Keepsake: The Definitive Bettie Serveert (Deluxe 2-CD Edition)
Kelly Willis - Not Forgotten
kent: smorgasbord
Kevin Coyne
Kevin's Beatles 20
kick ass kinks kollection
Kickin' Ass with The Stones
Kickin' Ass with The Stones, vol. 2
kicking it in the sun, the best of built to spill, part 1
kicking it in the sun, the best of built to spill, part 2
Kid B Sides
Kid Rock & Friends: Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound
Kim Wilde Anthology
Kings And Queens
Kingsbury Mix
Kiol-BECK-assa And Other Spicy Sausages
Klay Scott
Knee Deep In Goo
Kraftwerk - 1974-2004
Kraftwerk mix
Kronologikaly Blazed (Cypress Hill)
k's choice: bypassing the maginot
Labia in the Sunlight: The Flaming Lips
Lacy plays Lacy 2 cd
Ladies & Gentlemen, Kathleen Hanna
ladies and gents, mr. nick cave and the bad seeds
Ladies Cello Society
Lady Day
lambchop: tearing nashville a new one [revised]
Last Exit to Brooklyn: The Walkmen Anthology
Last Straw: A First Glance at Robert Wyatt
Laswellian Designs: The Music of Bill Laswell, Vol. 2
Laswellian Designs: The Music of Bill Laswell, Vol. I
Late Afternoon Shadows Mix: The Coral
Laura Veirs Top 11 (because I couldn't narrow it down to 10)
Laurie Anderson - Record of the Time
Le Bruit Du Combat D'Animaux
Le Pastie De las Bourgeoisie
Least Depressing Joy Division Songs
Leatherface - Discography Part Three (B-Sides & Rarities)
Leave It In the Lap of the Gods: Great Queen Songs (Minus Ten)
Leave the Shadows Dancing
leaving a sign no reply
Left Coast Punk
legato: A Personal View of the Guitar Playing of Allan Holdsworth
Lemonheads - Your Place Or Mein Kampf?
leonard cohen: acidic jew
Less Than Jake
Let The Sunshine In:An Introduction To The Genius Of Daniel Wylie
Let There Be Enoch Light
Let There Be Light (the shit that makes your soul burn slow)
let's go down the waterfall, think about the good times and never look back..
Let's Go Sit Under the Apple Tree
levellers: pissing into the wind
Lick My Legs: PJ Harvey best
Life After Pet Sounds
Life Goes On
life in a bottle
life inside the music box ain't easy
Life Is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful - Love is Hell
Life, Love and The Detroit Cobras
Lift Up Your Weary Head! (A Sufjan Stevens Collection)
Lightning Seeds ... Revisited
Like A Halo In Reverse
Like an Addict: An Introduction to the Black Keys
Like the Gods of Old
Like The Way It Likes To Rain - A Ryan Adams Compilation
Limp Bizkit: Singles/ LIVE Songs
Lion's Mane: Iron & Wine
Lipstick Prayer Book
Lisa Germano - Dreamland
Lisa Germano - Wood Floors
little white stripes mix
Little Wings
Live Forever (Best of Oasis)
Live, Early, Unreleased
living is easy with eyes closed
Lo mejor de Lila
Loaded: Redux
Local Boy Makes Good: A Scott Miller Compilation
Lo-Fi In Los Feliz
Lofty tales so tried and true
Lonely Days With A 32 Flavored Girl
Long Live the King
Long Live the King
Look Ma, No Ballads!
Looking Through a Keyhole: Triute to the Magical Deerhoof !
Lord my body has been a good friend
Lords of Acid: Drink My Honey
Loreena McKennitt - Anthology
Loreena McKennitt - Anthology
loreena mckennitt: sort of annoying like enya... only different!
Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd
Lost In Art
Lost in the Mail- The sleater Kinney mix for Tara that actually makes it to Seattle.
loud quiet loud
Louis Armstrong Sampler
Love Devo Style
Love F*cks You Up: An Epic Soundtracks Sampler
Love Has No Body (Nobody Has Love)
Love On A Farmboy's Wages - 20 Years Of Amourous XTC
Love's On Sale Tonight At The Five And Dime: Nanci Griffith Mix
Loving The Loft
Lßgrimas de Saudade [DeLuxe Video Collection]
Lucinda Williams Mix
Lucy & Jude
Lullaby: A Siouxsie & The Banshees Mix
luna: tics
Lynn's Bad Religion Mix
M & M
Mad Cobra: Venemous Mix
Mad Hatter's Half-Remarkable Question to Cousin Caterpillar
Madness - One Step Beyond... (Deluxe Edition)
madonna: virgin-whore (1983-1994) [revised]
madonna: virgin-whore (1994-2008) [revised]
magic dirt rocks.
Magical Mystery Tape
Main Man: An Introduction to T.Rex
make the music flow : the osmonds 1967-1973
Making Memories: The Rush Less Traveled, Vol. 1: 1974-1984
Making Those Diamonds Dance - A Cowboy Junkies Compilation
mansun: the grey lantern [+] [revised]
Marc Ribot is God
Marilyn Manson
mark'll sink us: a few good tracks by the fall.
Married to the same bride
Mason Jennings: & I'm not ready to never feel good again
matt pond pa: cold november mournings
Matthew Good Set-list 3-17-08 Double Door Chicago
matthew ryan: broken ghosts [revised x 2]
matthew ryan: broken ghosts [revised]
Matthew Sweet Anthology: Deluxe 2-CD Edition
maximo park: having bananas in havana
Maybe I should entertain the very fact that I'm insane
Maybe I'm Amazed : Paul McCartney 1970-1973
Maybe I'm Amazed : Paul McCartney 1974-1978
Maybe I'm Amazed : Paul McCartney 1979-1988
Maybe I'm Amazed : Paul McCartney 1989-2001
maybe it's time to live - best of eels
Me & Mark E. Smith: A trip through The Fall
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Give Back
Me First!!!
Meeting in the Aisle: Radiohead B-Sides Disc 2 of 2
Megadeth no. 1
Mellon Collie and the LIMITED Sadness
Mellow Gomez
Mellow, Cool, and Painfully Aware: The "Best" of Lou Barlow [Post Dinosaur Jr.]
meryl is a suburban robot that monitors reality and here are some of her favorite DEVO songs
Merztape Two
Metallica:The Best Of Load And Reload
Mexi-Pizzas and Cream of Wheat: A Ben Folds Primer (2-Disc CD)
MICHAEL JACKSON - "You're A Vegetable" (A Guilty Pleasure Collection)
Mick Jagger Gets All the Chicks Because He Stole My Moves (Volume 2)
Mick Jagger Gets All the Chicks Because He Stole My Moves (Volume 3)
Mick Jagger Gets All the Chicks Because He Stole My Moves (Volume 4)
Mick Jagger Gets All the Chicks Because He Stole My Moves (Volume 5)
Middle Man: A Collection of Songs by Loudon Wainwright III
Mid-Winter Tori Piano Mix
Mighty Long Way Down Rock 'N' Roll
Mike Doughty Mixtravaganza
Mike Doughty: un gran poeta
mike's ramones cd
Mike's Songs: The Best of Mike Gordon Vol. 1
Mini Mix #5: And My Favourite Guitarist Is ...
Minimum Bryan Ferry
Minimum James
Minimum Pulp
Minimum Sneaker Pimps (and Sneaker Pimps-related)
Minimum Sonic Youth CD1
Minimum Sonic Youth CD2
Minnie Mouse has got it all sewn up.
Miseducation of the Smiths
Miss Nina
Misunderstood - A Wilco Primer
Mix for ELO Fans
Mixed Beckness
Mixing a Lit Concert
MJJ Forever
MM: The Very Initials Of The Millenium
moby: whales' tales [revised]
moderation is masturbation
Modern Boys - The Best of Suede '92-'94
Modern Love
Modest Mouse mix
Mogwai non-album tracks
mojave 3: mirage [revised]
Mojo's Beatles 20
Mold? Count Me In!
Mona Lisa must've had the highway blues (Discs 1 & 2)
Mona Lisa must've had the highway blues (Discs 3 & 4)
Mona Lisa must've had the highway blues (Discs 5 & 6)
Money & Ambition
Monkey Beatles: All Together Now (2 CDs)
Monsoon Baby
Monument To A Ruined Age
Moonshine Cowboy
Moore v. Pink
more aimee gold
More Alkaline Trio Than Anyone Should Be Able to Handle in One Sitting
More Ballatine's Day: Mahdishain's BEST of the REST of SOPHIE B , HAWKINS
more bright eyes on one cd than should be legal
More Daniel Johnston for Barry
More than flesh and bone
More than once by a bunch...
morr music
morricone mix
morrissey: smithsless, v. 1 [revised]
morrissey: smithsless, v. 2 [revised]
morrissey: smithsless, v. 3
Most of My Heroes Don't Appear on No Stamps: Elvis Costello
Mother of Pearl: a Roxy Music compilation
movies of my dreams: a few good built to spill songs
Music Is My Savior--Jeff Tweedy Collection, Volume II
Music To Hold Hands To
Music to Hold Hands To - Best of Lucksmiths
musicforthenightbefore (pete yorn)
Mustang Fords And Unicorns: A Tyrannosaurus Rex Collection
My Best of Placebo
My Blueprint: Jay-Z's Greatest
My Body Is A Witch
My Favorite Beatles Songs
My Favorite Things That Eno's Been Involved With
My favorite U2 songs.
My favorite weapon is the look in your eyes
My First Placebo!
My hatred is my own creation
My Heart Just Stopped
my heart pounds like thunder.
My Heart Was Set To Live: An Introduction to Big Star
My heroes don't appear on no stamps.
My irritability keeps me alive and kicking.
My life ain't mine anymore
My love for you is 98% pure
My Love Is Hell LP
My mind can feel - A John Lennon Mix for Valentine's Day
My mind is a Cleveland afternoon
My mind is dirty but my conscience is clean.
My Modest Mouse Funeral
My Savior In A Porkpie Hat
Nadine Mix
Naked in Front of the Computer
Nas Is A illmatic
Nation Planning Surprise Party To Cheer Up Conor Oberst
Near Wild Heaven
Needles, pins and the seven deadly sins (2 CDs)
Neil Young Mix
Neil Young: Down To Earth
Neko Case in Under 80 Minutes
neko neko anay
Nelly Furtado featuring...
Never Going Back Again: Lindsey Buckingham Mix
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's...Prefab Sprout ?
Never Too Late: A Peter Himmelman Rarities Retrospective
New found glory (sticks and stones &catalyst)
New Lost City Ramblers (2 CDs)
New Pornography
New Radiohead Album
NewOrder - Deeper (Best of the non-singles) Disc 1
NewOrder - Deeper CD2
Next To The Last Romantic: A Josh Ritter Collection
Nick Cave mix
nick cave: death is not the end (90 min tape)
Nick Gilder - He's One Of The Boys
Nickelback :: Stir
Night Of Chill Blue: A Chills Anthology
Nikka Costa will destroy you.
Nina Simone - Protest Songs
Nine Inch Nails
Nineteen Quotes out of Context: My Favorite Ben Folds (Five) Songs
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse: 1988-1994 (disc one)
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse: 1988-1994 (disc one)
No Depression Mix
no impersonators
No Means Yes: A Divine Comedy Collection
No more rope and too much dope
No one I think is in my tree (Disc 5)
No one I think is in my tree (Discs 1 and 2)
No one I think is in my tree (Discs 3 and 4)
No One Likes A Stranger (A Gabby Casseroling of Tom Waits's Heartattack And Vine)
No one teaches you how to live.
No rest in a restless world
No smells like teen spirit
No Static At All
No Strings Attached - A Robert Quine Collection
No sun will shine on my day today
No To The Millenium
Nobody rapes you like a cop in jail.
NONE spelled backwards is...
Northern Lights (a-ha)
Not About Love: a Fiona Apple compilation
Not Just Any Tom, Nick, & Larry...I Mean Leonard
Not So Good Religion
NOT TO DREAM >> (i'd rather lose it all at once) >> Deluxe Trux vol. 7
Not Your Senorita
Note to Ryan Adams: Don't Die
Notes and chords mean nothing to me.
Notorious BIG: Demos & Rarities (1991-1996)
Now Here Be
now more than ever we need BAD RELIGION
Now That the Living Outnumber the Dead - A Laurie Anderson Collection
Now theres only two things in life but I forget what they are
Nowhere To Go
Nursery Rhyme Silhouettes and Hobo Lullabies
o mercy me..
Oasis 1994-2005
Oasis: Anthology I
Oasis: Anthology II
oasis: brothers' keepers [updated]
Obey Your Master: 20 Years of Metallica
october is for pumpkin smashing
october is for pumpkin smashing
Of Montreal: A Compilation In 29 Bite-Sized Morsels
OFF BEAT CINEMA: Music for The Hungry Ear
Off The Beaten Tracks - Vol. 2
Oh Jens, I Think I'm In Love!
oh my god, blake!
Oh No, Disaster!
Oh No... It's Yes... Finally, a mix I'm (almost) too mortified to post
Oh, How I Love Wilco.
Oh, I Just Don't Know Where To Begin
oh, that was so real
OINGO BOINGO - "Clowns Of Death: A Primer" (1980-1987) (Redux)
okkervil river: 17th century swedish timeshares in saint petersburg (and an american band)
old 97's - bloodshot & stoned
old motherfucking 97's (disc 2)
old motherfucking 97's (disc one)
Old Shit/New Shit: An Introduction to the eels
on a friday
On a sailing ship to nowhere
On the Crest of a Wave
On Your Wings: An Iron & Wine Collection
One Brain
One Day Even The Warden's Going Over The Wall
One day this love will all blow over
One Hundred Years From Now
One man's opinion of moonlight
One More Dub: The Clash
One More Time - The Songs of Doc Pomus
one of us will live to rue the day we met each other
One Time One Night (Los Lobos)
One Voice of Wail
Only Ones -- The Whole Of The Law
Only Shallow: The Best of My Bloody Valentine
Ooh! and it's got me moving
Ooooh Stop: A Pixies Primer
Operation Ivy - Unity: B-Sides & Rarities.
Opinions Were Like Kittens, I Was Giving Them Away
Organized Noize
Otherwise Known As The Basement Tapes
Our Song
Out of Time..? The Best of R.E.M.!
Out the Blue
Outta Sight, Outta Mind - A Wilco Tribute
P P P v2
P. Frazer: Always on My Mind
Pack Up The Babies & Grab The Old Ladies, It's... Neil Diamond!
Pagan Poetry: a Bjork compilation
panda bear: an introduction
Pansy Division Mix
Party mix 3
Party With Me Punkers! - best of the Minutemen
Pashing with the Devil at the Bus Stop
Paul McCartney ... Revisited (Volume One)
Paul McCartney ... Revisited (Volume Two)
Paul Westerberg
Pave Mint
Pavement Ends
PAVEMENT: Coolin' By Sounds
Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam - Harmony
Pearl Jam - The Epic Years: 1991-2003 (disc one)
Pearl Jam - The Epic Years: 1991-2003 (disc two)
Pearl Jam? They're Still Around?
Peel It Away: The Bigger Lovers Anthology
Pense a moi
People pass me by on my imaginary street (Discs 1 & 2)
People pass me by on my imaginary street (Discs 3 & 4)
People speak my name in whispers.
Percy Faith: Hip Conductor
Pere Ubu mix
Perfect Day: A Nilsson Anthology
Perfect Endlessness: The Collected Matt Pond PA
Perfect For Shattering: The Best Of Ladybug Transistor
Permafrost - Opeth 2.0
Perpetual Nervousness: A Complete History Of The Feelies (Deluxe 2-CD Reissue)
Pet Shop Boys
pet shop boys: 4 ever flamboyant, v. 1
pet shop boys: 4 ever flamboyant, v. 2
Pet Shop Boys: Overview
Pet Shop Boys: Twenty Years Of Miserabilism 1984 - 2004
Pete Townshend - Give Blood
peter gabriel: frontiers for monkeys
Peter Mulvey: An Introduction
peter, paul & mary: two goatees & a girl
Petrocks' Twenty All Time Favs
phil collins: take a look at him now
Phish doesn't need you
Phish Live Mix
Phish Phavorites
Photograph On the Dashboard: The Best of R.E.M. 1983-2008 (disc one of two)
Piece of Meat
Pinback mix
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd - Echoes ... Plus
Pink Floyd : 1987-1994
Pink Floyd and Roger Waters: Memories, Madness and Music - A Collection of Hits, Memories and Obscurities
Pitying the Foo: Best of the Foo Fighters
PIXIES - "Oh Kiss My Ass, Oh Let It Rock!"
Pixies mix
Pixies Mix
pixies: dust
Pixies: Where are there Minds?
pj harvey b-sides & whatnot, vol. one
pj harvey: hustlers & whores [revised]
placebo: effects
PLACEBO: Various Non-Album Material 1
PLACEBO: Various Non-Album Material 2
Play it like you mean it: Neil Young
playboys won't care for you like THE DEADLY SNAKES do.
Player's Anthems: The Best of the Notorious B.I.G.
PLAYING GOD: Slowdive - Souvlaki
PLAYING GOD: The Cure - Wish
Please Don't Feed the Hanson Fans
please for the love of all that is good, decipher these lyrics - the dentists part 1
Plugged In and Ready to Fall
Poetry for the Jaded (Ron Hawkins / Rusty Nails / Lowest of the Low)
Pogues: Haunted 1984 - 1990
Poi Dog Pondering
Political Songs For Michael Stipe To Sing: A Firehose/Minutemen Sampler
Poor Old Grandad - a toast to Ronnie Lane
Pop Music And Gold
Pop Scene
Pop Zeus: The Compete Guided By Voices
Pork Roll Egg & Cheese: The Best Of Ween
Portions for Foxes: A Rilo Kiley Collection
Possession Collection
Post-Crucifixion Baby
Powered By Elves
PPP,V4: Radiant Fuzzbox Wigout!
Practiced Looks from Tragic Books: Songs of Elvis Costello
Praise Bob
Prayer In The Darkness
Pre Mega Hit/Pre Disco Bee Gees (1964-74)
Pressing down a special key plays a little melody
Pretend Wire is a Pop Band
Primal Scream mix
Primitive Beast: A Compendium of Siouxsie and the Banshees
Prince In Character
Prince Mix 1
Prince: Asswoop
Prom Queen
Promising Light: The Iron & Wine Mix
Pronounced GO SHAY
Ps vingar mot solen
PSI Sampler
Psycho Daisies: An Introduction to the Yardbirds
Public Enemy Number 72 welcomes you to a night to forget
Pull out the plugs and snort up the drugs
Pull out the plugs and snort up the drugs II
Pulp - Non-hits
pumpkin seeds
Punch-Drunk Sucker Love
punk rock mix
Purple words on a gray background (Disc 5)
Purple words on a gray background (Discs 1 & 2)
Purple words on a gray background (Discs 3 & 4)
Put on a Smile and Get Dressed: An Ed Harcourt Mix
put on your dance shoes for this one - Sleater-Kinney Live! Volume 1
Put the soul in your rock 'n' roll
Qualified to Satisfy You: An Introduction to the Dirtbombs
Que eructe mi dolor
Lo mejor de Caifanes y algo de Jaguares

Queen: the home-made mix
Queens of the stoned age.
Quel's Best of: Starflyer 59
quiet ryan
R.E.M. - The I.R.S. Years
r.e.m. for dummies [for lindave] [x-mas 2003]
R.E.M.: Diminished (1988-2004) [2-cd set]
R.E.M.: We Were Little Boys (The Early Years, 1980-1987)
R.E.M.: The IRS Years
R.E.M.: The Warner Years
Radio Ballet#
Radio Cures
radio, live transmission.....they keep calling me
Radiohead - So you will buy there CD's
radiohead #1: no significant risk to your health
radiohead #2: and we all went to heaven in a little rowboat
Radiohead 201
Radiohead Best of B-Sides
radiohead for dummies [for steve/lindave] [x-mas 2003]
Radiohead. A Wicked Child, A Trickster
Radiohead: B-Side Co.
Radiohead: Later
Radiohead: The Album Cuts
Radiohead: The Rarities
RadioheadPT1 [morning bell/amnesiac]
RadioheadPT2 [true love waits]
RADIOHEAD's setlist from red rocks amphitheatre, morrison, CO, wednesday, june 20, 2001.
Rags & Bones (Best of The White Stripes)
Rain, It Wets Muddy Roads
Raise Your Hands if You Believe in Ghosts: Floating Men
Rake At The Gates Of Hell
Ramones mix
Rancid, An Introduction
Random Acts of Tomness
Random Pavement Generator
Randy Describes Eternity
Rare Beatles: Live, Outtakes & Interviews Vol. 1, The Earlier Days
raspberry swirling (tori amos)
rasputina [primer series]
Ratting and A-Tatting
Ray Charles: Next Door to the Blues
Read me your favourite line
Real [Beatle] Love
Real Cool Time
Real Politik: Coldplay 1999-2003
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers - RHCP20 (disc one)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - RHCP20 (disc two)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Everybody's Favorites
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Personal Favorites
Red Shirt Brigade: The Complete Collection
Rediscovering Radiohead
Reduce me, seduce me, dress me up in Stussy
Reflect What You Are (In Case You Don't Know)
Rehearsed in a Dream
Relax, It's Just Frank Sinatra
Reloaded Reverse Light Situation
REM / C.E. Carrabba
Remember the Good Old Days When Radiohead Was Good?
Remix Service: Depeche Mode
Remixes In The Key Of Heaven (disc 1)
Remixes In The Key Of Heaven (disc 2)
Revenge Of The Bootlegs,RIAA Be Damned!!
reverie - songs and stories of jane siberry
Rhythm of Cruelty: The Best of Magazine
Richey Edwards,Phone Home.....
Right (Good)byes: The Very Best of Bright Eyes 1996-2004
Right here where you left me between your Foghat and your Free
Rilo Kiley
rilo kiley: children of the corn (transplanted)
rilo kiley: pictures of success
Road to Nowhere: a Talking Heads compilation
Robert Pollard - How's My Drinking? (Volume One)
Rock My Plimsoul (Rod Stewart)
Rock 'n Roll Fun: An Introduction to Sleater-Kinney
Rock Star? Pop Star? Everybody Dies - A Hole Lotta Love
Roger Wilco: A Jeff Tweedy Companion (Deluxe 2-CD Edition)
Rollin' With Swollen
rolling stones - eighteen real licks
rolling stones - twenty real licks
Rolling Stones 1968-1972
Rolling Stones 1973-1978
Rolling Stones Tribute
Rolling Stones: Scrape That Shit Right Off Your Shoes!
Ronan Keating Dancing on the Moon
Rose trees never grow in New York City (2 CDs)
Roy Cormier's Coconut Lotion (Beastie Boys)
roy orbison: the OTHER man in black
RR=CM (2 CDs)
Avarice & the Group Mentality

Rufus The Baptist-An Essential Anthology
Rusty W.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams b-sides & rarities
Ryan Adams Mix
Ryan Adams Mix
Ryan's Beatles 20
Sailing down the river alone
Sam Cooke Mix
sam phillips: don't call me leslie
Sand In My Eyes
Sandinista L.E. v1.0
sarah mclachlan: stumbling toward mediocrity, v. 1
sarah mclachlan: stumbling toward mediocrity, v. 2
Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan!
Sat Around Laughing - A Foo Fighters Best Of
Save It For A Rainy Day
Save You From Yourself: A Bleu Mix
Say Anything - Secret Wars (B-Sides)
Say Baby do ya wanna lay down with me? SAY BABY!
Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys
say hi to your mom
Say Yes
Say Yes! To Sufjan! An Introduction to Sufjan Stevens
Sayin' "this 'n' that" because "this 'n' that" was missin'.
Scampi & Chips: The Jam on radio and television
Scott Walker (the rump-shaking hits)
Scrapple: A Robbie Fulks Collection
Scratching the Surface of Greatness: The NLA Do (Right By?!) the Music of Ennio Morricone
Sean Paul: Dutty Millennium Mix
Secondhand Blues (Jesse Malin)
Secret Exploded Lifestyles: The Polvo Mix
Secret Heart
Security Detail
See The Love There That's Sleeping [a story only The Beatles could tell]
See You Beneath the Archways--A Pixies Mix
Selling Books at the Airport: A Guster Mix
Sense Field - an introduction
Sense Field (R.I.P.) - 1991-2004
Serial Lady Killer
Serrated Edge: Dave Blood R.I.P.
set you off and down again.
Sewn to the Sky (Rapt in Smog)
Sex Pistols & Ex-Pistols
Sex Romance
SFA : A Very Hairy Collection
-SHACK- Collection
Shake, Stomp and Work It On Out
Shakey Deal
Shania! by Fox (A.K.A. Shania Twain)
Sharing an Ice Cream With Fugazi
Sharp as Knives
sharpening stones, walking on coals
She gets a real charge from the radio
She is papering the window panes
She Likes the Fast Songs Best: An Elizabeth Elmore Mix
She Listens Like Her Heads On Fire: 20 Reasons To Love The Cure
She Shot My Piano Because I Loved It Too Much
Shellshocked: the best of Bernard Sumner
She's A Bit Of All Right: A (Relatively) Work Safe Kate Nash Mix
She's The Mann
Shiftless When Idle: The Ultiimate Replacements
Shmatta Shmatta Shmatta
shoot 'em dead, brainbell jangler
Shrieking when we mean soft things (2 CDs)
shudder to think- my blanket of potatoes, my bowl of soup, my warm sun spot on the floor to nap on.
Sidney Bechet
Sie spielen mit Feuer
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - DJ Mixed For Excess
Simmerin' in the Pan (Beastie Boys)
Simmerin' In The Pan Vol. 2 (Beastie Boys)
Simon and Garfunkel: Is It Just Me, Or Were They Much Darker Than They Are Remembered As Being?
Simple Minds 1979-1985
sing along blue v.1 (Blue Rodeo)
Sing So Pretty: An Introduction To Rufus Wainwright
sing while you may...
Sing Your Life - An All Morrissey Tape
Singing Broke and Winded, Whistling
Singing You To Shipwreck: The Best Of Radiohead
Single Audio Theory
SinTad O'Connor : No Man's Woman
Siouxsie Queue
Sisters of Mercy:A Mix version2
Six Kicking Cylinders Lined Up in a Row: The Mountain Goats on the go!
Six Pack of Apathy
sixteen, clumsy & shy: an introduction to the smiths
Sizzla: Sellasie I Liveth Hardcore Mix
Skinny Puppy - Mental Shock
sleater-kinney mix i made for tara because she rocks.
Sleepin' late and smokin' tea
Sleeping in a straight white vest
Sloan is Waiting for You
slobberbone - from denton texas
Slow Cheetahs (Best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Slow Down: The Best Of The Primitives
Slow Riot
Slower than the hare but faster than yr brain
Slower than the hare but faster than yr brain II
Slumberland - The Best of Tanya Donelly
Smart Brown Handbag
Smile: A Jayhawks Anthology
smoke and mirrors : peter murphy 1986-1995
Smokey Glass Mirror: An Introduction To The Songs Of Paula Frazer And Tarnation
Smorgasbord (Ani Mix #1)
snakebite wishbone afternoon thrill
so close your eyes now, kid
So flash me your metal smile
So frightfully camp it made you laugh
so i learned to dance with my hand in my pants..
So In My Bedroom In Those Ugly New Houses--May 22, 2012
So Much Beauty in Dirt
So this is what the volume knob is for: An Introduction to The Mountain Goats
So You Don't Know Who Richard Thompson Is - I Can Fix That In the Process Show You He's a Genius
So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star? The Soundtrack, Starring Semisonic
So You Wanna Get Laid?! Songs For Swingin' Lovers
So, you're a Tegan and Sara Fiend?
Social Lubrication
Sock it to me (take care of TCB)
Soft As Snow: A My Bloody Valentine Anthology
Soft Dive of OBLIVION
Soft White Under - The Best of Belly
Solomon Burke Mix
Some head and shoulders to lie on
Some Light This Year: Dar Williams Compilation
Some of the King's Early Flip Sides (1955-1958)
some strange reaction - a firewater mix
Someone Ties A Bow In My Backyard To Show Me Love (A Wilco Mix)
something about Flannery O'connor
Something Corporate #2
something for the weekend; the divine comedy
Something Special...
Sometimes I will, then again I think I won't
Sometimes I do, then again I think I don't - 2 CDs

Sometimes jacks will rule the realm: The Best of 311
Sometimes our voices give out, but not our ages and phone numbers
Songs by Elliott Smith
songs for HIS saved again nation [dedicated to empty streets (wet streets...) at dawn]
Songs in Black: A Sampler
Songs in the key of OAR
Songs of Loss and Regret
Songs That Have No Making Out: An Introduction to U S Maple
Songs That're Worth The Dreaming - Ryan Adams on Lost Highway
Songs You Ought To Know By Heart
Sonic Cornucopia
Sonic Death 1982-1987
Sonic Life 1988-1998
Sonic Youth - Instrumental Jamz
Sonic Youth - Kim Jamz
Sonic Youth - Miscellaneous Jamz
Sonic Youth - The Notorious Rockin' Lee
Sonic Youth - Thurston Jamz
Sonic Youth mix
Sonic Youth primer for J.G.
SONIC YOUTH's setlist from first avenue & 7th street entry, minneapolis, MN monday, august 19, 2002.
Sonik Truth for When It's Late at Night
Sorry... Killing Joke is changingK
Sort of Like a Waring Blender
sort-of-not-really-at-all definitive (for me) ani difranco mix
Sound Collage: Osymyso Vol .5
Sound of Sounds: An Introduction To Gomez
Sounds of Seduction - A Cannanes Mix
Sour Milk
Spacemen 3 starring in Drugs Are Rad
Sparks: Talent is an Asset (Volume 1)
Sparks: Talent is an Asset (Volume 2)
Sparks: Talent is an Asset (Volume 3)
Speaking Words of Wisdom: The Beatles Best
Spend An Hour With: Stew/The Negro Problem
Splashing Through Puddles
Split Personalities: Morrissey & the Smiths
Splitting ions in the ether
spoon <333 [primer series]
Spoon: 25 Reasons not to mess with Texas
Spreading The Fozzpel
Stabbing Westward: The Remixes
Standing in the Rain: A Bob Mould Retrospective
Standing on the Water in the Wasteland of Your Mind: Bob Dylan in the 80's
Standing Pat: The Atmospheric Side of Pat Metheny
starflyer 59: straight outta the o.c.
starflyer 59: straight outta the o.c. [revised]
starflyer 59: straight outta the o.c. [revised]
stars: light from the dead
Start Again: The Definitive Teenage Fanclub [2-cd Deluxe Edition]
Stawberry Field
Stay Awake
Stay Bruised: A Tribute to Nikki Sudden
stay out of yer dad's booze, kid.
Steely Dan - Rhythm and Bluesmen
Step Right Up - Tom Waits, Vol. 1 of 3
Stephen Malkmus's Side Project: A Silver Jews Mix
Stephin Merritt Broke My Heart For Me, So Someone Else Didn't Really Need To
Stereolab mix
STEREOLAB: Au Grand Jour - 1
STEREOLAB: Au Grand Jour - 2
STEREOLAB: Au Grand Jour - 3
STEREOLAB: Au Grand Jour - 4
stereophonics - lost in mind
stereophonics - riverside
Steve Earle Mix
Steve Lacy plays other's compositions 2 cd
Stevie Nicks Mix: The Early Years
Stevie Nicks Mix: The Later Years
Sting: Sundries
Stoned Up The Road: A Mother Hips Anthology
Stop dreaming of the quiet life (2 CDs)
Story Time Brought To You By Mr. Jonathan Richman
Strange Feelin'
STRANGELY EMPTY XIII: "I had to rise above it all or drown in my own shit." [In Dedication: Rob Conroy]
Stratovarius: Finland Power Metal
Stray Dogs, Vol I - Pearl Jam odds 'n sods
Stray Dogs, Vol. II
Street Cred: Brad Mehldau Plays the Popular Favorites of Yesterday and Today!
Strictly From The Dan Called Stuckie
Studio Dead 1967-1972 (2-cd set)
Studio Dead 1973-1993 (2-cd set)
Stuff Up the Cracks
Stuff...Volume One
Sugar & Tangerines: The Wallflowers Greatest
Sugar Spell It Out: An Introduction To Tegan And Sara
Summer-burned and winter-blown
Summon the Muse - Loreena McKennitt
Sundrops - The Best of Kristin Hersh
Sunlight Shines: A Pernice Brothers Anthology
Sunshine ragtime blowing in the breeze
Super Rock!
Superfreaky Memories: The Best of Luna (2 cd)
Surely I Can Win Your Heart: A Beulah Collection
Surely They Can Win Your Heart: The Beulah Mix
suspended in solar wind
Sweet and dour...(apparently a knife wound to the chest)
Sweet Oblivion: The best of the Screaming Trees
Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.
Swimming With Eels
Swing Among the Stars
SY mix I
System Of A Down - Hypmerize or Meznotize or some other equally silly composite title
Take extra care not to lose what you feel... (2 CDs)
Take Lots with Alcohol-The Alkaline Trio
Take me down little susie
Take the time to treat your brother neighbors honestly.
taking heartache with hard work.
Taking pictures of your obsessions (2 CDs)
Tales of the Proverbial 2nd Chance v 94
Tales of the Proverbial 2nd Chance v 97
Talking Giants
TALKING HEADS - Let's Work (Rarities)
Talking Heads Anthologized -- Deluxe 2CD Edition
Talking Heads mix
talking heads: blather, banter & cant
Talking to yourself, Taking a drag
Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band
Tape 019 ~Distorted Pictures and Dizzy Dizzy People~
tears for fears: a little night music
Teenage Wasteland: The Who's Best
Tegan & Sara - Tracks: B-Sides & Rarities
tegan and sara: lilith twin powers, activate!
Telegram Sam and his Electric Warriors
Tell Me When It's Over: A Dream Syndicate Anthology
Tenor of the Times: A Remembrance (1972-2003) of Michael Brecker (1949-2007)
Terms of Psychic Warfare: Bob Mould v. Grant Hart
test 3pointo
Texas Top Hand
texas: lone-star scots
Thank God Dreaming's Free
Thanks For All The Miles
That cat's something I can't explain (revisited)
That hollow sound of your own steps in flight
That Was Big Audio Dynamite (Deluxe 2-CD Edition)
The "C" in Cake
The "Lost" Beatles Album
The "OMG I Need Some U2 For My Road Trip!" Mix
the "phantom" danny federici mix
The (Mildly) Psychedelic Bee Gees, 1967-1969
The Aggrolites - An Introduction
The Art of the Neptunes
the ass and the angel pt. 1
the ass and the angel pt. II
The Axis Of Sunshine: Ballrooom/Sagittarius/Millennium
The Ballad Of El Scorcho
The Ballad of Marianne Faithfull
The Band Sings Bob Dylan
The Bar is a Beautiful Place
The bartender screamed last call
The Beach Boys 1970
The Beach Boys 67-77
the beach boys: charlie don't surf
The beard I'm always growing
The Beat Goes On... (A G. Love & Special Sauce Compilation)
the beat of my heart: david sylvian
The Beatles
The Beatles - 1962-1970 [disc one of three]
The Beatles - 1962-1970 [disc three of three]
The Beatles - 1962-1970 [disc two of three]
The Beatles - Harrisongs
The Beatles - The Metal Album
The Beatles "Green" Album
The Beatles 3
The Beatles '71
The Beatles in the Studio (1)
The Beatles in the Studio (2)
The Beatles in the Studio (3)
The Beatles in the Studio (4)
The Beatles in the Studio (5)
The Beatles in the Studio (6)
The Beatles in the Studio (7)
The Beatles in the Studio (8)
The Beatles On Drugs
The Beatles Recording Collective ~ In The Middle of a Dream
The Beatles Recording Collective ~ Join the Human Race
The Beatles un-1s, vol. 1
The Beatles un-1s, vol. 2
The Beatles un-1s, vol. 3
The Beatles: a splendid time is guaranteed for all...
The Beatles: Alternate Anthology
The Beautiful Sounds Of Jack Off Jill
The Beauty of Justin Hayward
the best band ever
The Best of Ariel Pink
The Best Of Billy Joel (disc one)
The Best Of Billy Joel (disc three)
The Best Of Billy Joel (disc two)
The Best Of Billy Joel 1973-1993 (Disc 1 of 3)
The Best Of Billy Joel 1973-1993 (Disc 2 of 3)
The Best Of Billy Joel 1973-1993 (Disc 3 of 3)
The Best of blink 182
The Best of blink 182
The Best of blink 182
The Best of Dar Williams, Volume 1 (1995-1997)
The Best of Dar Williams, Volume 2 (1998-2003)
the best of david bowie, volume five: steel on the skyline, sky made of glass (1994-2005)
the best of david bowie, volume four: running for the love of speed (1981-1993)
the best of david bowie, volume one: take your glasses off and don't act so sincere (1964-1971)
the best of david bowie, volume three: the side-effects of the cocaine (1975-1980)
the best of david bowie, volume two: i felt like an actor (1972-1974)
The Best of David Thomas
The Best of Gentle Giant
The Best Of Gilbert O'Sullivan
The Best of Green Day
The Best of Jenny Lewis
The Best of Kanye West Three Studio Albums
The Best of Paul McCartney's Last Four Studio Albums
The Best Of Queen [disc one]
The Best Of Queen [disc two]
The best of Radiohead B-sides
The Best of Rufus Wainwright's Studio Albums
The Best Of Shirley Temple
The Best of Spencer Albee
The Best of Stone Temple Pilots' Last Three Studio Albums
The Best of Strangefolk
The Best Of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
The Best Of The Beach Boys (disc one)
The Best Of The Beach Boys (disc three)
The Best Of The Beach Boys (disc two)
the best of the beatles: songs by lennon (in chronological order)
The Best Of The Best Of Prince
The Best Of The Birthday Party
The Best Of The Boss
The Best Of The Brady Kids
The Best of the Misfits, 1977-1983
The Best of The Misfits, 1996 - 2001
The Best of the Mouse
the best of the offspring
The Best of the Pixies
The Best of The Smashing Pumpkins
The Best of Trey Anastasio
The Best Of... Ben Folds
The Best of...Blink 182
the best poison songs
The Best Songs From The First 3 Flaming Lips Albums (and EP)
The Big Three Killed My Baby
The Black Ark - Lee Perry
the black heart procession: pericardia on parade [revised]
The Black Keys
The Black Keys OR How To Love The Blues
The Bloodhound Gang
The BNL Mix
The Bottom of Your Glass: The Handsome Family Anthology
The boy kicked out at the world (the world kicked back a lot fucking harder)
The boy who couldn't stop dreaming.
The Boy Who Never Grew Up: Blink-182's Very Best
The Boys Play Rock & Roll: Some U2 Songs
The Brash Blend of Winkle and Bull
The Bratmix
The Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Own Private Wonderland (Disc 1)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Own Private Wonderland (Disc 2)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre: point the needle to my soul
the brick shithouse -[placebo mix]-
The Brightest Star Pales : the Prince sex mix
The bugger in the short sleeves fucked my wife
The Byrds: Flyte Log (2 cd expanded edition)
The Carnival of the Riddlemaster
the carpenters: exquisite vanilla
The cat who won't cop out when there's danger all about
The Cathedral of the Mind: A Robyn Hitchcock Mix
The Chipmunks: Live at CBGB's
the clash - diga me que tengo ser
The Clash mix
The Clash: A Mix for a Friend
The Coldplay Collection
The Collected Take That
The Comedian Harmonists
The Compleat Matthew Sweet (June 30, 1999)
The Complete Art In The Dark
the complete mountain goats anthology, disc 1
the complete mountain goats anthology, disc 2
The Complete Pink Spiders
The Cover
The Cure - Easy Cure EP + rarities & fave songs
The Cure - The Best of the Non-Hits
the cure [primer series]
The Cure mix
the cure: angry and jaded (110 min tape)
The Cure: The Absolved/The Evolved [Discs 3 & 4]
The Cure: The Uninvolved/The Involved [Discs 1 & 2]
The Curve Approach to Making the World a More Inhabitable Place
The Damage is Done - Best of Yo La Tengo - Vol. 2
The Dandy Warhols Are Dandy...
The Dark Clouds Break Away: A Gene Clark Retrospective (2 Disc)
The Day The Earth Stood Still
the death cab service ( iknow its not reall single artist, but kinda)
the decemberists: 13 salty sea songs (sort of)
The Defenitive Series: Garth Brooks
The Definitive Butch Walker
The Delicate and Subtle Songs of...Rush
The Desperate Dan Appreciation Society (Disc 1)
The Desperate Dan Appreciation Society (Disc 2)
The Desperate Dan Appreciation Society (Disc 3)
The Devil's Chasin' Me: The Dark Side of The Reverend Horton Heat
the Devil's Roadhouse
THE DIVINE COMEDY - "Comic Divinity"
The Divine Comedy: An Overview
The Doors
The Doors
The Ecstasy Album
The Electrifying Conclusion!
The Elliott Smith Compilation : The Kids Rejoice
The End
The Enemies Are Rising
The Eno Sings of Rivers (Elemental Series Part 2)
The Essential Daniel Johnston
The Essential Deerhoof
The Essential Frank Sinatra
The Essential Magnetic Fields
The Essential Olivia Tremor Control
The Essential Pavement
The Everlasting Scream: An Elf Power Mix
The evolution of the thinking man's Monkee
The Fading Captain Has Spoken : Best Of Guided By Voices (Disc 1)
The Fading Captain Has Spoken : Best Of Guided By Voices (Disc 2)
The Fall mix
The Features Early Mix
The Feelies mix
The Final Chapter: Johnny Cash
The Flaming Lips - Mostly Live Vol. 1
The Flaming Lips - Not So Live - Vol. 2
The Frames: B-sides and Rarities
The Frampton Society
The Genius
The Glorious Noise of the Replacements
The Godstar Reminder
The Golden Years of Iron Maiden (1980 - 1986)
The Good Times Are Killing Me: A Brand New Modest Mouse Mix
The goodness growing inside
The Gospel Of Gary Numan
The Great Faint
The Great Intoxication : A Selection from David Byrne's Last Three Studio Albums
The great salvation (twisted name) of bullshit faith (on Garbo's eyes) (Disc 1)
The great salvation (twisted name) of bullshit faith (on Garbo's eyes) (Disc 2)
The Green And Yellow TV
The Green Day the Earth Stood Still...and Then Rocked Itself Back to the Stone Age!
The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man and the Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
the hands of doom
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (Pink Floyd, 1971-1979)
The happy ever after is at the end of the rainbow
The Heart Of Saturday Night
The High Priestess Departs
the hip and some sentiment
The Hive Collection
The Hive Collection
the hollies: go lightly!
The Honey Cone - Sugar and Promises
The Importance of Being Ernie
The inside juke-box roars out just like thunder
The Instrumentals 1967-1994 (Disc 1) 19671969
The Instrumentals 1967-1994 (Disc 2) 1969-1971
The Instrumentals 1967-1994 (Disc 3) 1972-1994
The irritating noises of dinosaurs and people
The Jayhawks
The King of Canadian Porn
The KLF Wars: The Coverage, the analysis, the facts.
the ladies' cello society
The Lady (Sandy Denny, "The Best of")
The Last High: A Dandy Warhols Mix
The Last Shot Ringing in My Ears: A Snow Patrol Mix
The Laurel & Hardy of Rock'n'Roll
The Legendary Pink Dots
The Lesser Bob: Irrelevant and Obscure
The Lesser Bob: MidTempo and Mediocre
The living dead don't get a holiday.
The Long Goodbye, Part 1 - an LCD Soundsystem Semi-retrospective
The Long Goodbye, Part 2 - An LCD Soundsystem Semi-retrospective
The Long Lost Billy Tapes: Vol. 1
The Long Lost Billy Tapes: Vol. 2
The Madness of Shaun Ryder
The Magic of New Pop Music #1
The Magic of New Pop Music #2
The Magic of New Pop Music #3
The Magical, Funk-Tasty, 1970s World of Herbie Hancock, Vol. 1
The Magnetic Fields 1991-1996
The Man In Me
The Man Who Invented Himself
The Mavericks: Rarities Roundup
The MC Chris.
The mechanical sounds of the era (2 CDs)
The Messenger Far From the Honor Among the Misguided Roses
The Metal Connoisseur: Emperor
The Metal Connoisseur: Enslaved
The Metal Connoisseur: Immortal
The Metal Connoisseur: Therion
The Mighty KRIM
The Minus 5: Cigarettes, Coffee And Booze
the monkees' grooviest hits
The Moody Blues - A Retrospective of Their First 7 Albums
The Moon was a Pearl - Tom Waits, Vol. 3 of 3
The Most Repeatedly Listenable Beatles Collection Ever, Disc 2
The Mountain Goats: I am going to make it through this year if it kills me
The music is boring me to death.
The Nascent Lark's Tongue's Journey Into Aspic
The needle's a much better screw
The Neil Of Diamonds
The New Greatest Hits Of The Avett Brothers
the new pornographers: tend to be eastern european (or so i've heard) (ahem)
The night never sleeps. (Disc 1)
The night never sleeps. (Disc 2)
The night never sleeps. (Disc 3)
The Nineteenth Of May
the offspring: not really all that fly (even for white guys)
THE OLD GODS RETURN! - The Definitive BLUE OYSTER CULT Playlist (Part 1/5)
THE OLD GODS RETURN!- The Definitive BLUE OYSTER CULT Playlist (Part 2/5)
The one and only Shane McGowan
The only crime is money
The only way to feel the noise (is when it's good 'n' loud)
The Order Of Our Years (1)
The Order Of Our Years (2)
The Ordinary Angels Watchin' Over You
The overwhelming dream of happiness (2 CDs)
The Path Of Least Resistance - An Introduction to The The
The Patty Patty Sound
THE PENDLETONES (An Atypical Beach Boys Primer)
The perennial power of salad, milkshakes and blistering noise
The Phish stuff is pretty slow for now
The Pied Piper Follows Us - The Best of The Go-Betweens
The Pixies
The Pogues: Introduction for a Friend
The Police - Every Breath You Take: The Classics (expanded)
The Post-Beach Boys Concert Mix
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Lump And Other Assorted Love Songs
The puzzle piece behind the couch that made the sky complete
the quiet confessional..
the raveonettes: beware of raving danes
the raveonettes: beware of raving danes [revised]
The REAL Best of Booker T & The MGs
The Reivers: Zeitgeist
The Replacements
The Replacements - Nowhere Is My Home: Demos & B-Sides (Twin/Tone Years)
The Restless Consumer
The Restless Waves - A Dirty Three Compilation
The Revolution Stops Now
A White Trash Tribute To Our Own Poet Laureate

The Road to Fame
the Roll Right S T O N E S
The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1963-1971 (disc one)
The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1963-1971 (disc two)
The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1971-1981 (disc one)
The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1971-1981 (disc two)
The Rolling Stones - Sixty Licks, CD 1
The Rolling Stones - Sixty Licks, CD2
The Rolling Stones - Sixty Licks, CD3
The Rolling Stones - Strays: 1963-1969 (Disc One of Two)
THE ROLLING STONES- mean, dirty, and stoned
The Sappiest Song
the shadow collection
THE SHINS' setlist from first avenue & 7th street entry, minneapolis, MN, friday, november 14, 2003.
The sidewalk is as far as the world really goes
the sky remains the same as ever...
the slits: don't create, don't rebel
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins - pumpkin pie
The Smashing Pumpkins Live
The Smiths
The Smiths II
The Smiths mix
The Smiths You Can Dance To
the smiths.......best
The sound it makes when it cuts in deep
The Sounds Of Settling: A Death Cab For Cutie Anthology
The Spirit of Love Watches Over Me - Disk 1
The Spirit of Love Watches Over Me - Disk 2
The Spirit of Love Watches Over Me - Disk 3
The Stages of a Relationship in Bjork Songs
The Story
The story of sebastian & belle the singer, yeah
The Strolling Ones: Down Home With England's Hitmakers
the taxi lights are in your eyes
The teacher likes the way you sing
The The - Cry Out
The Thrill Is On
The Tom and Travis Show
the turtles: what claude lemieux is best remembered for
The two new talents of the year!
The Ultimate Big Star Anthology (2-cd mix)
the ultimate fishbone challenge
The Unauthorized Biography of My Grandma
The Understatement of Your Life Can't Dance
The Unsung Heroes Of Rock & Roll #3 - Scott McCaughey
The Velvet Underground mix
The Very Best of Benjamin Gibbard
The Very Best of Liz Phair
the very best of mookie blaylock
The Very Best of Screaming Trees (Disc One)
The Very Best of Screaming Trees (Disc Two)
The Very Best of the Police
The Very Compact Paul Weller / Style Council / Jam: Favorites 1977-2005
The Vote Is In!!!
The Walkmen: sad lonely waltzes and scorned lovers (2001-2007)
the way out is through the door
The Way That He Sings: A Brief Introduction To My Morning Jacket
The Way Things Are Going, They're Gonna Crucify Me
The Weakerthans - Table Of Contents (B-Sides & Rarities)
The Whimsical Nonsense of Tyrannosaurus Rex
The White Album (Recast as a triple set)
The white man sold Quaaludes to the monkeys.
the whitlams: neil sedaka's secret aussie uprising
The Who
The Who - Bell Bargain Cut
The Who - Volume One
The Who - Volume Two
The Wisdom of the Sage: Best of Sage Francis
The Woking Wonder (The Songs Of Paul Weller) Disc 1
The Woking Wonder (The Songs Of Paul Weller) Disc 2
The Words Are Still the Same, and So Are the Chords
The Works of Seth Putnam
The Year That Could Have Been
The Zombies.
Their Psychedelic Majesties Bequest
Thelonious Monk's Rhythmic Structure
There Comes A Time In Every Man's Life: A Prince Mix 4 Alok
There Goes My Pixies: An Introduction to the Pixies
There'll be no rust on the gates of heaven
there's a heaven and there's a star for you
there's a piece of maria in every song that i sing: an education in counting crows
there's so much beauty it could make you cry : the best of modest mouse
These Clocks Keep On Winding: A Bright Eyes Mix For Mandy
These old Tom-cat feelings you don't understand.
They got de Steely Dan mix tape
They Might Actually Be Giants (31 TRACKS)
They Might Alternatively Be Giants (32 TRACKS)
They Might Be A Mix
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "I Don't Want The World, I Just Want Your Half" (Disc 1)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "I Don't Want The World, I Just Want Your Half" (Disc 2)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "I Don't Want The World, I Just Want Your Half" (Disc 3)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "Mink Car" (Alternate Version)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "Piso Mojado" (Live!)
They Might Be Giants - And Time Is Stll Marching On: 1986-2004 [disc two]
They Might Be Giants - Time Is Marching On: 1986-2004 [disc one]
They Might Be Giants: Clang Clang Whoops Too Late!
They Might Magically Be Giants (35 TRACKS)
They Might Practically Be Giants
They'll Talk About My Evil On The 9 O'Clock News : The Complete Vichy Government
They've got plastic in the afterlife.
Thin Lizzy
Think Different: Live Pearl Jam 2000-2003
Thinking makes your head spin.
Third Eye Blind
this car hears my confessions.
This Grateful Dead Mix Converts Haters
This Guitar Kills Fascists: A Billy Bragg Anthology
This Is A Protest
This Is All So Far ... A Jonatha Brooke Rarities Collection
This Is Cracker Country - Business In The Front. Party In The Back.
This Is NOT The Beatles
This is the Ghouls Night Out
This Is The One: A Stone Roses Anthology
this is tori amos?! pt 1
This Island Of Life
This Land is Not Your Land: An Intermediate Guide to Sufjan Stevens
this night has opened my morrissey
This One Goes Out To REM: Their Best
This Should Cheer You Up For Sure: The Deluxe Ben Folds
This Stranger in Love
this sweet sweet dream: nields mix
This sweetness turns a throat to rust
This...Is No Ordinary Mix
thom yorke: a view from the bridge [+]
thom yorke: whoring himself
THOMAS DOLBY - "Puppet Theatre: Rarities"
Those Were The Days
Three great singers from the one Band
Three great singers from the one Band
Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do
thrice upon a time (disc 1)
thrice upon a time (disc 2)
through the violets -[tori amos mix]-
Through the Wind, Through the Rain of a Cold Dark Night
Through the Wind, Through the Rain of a Cold Dark Night
Throw The Switch, It's Rock and Roll Time: A GBV Primer
Thursday 3/28/04 Recher Theatre
Tiger Army - The Only Reason
Time Axis Manipulation
Time Is Running Out
Time to Devolve with Devo
Tiptoe down to the holy places
To All the Fleetwood Macs (1967-1976) I've Known & Loved
To be born again in silence easy (Disc 1)
To be born again in silence easy (Disc 2)
To be born again in silence easy (Disc 3)
To Be Played On A Full Moon Or Lunar Eclipse
To Be Played On A Full Moon Or Lunar Eclipse 2
To Here Knows When: The Essential My Bloody Valentine
To Love Is To Bury- A Cowboy Junkies Collection
to pick a rose, you ask your hands to bleed: my favorite maniacs - for ms. davis
toad the wet sprocket: warts & all
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - 1976-2002 (disc one)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - 1976-2002 (disc two)
tom petty: grievances, v. 1
tom petty: grievances, v. 2
Tom Thompson came paddling past
Tom Waits
Tom Waits- Take Three
Tonight We're The Sea...
tonight, i'm a rock 'n' roll star
Too Far to Drag: A Decade of Old 97's
Too Late To Die Young Now (2 CDs)
Too Lovely To Leave Alone
too much opium
Tool CD (Forge Engine Special Project)
Top Dog
Tori Amos
Tori Amos oddities (March 1993)
tori amos... part 2
tori amos: aftershocks
Tori Amos: Plugged
Tori Amos: Stripped
Tori Live I
Tori Live II
Tori Songs
Tour Mix
Towering in shiny metallic purple armor
Towering in shiny metallic purple armor II
Townes Van Zandt Mix
transylvanian concubines in gingerbread coffins quit the forest
Traurig ist das Leben als ReaktionSr
Travis - The Other Side
travis: best [revised]
Trevor Rabin - The South African Years
(or happy birthday Mr Rabin)

Tricks when you're trying to be so quiet
Trillest Hits
Triumph & Tragedy
Troubadour of the Sunshine
Troubadours for the Trailer Park
Trouble at the depot (we only came here for the beer)
Truant On A Bicycle In The Rain (CFV)
TrueLoveWaits: A Radiohead B-Side Best Of
Try To Be Less Uptight: A Yo La Tengo Mix
Try To Be More Aware: A Yo La Tengo Mix
Trying to make sense out of scrambled eggs (2 CDs)
Turn it On - A Flaming Lips Mix
Turn me on - get me high - get it on!
Turn the Page: Helmet Rarities & Gandhi
Turn the Page: The Rush Less Traveled, Vol. 2: 1985-2004
Turning rebellion into money (Disc 1)
Turning rebellion into money (Disc 2)
Tweedy 100
Twenty Fierce Raincoats
Twilight Stories for Boys out of Control: Rare U2
Twilight Stories for Boys out of Control: Rare U2
TWISTED KNEE ((a look at your direction)) >> Deluxe Trux vol. 5
Two Dollar Guitar best-of mix, part 1
U2 - A Collection
U2 - With Or Without An Album To Call Home
U2 are the greatest band ever
u2: popzoopa
UGH (Volume I): The Microphones
UGH (Volume II): Aesop Rock
UGH (Volume III): Bright Eyes
UGH (Volume IV): Atmosphere
UGH (Volume V): Mirah
Ultimately the Music Plays You
un gusto di anima italiana (aka A Taste of Italian Blood): Fabio Frizzi
Under Our Blanket Skies
Une homme dans une gare désolée
unhappy birthday
Universal Mind: Abangaku's Best Of The Doors
Universal Teenager
Unsure & Catastrophic: Blonde Redhead
Untitled - a Cure Precis
Up Past the Dawn: A Bob Dylan Mixtape
Up The Cuts: B-Sides
Use it to formulate your Phonics
Use Your Illusion by Guns & Roses
utter not a word
Van Halen - Best Of
Van Morrison Mix (No Moondance Included)
Van Morrison: '67-'74
Van Morrison: Whole Heart Is Open
Vanglorious Ways -- The X-Clan Anthology
Vaseline Over The Lenses: An Of Montreal Primer
Vein of Stars
velvet waltz - an ode to built to spill
Vigilantes of Love
Vintage James Brown
Vintage Louis Armstrong
Vinz's Beatles 20
Voices Falling on Deaf Ears: The Other Works of Robert Polard
Voltaire.....The Man Behind The Cape!!!
Voot - A Collection of Clinic
VU: Live and Mixed Up
Waitin' for a train to the astral plane
Waiting For The Thunder: A Winter Hours Anthology
Waiting For Your Essence
Waits ligero, o mi propia versi=n de HuTrfanos:
Peleoneros, llorones e hijos de la chingada (2 CDs)

Waits: All Is Fair In Love And War
Wake Up in the Morning & Find Yourself Dead
Waking the Baby - A Decemberists Collection
Waking Up Tired
walk with me into the sun
Walking A Line (Foo Fighters)
Warren Zevon Career-Span
Warren Zevon: Life'll Kill Ya
Wasted Youth
Watching My Every Sound
We are far too young and clever
We are stardust, we are golden
We Are What You Say
we could ditch this coast, get in my car and drive
We Don't Know You, and We Don't Owe You: Los Rayos Blancos
We Don't Know You, and We Don't Owe You: Los Rayos Blancos
We hope that you choke
We Hope That You Choke: A Collection Of Non-Kid A Radiohead Songs
We Need Oxygen to Breathe
We Will Not: A Bad Brains MIx
Wear The Weary Hours Down - A Steely Dan Mix for Pam
Wedding Music: The Beatles
Ween I
WEEZER - "Rock Music"
weezer: a-sides [revised]
Weezer: Fake Believe
Weezer: The Red Album
Welcome Back
Welcome to Drexciya
Welcome too the Dark Carnival...
We'll Come And Go Like Reunion Tours Stuck In Ruins
Well Worth The Weight-The Best Of The Band
Well-Respected Kinks: An Introduction to The Kinks
we're the architects of the world [primer series - rainer maria]
We're The Pet Shop Boys
We're The Replacements
What A Mighty Fine BAND!
What A Rush!
What Do I Do Now-Some Elvis Covers
What Ever Happened to You?: The Mendoza Line Anthology
what good's religion when it's each other we despise?
What if they stole my fingerprints? Where did I leave my book of matches? We'll find you.
What I've Already Found: A Jethro Tull Collection
What I've Been Up to Since Then
what i've got in my mind you can't buy, steal or borrow
What Monk Did
What More is a Rainbow than Colors Out of Reach?
What Peaches taught me.
What Song Are You Going To Do,Oh Fabulous One?
What You Are Going To Experience...
What you do with no sunlight
Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll?
Whatever You Do, Don't Tell Anyone: A Queens Of The Stone Age Retrospective
What's He Building In There?
The Gutbuckiest Brother Alive - 2 or 3 CDs

What's on YOUR Tape 007 ~ Dear Indiepop Frie nds All Over The World! by Toshiko M. ~
What's to Gain from Against Me!?
when i go deaf
when i was beauty marked in your eye: tanya donelly & belly
When it comes to you and your world I'm lost
When my mom died I listened to Xiu Xiu
When Pianos Try to Be Guitars.. A Tori Amos Primer
When The Music's Over: A Doors Anthology
when we breathe thru each other's mouths
When You Wake Up Feeling Old..
where are you now?: tori amos mix (4/25/04)
Where Did It All Go Wrong?
where do you live?
Where nothing ever happens
Where the Ears Find their Feet
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Whiskey on Your Breath.
whiskeytown: molasses & moonshine
Whispering Pines: An Introduction to The Band
White Album Redux
Who Fainted?
who is corin tucker?
Whole Lotta Love: An Introduction to Love
Who's Best?: The True Greatest Hits Of The Who
Who's Best?: The True Greatest Hits Of The Who
Who's Got Soul? The Godfather's Got Soul!
Who's Sorry Now?
Who's the Boss? The (IMO) Best of Bruce Springsteen
Why Are the Mountain Goats So Damn Restless?
Why I Love The Knack
why the bloody f*ck weren't these guys huge? - the dentists part 2
Wilco [Roger]
Wilco Greatest Hits & Rarities Disc 1
Wilco Greatest Hits & Rarities Disc 2
Wilco Mix
Wilco, An Introduction
WILCO's setlist from mackey auditorium, boulder, CO, tuesday, november 19, 2002.
William Onyeabor
Wire - Pop Songs
Wire - Second Length (1983-2008)
Wire: It's All History (2 cdr)
Wish everybody would leave me alone (2 CDs)
Wished I Was a Giant: The Guided by Voices Mix
with a loud noise, everything breaks, everything falls.... follow the flashing gates
With a pint of beer and a new tattoo
With a smile on your face and terror in your eye (Disc 5)
With a smile on your face and terror in your eye (Discs 1 & 2)
With a smile on your face and terror in your eye (Discs 3 & 4)
With Renaldo At His Side...
with your eyes like smoke & your prayers like rhymes
With Your Love, I Have Foothold
Woman Love Tom...
Wonderful Beach Boys
Words are Flowing Out Like Endless Rain Into a Paper Cup
Work, rest and play (I need excitement and I need it bad)
Working Class Hero: Paul McCartney vs John Lennon
working on good habits: a few good songs by animal collective
Would You Love Me With a Knife in My Heart?? - The Indespensable Elliott Smith
Wreckers Of Civilization: The Best Of Throbbing Gristle (Re-Do)
write it on a black balloon: (some of) the best of the magnetic fields
writing lyrics on postcards
WWBD?- 20 reasons to listen (and learn from) to BEN
x hits the spot
Yard Sale: A Juliana Hatfield Retrospective
Yo La Tengo for President
Yo La Tengo mix
Yo La Tengo Sell Out - Best of Yo La Tengo - Vol. 1
yo la tengo: pues... la tengo un poco
Yo tambiTn sT jugarme la boca
Yodelin' in the Valley
You Are, I Am, Together We Are: Nickel Creek Sums Us Up
you better stop, look around, here it comes
You can have it all, my empire of dirt...
You can never have too much Monkee business
You Can't Hear Wilco On The Radio
You could be sitting next to me and I wouldn't know it
You didn't have the decency to change the sheets (Disc 1)
You didn't have the decency to change the sheets (Disc 2)
You didn't have the decency to change the sheets (Disc 3)
You Do It To Yourself: A Radiohead Mix
You Don't Care A Bag O Beans For Me
You guys have been great, but as for us...we f*cking rocked!
You just can't be from Texas if you don't have a lotta soul
You Know I Believe It
You Know What They're Writing About-Van Morrison Vol.2
You Know You'll Like It Eventually Chuck: Val's Favorite Smiths/Morrissey Tracks
You look like a star but you're still on the dole.
you may be going to heaven tonight: a suede compilation
you remind me of a babe...best of bowie
You Sir, Are A Braver Geek Than I
You sound like a hillbilly. We want folk singers here.
You try the patience of saints (I could've cried all night)
You Were The Last Good Thing I Ever Saw...
You Were The Only One Who's Come & Gone: A Colin Meloy Collective [for Michael]
you'll go to bed early and you'll talk to your pillow
You'll never scream so loud as I wanna scream with you.
Young & Lovely: A History Of Blur In B-sides
Your Ears Should Be Burning: New Radiohead Songs
Your Emtpy Glass Is But A Tear Filled Eye: The Best of Flogging Molly
Your F***ing Sunny Day (a lambchop collection)
your favourite DJ saviour
Your future dream is a shopping spree.
Your Music And Spirit Carry Me Through The Darkest Of Nights: Jimmy LaFave Mix
Your Taste In My Mouth
You're a Miracle, God Knows I Need One - The Magnetic Fields & Stephin Merritt
Youth full of fire ain't got nowhere to go
You've got me checking in my rearview mirror (Discs 1 and 2)
You've got me checking in my rearview mirror (Discs 3 and 4)
You've got the POWER!! (a cat power mix not a SNAP!! mix)
You've Murdered My Thinking (best of PJ Harvey)
You've played your song for much too long.
Zakir's Ubiquities
Zappa Blues/Funk
Ziggy Played Guitar
Zombies: A Mix for Desiree